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Nova loves Zoombinis. Scud doesn’t remember them. Nova is great at the game. Scud has no idea what’s going on. The Retronomicon continues!

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My otp for them: Meh, i dont really have one for him.

My brotp for them: General Klaud. I think she is the only one who can stand him for more than 10 minutes. She is just chill enough to hag out with his extravagance.

Any other ships: Maybe Nea, but only after i see what their relationship was.

Their best friend: Timcanpy! Tim has always been there for Cross!

My favorite nickname for them: Debt maker

My favorite AU of them: Single dad trying to deal with his child

My favorite outfit they wear: The one with the tall collar and frilly sleeves. he wore this when he showed up in the Ark.

Defining color: Crimson, the same color as his hair.

Would I date them: I would rather eat my own boots than date him.

First impression: Evil jerk who does nothing but hurt his student physically and with debt. Runs away from responsibility. 

Current impression: Ok so i do have to give him some credit now. He’s powerful and mysterious. Stubborn but committed to those he actually cares about.

Hogwarts House: Slytherin. I’m a bit bitter he is in my house but i have to admit he is cunning and would certainly be a Slytherin.

Which Pokemon starter they’d be: Cindiquill! his starter is definitely a fire type, and i think typhlosion is aesthetically pleasing enough for him.

Thank you for the ask! l’ll do Johnny in another post! 

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Gaming firms fined nearly £7m for restricting European sales

Valve, owner of online PC gaming platform Steam, and five other publishers have been fined a total of €7.8m (£6.9m) for restricting cross-border sales of PC video games.

So-called geo-blocking means games are locked, so that a cheaper licence intended for less well-off European countries cannot be used elsewhere. 

That stopped gamers “shopping around” for the best deals, said EU Competition…


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8 Handheld Terbaik untuk Bermain Game Selama Isolasi Corona | Bagus Transport Bali

8 Handheld Terbaik untuk Bermain Game Selama Isolasi Corona | Bagus Transport Bali

Diperbaharui pada Kamis, 21 Januari 2021 | 12:45
Oleh Imam Ali
via Nintendo
Bermain game merupakan salah satu opsi terbaik untuk menghilangkan kejenuhan selama isolasi Corona. Salah satu konsol yang bisa dimanfaatkan adalah konsol game genggam atau handheld game console.
Kelebihan dari perangkat untuk gaming ini sangat praktis untuk dimainkan. Seperti diketahui, social distancing merupakan salah…


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Performance in games is a constant topic, games platforms processing power are constantly growing, but so are the games complexity created for these platforms, so for those of you who are there trying to squeeze each fps you can get this post about Basic Game Optimization Techniques might come in hand.

When having performance issues in your game start by profiling it, most game engines will have some tool to do it, and you will get a lot of insights in what’s happening under the hood.

After identifying what is the true problem of your game you may apply a suited solution for it, of course it all depends on the problem, this post focuses more on “programming stuff”, like memory speed and parallel programming, but there are many other ways to improve performance like the LOD technique, lightmaps, texture atlasing and others.

So it’s always good to have this techniques under your belt because they could be of good use in sometime. Have you had any performance issue in one of your games? What techniques did you used to solve?

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