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The only infinity war/endgame death I am actually angry about is Gamora’s. Nat, Steve, Tony - they had their time. They did good. They died saving what they loved. The actors need to move on.

But Gamora was Murdered by her abuser, never had the chance to get away. Four years of growth for her with the guardians is gone as if it never happened. She didn’t deserve that. And I miss her.

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That is the first art of a small AU series which tells about childhood of Gamora and Nebula.
I think not all their childhood was a continuous “fight without rules”. And such family scene was… normal in some way.
Gamora’s image here is a mix of comics and film. And Nebula is an ordinary, yet happy little one UwU
What is about Thanos? He is the usual dad (ok, not so usual as he could be XD) who is bringing daughters to the work of his entire life

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I think he was there for a while. This is why I was wondering if this scene:


was a deleted scene, because this looks like the aftermath of the snap. It looks like Nebula told Tony that she could help him go back to his planet or maybe told him she knew where her ship was. I think Tony was a little catatonic, anything anyone said to him in that moment was unintelligible and senseless for him. I think Nebula gave him a few minutes out of respect and then tried to talk to him.

Tony probably went into death shock. This happens when a loved one dies, it’s a common reaction. This can affect you for days or weeks. 

They showed us Tony after a long time. I’m not saying it’s enough time to get over someone’s death but it takes place 22 days after the decimation and Tony is hungry, depressed and probably thinks he’s going to die. I think everything he does after Peter dies or at least the first months, are just attempts of getting out his shock, disbelief and numbness.

And it was Nebula the one standing behind him, Gamora died earlier in the movie.

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Characters x Elder Ships

What can I say other than I’m shipping trash and the Elders like the color green.Okay but for real though:

Collector/Gamora, Grandmaster/Loki: Space Sugar D*ddies
Collector/Drax, Grandmaster/Hulk: Muscles
Collector/Mantis, Grandmaster/Valkyrie: Ladies Who Could Step On Them

aka they have the same taste in partners lol.

[Posted: 5.26.2020]

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I ship you with…


  • aw the two assholes of the galaxy :’)
  • lmao honestly tho, gamora would rip her own tongue out before admitting it but she’d adore you
  • and you’d be totally aware of it because of all her little gestures she’d use to show it to you
  • you probably wouldn’t be big fans of pda but you’d absolutely love it when gamora grabbed your hand absent-mindedly
  • however, in private, you couldn’t keep your hands to yourselves
  • gamora would be obsessed with all your clothes and you’d definitely share a piece or two or like, y’know, all of ‘em
  • and even though your impatiency would get the best of both of you sometimes, you would never let anything or anyone stand between the two of you

Your eyelids were way to heavy to keep them apart and you were close to giving up your attempt of staying awake and waiting for Gamora to come home. She had left for a mission for two days now and as much as you knew how professional your girlfriend was, you couldn’t help but worry about her- even though you were the one bundled up in bed at home with mild injuries from the latest mission. Of course you had got impulsive again and didn’t listen to Natasha when she told you to stay behind. Now you were lying in bed with a hole in your torso, which was yet to heal.

It was probably your injury and all the painkillers you had taken that was knocking you out constantly- you were mostly asleep or way too sleepy to do anything that had nothing to do with food or Netflix. Yes, it was a comfortable lifestyle and at first you were enjoying yourself despite the constant pain, however, you had gotten bored really soon.

You didn’t even realize you were asleep until you were woken up by the front door shutting close and Gamora’s light steps approaching your bedroom. Your eyes lit up as you saw your girlfriend and you were immediately snapped out of dreamland- you would’ve even jumped out of bed and run up to Gamora if it wasn’t for the hole in your body.

“Gamora!” You cried out in joy, making her shake her head and even crack a laugh. 

“Ahw, you just ruined what could’ve been a perfect Sleeping Beauty scene,” she said, acting bitter and making you giggle.

“I can close my eyes and pretend I’m asleep. I can even snort,” you offered, smirking at your girlfriend. Gamora simply rolled her eyes.

“Move over, you lazy bean,” she instructed, getting in bed next to you and cuddling you for the rest of the day. 

your playlist:

banners - half light // lauv - i like me better // hozier - sunlight // dodie, tom walker - human // florence + the machine - girl with one eye // stromae - formidable // imagine dragons - i bet my life // jaymes young - moondust // cigarettes after sex - apocalypse

a/n: at this point i can’t even think of looking you guys in the eye. i’ve failed you. and what’s even worse, i failed obi-wan

Please, leave your feedback in my inbox. It would honestly mean a lot.



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The next day, Groot had just got done his daily therapy session and had his feeding tube hooked up to his morning formula. Rocket and the other Guardians were bringing the teenager back to his room to relax for a little bit before he had to go to Calina for his speech therapy lesson when Azrik approached them in the hall.

“Hey, can I see you guys in the conference room?” Azrik beseeches the Guardians as Groot whines, clearly tired and in need of a nap before he went to Calina’s office to work on using his speech device.

“Yeah.” Rocket replies as the Guardians follow Groot’s aide to the conference room. “What’s this all about?”

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Okay so I just re watched Avengers: Endgame and I cried. I know that they won, but at what cost?

Clint got his family but lost his best friend and will forever have to live with the image of her dead body splattered on the ground.

Bruce lost Nat, the only one who could truly calm him down and make him feel loved even at the worst of times.

Wanda lost Vision, who as she made ever so clear to Thanos, was her everything.

Quill lost Gamora, again. Yes, she’s alive but she’s missing and isn’t with Quill.

Peter Parker will always have to live with the image of his role model dying right in front of him and no matter what you do, that is extremely difficult to live with.

Thor still didn’t get back his father, his mother or his brother (Loki’s death was a very personal loss for me and I took it hard) and on top of it all, he even lost Tony.

Speaking of Tony, Pepper lost her husband, Rhodey lost his best friend, Morgan lost her father and Steve regretted all those years that he wasted being filled with anger and resentment towards Tony.

Yes, they won. Yes, billions of people were alive because of them. Yes, some of them got a happy ending. But so many didn’t. And that breaks my heart.

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This looks like something out of Twilight Zone when She-Hulk (Jennifer Walters) and Jazinda are teleported into the unknown places where the super-heroines and alien ladies are held. The ladies held in an unknown normal-looking house are She-Hulk, Thundra, Storm (Ororo Munroe), Invisible Woman (Susan Storm-Richards) and Valkyrie (Brunnhilde). Meanwhile, at the unknown hall, there were alien women such as Jazinda (the Skrull who is in a human woman disguise), Lyja the Skrull, Phyla-Vell, Gamora and Mantis. Many of the ladies have no idea what was going on; while most of the ladies were talking, the frustrated Thundra attempts to break out. 

- She-Hulk: Cosmic Collision #1, 2009

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