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Name of the Game Chapter Twenty Eight Is Up!

@woozletania @grootiez @trashpandaorigins @enigma731 @netbug009 @rr4901 @cherrycoloredsoot @jillianspina @mattchewystuff

Kylam makes an offer to Stakar and Aleta.

The First Line

There was a kind of dead silence as they made their way up to the control deck to find the co-captains of the Jotarasitahn. It made Rocket slow his pace, looking around. There were no Ravagers in sight. “Where is everybody?”…

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One thing I both cringe at, fear and am excited for at the same time out of the result of Infinity War and Endgame, especially being someone who loved Guardians: is maybe seeing how the canon writers deal with the death and displacement of Gamora. Because, think about what happened there; and it’s a horrible part of the story as an emotional and psychological twist. But also has so much potential, from a storyteller’s point of view that, I hope to god they don’t  waste.

Think about that, especially from Peter Quill’s point of view; and it’s so, so bad and absolutely heartbreaking, and more than a little cheap how the mainline Avengers story glazes over it with that singular shot of Peter looking for her in the viewer. Makes my heart hurt just to think about.

That said, I touch that a lot with my Quill muses. Because it’s simultaneously the thing they feel most cheated on, and the thing they absolutely simmer about, in a lot of ways. Peter’s never really allowed time to mourn having been part of the snap’s victims; and when you think about the extra awkward, and the little weird hope coming back from the snap he definitely had there?


Ugh, and yeah; they project so many feels at me that it had to be addressed. And it had to be done in a way that fit Pete himself.

In DREAMS in particular, it gets sidelined early on too: and this one, is the section where Clint catches up with Loki a little more in realizing it after Pete gets pulled into their business and literally to the other side of the world. Clint has even closer deaths to mourn in DREAMS that connect the two of them even farther so. This scene is as hard on Clint in particular with DREAMS changes mostly being centered post Endgame because.. lets not forget. Clint had the up close and personal view of what the Soul Stone asked for in retrieving it.

     “ Clint, where’s Nat? “


===========———CHAPTER SEVEN : Photograph (Ed Sheeran)

   There was just a few moments, looking at him like standing there like that, backlit by that otherworldly shimmer and haze of water lit by the fluttering movements of the unassuming and actually he had to admit very beautiful animal slipping through the water in the wall-length tank: where Clint didn’t think he’d forget that particular moment he almost turned by half and looked right back at him. Those few seconds had a strange sort of weight and a silent agreement to them Clint’s conscious brain couldn’t quite hook; before a buzz sounded off from the small table where Quill had dumped his stuff on when they’d brought the fish in: pulling both their eyes that way and snapping the moment shut.

Peter was on it quick, tugging his other phone out again with a sigh and getting a small scowl from Clint as he brought it over and sat himself down on the free pillow he’d set down next to him as offer. “  ..sorry. Forgot when Lily started flopping around. ‘S good though.. “ and he tapped the back of the phone; a clipped on device blinking yellow. The phone buzzed again and Clint leaned to get a look as Pete checked the new message, and Loki stirred a little behind him.

And maybe he shouldn’t have looked, because he ended up feeling like twice the ass after seeing the time stamps; and being reminded the guy had his own issues he was trying to deal with.


   SwordsNSass [8:26 AM]: And I meant it, by the way.

   SwordsNSass [10:45 AM]: cannot believe you left us behind.

   SwordsNSass [11:17 AM]: You know, I thought the *point* of these was to be able to communicate more easily?

   SwordsNSass [12:07 PM]: Did you take the powder we picked up on Pailene with you? It’s missing and Groot is really mad.

   SwordsNSass [1:02 PM]: At least answer or call us?

   SwordsNSass [5:24 PM]: You know what, fine. I don’t know why you’re even angry at me; but it had better not be about this morning. You dragged me into this, not  the other way around. Time we had a talk, you and me.

   SwordsNSass [6:58 PM]: Brunhilde is taking us up, you had better be there.

   SwordsNSass [7:02 PM] : And we aren’t done with that conversation, just so you know.

   SwordsNSass [8:12 PM]: Rocket says you asked him *not* to let us back on the Benatar until upgrades were finished?

   SwordsNSass [9:21 PM]: Okay. Where are you Peter.

   SwordsNSass [9:23 PM]: We’re back on board. Contact us if you don’t want me to shoot an annoying little rodent and find a way to lock out this new program.

“  Go ahead and make the call man. “ called attention to the fact he’d been snooping; not that Peter seemed to mind. He looked combination pissed and .. Clint wasn’t sure how to label the rest of it. Tired, definitely.  Distressed?   He was staring at those messages with an almost flat expression, a little too still before he finally nodded, pressed the call button and brought it to his ear. Clint settled back, watching the jellyfish; half waiting for Peter to stand up and take it outside.

                                        He didn’t.

      And Clint took that for what it was, him and Quill both knowing well enough he would hear every word when he heard the pickup; and Peter took a breath, keeping his voice low.

“  Before you say word   one   ; know if you actually wanna hear me, this is as loud as it’s gonna get; and I am hanging up and shutting this off if it sounds like you’re not gonna actually   listen   : cause there’s somebody else sleepin’ in the room and I ain’t waking him up after the long-ass day we’ve had.  “

     ‘Where the hell   are   you? Was having them leave us behind your way at getting back at me f–’

                                 “ I ain’t playin’ that game right now, Gamora. I asked him to leave you and your sister behind, ‘cause the both of you’ve been on attack mode for almost a month with no given reason or reprieve; and I didn’t want that slowin us or the Benny down long enough for someone else to catch on and tag her, and make it worse.   Time saving   . We   at it   ; and frankly.. I am   not   for draggin’ our feet on this any more than the two I’m with want or need to. Especially not when you’re like   this   . When it’s not me? Now there’s Loki, and that’s bullshit. You never even met the man for more’n a minute or two in passing. Haven’t bothered to try even talking to him, or his guy.  “

   If she had anything to say to that, it didn’t come. He rubbed his brow between his fingers; and Clint knew that look, all the tired and trying to be patient. Still nothing. Not from her end. Just quiet, and he could see it pulling that tension, and pulling it; until it snapped with some small metallic sound from the other end that had nothing to do with anyone’s voice; a sound that poked and burst the bubble he had barely brushed on the too-still surface of his breath. “ ‘ Course. Why am I not surprised.  “ and he blew out a breath and let his head fall back. “  I thought, I didn’t wanna do it like this; but you know: I think any other way’d just be worse for all of us, so here it is.  “

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honestly, I’m just getting reminded of may last year and how even up til now, Tony’s death is the thing that hurts me most after my best friend’s death. Like.

no one knows pain like a fan having to watch the one character they followed and loved for years, the one that they looked up to, the one that gave them hope, DIE in front of their eyes when all they’ve ever done is struggle to be better for everyone and live.

Nothing hurts more than knowing that they could have had a life and the thing that ripped it away was bad writing.

And you know why it hurts more than anything? Because this was avoidable but people who made the thing didn’t care enough about you to give it to you.

In real life, it’s the truth that people don’t get to live. People die young and they die without ever getting a chance to live after all their struggles. I know that in real life it’s unavoidable. My best friend didn’t make it to her 16th birthday and I’ve seen many people with so much will and want to live die because real life sucks.

But fiction? Fiction is where u go to for hope. It’s the thing that brings u comfort when u need an escape. Fiction isn’t supposed to make u wish u weren’t in reality again. Life already rips away people too soon before they can live so I’m PRETTY FUCKING PISSED that U SHITHEADS do the same to the PEOPLE WE LOVE IN FICTION TOO.

People deserve better. And in a world that’s already on fire, in a pandemic and on the verge of fucking collapse, I hate how people look at all this and go “let’s add a little more pain into this world” LIKE FUCK U

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Guardians of the Galalaxy #11 (2021)

Al Ewing (W) • Juann Cabal (A) • Cover By Rafael Albuquerque
• The Olympian gods are returning to our universe - and they’re taking their exile at Peter Quill’s hands very personally.
• To stop them, the Guardians return to the place the team was born… but will facing their past in the Annihilation War help them survive their future?
• Everything changes in TWO
32 PGS./Rated T+ …$3.99

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Cover by Rafael Albuquerque



* The Olympian gods are returning to our universe - and they’re taking their exile at Peter Quill’s hands very personally.

* To stop them, the Guardians return to the place the team was born… but will facing their past in the Annihilation War help them survive their future?

* Everything changes in TWO…

32 pages, $3.99.

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I’m not sure if I’ve said this before but in Infinity War when Thanos and Gamora get to Vormir and the “stone keeper” shows up, he puts his arm out in front of her to protect her

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Name of the Game Chapter Twenty Seven Is Up!

@woozletania @grootiez @trashpandaorigins @enigma731 @netbug009 @bandit89p13 @cherrycoloredsoot @jillianspina @mattchewystuff @rr4901

Mantis gets some useful information. Kylam comes up with a plan.

The First Line

She expected to be followed in, but sure enough, her family kept their word and trusted her. She looked around the medbay. It wasn’t a large room, but it was spacious, enough to hold multiple people. It was just her and Rocket’s science man, but despite the stories, she couldn’t see him as a threat. For one thing, he was still exhausted from using his defence, weakened from using what must have been every piece of energy he possessed. For another, he was asleep. Gamora’s voice came to her mind. ‘Don’t assume it’s safe.’ It was better to listen to her. Nobody knew danger as well as Gamora. Stepping closer, she stood by his side, looking at him. He was on his side, arms wrapped tightly around his knees. Even in sleep, he looked anything but restful…

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