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Playstation 4 // Apex Legends (crossplay with xbox and PC)

Gamertag: Ech0Dr3amer

(L)GBT friendly. Average player. No pressure to talk. Good vibes.

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First impressions after playing three levels of Minecraft Dungeons’ new DLC, Flames of the Nether:

As always with this game, the environments are beautiful and respectfully elaborate. I love just stopping to admire the well-crafted scenery.

I’ve been really delighted to see the classic Nether monsters mixed in with the new piglins, hoglins and new biomes from 1.16 all featured in this, the idea of a Ghast as a mini-boss is a lot of fun.

However gameplay-wise, this DLC only serves to further highlight to me just how much of a slog this game is. Specifically the loot. I played the first three levels of FotN between Apocalypse +3 and +5 and I kept getting mostly duplicate loot from the base game or more and more of the piglin armor. I opened so many chests in my runs through these levels and it was always bogstandard, unexciting duplicate loot that was very rarely Unique which means if I want even half-decent loot I’ll either have to grind out those same levels for hours on end which I really don’t want to do because the actual layout of those levels is aggressively padded out which I don’t appreciate, or test my luck with the merchants back at camp.

It’s become crystal clear to me that the main gameplay focus of Minecraft Dungeons is repetition, and either I’m just not a jrpg fan, or this game isn’t right for repetition of that kind. The loot grind is made intentionally slow but to what end? I’ll tell you this, if I’m able to finish all the PSN trophies for this game after the seventh and final DLC drops, I’m probably never touching it again.

I came for the Minecraft, I’m staying for the investment, and I’ll leave because the gameplqy is an absolute slog.

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