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Why Daenerys won’t go crazy in the books

I did tons of research to find a single quote that said that originally it was George’s idea that Dany would go mad. Nothing. After thinking a while, I realized that It was entirely their plot and nothing like that will happen in the books.

Here’s why

D&D are ducking morons we all know that. George told them that Bran would become the king of Westeros. Okay, so if he’s the king, what should they do with Daenerys? If she won’t be the queen what could they do to her character?

The only way Bran can become king (according to their stupid logic) is if they eridicate her. Since they already decided that the final battle will be between Cersei and Daenerys, how to kill her off?

She can’t die fighting with white walkers, because then there will be no final showdown between her and Cersei. So the only way to kill her is if they do it after she gets the throne for Bran.

So, how to do it? Easy. Let’s turn her mad so the viewers won’t go too crazy when Jon will kill her. So that’s it, they will eridicate Daenerys, make the final battle happen and kill her so all hail to bran the whoever the fuck cares about him anyways.

I believe Dany isn’t destined to be the queen of Westeros but she has a vital role to defeat the white walkers. But D&D are just morons.

All hail to queen Daenerys, victim of mysogyny and dumb & dumber.

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Round 1 from my personal facebook. These are fun. Open to more if you have one you’d like to see. 

I haven’t drawn Vegeta since high school when I was Obsesssssssssssed with DBZ. So, that was a nice suggestion for this.  

Someone wanted me to draw my current D&D character so he knew what she looked like, Don’t mind her. Lol. 

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Westeros: an American Musical - Sentence Starters

From Act 1 of “Westeros: an American Musical,” a parody mashup of “Game of Thrones” and “Hamilton.”

Change the pronouns as you see fit.

“Armies” (A Winter’s Ball)

  • “how does a loud, improper bastard in the eyes of his father, find a way to secure the highest honor?”
  • “now this impertinent, drunken, irreverent lecher strolls in announcing he’s _____’s successor.”
  • “_____ immediately seizes command.”
  • “_____ tries to devise a plan that’s adequate.”
  • “what does it take to be safe?”
  • “no matter what you need some armies!”
  • “the greatest source of feudal power!”
  • “everyone wants their own battalion.”
  • “he tripled it so they could have one.”
  • “that’s true.”
  • “they got 60,000 soldiers waiting to be unleashed.”
  • “if they pay off _____? he’s set, son.”
  • “why pay a flower when he could just wed one?”

“Crownless” (Helpless)

  • “i do.”
  • “boy, you know i’m crownless!”
  • “down for the crown, and i’m gonna don it.”
  • “i have always been well-liked and kind to all the peasants.”
  • “always unsuspicious but ambitious at my essence.”
  • “bait set in a scheme between my brother and his lord.”
  • “i was waiting in the wings in case the king got bored.”
  • “_____more than likely to have liked me lots, but then he died via regicide disguised as wine.”
  • “hear my brother as he mutters, ‘well at least we tried.’”
  • “yes, phase one is through.”
  • “tell him that i’m recommending phase two.”
  • “i’m not content if i am crownless!”
  • “look at that throne.”
  • “jonesin’ for the throne, wanna sit upon it.”
  • “i am an ingenue.”
  • “where are you taking me?”
  • “i’m about to make you a king.”
  • “by all means, lead the way.”
  • “it’s a pleasure to wed you.”
  • “you’ll be crowned once we’ve married.”
  • “i’ll gain you as my queen, and your military.”
  • “i’ll leave you to it.”
  • “i’m in wedded bliss, although i wish my man would lay me.”
  • “now he wants to form a harem.”
  • “i’m just sayin’, _____ would prefer if you would share him.”
  • “we’re taking our sweet time marchin’.”
  • “the capital is starvin’.”
  • “they’re dying inside, as we wine and dine.”
  • “now we’ve dried up their supplies.”
  • “there’s nothing they can do.”
  • “_____ says he wants to rendezvous.”
  • “that throne is mine.”
  • “i wonder to myself ‘just what can he do?’”
  • “I’d like to propose we reach common aim.”
  • “now they’re fucking dead and i’m still crownless.”
  • “_____ killed your husband and created a false claim.”
  • “the king would be so appreci’tive if your garden party came to his aid.”
  • “i think you’ll find the city is most welcoming.”
  • “the capital’s beckoning.”
  • “the king would like to make you his bride.”
  • “yes, your family was traitorous, we’ll set that aside.”
  • “the only problem is that _____ wants to murder your groom.”
  • “this proposition is time-limited, so please answer soon.”
  • “your men could help us save the city; help bring them to heel.”
  • “you’ll never have to be crownless.”
  • “you’ll have to save the city if you really want it.”
  • “a new man to help you save your reign.”
  • “what the hell was that? the smoke monster from lost?”
  • “no, for real, i thought this was like war of the roses, why is the villain from fern gully running out here murdering kings?”
  • “i want answers!”
  • “_____ is steeped in mystery.”
  • “come on, man! this is the first new one in the past eight years.”
  • “ravens only live for like twelve!”
  • “just watch the tv show, it’s basically the same!”
  • “fuck you!”
  • “since we don’t have time for all the cool stuff like dragons…”
  • “i have it on good authority that someone there might know what’s going on.”
  • “what’s the deal?”
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So I finished my binge rewatch of Season 01 and I’ve collected my thoughts and have organized them.


1.04 - “Bastards, Cripples and Broken Things”

The introduction of Robert’s bastard, the key to the legimitacy of Cersei’s children, Gendry, in the same episode where Arya tells Ned that “it’s not me” to marry a high Lord is just one of many highlights of this episode. There are quite a number of standout scenes aside from Gendry’s sass (flat-out refusing to sell his craftmanship to a nobleman, hah!), to Daenerys finally, awesomely standing up to Viserys and shutting him down to the final scene with Catelyn calling out all the bannermen loyal to her father before arresting Tyrion.

All of these are woven around the Hand’s Tourney and Tyrion’s travels–including his return visit to Winterfell. These scenes allowed for some lovely character moments, like Robert trying to fit into his breastplate and the fabulous interaction between he and Ned showed off their years of friendship beautifully where Ned talked him out of jousting. Also the bouts between the Mountain and Ser Hugh, and then the Mountain and Loras leading to the Mountain attacking Loras before the Hound’s interception offered some great stuff with Littlefinger and the girls (especially Sansa) and, of course, the Hound. Finally, Tyrion in Winterfell showed Robb’s less than Lordly welcoming skills, and yet despite that it was Tyrion who was able to bring some genuine joy to Bran at last.

So a nice introduction to some new characters, while giving us background and depth to characters we already knew all while moving the plot forward.

1.06 - “The Golden Crown”

Everything about this one is so good. From the twisted sister that is Lysa and her creepy relationship with her son in the Eyrie to the creepy sky cells and creepy moon door, to the hilarity and yet frightening possible outcome of Tyrion’s “trial” to the awesome of Bronn’s non-honorable trial by combat, the Eyrie scenes were excellence all-around.

Meanwhile, Harry Lloyd’s final bow as Viserys gave us a master-class in acting. Despite the fact that Daenerys’ brother is just THE worst (thus far), Lloyd was still able to convey his hurt and self-awareness and the following self-loathing once he saw that Dany was loved by the Dothraki and it was something that he had never had, something that he would never have and thus could never rule. And then, that boyish hope when he thought he would get his crown because it was all he ever wanted, it was almost (*almost*) heartbreaking before the reality set in.

And all the while, there was Dany who was officially done with him and this was the first time we saw the hint of the Mad Queen. Another person, a human being,her very brother–despite ALL of his flaws–someone she had known and did care for had molten gold poured over his head and she had no reaction to it. CHILLS. And Emilia Clarke did an amazing job in that moment.

Finally, in King’s Landing, Ned taking over as the “King” taking petition was pure comedic gold.  Ned frustrated with the whole ordeal of it while Littlefinger (in possibly the only scene I’ve ever liked him in) sat next to him making asides about why Lannister Bannermen just might be causing problems and having an issue with Tullys.

Ah, such a great episode.

1.09 - “Baelor”

This episode is so good. Like seriously, so, so good. Every scene, every moment, everything just clicks and works so well. It opens on Ned in the dungeon with Varys asking him to betray his honor, but Ned doesn’t care about dying, ah, but for the sake of his daughters, that’s something else entirely. Yes, he’ll do it and take the Black. Then the episode ends with Ned doing as promised, but no Black for him. He does lose the life he said he was ready to forfeit anyway.

And in between, there were stellar non-battle scenes that still conveyed the war building and rising tension between the Starks and the Lannisters, backstory establishing character growth for Maester Aemon (a Targaryen!) which gave more depth to Jon by nature of their interaction, and Tyrion (he was married… and it did not go well!).

Finally, between the sisters Stark not having good days, and the mother/son tag team adroitly getting their Trident crossing but at a cost, well, the Starks did not come out… ahead. But the viewers sure did. Unless, of course, you were expecting Ned Stark to be the show’s leading man for the duration.


I had while watching the season knowing how it all ends. And some… just, random thoughts.

- The hair dye on Sophie in the Pilot is TERRIBLE! You can see the brighter red near the front so obviously.

- Bran was clearly being set up as king by GRRM. It’s SO OBVIOUS how important Bran is to the long game and D&D just really did not handle that importance all that well as the series progressed. *sigh*  In the Pilot, it’s Bran whose point of view is shown the importance of leadership, of being the one who does the deed. (When the Night Watch deserter is executed.) Bran is the first Stark we focus on as well.

- Kit is honestly sooo much better than Richard Madden it’s not even funny. That surprised me a lot.

- Gendry’s sass to Ned in his one scene in episode 04–we don’t see him again until the season finale–was AMAZING! I was loving it. Here he is, this bastard blacksmith apprentice and he just had no fucks to give. ‘Hand of the King? I don’t care. I ain’t selling him my work. I made it for me. Fuck you.’ LOL!

- Yup, it doesn’t matter how many times I watch the show; I still loathe Catelyn so much. She’s so awful to Jon, and arrests Tyrion (and in effect sets the war in motion) with so little evidence. Seriously, Catelyn!?

- Robb is such a shit to pretty much everyone; he really is. He treats Theon like dirt, he’s condescending to Jon quite a bit, and is kinda shirty to Bran too. And he was really mean to Tyrion for absolutely no reason when he came back to visit Winterfell after returning from the Wall on his way back South.

- Oh, and later on, he’s not terribly respectful to his mother and is way too hard-nosed with the Northern bannermen considering that he’s a wee whippersnapper of a lad. Just the more and more I watched his interactions with people, I realized that he would have been a lousy king. I mean, moving on to later episodes of the season, I’m thinking of when he thoroughly routed the Lannisters and secured this huge (I mean, HUGE) victory over freaking TYWIN LANNISTER, I was just not impressed. His response was to give a downer speech to his men.

I was thinking: 'Yes, Robb, it’s important to point out that one victory isn’t winning a war, but boy, you gotta spark the troops up too.’ I mean, come on, give a little cheer! He’s not only a shit, he’s also not a terribly inspiring leader. He’s just a good soldier/strategist who happened to have the right last name (Stark). A lot like Stannis actually, now that I think about it.

- The character introduction of Tywin Lannister–skinning a stag–will forever be the most spot-on epitome of bad-ass, cold-blooded awesome delivered with icy indifference wrapped in a powerful sheen of 'Who’s your daddy?’ Charles Dance was perfection. This character introduction was never topped.

- The wigs on the boys (Loras and Lancel–especially Lancel) are sooo bad.

- I mentioned this in the write-up of “The Golden Crown,” but yeah, there were signs as early as episode 06 in this first season that Daenerys had a cold streak of madness in her blood. Her reaction to Viserys was clear on that.  She was dead-ass cold to that. I mean, DAYUM.

- *sigh* Ned–yeah, we all done knew this in real time watching it week to week, but it never doesn’t bear repeating… oh, Ned, I love you, but, you was dumb as FUCK!

- In my opinion, Tyrion and Arya–every rewatch confirms–are the best in show.

- Osha is amazing. Natalia Tena was just so fantastic.

- And there we go again with the foreshadowing of Mad Queen Dany with what she did with Drogo. I mean, girl was just NOT taking no. She was willing to use black magic to get what SHE wanted no matter what the cost. Damn, girl. No rhyme, no reason… if she wanted, she WOULD have it.

(I say this, mind you, LOVING Dany. I don’t know what was wrong with me and why it took rewatching the series before S8 and loving her in s6 and then really loving her in s8–go figure!–to get the awesome of Daenerys Targaryen, but there you go! I LUFF HER SO MUCH!)

- I try every time because I love Tyrion and I want to enjoy every scene with him, but, lordy, Sibel Kekilli is just a terrible actress. Especially with the not very good mish-mash they did with the character (writing her as seemingly truly caring about Tyrion, but then sticking with the character’s ending from the books that included the betrayal at his trial and being with Tywin). Kekilli’s subpar acting just couldn’t make that work at all.

- I liked the foreshadowing of various people mistaking Arya for a boy until she finally corrected Yoren (of all people), “I’m a girl!” And, of course, in the last episode of the season, it’s Yoren who cuts her hair off and makes it clear to her that from now on, nope, she’s a boy.

- The order in which we were shown the reaction to Ned’s death was very interesting in retrospect: Arya, Sansa, Bran–the Stark children who lived… but then: next we see Rickon, then Catelyn, and then lastly Robb. That is the reverse order of how they died on the show (and I’m thinking Rickon will probably die in the books too and if so, it will obviously be in the same order): Robb, Catelyn, Rickon. And if you want to get technical, Bran was still acting more like Bran after “The Battle of the Bastards” which is when Rickon died.

- I adore Conleth Hill in the role of Varys. He is utter perfection. I adore him as much as I feel the opposite for Aiden Gillen as Littlefinger. And I’ll just leave it at that.

- Emilia Clark did a really fantastic job this first season. I didn’t realize how wonderful she did until rewatching it this time. She took us from an innocent, cowed young girl to a strong, vengeful, heartbroken Dragon Queen over the course of a season and she sold the hell out of it.

- In the second to last scene of the season we’ve got yet another one: Yup, a Mad Queen Dany sign… yeah. She tells Mirri Maz Duur that she doesn’t want her screams, she wants her life and does so very calmly as she has her tied to the funeral pyre. Then while she *is* screaming, others are looking discomfited, but Dany’s all like cool as can be. She even smiles at Jorah as she’s about to walk into the flames… as Mirri Maz Duur is STILL screaming.

- Final random thought on the season overall? This show is so, so, soooo good! (And, yes, I say this as someone who really liked season 08 too.)


- I’m not particularly a fan of Sam. I don’t know if it’s the character because he’s not a favorite of mine in the books, or if it’s that John Bradley just doesn’t work for me in the role. I do know that I don’t really mind Sam in the books, but I do find myself actively having moments where I do in the show so I tend to tend to think it’s Bradley’s portrayal.

- I don’t like Catelyn Stark in the books, like at all. And despite how great an actress Michelle Fairley is, I dislike her just as much in the show. I still really, really wish that Jennifer Ehle had not decided to drop out after the unaired Pilot (which I still really, really want to see). I love her as an actress and I find that she manages to bring an irrepressible likability to everything that she does. I do think that she would have made Catelyn work for me. Fairley does not.

- Watching the early episodes, Bran clearly is such a main character and so important to the overall story. It’s disappointing how sidelined as a character he was by D&D. Still, watching this first season, Bran as the final ruler of Westeros makes so much sense. (I’m not sure if this is unpopular, though, the D&D unfairly sidelining Bran, not Bran as the final ruler of Westeros, I know that is. *sigh*)

- I’m just not a fan of Jack Gleeson as Joffrey. I don’t think he fits the description of Joffrey and while he’s a good actor, I just don’t think he’s as great as everyone else makes him out to be. To me, Joffrey is a caricature, rather than a character. For example, Harry Lloyd is so much better as Viserys, another terrible, vicious man-child destined to be King.

He was just as terrible as Joffrey and had he ever been in the same position as King of the Seven Kingdoms likely would have been just as evil and awful as Joffrey, and yet… I still felt for Viserys in moments simply because Lloyd made Viserys human. I never felt that with Joffrey. Regardless, of the human-ness of Viserys, this never took away from the horrible nature of who Viserys was. Yet, Lloyd made him real.

Likewise, Iwan Rheon did the same with Ramsey. He was, arguably, worse than Joffrey and yet in moments with Roose, you could feel that broken boy. Ramsey was pure evil, yes, but he felt like a real human being… who was evil. Joffrey just never felt anything other than a cardboard evil cut-out to me. Again, this is under unpopular opinions for a reason.


(In order of episode appearance)

1.01 - “Winter is Coming”

^^ Bran practicing his archery lesson w/Robb, Jon and Theon trying to help, while Ned/Catelyn watched on and Sansa/Arya sewed, Sansa daintily, perfectly so as Arya stabbed terribly at her work and then back to Bran’s poor attempt to which the older boys laughed. Ned then chided them, asking which of them was perfect at that age. And then zoom! All of a sudden, an arrow came flying and hit the bullseye.

Bran and turned and there was Arya who delivered a sassy little curtsy, and off went Bran chasing after her, Robb and Theon following. Finally, all that was left was Jon putting the arrows away when he felt a hard stare and looking up, there was Catelyn looking down at him, as always, hatred in her eyes.

This scene told us pretty much *everything* we needed to know about the Stark family, what kind of family they were, and their relationship to and with one another all in one not too long a scene. So well done.

1.02 - “The Kingsroad

^^ Bran practicing his archery lesson w/Robb, Jon and Theon trying to help, while Ned/Catelyn watched on and Sansa/Arya sewed, Sansa daintily, perfectly so as Arya stabbed terribly at her work and then back to Bran’s poor attempt to which the older boys laughed. Ned then chided them, asking which of them was perfect at that age. And then zoom! All of a sudden, an arrow came flying and hit the bullseye.ding. The bond between the beast and her child clear now.

Just like Catelyn, this scene told us more about the relationships between the Starks and their Direwolves, especially when connected to the other Direwolf/Stark events in that episode (Arya, sending Nymeria away, Sansa losing Lady). And it was just a really cool scene.

1.04 - "Cripples, Bastards, and Broken Things”

^^ This was the first “Go Dany!” moment. She finally stood up to Viserys after putting up with all of the horrible things he’d done and said to her or trying to appease him. When she struck him after he attacked her for trying to help him fit in with the Dothraki, telling him that she was a Khaleesi of the Dothraki and that the next time he raised a hand to her, he would lose a hand, I was fist-pumping for her declaration of awesome!

^^ I may love Tyrion and loathe Catelyn, but that didn’t take away from how cool this scene was. Tyrion hoisted himself on his own petard by bringing attention to Catelyn’s presence in the Inn and she took advantage of it, calling out the bannermen who are loyal to her father to arrest Tyrion for attempting to murder her son. She was wrong; she didn’t have much proof, and she done messed up royally by doing so. Still, it was a great scene! And the 'Fuck me!’ look on Tyrion’s face was priceless.

1.05 - “The Wolf and the Lion”

^^ Ah, the infamous scene that D&D had to write and add to the episode because it was running short. Well, thank goodness for that because, boy, is it a beaut! Robert and Cersei’s discussion about Daenerys, her unborn child and the prospect of the Dothraki crossing the Narrow Sea leading into how it is their marriage–built on seventeen years of hate now–that is holding the Seven Kingdoms together before finally delving into talk of Lyanna Stark is a masterclass in great writing and exquisite acting. So, so good.

1.06 - “A Golden Crown”

^^ Damn, this is just hilarious. Tyrion’s confession of his “sins,” starting when he’s a young boy leading up to his many euphemisms for what he put in that turtle stew that he so hoped that Cersei supped on never ceases to crack me up. The dialogue is funny, sure, but it’s Peter Dinkalge’s delivery and the reaction from those in the room, from Lysa’s dawning realization of what exactly he’s confession to, Sweet Robin’s confusion, Catelyn’s disgust and frustration, Bronn’s amusement, and various mixed reactions of all of the above from everyone else that really sells it.

And then when all his fun and games are done, his simple confession of innocence–damn, Dinklage is good–before his demand for a trial by combat is met with a denial that his brother, the renowned Jaime can be his champion. And then–ah! Dinklage again, he slays me!–the desperation and fear that he’s trying so hard to keep in check, layered with hope because, yes, Tyrion likes living damnit! he asks, doesn’t beg because he’s a Lannister!, for someone (anyone!) to be his champion. And then steps in Bronn… who does not fight with honor. Ah, but the loser did and he’s out the moon door.

And thus this hilarious, thrilling, emotional scene ends in disappointment for Catelyn and Robin (for very different reasons), wealth for Mord, a new friendship (of sorts) for Tyrion and Bronn, freedom for Tyrion.

1.07 - “You Win or You Die”

^^ Sansa’s comments about wanting to bear Joffrey golden-haired sons like him, and that he was nothing like Robert being the eye-opener for Ned was so good because it was wrapped in the hilarity of her not even realizing that she was insulting Joffrey by wanting Joffrey and not someone kind and brave. Even funnier was that both Arya *and* Ned picked up on that insult. The best of it all was Arya’s eye-roll and “Seven Hells” to Sansa’s declarations about Joffrey.

^^ And here we had another masterclass in acting, this time between Sean Bean and Lena Headey. Ned telling Cersei he knows that her children are Jaime’s, that he knows that Bran saw them was so stupid of Ned, but gave viewers such a fabulous scene. Him telling her to run as far as she can because he’s telling Robert and his wrath will follow her and her ignoring his advice/warning and musing that he should have taken the Iron Throne when had the chance because when you play the game of thrones, you win or you die was… *chef’s kiss.* Great, wonderful inclusion of the show’s title into the narrative, and brilliant foreshadowing of what was to come for Ned.

1.08 - “The Pointy End”

^^ So heartbreaking and so beautiful, this one, Arya and Syrio’s last lesson. Her heart was in the lesson, but he kept on teaching her, telling her that “watching is not seeing,” and then he put that into practice when he pointed out that Lannister and not Stark men had come to bring her to her father. Following that, we got to see the First Sword of Braavosi go at it.

The duel between Syrio with his wooden sword and the Lannister soldiers with steel was fantastic as was his final question to his student: What do we say to death?  And her reply, her voice not breaking, but you could hear the tears behind each word. “Not today,” which she kept repeating to herself as she chose to run away from the sounds of swords clashing and people screaming, dying and deeper into the bowels of the Red Keep. Ugh, my heart!

1.09 - “Baelor”

^^ Maester Aemon’s discussion with Jon about death before duty starts out so well written because one thinks they’re just getting foreshadowing over Ned’s choice of love of family versus honor–and that does indeed come into play, and that in and of itself would make this scene great, but what elevates it to one of the best scenes of the season is the reveal about the maester’s background.

As Jon throws a pity party of one, giving the petulant youthful claim that no one but he can understand the pain of what he’s going through, Maester Aemon says the Gods were cruel to test him when he was old and blind and feeble, when his brother’s son and his sons were killed. And for the first (and only time) we see true anger from the maester. There’s a look of shock on Jon’s face as he asks who exactly Maester Aemon is and that shock grows when he learns (and it is just as shocking for the viewer) that is Aemon Targaryen, brother to the Mad King, Aerys II, and was actually in line for the Iron Throne himself, but he gave it up. Yeah. The late Peter Vaughn who played Maester Aemon–as always–was brilliant.

1.10 - “Fire and Blood”

^^ Robb’s “King of the North” scene is always so stirring and powerful every time I watch it. Their rising voices, Robb’s proud look as he stands and takes it all in, Catelyn’s worry and pride mixed in as she does as well. It’s just so damn good.

^^ Daenerys finally accepting that Drogo’s life is not life at all and that he really is lost to her was just heartbreaking and Emilia Clarke sold Dany’s equal parts acceptance and broken heart beautifully. When she took the pillow and put him down, I was near tears and about to cry with her. It truly was a beautiful scene.

^^ Jorah and Daenerys’ bloodriders coming upon her curled up, naked, covered in ash the morning after Drogo was burned is AMAZING. She looked up, her pale hair glowing amidst the soot on her face and then she stood and there they be, dragons, one, two three, curling around her body. Such a magnificent sight! Especially the close-up of her face with baby Drogon (so cute!) settling on her shoulder.  What a way to end the season! YAAAAS!

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Jaime: *about Cersei* It's not that she's "evil"... she just lacks empathy and she goes into a dissociative state and commits atrocities.
Tyrion: I'd stick with Brienne if I were you.
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