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if other teammates could help engineer move that gear up.
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witcher stuff
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pose by @acha-sims
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Yuu: if i push someone off a cliff-
Trey: What have you done?
Yuu: Mm...
Trey: Yuu where is Ace?
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Alice Closet x Tokyo Mew Mew New Collab - limited time - JP ver
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When Mad Maggie was introduced :
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Reference from a scene in Parks and Rec
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piece I made for @regal-bones birthday <3 based on the amazing game she’s working on right now !! she’s been working so unbelievably hard on this project and I cannot wait to see where it goes 🌱
side note - that is our kitten’s favourite toy dinosaur in the top right
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IkeSen New Era
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Flandre in blue
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My other game EverCrawl is OUT NOW on Android. Try it out on Google Play! If you like it, please consider spreading the word and leaving a review. I’m terrible at marketing and I could use all the help I can get :D
PC version coming very soon to ITCH.io
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Nakigitsune ; Touken Ranbu Online ☆ Orange Rouge
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Rising Steel Kirito & Eugeo training duel BUT MAKE IT GAY(ER)
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♡ Artist’s Pixiv ♡
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[The game is afoot.]
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Games I've Played And Loved
Ok so I decided to make a masterpost of the games I liked the most out of all the mobile games I've played in the last few years. All of these are available on Android, I don't know about iOS though.
These are mostly puzzle/adventure games, some are platformers. There are a couple of other genres as well. I'll rate each of them based on several criteria such as controls, plot, playability, and (in some cases, because this is by no means a criterion I usually select my games based on) graphics.
I hope you like these games as much as I have, and lmk what you think!
(This is not ranked in any order, I'm going to list all the good ones.)
(Updated on 23rd May 2022)
•here : The main objective of this game is to find the word "here". It is brilliantly made with a minimalistic design but excellent concept and really good controls. Once you finish the game, there's an Easter egg too. 9/10.
•The Witch's Isle (by Cocosola) : Oh so you think Rusty Lake is good? Try playing this. Oh so you think the Rusty Lake storyline is an absolute mess? Try playing this. In all seriousness (I just finished the game, got the normal end second try) this is one of the most complicated and baffling games you'll come across. There are seven different endings, and I have absolutely no clue how to get the five I still have left. There's so much exploration you can do here, and the graphics are absolutely adorable. The puzzles aren't frustrating, just the right level of challenging. There's a timer of 1h 25min exactly, which is 5h 40min in game. Be prepared to get the bad ending on your first try, there's absolutely no fucking way you make it first try. The controls are remarkably good, although it's kinda hard to see stuff at times because it's a pseudo 3D game and the foreground doesn't become translucent when you move back a tier so it's hard to discern your surroundings at times. Pacing is really good, too. 10/10.
•Card Thief : This is a solitaire style game with a mediaeval castle twist. I absolutely love the concept. Very addictive game, though the limited treasure chest capacity may be slightly frustrating because it makes you watch an ad to open the chests quicker. It doesn't have ads otherwise, which makes for a relaxing gameplay with no distractions. 9.5/10.
•Dungeons of Dreadrock : This has an 80s RPG vibe to it, and I absolutely love it. The puzzles are challenging without being frustratingly difficult. It's very addictive, though each level is pretty short so that's good. The controls are unfortunately very bad, there are no joystick controls and you have to swipe to do anything and sometimes it doesn't register. 8/10 (but only because of the controls.)
•Nora's Dream : I could gush about this game for days on end. This is a GORGEOUS game in all aspects. It has a similar vibe to Tunic but without the fighting. I enjoyed every second of it. The controls were a bit irritating at times because you have to keep tapping on the squares you wanna go to, but that's not really an issue tbh. Some of the puzzles might be a little too much. 9.8/10.
•one night, hot springs : Very short and very sweet. (Transphobes DNI.) 30-45 minutes long at max, this is a sort of choose your own adventure game, but don't stress too much cuz it's just a very relaxing game. 10/10.
•Désiré : Ok, I'll admit, I haven't played the entire game because it's a very time-consuming game and when I started playing it I quickly realized I didn't have the energy to continue right then. BUT, it is definitely something that's on my to-do list in the upcoming months. From the little I did play, I can say that it's a very unique concept. Controls are slightly wonky at times but it does not affect the quality of the game or even playability all that much. I won't rate this yet until I've played all of it, but I can say for sure that it's a good game and totally worth it.
•Nekra Psaria : If you've played and liked the Rusty Lake games, you'll love this too. There is some gore-y stuff, so TW for that. Very weird game overall but in a very good way. The puzzles are really good. You'll have to buy the full version or you can find a mod somewhere online, your call (I've played the full version, it's SO GOOD.) Smooth controls, no issues with gameplay. 10/10.
•Obsolete : It's a puzzle 2D platformer. Nothing extraordinary, really, but it's a good game. Iirc the controls did cause some issues at times but it's worth playing. It does get a little boring after a certain point but it's good for when you wanna try something new that doesn't take too much energy. 7/10.
•Medulla : Another very unique game. The puzzles are very abstract, sort of in the way Rusty Lake puzzles are but more difficult in some ways. I haven't played the full version but it's definitely worth it. 8/10.
•Oddmar : *breathes in deeply* THIS. GAME. OH. MY. FUCK. This is till date possibly the best platformer I have played, and it's AWESOME. Well, except for the fact that they have Loki as the main villain :(. But other than that it's so, so good. Again, full version is paid, but you can find free mods online. 9/10 (would've given it a 10 but the whole thing with Loki being the villain...)
•Finding Idun : This game has Loki as the protagonist. Although they still try to vilify him in some ways, he's mostly just chaotic here. It's a pretty short game, but it's really fun and has some really good puzzles. 9.5/10.
•Dash : This game is ADDICTIVE, holy fuck. It's a really good action platformer. Very good controls, smooth gameplay, never gets boring. Sometimes it definitely crosses the line between good difficult and frustrating difficult, so that's kinda bad. Overall it's worth playing. 8.5/10.
•Kub : One of the best puzzle platformer games I've played. Very cute graphics, very fun overall. I skipped one level with an ad iirc because I couldn't get through it after two very frustrating days of trying, but other than that one level it's REALLY good. 9/10.
•Ella's Dimension: Good for some casual fun. Very relaxing, kinda addictive. It's worth playing, although you may get tired eventually. 8/10.
•Meridian 157: Prologue : I recommend this entire series. I played the prologue, the first part and a bit of the second part, and they're all REALLY good. The puzzles are challenging, but not too frustrating. Definitely recommend playing it. 8.5/10.
•The Mooseman : This is yet another gorgeous game. It draws inspiration from the myths and legends of Chud' tribes, and it's so good. The full version has to be purchased, and I haven't played it full unfortunately. The free version is still really good. 9.5/10.
•Liyla and the Shadows of War : Based on actual events that occurred in Palestine. It's a heart-wrenching game. TW for extreme violence. Really short game, 15-20 minutes max. I really recommend playing it. 9.8/10.
•Fern Flower : Very relaxing game, beautiful graphics. It's quite engaging, although it does get kinda repetitive after a while. Good for some casual fun. 7/10.
•Dawn, P.I. (Pocket edition) : Really good puzzles, very well executed. The pocket edition isn't too long, and I didn't play the full version, but if the full version is as good as this, then it's absolutely worth playing. 8.5/10.
•Cassel : Cute and engaging game, kinda meh at first but it gets better and more challenging after the first couple of levels. Again, good for some casual fun. 7/10.
•Tiny Quest Jungle : One of the cutest puzzle games you'll find. It's not very long, takes under an hour to finish. You won't by disappointed by this game. 9.5/10.
•Tiny Quest Desert : Part 2 of Tiny Quest Jungle. This is a paid game, but the apk can be found online. Longer than the first game and just as good, if not even better. Absolutely recommend playing it. 10/10.
•Tiny Room Stories: Town Mystery : This is a huge game. I played it a while ago so I don't remember exactly how long, but I think around 5-7 hours. It's as interesting as it is long, and you'll have a great time with this game if you like puzzle games. The full version is paid, unfortunately, but there's a free apkmody.io mod of the game :). 9.8/10.
•Tricky Castle: Trap Adventure : If you like Kub, you'll love this too. Long game, probably around 10+ hours of gameplay, and it's worth every second. If you like puzzle platformers, this is the game for you. 10/10.
•Minimal Escape : I have a love-hate relationship with this game. As good as this game is, it is really, really frustrating sometimes, so I deleted it once and reinstalled a few months later. My game started glitching in one level and it wouldn't let me go through no matter what I did, and I tried restarting the entire level and it still glitched at the same place. This would've been fine but the levels are LONG. Each level is 15+minutes long so I got irritated and uninstalled it a second time. If you can handle that frustration with games, then you'll definitely like it. Even if you don't, you'll still probably like it, just be sure not to stress out too much. 8/10 (would've been lower but the game is actually really good.)
•Alto's Adventure : Oh. My. Goodness. If you hate endless runner games, this game right here is going to change your mind. Guaranteed. It's one of the most beautiful games you'll ever play, I promise you this. 12/10. Please do yourself a favour and play this.
•Alto's Odyssey : Part 2 of Alto's Adventure. Just as good as its precedent, if not even better. 12/10.
•Space Chase: Odyssey : This is also a gorgeous endless runner game. If you liked the Alto games you'll like this too. 10/10.
•That Level Again : Really good game. There are more games similar to this one in these series, but I haven't played those. I definitely recommend this one, though. 8.5/10.
•Within (by SilverLiningStudio) : It's a horror/puzzle game that won't let me share the link, for some reason. It's really good. Beautiful graphics, awesome music, really poignant game overall. 9.5/10.
•Apple Knight : This is a really good action platformer. Nowhere near as good as Oddmar but similar objective. You'll never get bored with this, that's for sure. 8.5/10.
•Knock-Knock : A horror/adventure game that you should play alone. It's surprising not repetitive at all and it's very addictive. It does glitch sometimes when you're on the ladder, and the ghosts attack you even when they're not around, then. 8.5/10.
•Heads Off : This is honestly just a really funny game. Not something you can play for a long time, but it's good for a laugh or two. 9/10.
•No Humanity : This is HARD. But so good. It's been a while since I played this so I don't remember much, but it's definitely really good. 8/10.
•Rusty Lake : You were probably waiting for me to mention this BRILLIANT series, if you're a puzzle game lover. This is an indie studio that makes some of the best puzzle games out there. If you're into puzzle games, you've probably heard of them already. All the games are connected and there are Easter eggs everywhere, including connections that you need to make to get certain achievements in a few games. The games range from 2 to 10+ hours long, and they're all so worth it. Some of them are paid, but as always, mods are always an option. Of course, some puzzles are very frustrating, but still so good. 10/10.
•Dark Dome : If you like Rusty Lake, you'll like this series too. Start from oldest and move on to the most recent, in the series. I ploughed through all five games in just over a day, that's how good this is. The members of this indie studio are masters of their craft, no kidding. There are Easter eggs here too, the games are all based in the same town so you'll see a lot of connections. 10/10.
•The Frostrune : This has to be the winner of the lot, honestly. Absolutely no competition. You won't find a puzzle game that is better than this game. If you love Norse mythology and/or puzzle games, you will fall in love with this game. 100000000/10.
•BusColdApp : This is a studio that makes a LOT of really great escape room games. I've played several of these and half of my already played games list is filled by these games. Lots of ads though, unfortunately. Some of the puzzles are kinda meh. 9/10.
•EscapeFunHK : Idk if the devs of this are the same as the ones in BusColdApp, but these are are escape room games.
•HKAppBond : Same as the above two.
•HFG Entertainments : Same as the above three.
•Last Quarter Studios : This indie studio has made the Cats Are Liquid series, and both games are wonderful. Kinda sad, but very sweet. The second one is way better imo but if you wanna follow the storyline play them in order. Also, you can make your own levels and share them too, so that's pretty cool. 9.5/10.
Happymod is a mod app where you can get a lot of the paid games in this list (and more) for free. I've played most of the paid games here thanks to happymod. Just a heads up in case you wanna play them but are broke. :)
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Lmao powerwash simulator calling out Mark
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