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one-time-i-dreamt · 2 days ago
I was in a high-speed car chase which was also a wizard duel. A friend and I were in the backseat casting D&D spells at the wizards following us while Gandalf from LOTR was giving us instructions. It ended on an instruction from Gandalf to, “Light them up, girls,” and we created a big explosion that ended the dream.
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cracked-doll-mom · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Gandalf the Wandering Wizard 🍁
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pippinstook · 2 days ago
Reminder to thank sir Ian mckellen for his gay influence on the lotr movies
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too-tookish-to-care · 2 days ago
Gandalf: Alright, Aragorn and Arwen's wedding is tomorrow. We need a ship name.
Boromir: A ship name? Are they sailing anywhere?
Frodo: Evenstel, from Estel and Evenstar.
Sam: Arawen.
Merry and Pippin, wearing pirate hats and waving their swords around: ARAR
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youareunbearable · 2 days ago
AU where Celebrimbor is alive and Eregion still stands cause Galadriel slapped Sauron out of his Elf cosplay before he turned Celebrimbor into his personal flag
Nothing is really any different except Dwarves and Elves have a better relationship but I just want Tyelpë to also be a member of the White Council cause he's also one of the first elves to come to middle earth (even tho he was a kid at the time) so he technically older then the sun and moon, has the light of the two trees in his eyes, and created the Rings Of Power even if he himself doesnt carry one so he's invited on principle
BUT he just has ZERO respect for Saurman and Gandalf (though Gandalf can have a sense of humour sometimes)
Like his grandfather personally told Manwë to fuck off, his great uncle wounded Morgoth 7 times, his eldest uncles stole the Silmarils right out from a Maiar's hands, his whole family fought and defeated Dragons and Balrogs, he personally created Rings of Power that could rival his grandfather's work, all while spending years with Sauron in disguise and lived so why should he listen to you?
Elrond is long suffering at his.... cousin???? Uncle???? Gandalf is amused but hiding it well , Galadriel is having a great time and is barely hiding it at all, and Saurman is seething
Celebrimbor makes a rude guesture at him in Dwarven Igilshmek
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fickes · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
[ID: a photo of a digitally painted tarot card depicting the Fellowship all standing together before setting out on their quest. The card border is made of vines, rings, and elvish writing, and is labeled: “IV of Staves” /ID]
Lord of the Rings Tarot: IV of Staves: The Fellowship of the Ring is formed
☞ buy the deck
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warrioreowynofrohan · 2 days ago
Today in Tolkien - September 24th
The hobbits have their first full day of walking through the Shire, and Frodo is a little out of practice with it:
The morning came, pale and clammy. Frodo woke up first, and found that a tree-root had made a hole in his back, and that his neck was stiff. “Walking for pleasure? Why didn’t I drive?” he thought, as he usually did at the beginning of an expedition….He stretched. “Wake up, hobbits!” he cried. “It’s a beautiful morning.”
Pippin, for his part, is rather spoiled, and his attitude suggests that the Tooks (one of the wealthiest, though rather less ‘respectable’, families in the Shire) are accustomed to having servants. One gets the impression Pippin is a little spoiled; Merry doesn’t act like this, though the Brandybucks are also wealthy and prominent
“What’s beautiful about it?” said Pippin, peering over the edge of his blanket with one eye. “Sam! Get breakfast ready for half past nine! Have you got the bath water hot?”
But Pippin does help with breakfast and, at Frodo’s prompting, with getting water, so he’s not unwilling to contribute. The hobbits take their time getting started, and it’s past ten before they’re walking again. They climb up and down hills walking eastward towards Woody End, and stop for lunch. Although the scene in the movies where Sam reaches the furthest from home he’s ever been is not from the books, it does give a true sense of the scope of Sam’s world up to this point:
They were looking across the Woody End toward the Brandywine River…[Sam’s] round eyes were wide open - for he was looking across lands he had never seen to a new horizon.
Sam’s question immediately after this is whether Elves live in this forest, which amusingly implies that Sam divides the world into two neat categories: places he knows, and places that might contain Elves. But he’s actually right to a degree, since the forest is where they later meet Gildor and his people.
The hobbits are making a relaxing day of it: despite having walked for probably less than two hours, After a rest they had a good lunch, and then more rest. The sun was beginning to get low and the light of afternoon was on the land as they went down the hill. They’re not yet aware of any danger or hurry. But they’re about to get their first clear sense of it, be ause only a little more than an hour after they start walking afain, they’re overtaken by - and, on Frodo’s impulse, hide from - a Black Rider. (This is Khamul, the second-in-command, again, as in Hobbiton.) Sam tells them this is the same person who was talking to the Gaffer last night.
This encounter encourages Frodo to keep walking for a good while that day and into the night in order to make up more distance, and to try to keep a little way’s off the road and out of sight of it. They have supper in and old tree, and keep walking into the dusk. After dark they hear hooves behind them again, and slip off the path, but the Rider dusmounts and comes towards them. Frodo like the first time, feels the strong urge to put on the Ring, and very nearly does before the Black Rider retreats in response to the elves’ singing. If the Elves consider the Ringwraiths frightening, as Gildor’s words suggest they certainly do, the feeling appears to be mutual.
These are Noldor, and give us a sense of the effects of elven-song that Tolkien describes in The Silmarillion, in being understood without need fir a common language:
It was singing in the fair elven-tongue, of which Frodo knew only a little, and the others knew nothing. Yet the sound blending with the melody seemed to shape itself in their thought into words which they only partly understood.
I’m not going to speculate on the name “Gildor Inglorion of the House of Finrod” except to note that “House” does not mean “descent”, and it most likely is not intended to mean anything more than that Gildor is either a Valinorean elf who came over with the Finarfinians, or is decsended from someone who came over with them.
They walk a good distance through the forest to near Woodhall - they’re now a good two-thirds of the way to Buckland, and seem to have covered more distance after dark than before it. Woodhall is a Hobbit-village, not the name of the place when the elves are camping, a distinction I didn’t catch until now - though the former may have on e been named for the latter and the connection then forgotten, given the description of the site
At the south end of the greensward there was an opening. There the green floor ran on into the wood, and for ed a wide space like a hall, roofed by the boughs of trees. In the middle there was a wood-fire blazing, and upon the tree-pillars torches with lights of gold and silver were burning steadily. The Elves sat round the fire upon the grass or upon the sawn rings of old trunks.
Frodo and Gildor have a long conversation. I’m amused by the proverb Go not to the elves for counsel, for they will say both no and yes - that’s evidently a more recent development, as the elves of the First Age certainly aren’t shy about voicing their opinions! Likely an aftereffect of that, or of the Second Age.
Elsewhere, Gandalf, having tamed Shadowfax the previous day, crosses the Isen and rides north for the Shire.
Unlike my previous two entries, I haven’t mentioned events outside the year 3018, since there’s nothing specific. A year from now, the hobbits will be in Rivendell visiting Bilbo, while Saruman makes trouble in the Shire; three years from now, Frodo and Sam will once again be journeying with elves, on their way to the Grey Havens.
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elles-writing · 23 hours ago
Father's hen
A/N: I have no idea how do three years old kids act, but here it is!! I hope Bofur isn't too OOC!
Request by @kpopgirlbtssvt
Hi!! Ahhh I’m sorry for ranting a lot!! I got excited lol😅. Feel free to do what whatever you’d like with this request!Can I please request a Post BOTFA (Everyone lives au!) Platonic!family!Company x human! 3 year old little girl reader (eventual Dad!Bofur x Daughter!reader) where some the dwarves + Bilbo found her all by herself near Erebor (which I’m sure they’d be confused how such a tiny, young human could’ve found her way near the mountain, and after determining she doesn’t have anywhere to go (I’m guessing they’d get this information from Gandalf since she’s so young), they bring her up to Erebor with them and after a bit of convincing, Thorin lets the company take her in as their own. She especially bonds with Bofur (Idk why, but I can so see him as a dad!) as he is just such a sweetheart and he’s the one who carried her into Erebor (plus Y/n would love the cute toys he makes). I’m sure she’d live with Bofur, like he’d make her food, protect her, play with her, read/tell her stories, give her lots of hugs and love, all the sweet fatherly things 🥺 Y/n eventually calling him “daddy” (he would be SO SOFT!!). All of the dwarves + Bilbo + Gandalf would love her sooo much (and would be EXTREMELY protective)🥺
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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The first snowflakes weren't here yet. It made everyone, who noticed it, a little bit worried. There was often a few snowflakes on Durin's day already, reminding of the freezing cold winters.
Bofur was sitting on the top of the mountain, by the open door. He was looking down, and felt happy, but also worried. Happy, because they all were alive and found a way inside the Mountain. Worried, because...he remembered the attack of Smaug, and had a feeling this will be similar.
He shook his head, to get rid of all those thoughts. They can do it. Bilbo can do it.
A few weeks later, Thorin has become officialy the King of Erebor. It wasn't a huge celebration, but, everyone knew it was a step forward. Especially because Bard became king too, so now they all could talk about rebuilding the town and kingdom, and business and help from Mirkwood.
Bilbo was, however, going on his way home. The hobbit was worried, so the dwarves didn't pressure him into staying.
Bilbo, Balin, Gandalf, Dori, Dwalin, Fili, Kili and Bofur took a walk around Erebor. It was a week before Bilbo planned to leave.
"You know, I love the air here. It feels fresh," said Bilbo. It was true. Or, perhaps, he just haven't found his pipe yet, which was one of the pranks Fili and Kili done.
"Aye. The air isn't the only thing my brother likes, isn't it true?" Fili nudged Kili, who blushed.
"C'mon, you can't tell which is male and which is female, elves don't have beards!"
Bilbo, who learned how important the beards are for dwarves, didn't say any comment. However, Dwalin was quicker.
"You actually can," he said, reminding the Prince of the moment during dinner in Rivendell.
"Wait, can you hear it?" Kili suddenly stopped.
"The sound of your embarrasment?" Kili shook his head.
"No. The...the..." everyone got quiet, and they overheard a child's voice.
"Picking this flower, it is as blue as the sky, this flower is as yellow as the sun..."
Bilbo's eyes widened.
"It's's a girl..." he pointed over at meadow, where you were sitting, in torn, dirty tunic and trousers, picking flowers.
"Stay here," Gandalf said. Everyone watched him to go to you, and talking to you for a while. Meantime, Bilbo and Fili came closer.
You were afraid of them, so you quickly hidden behind Gandalf. He chuckled.
"Come on, Y/N. This is Master Bilbo Baggins, a hobbit from Shire."
"I have auntie from Shire!" You said. Bilbo's eyes widened. He sat down next to you.
"Oh, and what's her name? Maybe I know her," he said, trying to gain your trust.
"Um...I don't know. She has curly hair and big smile," you said, hoping he would know who do you mean.
"Watch out!" Kili's scream came from distance. There was a warg near, and you screamed. You froze, but, someone's knife was quicker. Gandalf found out it was Bofur, who threw it.
He quickly came to you, and carefully hug you. You hugged his leg, and cried from fear.
"You are safe, lassie." You looked at him with your huge e/c eyes, and quickly looked away. He carefully stroke your hair.
"Where are your parents, lassie?" He asked her.
"I don't know. It was still dark. Mummy left me and went back, but I got lost," you muttered, and your stomach agreeded. Meantime, Bilbo, Fili and Kili stood next to Bofur.
"Well...what if we went back and give her something to eat and let her sleep in proper bed?" Bilbo said quietly.
"We can't leave her alone anymore," Bofur nodded.
"I agree. It could take months before we find them. She has to have somewhere to stay, safe and warm," Kili said, and smiled at you.
"Do you think Uncle will agree?" Fili turned to Kili.
"He will have to," Bilbo said.
"Those are very brave words," Dwalin said in barely audible voice.
On the way back, you were holding Bofur's hand, but then he decided to let you have a piggy back ride. You even fell asleep on his back, snuggling to his coat.
When you arrived, he looked over his shoulder at you.
"Aye lass, time to go to bed," You woke up, and Bofur felt guity of it. But, you couldn't sleep on his back.
"What would you like to eat, lassie? You seem hungry. Then you can go back to sleep," That seemed to work.
Over the weeks, you were getting used to your new home. You didn't fully understand what happened to your family, but your found family made sure you were safe and happy. Bofur made toys for you to play with, and needless to say, you would play with them all the time.
It was around two weeks later, when you met a dwarf woman, who didn't seem unfamiliar. You didn't notice the exchange of looks her and Bofur had, when she noticed him and he noticed her.
"What's the matter?" Bilbo asked.
" are...?" The dwarf woman said, and Bofur's eyes sparkled in realization.
When you came back to the castle, Bilbo, Fili and Kili took you aside, while Bofur and her talked. Fili and Kili tried to listen (obviously), and when Tauriel entered the room you usually had breakfast, lunch and dinner in, Kili gave her puppy eyes.
"Oh, c'mon love!"
"That's personal. Besides, I didn't hear much anyways, and I came to Y/N. I haven't seen you in days, little one." She smiled at you, and Kili pouted.
"What about me?" Tauriel rolled her eyes and kissed his nose.
"Slightly," he muttered, and you giggled.
"See, Y/N likes it!" Kili explained his previous pout to his girlfriend. Fili was chuckling, and Bilbo seemed to have fun too.
"Y/N," the dwarf woman came to you. You curiously looked at her.
"I suppose you know...Bofur, right?" You quickly nodded.
"Alright...well, um..." she was unsure, but you didn't notice. You looked around.
"Where is mummy?" Her eyes were sad.
"I'm not sure. But...Bofur," she smiled, and looked over at him.
"Is my cousin. Would you mind to stay with us?"
The room was quiet, until you gave Bofur and her a smile.
A few months later, Bofur was reading you a book before bed. You snuggled into the blaket, and closed your eyes. Bofur gently patted your head.
"Good night, little one."
"G'night, daddy," you muttered.
Bofur's face was now having a big, proud father-like smile on, while little tears in his eyes.
Fifteen years later
"You can do it, Y/N!" Kili cheered at you, as you were drinking your ale. You lost your count already.
"And that's it!" You said, as one of your friends fell under the table. You and your uncles - Fili and Kili - laughed.
"Y/N? Y/N!" Your friend came to you, relief on his face. You turned to him, and his cheeks flushed.
"Well, um, it's late, maybe you-"
"Did dad already find out?" You frowned, and he nodded.
"You two get up, we're going home!" You said, looking down - literally, you were taller than both of them - on your uncles.
"Y/N, I remember you being so tiny you didn't reach my waist!" Kili said, and you rolled your eyes.
"I remember the last time you two didn't come home early, and grandma caught us sneaking in," you said, and they shared a look of terror.
Your grandmother and Tauriel were nobody to mess with, and both of them knew that.
"Alright, we're coming-"
When you arrived, you quietly came to your father's room. He recently told you the story, but, you didn't got angry at him. You were happy for him to be there for you, instead.
"We're home, dad." You said, as you noticed him working on a toy he has been talking about recently.
"Hi, little one," he gave you a tired smile. You came close to him, and sat down next to him on a chair, placing the toy carefully down on the table.
"You are tired. Go get some sleep. I won," you smiled. Bofur took off his glasses, and the candle light moved, as he got up from the table.
"Okay, fine. Have a good night sleep," he said. You smiled, got up, and stood at the door.
"Good night to you too, dad. I...I wanted to thank you. For everything." He smiled.
"That's nothing, really."
"To me, it's everything. And don't argue with me, dad. You need that sleep too." You closed the door and walked away, not noticing Bofur's eyes with tiny tears.
Just like the first time you called him your dad.
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aipilosse · 16 hours ago
What Remains
“Good morning, Mairon,” Olórin said, coming into his field of vision and peering down at him. “How are you at present?”
“Terrible,” Sauron said.
“Well, you seem a great deal more coherent and much less like a maddened ghost then the last time I saw you, so terrible must be an improvement.”
In Chapter 16 of What Brings Us Together, Gandalf tracks down Sauron and asks him a few choice questions. Elsewhere, wedding preparations continue as last minute outfits are designed and drinks are sampled.
Read on AO3
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paper-rose-doodles · 3 months ago
honestly frodo’s journey is so wild
like, imagine your uncle goes missing after his birthday party, and his old stoner friend from out of town tells you the souvenir he brought back from a vegas trip 80 years ago is actually satan’s mood ring and now zombie assassins are coming to burn down your town unless you and your lawn guy meet up with medieval hozier in a dark gastropub...
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suicunesrider · 6 months ago
So nobody was gonna tell me Lee Pace is bi and Luke Evans is gay huh?
That scene in the third Hobbit film where Thranduil and Bard and Gandalf are all hanging out in a tent? I just had to realize it was a tent of men who love men all by myself huh
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