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Ok, here’s my story: I honestly thought this show was fairly new like couple of yrs old yea… but just found out it’s been running for almost decade now! Crazy innit. Anyways over the last “couple” of years(yes, I know my perception of time is little off)I’ve sorta heard that this show is basically full of gore(+)sex(+)moregore(x2).

Anyways as a newcomer(or at least as potential)are the rumors true? Is this a good show for ppl adverse to gore and soft porn/or lame romance stories…etc?

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My partner had a switch and I have a switch and he didn’t like the game so know I have 2 islands cuz he doesn’t use his switch, say hello to Sunflower from Laminae

From now on I will be posting about this little lady and my original island named Faefell and the resident rep. Wanderlust.

Please feel free to ask them questions at any time ☺️✨

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