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Third battle (End)

The Pokemon-Center was always a calm place, once she didn’t really like being there much, because it was full of fear to her, but as she grew and understood, she saw the beauty in the place (not only structurally). She gave Sawk to nurse Joy, warning her of his condition, then went to grab a coffee while waiting. Aloisia was nervous, even if she could hide it from anyone else, she knew that Gallade would feel it too. 

“{He’ll be alright. If he says he can…}” 

“{I just hope he’ll be okay.}” She turned to her partner with pleading eyes, but Gallade was only confused at the statement. “{You know as well as I do that look on his eyes, but I don’t know… What if it doesn’t help?}”

Gallade put a hand on her shoulder, a kind smile in his lips. “{It’s his choice. We need to respect that. He wants to battle, so let him, if anything it’ll be a test!}”

Aloisia sighed, nodding and taking her brother’s hand. “{Thanks bro… I needed that…}”

“{Always here! Now, I think they called your name already!}” The girl looked up at the screen and he was right. They got up, got the coffee and headed back to the front desk. It didn’t take long for Sawk to come back, he seemed a bit nervous, but otherwise okay. 

They walked back to the Club-Explosion, the battles still hadn’t started, so, as usual, they went outside to warm up before the match. At least, that was their plan, until they saw someone already using the field. Montgomery and Throh were already there, once again, Sawk froze at the sight of the trainer. He lowered his eyes and tugged at his trainer’s clothes, maybe he could deal with the battle, but not yet. 

Aloisia understood, taking him to the field inside instead, only doing a small head gesture to her opponent. On the way they met with Stephan yet again, if it was destiny or what she couldn’t tell, he seemed excited about her. 

“WHAT WAS THAT?!? HOW CAN SAWK DO ALL THOSE THINGS?!?!” He exclaimed almost screaming, the girl understood it was excitement, but still stepped back. “Sorry, sorry! I just-  I never thought a Sawk could move like that!!”

“Well… Not usually! But I guess I was lucky, because Sawk here was naturally flexible! A little bit of special training and, well, you saw the results!” Aloisia proudly gave her pokemon a pet in the back, smiling, Sawk returned the gesture, also smiling. 

“Well, I’m NOT missing this battle! It’s gonna be AWESOME!!!” Stephan exclaimed. “We need to battle again some other time!”

“For sure! Now, we gotta stretch so…”

“Alright! I’ll be heading to Club-Explosion! See ya there!” The boy said, already moving. Gallade and Sawk looked from the leaving boy to their trainer, also already leaving, both growing the same grin. 

“{He likes you~}” Gallade said, approaching his sister. Aloisia just shrugged, it wasn’t the first time he teased her like that, at that point she just considered it a perk of having a psyquic brother. 

“Well he’s gonna be disappointed.” She said as she kept on walking. 

“{He likes battles tho~}” Sawk put in to the mix, making the same tone as Gallade. 

“{YOU just want more time with that other sawk, I see?}” She threw back at the fighting type, who immediately spurred out a ‘no’ as quick as he could. “{Don’t you dare tease me, you know I tease back!}” 

With that they continued quietly, although Gallade kept his grin at her, he was harder to tease for he knew what she was about to say before she even said it. They trained for a bit, they were on the second match, so they had time. Aloisia tried to keep Sawk from thinking about the battle, so, she brought out Hawlucha to battle with Sawk, those two were very close, their stories were similar so they bonded over that. 

They trained for a bit, then rested, heading back when the first battle seemed to be near it’s end. Though, she didn’t put Hawlucha back in the pokeball, she wanted him there, as an emotional support for Sawk. If she could she’d bring out her whole team. Like they expected, as soon as they arrived in the sidelines one of the pokemon were already down, their trainers called them back and the second battle was announced. 

“{Let’s go.}” She said to her pokemon, Sawk firmly nodded, following her. She could see him shaking, but didn’t say anything, since his eyes still told her he wanted to fight. When they finally arrived into the field, Aloisia moved to take Sawk’s necklace, but he gestured to keep it. “{Sawk, I have to take it off…}” 

“{Please…?}” He pleaded. She shook her head and he understood.  He stepped forward, taking a deep breath and tightening his belt, keeping his eyes on Throh and only him. 

When the battle started, Aloisia was the first one to give the command. “Sawk, bulk up and low kick!”

Sawk charged, then Montgomery spoke. “Throh! Circle throw!”

Obeying his masters orders, he grabbed Sawk by the shoulders throwing him. Luckily for Sawk, being already used to dropping from high ground, he was able to land on his feet, with minimum damage, immediately turning around to face his trainer again, shaking at the feeling of Montgomery’s eyes on his back.

“Now Sawk, close combat!” Sawk rushed forward, but his opponent was already waiting for him.

“Super power and hold him!” The boy yelled. Throh followed, as soon as Sawk approached he tried to grab him. Aloisia whistled, but Sawk didn’t hear it in time and was caught. The girl’s pokemon still tried to make up for it but Throh’s grasp was too strong. “Seismic toss!”

Throh changed his grip, jumping into the air. “Low kick Sawk!!” 

Sawk twisted his waist, kicking the side of Throh’s leg, but it was useless. He took the blow, landing right at Montgomery’s feet, when he looked up to the sun behind he boy, he couldn’t shake it, the silhouette was EXACTLY the same. He froze again, he could hear his heart and his trainer on the background, he felt his strength vanish and his stomach begin to ache. 

Suddenly something brought him back, Throh grabbing him with bide, he heard Aloisia cheering him on. He wanted to keep fighting but he had no strength, he felt if he went any further he would vomit, he freaked out at what others would think. “{STOP!! LET GO!! I GIVE UP!! YOU WIN PLEASE!!!} 

He yelled, Throh’s eyes widened as he let go, stepping back from his opponent who fell to the ground coughing. “Sawk?” Aloisia called, her pokemon simply looked down and shook his head, gritting his teeth to keep what he ate down until they were out of sight. His trainer understood, going to him to pick him up. “It’s okay… You did amazing…” 

She consoled him, but Sawk was still shaking. His trainer looked at the arbiter who announced their defeat, Montgomery starred from the screen to the girl to his pokemon, but neither understood. 

Aloisia took her pokemon outside, they found a somewhat secluded area, as soon as they stopped Sawk started throwing up. Hawlucha kept his eyes out for anyone. She rubbed his back, trying to soothe him meanwhile Gallade used healing-pulse, it took a minute for him to get breakfast fully out. 

“You think it’s all?” She asks. Sawk leans against the tree, sobs making their way to his throat as tears fall from his eyes and he starts to shake. “Sawk, what’s wrong?!”

“{I’m… Sorry… I… I’m useless…}” He cried.

“{No you’re not!}” Gallade insisted, “{No one wins all the time! It’s your first battle and you did great!}”

“{He’s right! You did better than me on my first time here!}” Hawlucha also pointed from where he was on top of a branch.

“{But… I g-ave up… I messed up… I-I said I- could battle but… I- I couldn’t… I dis-sapointed you…}“ His hands curled into fists, more tears streaming down his eyes. “{I’m… Sorry… You’re right to be… Mad at me…}”

Aloisia didn’t wait, pulling him into a hug and holding him tight. “Sawk, I would NEVER be mad at you for this sort of thing! Take that idea out of your head! I’m NOT mad! I’m PROUD of you!” She carefully took his head in her hand, slowly making him face her. “I was nervous about this Club-Explosion, I was worried how you would be… But you did SO good out there! You got us to the SEMI-FINALS!! And more than that, I knew you were scared, but you FACED IT! Head on!… I’m SO proud! You did so much better than I could’ve asked!” The girl brushed away Sawk’s teares with the back of her hand, a warm smile in her face. The pokemon leaned against her, pressing is face against her jacket, still sobbing silently and trembling. Aloisia stroked his back comfortingly, letting him cry in her jacket, trying to soothe his trembling, it was something she was used to at this point. All her pokemon done it at some point. “I’ll ALWAYS be here for you… Remember?”

After a moment, Sawk backed away from his trainer, smiling at her. It was when they both noticed he had dirtied her jacket with his vomit, he freaked out at first, but the girl brushed it off with a giggle. “Not the first time! This is the least this jacket has seen!… Here, have some water and rest a bit in your pokeball, then for the rest of the day, how about that?”

“{Sounds good… Thank you… It was fun while it lasted…}” He said, taking the bottle she offered with a smile. He gurgled a bit before actually drinking it, then Aloisia gave back his necklace and put him back in the pokeball together with Hawlucha.

She and her brother started heading to the Pokemon-Center, when a voice called to her. “Hey!”

Aloisia looked back, meeting with Montgomery’s displeasured look. “Can I help you?”

“You can give me an explanation: Why were you fighting with a sick pokemon?” He asked sternly, she looked at her brother, Gallade simply shook his head, the other had no ill intent. “So? Are you gonna say anything?”

“Sawk’s condition is complicated, to say the least. But you don’t have to worry about it.” She turned around again, continuing to walk on. “Congratulations on your win.”

“You’ll need to give me a better answer than that. I will not go without an answer!” Montgomery insisted, following them. They stopped and looked at each other, they didn’t have to tell him, but he should know. “Giving up in the middle of a battle is not a win how I see it! And I want to know why you did it!”

Aloisia took a deep breath, before turning around again to face the trainer, he deserved to know. “You just… Look almost EXACTLY like Sawk’s previous trainer… He couldn’t handle it.” Montgomery seemed confused, why would that do anything and why did he end up the way he did? Aloisia continued. “Have you ever heard of Fight-Building?”

“It’s when they use unmoral methods to-… Wait are you saying-?”

“Sawk went through it with his previous trainer? Yes. I have him for a year and a half, I got him after, during a battle, he collapsed due to a supplement his previous trainer used incorrectly. After thorough evidence, from exams and video prove, Sawk was taken away and I worked with him ever since… He’s gotten better, but still has some triggers… You’re unfortunately one of them.”

Montgomery was quiet for a moment, thoughtful. “Do you have an image of him?”

Aloisia grabbed her phone, showing him the picture from an old news clip, showing him, there was a glimpse of recognition and dread to his eyes. “Do you know him?”

“He was my uncle…” His words were almost filled with poison, almost so much she wondered if she was talking to a human or a scoliped. “First he never shows up… Now THIS?!”

“He’s already behind bars. He should stay there for a long time. You don’t need to worry about him.” She explained, but Montgomery still was very disgusted with the new information.

“If there’s ANYTHING I can do, I’ll do to make sure he pays every single day! And if there’s anything I can do to help your pokemon…”

“You can just… Respect his choice for now. Maybe in the future we could battle again, when he get’s better. For now that’s all you can do.” She let down best she could. Montgomery nodded, understanding. “Thank you… You’re not like your uncle. You take good care of your pokemon!… You’re on the right track!”

The girl said before leaving, the boy stayed there for a while more in thought, looking at his pokemon’s pokeball. Aloisia felt a bit bad for what she said, but she was also relieved, seeing as she had less to worry about. Maybe one day, they’ll finish that battle, once Sawk had already fought his own.

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First battle

Aloisia finally arrived at the Club-Explosion, there was already a line to sign up, pokemon and trainers together. She had already been to this competition before with her other pokemon, but she had a new member who she was excited to show. Beside her walked Gallade, her partner, he had been with her the longest for sure, ever since she was a baby and he had just hatched.

“{It’s sure been a while!}” He said to his sister, Aloisia smiled and nodded. 

“{Fore sure! Let’s go before the line gets long!}” She answered. People gave her a few strange looks, as she seemed to be talking as a Kirlia would. Aloisia didn’t mind, her brother understood what she was saying, that’s what mattered. The girl pulled out a pokeball, letting out the pokemon inside it. “You ready, Sawk?”

“{As ready as I’ll ever be!}” He answered, but even so, both siblings could tell there wasn’t much strength in that statement. 

“{If anything changes…}” 

“{I’ll tell you. I want to do this! And if you’re there…}” Sawk insisted. Aloisia was proud of him, in the beginning it was almost impossible to see him wanting to battle again, at least in a event such as the Club-Explosion.  

She went up to the sign-up table, an excited smile on her face. “Hi, I’d like to sign up, please! I’ll be battling with my sawk!” 

The gentleman behind the table gave her papers to fill, which happily did before heading inside to wait the beginning of the matches, it was pretty crowded in there, a lot of people and pokemon, both for the competition and to train in the Battle-club. Both Gallade and Sawk stayed as close as they could to their trainer, keeping a careful eye around. Neither her, nor her pokemon liked crowded spaces, so they moved outside once aware of the time it would start. There, she decided to warm up before the matches. 

When it was time for the opening ceremony, Aloisia and her pokemon went to the arena, thankfully they separated the competitors in smaller groups of more manageable size. It was her and other fifteen participants, a good number, if she was being honest. Dom George welcomed them with the same enthusiasm of every time, it brought energy to the whole stadium. The girl didn’t care about the prize, she wanted to battle, she wanted to have fun with her pokemon. But… The prize did seem good!

Soon enough, the matches were decided, first up she was placed against another girl with dark hair and pigtails, she seemed strong. “Alright! We’re the second match! Let’s- Sawk?”

Her pokemon’s eyes were wide with horror at the screen, she looked up again, seeing the face beside hers, it was dreadfully familiar. Aloisia looked around for the face, finding him in the back leaning against the wall, apparently completely relaxed.

Sawk’s previous trainer had abused him, using bad supplements that were basically poison, never taking him to a Pokemon-Center, training him until exhaustion. The girl, a aspiring rehabilitator, met with them when battling in her home-town, Sawk got ill right at the start of the fight, together with the sketchy behaviour and recordings from cameras around the arena, the pokemon was taken from the trainer and given to her. She worked with him slowly, healing both his physical and psychological. The ‘Montgomery’ she saw in the screen, was very similar to the man she put behind bars.

Aloisia turned back to her pokemon, putting a hand on his shoulder to bring his attention back to her. “{That’s not him… He’s still locked away. That’s someone else.}” The statement did little to calm Sawk down, he too looked around for the boy. He shivered when he found him. “C’mon, let’s move to the shade!” 

She took her pokemon by the hand, leaving Montgomery out of her pokemons’ sight, they stood under the shade. Another boy approached her, probably around her age, although a bit shorter, redhead with blue eyes. “You’re battling sawk too?”

“Yes! Are you?” The boy brought out his sawk, he seemed very healthy and strong. At the sight of one of his species, Sawk’s eyes lit up a bit. “This should be interesting! You’re sawk seems pretty strong!”

“Thanks! We trained a lot! Is it your first time?” 

“Not actually, I came here with all my pokemon already! Today’s Sawk’s day!” She says giving her pokemon a pat on the back. “I think I remember you! You won a few years ago, didn’t you? Stephan!”

“Not how you pronounce it, but yeah! I we did!” Stephan and Aloisia talked while watching the match, they both had a lot of cool stories. Their pokemon also talked.

“{What’s with the colar?}” Stephan’s sawk asked, pointing to Aloisia’s necklace.

“{It’s not a colar. It’s a necklace! It’s… A promise. All of the team have one!}” He explained, fiddling with the beads for a bit. “{She promised me something… And this is the reminder…}”

“{And what kind of promise was that?}” Aloisia’s sawk looked away, simply answering a good one, but that brought bad memories. “{I understand, I’m sorry.}”

“{It’s okay… It’s in the past…}” Suddenly, they heard the referee’s voice. It would soon be Aloisia and Sawk’s turn, they said their goodbyes and headed to the arena, leaving Gallade there to watch. “{Let’s do this!}”

Aloisia smiles as they step into the battle ground. She takes Sawk’s necklace off, putting it on her own neck as he walked into the battlefield. As she expected, her opponent was strong, but she was a bit slow. They weren’t able to keep up with Sawk, the battle was over almost as fast as it started, the girl was very excited.  

“WE’RE ON THE SECOND ROUND!! YOU DID GREAT!!” She yelled at her pokemon, who was already turning back to her. They headed back to where they were in the sidelines as the next battle rolled in, they met with Stephan and Gallade again who congratulated them on the victory.

“Your sawk is fast! We’ll have to be prepared for that!” The boy admits, clenching his fists in determination. Aloisia smiles, taking off her pokemon’s necklace and putting it back on him, Sawk fiddled with the beads again. “What’s with the necklace though?”

“Just something I give all my pokemon! To show I care about them! Each one has a promise only me and my pokemon know!” She answered with a smile.

Soon enough, the third battlers were being announced, Montgomery was one of them. She watched him walk into the arena confidently, as if walking in your childhood home. His pokemon wasn’t far behind, a throh. From what Aloisia saw, he seemed in good shape, not tense, not stressed or anything. It calmed the girl, but her pokemon was still tense.

“{Do you want to go back in your pokeball?}” She asked Sawk. The pokemon came back from his thoughts, shaking his head.

“{I want to watch…}” He insisted, still, he got closer to his trainer. Aloisia nodded, watching the battle and taking notes of both competitors, from what she watched, Throh was strong and agile, very impressive, but if they stayed behind their strategy they shouldn’t have problem.

Meanwhile Montgomery didn’t seem ill-intended, he seemed very pompous, maybe spoiled as a child and thinks too much of himself, but seemed to take good care of his pokemon. If she was being honest with herself, battling him would certainly be interesting. She watched her pokemon too, Sawk kept his eyes strictly in the pokemon, barely even glancing the humans’ way. He was shaking a little bit. Aloisia discreetly took his hand into her’s to calm him, rubbing her thumb on the back of his hand.

The battle was over and Montgomery was the one who won. After him there was one more battle before the break, she was getting thirsty and seeing Montgomery approach from her peripheral vision, she decided to head inside. She found a fountain, filling her bottle and letting her pokemon drink, Stephan found her not too long after. 

“Hey! Do you guys want to eat with us?” He asked cheerfully, she had no reason to refuse. They headed together to the cafeteria, there was quite the menu to chose from, but Aloisia still stuck to her own food. She let out her team, none of the other pokemon were from Unova, she had a Hakamo-o, Blaziken, Hawlucha and Pancham, all fighting types, none from the region. “Wow! You must have travelled a lot! I’ve never seen some of these pokemon in person!”

“Not quite… Let’s eat, guys?” Her pokemon agreed, she put her pokemons’ food first, then hers, sitting near her pokemon. She and Stephan chatted, meanwhile their pokemon ate. “Hey, do you know anything about that Montgomery guy?”

“Montgomery? Yeah, we’re kinda friends. We’ve met and battled more than once! He’s cool and his throh is super strong!”

“I see…”

Gallade kept an eye on Sawk, he wasn’t as excited as he was before, every time the door opened he would jump up. The psychic could tell something was wrong, he could feel his fear and he knew exactly why he felt like that. 

“{He’s not coming. You can relax.}” Gallade said. Sawk turned to him, shaking thoughts out of his head he tried to focus on eating, but he had lost his apetite. 

“{You okay?}” Hawlucha worriedly asked, noticing how little his friend ate. 

“{Yeah… Just… Somethings happened.}” Was all Sawk managed to say, as he shivered from a sudden painful memory. He rubbed his eyes to hopefully throw the memory to the back of his mind, but it did little to help, he put his bowl aside. “{I’m fine… I’m fine…}” 

His teammates looked at each other, he said that, but they all knew he wasn’t. Aloisia also caught on quickly, it wasn’t really hard to see, so she excused herself and took her pokemon outside. Fresh air always helped clear people and pokemons’ thoughts, she knew it did well to calm Sawk down, and as a good distraction, they could warm up. Pancham offered herself first and so they did, handing the necklaces to their trainer first, of course, they battled. It went on a for a little bit, Pancham dodging every blow thrown her way, then Sawk, both with their own little technique. 

When Aloisia saw it as enough, she stopped them, sitting in the shade of the nearby trees with her pokemon around her. She brought out Sawk’s food again, which she had packed away carefully. He gave her a smile and continued eating.

He still had the invisible scars of what happened to him, she was still working on some, but she was confident he would get better. And if he believe that too, then she didn’t have any doubt.

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