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New CAMP! I liked the faux-town set up, but I wanted to change it up. 

1. My house! The bed is behind the half-wall, and the captured frog and the Silver Shroud plushie are on the couch. It’s cozy and fun.

2. This is Dylan’s shop, named The Stop. I tried to set it up with aisles, but it still looks good. I put a Nuka-Girl cutout at the counter too.

3. This is the workshop. I looked online for CAMP ideas, and I came across someone making a cabin with a little deck. I really liked it, so I made one myself. I’m pretty satisfied with myself! A BBQ and a guitar are also on the deck. I think it makes it look polished and put together. 

Fallout 76, 4/1/2020

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Pixel Frames - Shadow Box Art Series

Pixel Frames are officially-licensed and multi-layered snapshots of popular retro game classics. The foreground, mid-ground, and background are layered and distanced to add depth within the shadowbox.

Each layer is laser cut, then inserted into a foam backing that holds each popular scene at a different point of depth to add a 3-D feel to 2-D retro games.

Check out the prices and availability of each in the links below: 

Sonic the Hedgehog (9x9)

Castlevania - Grim Reaper (9x9) || (6x6 size)

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night (9x9) || (6x6 size)

Mega Man - Boss Fight (9x9) || (6x6 size)

Street Fighter - Boat Scene (9x9) || (6x6 size)

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