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#galaxy aesthetic

[Copiado del 8/octubre/2020 en Instagram]

Las listas no me pertenecen, si no a los users en Instagram de las imagenes.

Day 7: Map/Astronomy

Día 7: Mapa/Astronomía

Ya me atrasé x3

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1bitmochi asked: “May I ask for Meika Mikoto star themed icons? I just think they’re neat!”

MEIKA Mikoto star-themed icons for @1bitmochi! Hopefully these are what you meant! LMK if you’d like any changes!

Free to use; reblogs appreciated!

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Comfort ☁️

Not all who reside on this earth seek for constant action, to stand on the front lines, to constantly fight through life, not everyone is a risk taker, a thrill seeker.

Not everyone thrives on challenge and some are quite happy within their boundaries, some don’t feel the need to constantly push them down or crash through doors.

Not everyone dreams of a spotlight in their face or a standing ovation, not everyone dreams of running an empire or spending their days on an expensive yacht while being some kind of money making machine.

There are souls who are quite happy with contentment, stability, they wish to be comfortable, at peace.

Maybe others will say it lacks Inspiration or maybe they think it’s boring to simply sit by the fire with some hot cocoa and a friendly pup by your feet, no rushing to the next thing, no lining up trophies on the shelf, no shedding of blood, sweat and tears, maybe these souls just prefer a little soft jazz on the radio.

We’re always being pressured to get out of our ‘comfort zone’ to constantly push for more, but what if you’re happy just where you are? Is it not enough to enjoy the simple things? To not want to rip out your nails clawing for more? Maybe you’re happy here?

When expansion is needed, the soul will surely let you know, no need to keep forcing the door.

There has been enough challenge for the time being. Your soul must rest a little.

I know I myself have been seeking comfort my whole life, and you better believe that when I find it,

I will be staying there.

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aimeemin asked: “Hi, would I be able to have some galaxy aethetic icons of the vocaloid ONE please? Any art is fine. Thank you and hope you have a nice day! 🌸

Galaxy aesthetic ONE icons for @aimeemin! LMK if you’d like any changes!

Free to use; reblogs appreciated!

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