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starry-lu · a minute ago
Kevin: violence isn’t the answer
Andrew: you’re right
Kevin: *sighs in relief*
Andrew: violence is the question
Kevin: what?
Andrew, pulling out his knives: and the answer is yes
Literally all the Foxes: ANDREW, NO
Neil, with veritable mountain of popcorn: guys, watch my man go boss bitch on this fucker
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catboy-josuke · 2 minutes ago
Powder blue, Egyptian blue, Ultramarine, Resolution blue, and Navy blue
fuckin,,, fishnets, a squishmallow, and a monster can,,,
demonias. that or this one dope ass outfit one of my mutuals has with these sick pants and chains all over them,,,
making clothing!!
it is percy jackson hours motherfuckers
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bunnysharks · 3 minutes ago
Tumblr media
🐳 🐳 🐳
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littlewitty · 3 minutes ago
Now I cannot stop imagining how Mc would have to learn Leo’s vampire side when she is turned cos he defo acts human for her
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videogamefood · 4 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
188, 189, 190 roast griffin - miitopia (2017)
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viviskull · 4 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tagged by: @bluescarfvivi​
Tagging: first person that reads this
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nessinborderland · 7 minutes ago
cheesy as hell, but how about the forbidden lovers trope?
How likely I am to write it: I LOVE THIS ONE A LOT! 🤩 you have angst, you have cheesy romance, you have the oh-so-sweet forbiddance of it all. I love it and I'll probably write something with it one day.
What character(s) or pairing I'd most likely write it for: hmm, I could probably write something with this trope for everyone, but at the top of my mind it would be with Niragi, Aguni, Karube and Chishiya.
And omg I just remembered that I've actually written something with this trope for Last Boss lmao. Here it is, if anyone's interested.
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redhairedgryffindor · 8 minutes ago
Oh, I Understand! so... here are More HCs Of them
So at The start What really draw Lea's Attention was not that Ben Was This Scared Kid nor he was a Muggleborn, but His talents in Charms. I imagine their First interaction was Like she was helping Earnest with The Charms class and turn to This kid that casted The Charm perfectly Without needing instructions “Wow You're really Good at This!” Earnest frowned a Little in The back, Like it really costed him to learn to cast spells being a muggleborn, to This Other muggleborn do it Like It's nothing. “u-uh, It's not really that great” “I Think Is really cool! Uh, I Think I dale You in The train, Ben Copper? A pleasure to meet You, I'm Lea Cahill”
For Some reason I have The Headcannon Ben Is Like, More tall than Lea, so she Will pull his tie in to kiss him.
Having a Dissapeared Brother and a Little One gave Lea a sense that She Most be a protector for everyone, But Never considered Ben “Weak” or something, that's Why it Hurts so much when he exploded “I'm not a victim!” “I Never saw You that way!” “Well... It doesn't seem Like it” and Ben Retired Of The Room, “Please, don't leave! I Can't lose you too...”
I see Ben as The type that won't really want a Family because feels Like both Of Them deserves lots Of therapy before, “Lea has a whole zoo in her Room, that's All The childs I Will Allow”
Lea's love language Is definitely phisycal Contact, Like She Will hug Ben randomly or touch His hair, in case Of Old Ben, he Will scare and give a Jump don't understanding Why The action but doesn't find her touch uncomfortable at all, New Ben Is a Little nervous and His Courage Dissapears for a moment, but consents The touch
1. Yeah, Lea attractive to Ben because of his talent in charms. Although my other MC, Earnest didn't need help since he's very smart and can do on his own even though, he had a study partner. And Lea and Ben's introductions when he wanted to thank Lea to stand up against Merula.
2. Lol, Ben is tall and my headcanon about his height is 5'8" feet.
3. Yeah but Lea's younger brother, Damian is still at Hogwart, only didn't spend with his sister a lot. Yeah, Lea always protect everyone especially Ben although she didn't think he's weak.
4. Yeah, Lea wasn't the type of person who wanted a family either.
5. Yeah, that's Lea. She was a naughty girl to Ben.
Also, I love your headcanon. So watermelon lol.
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swiftgronwyn · 8 minutes ago
Rep was Taylor’s hottest era
strongly agree | agree | neutral | disagree | strongly disagree
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swiftgronwyn · 8 minutes ago
Essex accents aren’t that bad and are kinda nice actually
strongly agree | agree | neutral | disagree | strongly disagree
Mostly bc I have beef with my mum’s estranged family from Essex lmao so I don’t get the best vibes
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ashenpages · 8 minutes ago
Current Fanfic Ideas & Emoji Voting Key
Quick disclaimer: I’m a romance writer in all aspects of the term, so most of my fics will contain mature content. Engage at your own risk, you know the rules, you’re responsible for curating your own experience of the internet, blah blah blah.
This post serves as a current mock up of fic ideas I’m either actively working on or considering working on next. You can drop me an ask about any of them, or just vote via the emoji combo I’ve assigned them.
Voting lets me know you’re excited about an idea and makes it more likely I’ll actually work on it. You can vote anytime, there’re no deadlines or winner announcements, just me gauging your interest by what I see in my ask box most often.
You can also ask me about the original stuff I’m working on currently. The current WIPs are Medusa centric and the emoji for them is: 🐍
- Lupin: 🤑🤠💍  These are all oneshot ideas, between 5-15K each. If you want to vote for a specific idea, send me the emojis and the number of the idea.
Lupin, Jigen, and Goemon always play rock-paper-scissors after a big heist to decide who’ll give the group a striptease, and who will get showered with money. Based on a piece of fanart that is basically this sequence of events in a 4koma (except in their version Jigen loses and in mine, it’s Goemon). (written, just needs editing)
Zenigata cuffs Lupin four times, and Lupin steals his heart. Very NSFW conclusion. Zenigata is the most caring lover you’ll ever find. Lupin is as thirsty as usual and twice as intense. (written, just needs editing)
Jigen protects Lupin from poison darts during a treasure hunt in an Aztec temple, and Lupin nurses him back to help--forcibly, since Jigen is a horrible patient. Born from my desire to spoil Jigen and talk about what ridiculous domestic husbands these two are. (WIP)
Born from the idea that Goemon and Zenigata probably couldn’t be an item, my brain decided to come up with how I could write for them. Goemon’s teaching an ikebana class as part of his training, and Zenigata shows up as a student on forced recreational leave for his health from the ICPO. Zenigata wins the samurai’s heart through flowers. But what happens when Lupin and Jigen find out? (Only good sexy things, I promise. These beans are in a healthy polycule--be gay, do crimes)
Trans!Lupin and Trans!Jigen premise: Jigen cares for Lupin after the master thief has top surgery, since Jigen has Been There and Done That. Caring, sweet, and a little sexy. Lupin is a much better patient than Jigen.
- Sonic Vampire Novelist Coffee Shop AU: 📚☕💐
Shadow is an immortal vampire who has seen the world change for the worse too many times. These days it feels like he only lives for his coffee dates with Rouge, another immortal who loves each new era they encounter, warts and all. He has to admit that the book series she got him into speaks to him, at least. If someone in this era can understand him without meeting him, it can’t all be bad. But he hardly expected the goofy blue barista at the new coffee place to understand him the way those books do.
This is a novel length romcom romp with some big feelings about what it means to watch as things change, grow, and die. Expect lots of Big gothic feelings from this one, emotionally charged kissing, and overly-adoring sex. But also expect shenanigans from everyone in the coffee shop, which include Rouge, Amy, Tails, Knuckles, Cream, and more.
- Sonic Blazamy: 💖🌸💎
Amy Rose has been in love with Sonic for a while.
Or has she?
When the Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Shadow, and Silver are trapped as the fuel sources for Doctor Eggman’s newest evil scheme, Amy teams up with Blaze, Rouge, and Cream to save them. With Sonic out of the picture and Amy fulfilling his role, was she ever really in love with him? Or did she just want to be like him?
This is a novel length epic romance with lots of competent women and lots of romantic Blazamy content. Expect flowery hopes and dreams, badass self-actualization, and glancing hand touches that give way to cuddly and sweet sex.
- Persona 5: 🗡🍛☕
After bringing down the Metaverse twice, Ryuji didn’t think graduating high school and figuring out what to do with his life would be so hard. Akira’s back in town, and the gang’s more-or-less all in Tokyo, but everyone else seems to have a plan while Ryuji just floats. How’s he supposed to change the world when he’s not a phantom thief anymore?
This is a novel length fic that addresses how powerless one can feel being just one person in the face of all the corrupted systems and bigotry the world has to offer. It’s about holding on to what you believe in, working through the doubt, and fighting your way to a better tomorrow with the power you do have. The whole gang is queer, featured relationships being Mako x Ann, Ryuji x Akira, Futaba & Yusuke as platonic life partners. Akira is polyamorous and omnisexual, Futaba’s asexual and aromantic while Yusuke is demisexual and very romantic, Makoto’s a lesbian, Ann and Ryuji are bi, and Haru’s pansexual, demisexual, and aromantic. They’re one giant band of queer Phantom Thieves, and even if they’re not really doing the Metaverse thing anymore, they’re still gonna save the world!
Also, I’m gonna make Makoto not a cop. That super didn’t age well. Zenkichi and his boss can work on making them better/abolishing them for other better organizations.
- Hades Game: ❤️‍🔥💀
Oneshot. I just really need to elaborate on the threesome you can have with them in-game, okay? Healthy and canon poly relationships are so few and far between, so often I have to do a ton of groundwork to explain why it’s working in the fic, but NOT WITH THESE KIDS!
Get ready for Meg helping Zag and Than be better at expressing their feelings, lots of kissing, and probably pegging.
- Castlevania Animation Trevor/Sypha/Alucard: 🧛🏰🛌
Castlevania gave Alucard a threesome last season, and I just really need S4 to give me him being taken care of by his partners. They’re probably not going to give it to me, so I’ll need to do it myself. This is just an everybody loves Alucard oneshot, with the gang’s signature banter (to an extent), Sypha being sexy, and Trever being remarkably sincere. This fic is gonna feel like that Ann Hathaway picture with Trevor kissing Alucard and Sypha holding the end of Trevor’s whip while she leans her head on Alucard’s shoulder adoringly.
- Devil May Cry Nico/Lady/Trish: 💋✨😈
Nico’s gay, okay? Like really, really gay. And Lady’s bi and not into men who make her pay bills, but very into women who make amazing guns for her and demonesses with hearts who fight by her side. Trish is ace, but loves people and is pretty attached to Lady at this point. Plus it’s cute when Lady blushes and says nice things like they’re insults. I don’t have super solid ideas for them yet, and I envision these more like a polycule where Lady’s with Nico and with Trish but they’re not with each other more than seeing it as a threesome, but who knows what might happen. This is probably 1-2 oneshots depending on ideas, but might turn into a series of oneshots if people are interested (or I can’t control myself and inspiration strikes).
- Post FMA:B Blind Roy & No Alchemy Ed: 👀👑🙏
This is actually an old novel-length fic I wrote ages ago and didn’t post that didn’t turn out well because I was new to writing sex when I first wrote it. The plot is good, and is all about Roy learning to work with his blindness to reclaim his ambition of being Fuhrer and changing the system to something that actually cares for its people. He and Ed reconnect, fall into bed, and both set about working through their respective traumas about being “useless” having lost their sight/alchemy. They go to Xing as an ambassadorial party to offer Amestris’s collaboration on Al and May’s Alkahestry experiments--and uncover a plot that might threaten both kingdoms.
- Age of Calamity continuity Mipha x Revali: 🦚🐟💘
The first time Revali noticed Mipha, it was in the heat of battle. She stole his mark, taking them down with a flurry of quick blows from her spear. Violence rained from her like water--and then she healed him on her way to her next battle. No questions, no conditions, just pure kindness. The usual need to measure himself against those around him was quiet in her wake. And Revali couldn’t understand it. But how to get to know more about her? A fish and bird may fall in love, but where would they live?
This fic could be a oneshot or novel length depending on how far down the hole I fall. I need it to cover time, but it could be done in linked vignettes or with actually covering events in detail. I may elect to do a oneshot just to get it done and out of my system faster. So much fic to write, so little time.
Expect trans!Revali, polyamorous Zoras, scary competent Mipha, songbird Revali, love confessions that are made up entirely of berating Link for not loving Mipha the way she wants him to, and breaking these characters a little outside of their assigned roles in BotW and Age of Calamity. Background Link x Zelda, and Urbosa x Zelda’s Mom.
- Epic desert romance about Urbosa and Zelda’s mom: 🏜🏝⚡
I just think Urbosa should kiss women and Zelda’s mom should get more development and maybe a name or something. Also, lightning imagery/metaphors/play.
It also went way over my head that Riju wasn’t Urbosa’s daughter the first time I played BotW, so now I want to write about the Gerudo queen who refused to produce an heir. The Gerudo are fascinating and have a very interesting cutlure, but I think it could be examined from a nonbinary perspective that rejected pregnancy and wanting to find a husband. Not in like a hateful way, but in a way that examines if that’s really right for everyone. There’s that shop in town that sells Voe armor, after all. Maybe finding a husband and having children isn’t something you have to do if you don’t want to. And Urbosa really doesn’t want to.
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sevendeadlyvices · 10 minutes ago
A Normal Day for a Cadet
Tumblr media
Oooh, look! A crane machine with marketable product placement of the Freelance Husbands. Time to get the good boy Sam action figure I always wanted!
Tumblr media
Gotcha! ... Wait, something is not right here. Why do I have the sudden feeling of dread in my spine?
Tumblr media
Max, NOooooooooooooooo!
“Max, YES!”
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hermionerose28 · 10 minutes ago
Would you rather a real cock or a strap on to be fucked by?
Either would be fine right now 😅
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supafrootee · 10 minutes ago
WIP Title Tag Game
Rules: post the names of all the files in your WIP folder regardless of how non-descriptive or ridiculous. Send me an ask with the title that most intrigues you and I’ll post a little snippet or tell you something about it! Then tag as many people as you have WiPs.
Thanks for tagging me, @nottheweirdest and @galsgeneration!
1. Hunted (Explicit)
2. Werehog AU (Explicit)
3. Fake Dating AU (Teen)
4. Dates (Teen)
5. Birthday Wishes (Explicit)
6. Coming Over (Teen or Mature)
I'm gonna go ahead and tag @that-one-person-022 , @system-demon, @juju-pkmn5, and @damnitd
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shecantsim · 11 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Bad news again. This is the 3rd baby that they lost and Lyrics has lost the will try again. No more heartbreaks please.
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