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Miss Susan of Texas really never misses huh
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I refuse to allow my most popular post be a twitter screenshot that I added nothing to but I have no idea what to change the caption to and no one liked my memes smh, y’all have such low standards and I will never recover from thousands of people coming into my house and telling me i’m not funny... ms. brockjampton of tiktok i’m so sorry I failed you... Anyway if anyones reading this you’re very sexy and I hope you’re having a nice day. Drink some water, eat some fruit, bully rich people online, look at the stars, and steal a street sign. 
Also, to the dumbasses in my notes, in case you couldn’t tell its called a joke. I know the rich people buy rich people drugs from other rich people doing illegal rich people things while being protected by other rich people... it’s almost like its a subtle criticism of the rich people consuming copious amounts of illegal substances while thousands of people are imprisoned for it... pointing out the hypocrisy of the “smart” wall street men being drug addicts who would be villainized and shamed if they’re poor. Its almost like its an exaggeration of the circumstances for comedic purposes... or MAYBE its just funny to imagine these rich assholes struggling to do their “jobs” after fucking over the general population... like y’all are something else
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whatjanesays · 8 months ago
Are Wednesdays just gonna be like this in 2021?
So far:
January 6th - The Capitol gets stormed during the Electoral College vote certification ... and the idiot rioters liveblog it
January 13th - Trump gets impeached ... for the 2nd time
January 20th - Biden is sworn in as the President ... somehow the least interesting thing on this list
January 27th - A subreddit bankrupted a hedge fund by ... buying all the GameStop stocks
What’s in store for us on February 3rd?
Tune in next week to find out!
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bondsmagii · 8 months ago
casually learning how the stock market works because my dedication to the drama knows no bounds
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theconcealedweapon · 8 months ago
Pharmaceutical Giant: “This medicine costs $3 to make, but I’m selling it to sick people for $300 because I know that they can’t just refuse to buy it.”
Rich People: “That’s a smart business strategy.”
Reddit User: “These GameStop shares cost me $3 each, but I’m selling them to short investors for $300 each because I know that they can’t just refuse to buy it.”
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mythgenderedloki · 7 months ago
I'm sorry I had to...
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insomniac-arrest · 6 months ago
Tumblr truly is the town square where peasants gather to celebrate when bad things happen to the nobility
the Suez Canal gets blocked and loses billionaires thousands in trade money?
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the (British) queen’s evil boytoy finally dies at the age of 99?
Tumblr media
Reddit users make hedge fund managers lose tons of money through Gamestop Stonks? 
Tumblr media
say what you will about this place but I almost never see anyone posting about “how you shouldn’t celebrate anyone’s death, ever.” Like, did you meet Margaret Thatcher? lmao
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supermegahijabi · 8 months ago
The real Reddit moment was the class conscious we gained along the way
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wallisninety-six · 8 months ago
Amidst discussion about wealth inequality and race issues, I really wanna hammer into younger Gen Zers minds about how awful Ronald Reagan was I feel like we all got propaganda’d in school on how great he was just because of basic charisma and for the fact that he made some dopey speech at the berlin wall, but looking back he was just pure fucking evil: He caused so many problems that we’re all dealing with today- and problems that made Zoomers become “Doomers”:
He made explicit pleas to segregationists and klansmen when talking about states rights, endangering the lives of POC in the process
he KILLED unions, working class people lost bargaining power against the rich and lost livable wages, starting the end of the middle class, we never recovered
His trickle down economics killed any chance of real progressive tax on the rich & ensured that trillions would go to the rich for *generations*
He demonized the shit out of black people, he literally never saw them as human, especially those that were homeless and struggling with addictions (a problem he made much, much worse)
He *knew* about the AIDS crisis and for the longest time, did *nothing*, he sat by and intentionally let so many Black, Hispanic, Indigenous & Queer people die horrible deaths, with no remorse. The community is still grappling with the effect of that to this very day
All of us are angry about how Rich people are putting down poor people during this Gamestop-Robinhood fiasco, it’s good to remember when that started to get real popular...when people say “Ronald Reagan was the devil”, they’re not fucking around.
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space-pilot-3000 · 9 months ago
best part of the gamestop thing is iirc there were signs gamestop was probably gonna have an upswing if they survived the pandemic anyways. so what r/wallstreetbets did was completely rational, literally just buying low with the hope of later selling high. the fact they did it collectively makes no real difference; stock brokers act collectively all the time.
but rich hedge funds got mad because they wanted to keep gamestop’s prices artificially low so they could keep short-selling it, and they didnt expect a bunch of poor people to organically, spontaneously unite and all do the thing that, again, basic principles of capitalism & the stock market would indicate is the best thing for them to do.
and yet every economist and financial analyst in the nation is saying a bunch of people not only playing by the rules of capitalism but doing so more in the spirit of the rule than most actual stock brokers is a disaster for capitalism.
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curioscurio · 8 months ago
me after telling myself I wasnt gonna look into Gamestock
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icarus-suraki · 8 months ago
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Tom Nook knew. Tom Nook always knew
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