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Thorbruce Frozen au where Thor is Anna even though he’s the older brother and Loki is Elsa even though he’s the younger brother. Bruce is Kristoff. 

Bruce falls in love with Thor’s bubbly personality along their adventure. Thor tries to talk to Loki but he gets scared and accidentally freezes Thor’s heart. Thor saves both himself and his brother when he stops Loki from getting killed, breaking the curse with an act of true love. 

Even though things are great, Loki starts hearing a voice so he and Thor and Bruce go on another adventure where Loki finds out about the source of his ice magic and decides to stay to protect the land while Thor becomes the king. The two brothers become the bridge between the kingdom and the magic lands because “a bridge has two sides and father had two sons.”

Bruce proposes after days of trying to find the right moment, and of course Thor says yes!! 

And everyone lives happily ever after. 

(Thor*ki shippers DNI) 

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(For all the people struggling with isolation and need something cute and silly to comfort them.)

When Bruce has to quarantine after a bout with the chicken-pox, best boyfriend in the world Thor comes to his rescue. (Read on Ao3.)

No matter how many blankets Bruce heaped on himself he couldn’t stop shivering. It was impossible to tell whether it was the fever or the lack of heating in his new Brownstone. He’d been meaning to get it repaired, but then he was struck with the pox.

Chickenpox, and he was as shocked as anyone to learn that it was even possible for him to get such a mundane disease, being virtually indestructible. He and tony weren’t totally sure the red splotches on his skin weren’t radioactive in some way. He also wasn’t entirely sure where he picked them up. He and a certain Asgardian had been getting out in the world more these days, movies, carnivals, all sorts of things that Bruce would have avoided at all cost before their friendship had blossomed. He didn’t regret any of it, even if he did contract radioactive bumps on his skin.

What was really starting to get to him was the isolation. Impossibly, none of his friends had ever had the chickenpox as kids, so it would be risky to spread his germs around even if half the people he knew were superhuman and could heal instantly. He didn’t want anyone making a big deal. It would have been easier if he hadn’t moved quite so far away, into a separate house in Harlem away from the compound and the tower. He used to see his friends every day, now he felt totally cut off even with the 2-a-day face times with Tony and the constant stream of messages in the group chat. And the private ones from Thor. It was adorable Thor had little to no exposure or knowledge of human ailments, so he was full of questions, about how serious Bruce’s condition was and how he could help.

Bruce had refused all attempts to comfort him. He didn’t like to be seen as vulnerable and right now he looked grotesque with his splotches covered in pink calamine lotion. He was almost certain Thor wouldn’t catch anything, still whatever they’re new relationship was- almost sort of but not quite dating- he didn’t want to turn the god off completely. They had a good thing going.

He hadn’t heard from Thor all day, and it was nearly dinner time, which was weird because so far Thor had responded to all of Bruce’s texts immediately. Had Bruce offended him by rebuffing him so many times? With the heating not working and his fever and aches making him couch-bound, all he could do is fret and hover over his phone to send an I’m sorry text.

He decided instead to text Tony, who always loved a bit of relationship drama.

Do you think that I scared him off?

Are you kidding?? I’ve never seen anyone more in love or more devoted than Thor has been since you two started sneaking around.

He was right. Thor had always been so attentive and kind, Bruce felt bad about always keeping him at arm’s length when it came to intimacy or vulnerability.

He resolved to message Thor when a particularly violent shivering spell had him drop his phone and he had to quickly rug up again.

A knock on the door echoed through the house and woke Bruce up out of a fever dream. He hadn’t even realized he’d dozed off. He shuffled slowly and painfully to the door and was shocked when he opened it to find Thor. His boyfriend, as per usual, looked amazing. His hair was braided past his shoulders and ringlets of hair framed his rugged face. He was wearing a stylish earth overcoat that made him look like some sort of Norwegian supermodel.

“Thor!” he exclaimed trying to cover himself up with the blanket he’d wrapped around himself as much as possible. “You came! Wait, you can’t be here I might still be contagious.” Bruce stepped back as if to protect Thor.

His boyfriend laughed “No mortal disease can penetrate this rockin’ bod.” Bruce laughed but it hurt. He loved it when the other man mixed his old Shakespearean lexicon with modern slang.

“That’s true you were immune when we all got the flu last year,” Bruce winced.

Thor could see the pain in Bruce’s face and rushed inside to comfort him, his large arms wrapping around Bruce easily and immediately warming him up.

“Earthlings are strange, you feel cold but when I touch you your skin is hot, that’s craziness… May I?” Bruce didn’t know what Thor wanted to do but nodded because he was out of it, but then yelped as Thor picked him up Bridal style to take him to the couch, when he sat them both down, extracting himself only for a second to take his jacket off. Underneath he was only wearing a black tank top that his arms and pecs were practically spilling out of, making Bruce blush crimson. He decided to go with it and snuggled into Thor’s chest, face buried in his shoulder.

Thor took one of his hands and inspected it, “You haven’t been picking at the spots, have you? If you do they could scar.”

Bruce smiled, “I told you not to look up chickenpox, I didn’t want you to worry.”

“Well I was going to do that anyway, I wanted to make sure it wasn’t deadly.”

“I’m okay, I promise, I just didn’t want to give it to anyone, so I isolated…”

“Surely you knew that I would be fine. I would have loved to be there for you.”

“I know babe, and thank you… I just didn’t want you to see me like this.

Thor sighed, cupping Bruce’s cheek in one hand, making Bruce’s eyes flutter shut, he didn’t realize how touch starved he’d become since isolating from his boyfriend.

“You need to get over this fear of being vulnerable. I would gladly take care of you and not think any less of you.” He sighed, “you look as beautiful as the day I met you.”
Bruce chuckled, “When we met wasn’t I big and green and destroying a Heli carrier?”

“You had me when you threw me halfway across the room.” He kissed Bruce on the forehead.

Bruce sighed, content for the first time since he got sick. This time he went to sleep in Thor’s arms peacefully, and when he woke up, Thor was still there, wrapped around him snoring loudly. Bruce smiled, realizing how good his life was at that moment, and resolved to be more open with his boyfriend.

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Goodnight, Sakaar

It was quiet. Which was surprising, given the green giant sleeping next to him. He’d honestly expected Hulk to be a snorer, or perhaps a talker, but all he got was the faint sound of breathing and the gentle rise and fall of a chest.

The silence left a ringing in his ears, a pounding behind his skull left over from the gladiator ring that made every muscle twinge and was really making sleep difficult at this point. It wasn’t that he wasn’t tired - he was fairly sure he’d never been this tired in his life. But his mind wouldn’t rest, wouldn’t settle, and kept forcing the unwanted to the forefront of his thoughts.

If not for the disc in his neck, he was fairly sure he would be conjuring a storm by now.

He could feel the lightning seethe under his skin, and for a moment idly watched it burn and glimmer across his hand.


Useless, stupid, sparkles.

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(A.N: I’m so glad all of you liked my last one! This is my first attempt at writing something angsty, and there are warnings in this for a little bit of gore [not much, but a bit] and also major character death)

Bruce had thought he was okay. He’d thought he could get through this fight, this one last fight, without incident. By himself, smashing Outriders left and right with the metal coated fists of the hulkbuster. Hulk had done his part, facing down Thanos on the Statesman.

Now? Now, it was Bruce’s turn.

And he was calm. He was confident. For the first time in his life he wasn’t useless, he wasn’t a nuke sitting idle with people waiting for him to explode. He was a fighter.

And he was winning.

But then Thor had fallen from the sky, and his world was turned onto his side. A streak of red, hitting the battlefield with a dull thump was all it had took to make his heart clench with fear again.

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Oh my gosh for the send me a ship thing could you do either Thor x Bruce or Thor x Starlord? (Sorry I don’t know the ships names but I just really love those ships now.) and if you don’t really do marvel then never mind, thanks

Hon’, Marvel is the majority of what I write.


Thor x Bruce (Thunder Science/Gamma Hammer from what I could find? I don’t like either, tbh. <D)

  • Insists that they are an awesome dancer even though they’re terrible: Thor
  • Likes to watch reality tv: Both (Guilty pleasure)
  • Refuses to wear pants when they’re home alone: Thor
  • Is the jealous / protective one: Bruce (Bruce gets both; Thor doesn’t get jealous)
  • Goes all out on the holidays: Thor (He’s still learning; plus his entire family has the “too much” gene)
  • Cries over books: Bruce
  • Is terrible with kids: Bruce (How much some of them like the Hulk worries him; that and he just has n o  i d e a what he’s d o i n g)
  • Drinks too much caffeine: Bruce 
  • Could sleep for twenty-four hours straight: Both
  • Never wears matching socks: Bruce when he’s sleepy; Thor because he can’t decide which pair he likes better so he wears one of each
  • Punches a tree when they’re angry: Bruce (rarely but it’s happened; Thor used to, but now wouldn’t want to hurt the other possible Groots after meeting youngun Groot)
  • Gets scared by the toaster: Bruce (when he’s extremely tired/not awake yet; Thor tried to have conversations with it before figuring out what it was)


  • Insists that they are an awesome dancer even though they’re terrible: Both (Peter’s not bad but… he’s not exactly good either <D)
  • Likes to watch reality tv: Thor (Peter thinks it’s all nonsense)
  • Refuses to wear pants when they’re home alone: Peter
  • Is the jealous / protective one: Peter (Again, Thor doesn’t get jealous; you bet your ass Peter does though)
  • Goes all out on the holidays: Both of them but for completely different reasons
  • Cries over books: Peter
  • Is terrible with kids: Thor (Not necessarily bad but definitely not as good as Peter)
  • Drinks too much caffeine: Neither
  • Could sleep for twenty-four hours straight: Both
  • Never wears matching socks: Both (Peter has never had a matching pair of socks in his l i f e)
  • Punches a tree when they’re angry: Peter but he has to be really mad to do so (Both don’t want to hurt any other possible Groots and Peter would never hit Groot himself)
  • Gets scared by the toaster: Peter
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can u write thorbruce + 32? (also im currently about to go to band camp so have fun!)

band went great for me haha thank you! i hope you have fun at camp! (32 - “You could have died.”)

Bruce stumbled down the stone stairway with the frantic energy of a madman. He knew Thor was here, he could feel it. The bottom of the stairs gave him two options, to enter a room lit with eerie blue light, or to follow another flight down. Bruce’s gut told him to check the room. So, he did, his footsteps light and his breathing heavy as he made his way through the open doorway. The blue was overwhelming, a bright neon that made him want to throw up. But he had to keep looking. Thor was here somewhere, and Bruce was going to find him. He had to.

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