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orangecitrusring · a year ago
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I know that not even this mess will convince The Gamers™ that maybe destroying people’s bodies and psyches is not a good part of game development, but goddamn it really fuckin’ should
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gatobob · a month ago
The Price Of Flesh full release version is now available for purchase! [ 14.99USD ] 😈 3 routes, over 150 pieces of full-screen art, 50 endings, and an immersive experience for people who find being hunted for sport exciting 💚
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Itchio release coming in about a week!
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illuminesce · 6 days ago
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Did you know that on itch.io right now there's a Queer Games Bundle that is directly supporting over 400+ queer indie game devs? (I'm one of them.)
From their site:
If we had the budget of an AAA game, we could give every solo developer a livable wage multiple times over for a year and every single team a massive funding boost. Imagine what the developers and artists in this bundle could create a year from now if they weren’t worried about starving or how to pay their rent this month. 
Purchasing the Queer Games Bundle is a direct action that you can take right now to support queer people in a life changing way and in exchange you get over 500 amazing, heartfelt, fun, and radical games.
$60 tier (the cost of a single AAA game): https://itch.io/b/1404/queer-games-bundle-2022 Pay What you Want ($10-$20) tier: https://itch.io/b/1405/queer-games-bundle-2022-pay-what-you-can-edition
If you can't contribute, please signal boost!
From a queer indie dev to you—Thanks, y'all.
(Featured games from left to right: Making Friends by @autumnotopiadev, Bunbons by sg, A Mortician's Tale by @laundrybear, and Terranova by me, @illuminesce.)
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ketrinadrawsalot · 4 months ago
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Medjed won't be alone in the search for the lost pages of the Book of the Dead. There are many allies ready to offer aid against Apep!
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frankiesmileshow · 6 months ago
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The caverns that run below the city of Malison now teem with a strange fungus. Its toxic spores take root in the bodies of its victims, which it repurposes into large mushrooms for locomotion and the further spread of its spores.
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idrellegames · a month ago
Goctionni's SugarCube Validator is an extremely useful tool. It checks that your <<if>> <<elseif>> and <</if>> statements are structured correctly and catches errors in your code.
It can be used in your browser. Simply drag and drop your game's published html file into the validator and it will perform the checks and output any errors and the passages where they occur.
Definitely recommend using it before you share your game publicly! It won't catch everything wrong with your code, but it helps as a quick check for major issues.
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supercutinc · 4 days ago
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silly caucasian girl likes to play with samurai swords
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ua-fangame-official · 7 months ago
Ten days. In ten days it will have been a year of hard work and an immense amount of pure dedication from 24 individuals on the big kid’s table studios team. In just ten days you all will see that the Unus annus fandom is still thriving and that we are indeed still here to stay. In just ten days the fandom can show just how grateful they were for Unus annus. The message delivered has helped so many including myself (lead dev). Unus annus was the sole purpose for staying alive during quarantine in a rough home life and showed me it wasn’t time and that life should be lived to the fullest. Mark, Ethan, Thank you for this opportunity to give me inspiration to make such a beautiful game. We hope you two can play. Thank you for everything. And as always, Memento mori.
This game is for you all soon on itch.io.
Game Server invite: https://discord.gg/bEm6R5Rj3q
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prokopetz · 6 days ago
Basically the problem with including a “put your character in the game!” tier in a video game crowdfunding project is that you will get one of those weirdos who thinks it’s completely reasonable to expect you to reconfigure the game’s entire plot to revolve around their OC because they contributed $200 to a $200 000 budget, and they will write a trending callout post about it when you tell them no.
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funnytwittertweets · 8 months ago
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gatobob · 4 months ago
I just finished the art for TPOF :)
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196 full screen art images, 77 background images, 68 side portrait style sprites, 66 knees-up style sprites, and 27 inventory items. About 2 years of work 💃
I am very tired, but also pretty proud of how far I’ve come!
So what’s next? First I’m taking a little break because I have burnout x’D But it’ll just be a week <3
Then it’s back to work! I’m going to do one last editing pass while I program in the audio [ music and sound effects ], which will hopefully only take me a month or so. 
After that, it’s a month of Beta testing! All of my Patreon supporters will be welcome to test if they like! While I bust bugs, I’m also going to work on bonus content as rewards for completion <3 [ art, character bios, and other fun treats! ]
Once I’m done all of that, it’s time for public release! Can’t believe we’ve come so far! 😭🎉 Thank you so much everyone for all the love and support over the years! I’m so happy I’ve had the opportunity to work on this project!
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kcamberart · 4 months ago
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This Summer: Get Boggled
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payasita · 4 months ago
Can you tell us more about the game you're making? The art looks so cool!
hello anon this ask immediately sent me into the stratosphere like a hanna-barbera cartoon who just got a lil smooch and turned into a rocket
Long story short; I'm making a murder mystery called Psychopompous: Post-Mortem with Carlos Aron. (Gif below because im not quite done with the title card, lol)
Tumblr media
 To take the premise from the (currently in progress) itchio page:
"Psychopompous follows an ambitious 'end-of-life inspection and entry clerk' by the name of Carlos Aron, who is charged with ensuring the recently deceased are filed away quickly and accurately. It's the end of the quarter soon, and his numbers are good.
Unfortunately, his latest case is a murder. And a strange one-- involving a dead bride, political intrigue, noble family drama, and decapitation. If Carlos can't solve it efficiently enough, the asshole in the next office over might overtake his record for most souls processed, and tragically, win the corporate incentive for the quarter. Maybe it's a diner coupon. Or a novelty mug.
As it turns out, solving a murder is a pretty low-stakes affair when everyone's already dead."
So it's one part point-n-click, one part visual novel. You guide Carlos through questioning the family and memories of his deceased client, and try to find the murderer, so everyone's death circumstances can be properly processed.
One little hitch, though: In order to come in for processing, a soul needs to be dead. As "Corporate" cannot interfere with the living world, they have decided that the best way to go about processing murder case is to wait until everyone who was around on the day of the murder-- and could have been feasibly involved-- has died.
No matter how long that takes.
And so miss Marianne Ainsworth has been "in the waiting room" for fifty years.
Tumblr media
Yeah, she's not happy.
good luck carlos
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leoneliterary · 5 months ago
Honor Amongst Thieves (WIP) — UPDATED 1/10/2022
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The demo has been updated! Play it HERE!
This new demo features a slightly revised prologue and character customization. The next update will introduce new characters, and set more events in motion.
Please don't hesitate to leave feedback or submit any errors you've caught and thank y'all again for being so patient!!
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frankiesmileshow · 7 months ago
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Cursed to eternally relive their painful dying moments, Ghosts cant be harmed by physical means. Any touch of their strange incorporeal form causes painful wounds, sharing a small fraction of their own pain for just a moment and bringing them relief.
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gatoanswers · a month ago
hi gato!!
This is just a general logistics and story writing question:
Where do you typically get your inspiration from, and do you storyboard for your games?
I like learning about the process!!
I get inspiration from all over the place! I mean, it's kind of hard for me to pinpoint any major thing. I can say I DON'T get inspiration from real serial killers at all, because I consume zero media about them [ it bothers me and I don't like it LMAO ]
I tend to be inspired by little things and things in my life.
Celia's path is heavily inspired by my mid-20s. I used to be an office worker, always killing myself to be perfect. And it made me really angry. I was also an alcoholic. Celia is sort of an exercise in pulling that dark time out of myself, and running with it to make it much darker [ and giving it a hot character to live in LMAO ]. I had a lot of fun making something that was kind of crappy in my life into some fun and interesting horror fiction!
Mason's path is also inspired by my own experiences. I've spent a lot of my life in the BC mountains and I always felt a sense of awe out there. I love camping and being alone, and I wanted to convey some of those feelings with a horror twist. His path is also heavily inspired by folk horror themes, a sort of quieter horror based in dread.
And Derek's path was more like an exercise in playing with LOTS of characters and letting them interact. I was inspired by real life people archetypes that I find scary [ especially Derek and Jack with their toxic masculinity ]. I was inspired a bit by wasteland themes, even though it isn't really post-apocalyptic, I think you can kind of still feel those vibes.
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supercutinc · a month ago
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prokopetz · 3 months ago
Hey, folks. A quick update on a past video game rec: if you’re one of those who saw my previous plug for the romantic survival sim RPG Haven, but decided to give it a pass for being excessively heterosexual, you may be interested to know that the developer has added a boy version of the girl protagonist, and vice versa. Apparently the reason it look so long is that they had to record several thousand additional lines of dialogue in order to account for every possible configuration of couples. The perils of going fully voiced!
(Also, it’s 40% off for the next 24 hours, so.)
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