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Gangster patibulaire, truande sur demande...
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he’s not taking the separation well
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O.G. Mom
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Straight Thuggin.
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Stray Kids! Mafia - They Want You to Sit on Their Lap but You're Insecure about Your Weight
Warnings: possible trigger warning for ED, profanity, quite a lot of sexual insinuation etc
You walked past your boyfriend as he was sitting on the sofa, your legs brushing together when you went to get your seat beside him. Chan, however, took your waist and pulled you to his lap with ease, locking his arms around your body.
"N-No, wait!" you stuttered, pushing gently against his chest and trying to get up.
"What is it?" asked Chan as he looked up into your eyes, a frown falling onto his face. He was still holding you tight though, this time even more securely yet gently as if he were afraid you might break.
"I-I just... I'm just..." blood rushed to your cheeks, "Aren't I too heavy?" you whispered through dry lips as you turned away from Chan's gaze.
He smiled to himself and placed his lips against your warm neck, leaving kisses on top of each other. However, you did not melt against his touch. You were sitting uncomfortably, trying to raise your weight off him and waiting for his answer.
Chan frowned again and rose his face to look at you. "Are you serious?" he asked, thinking it was all a joke. Yet you were everything but joking. Chan's brown eyes flickered between your own, his lips parting slightly.
"Even if you had a hundred pounds more, you wouldn't be too heavy," said Bang Chan gravely. "Even if you had two hundred pounds more, you wouldn't be too heavy, do you understand me?"
His grip on your waist tightened, holding all of you down against him and with ease.
"Do you understand?" Chan repeated as you did not answer. You licked your lips and looked down. "Babe... Do you understand me?" he repeated one last time and rose your chin to face him.
"Don't ever fucking doubt yourself for a second, least off all because of your weight," said Chan and eased in for a hungry kiss, "You're perfect."
Lee Know
You brought Minho a cup of coffee as you made yourself one as well. You placed the mug on his desk whilst he was working from home, his gaze focused on the laptop. Yet when you came to his side, Minho could not help but fix his eyes on you although you did not even notice.
He wrapped his arms around your waist immediately and pulled you to his lap. You let out a small squeak of surprise, trying not to put too much weight on Minho.
He pulled you closer without hesitation and took in the wonderful smell of your skin as he placed a soft kiss on your neck.
You blushed, your arms wrapped around his neck when suddenly Minho's eyebrows furrowed into a frown.
"Why are you hoovering?" he asked gravely.
"I-I... I'm not," you lied.
Minho raised his eyebrows at you, his lips slightly parted. His eyes narrowed at you in a motionless stare, catching you on the spot.
"I'm too heavy to sit on your lap," you whispered embarrassed. You looked down as your cheeks flushed red once again and your palms turned sweaty.
"What a load of fucking nonsense," grumped Minho, his grip on your waist tightening. "Don't ever say that again, you hear me, kitten?" he growled against your lips before kissing you passionately and making you forget you ever doubted yourself.
Changbin came home from work one afternoon, exhausted with the people he was forced to deal with all day. The sight of you, however, made all of his trouble melt away.
You came to kiss him when he wrapped his arms around your waist and pulled you to him tightly. He kissed your lips and sat down in an armchair with you.
Breath caught in the back of your throat as you tried to keep your weight off Changbin's lap. You tried to pull away and get up but he did not let you.
Changbin's eyebrows furrowed into a frown and his eyes darkened before his lips parted ever so slightly as well.
"What do you think you're doing?" he asked, holding onto your hips.
"I... I'm... I'm too heavy Changbin," you confessed and looked down. Blood rushed to your cheeks and neck, colouring them pink. You licked your dry lips, a heavy, shaky breath escaping your mouth.
Changbin scoffed a laugh, sure you were joking. But when he saw the hurt expression on your face and felt your palms shaking against his chest, he realized you were being serious.
"Why would you ever think that, baby?" asked Changbin seriously and caressed your cheek so that you'd look at him. "You shouldn't ever think like that. You're perfect just the way you are, Y/N. And I fucking love you," he said before he pulled you closer and made you lean all of your weight on him. Changbin led your chin to his lips, kissing you intensely.
You were going to watch a movie with your boyfriend and sat down on the sofa beside him. Hyunjin's gaze traced your every move, setting on you by his side.
"What do you think you're doing, angel?" he asked seriously. You looked up into his sharp eyes and stopped yourself in the midst of trying to eat popcorn. You froze in place than slowly put the snack that has not touched your lips back into the bowl.
"W-What?" you stuttered, not knowing what you did wrong. Hyunjin was only putting on his harsh face to tease you but your first instinct was to think he is serious as you were taken off guard.
"Come here, angel," he spoke quietly and much more gently. He opened his arms for you. You scooted closer, realising Hyunjin was only teasing you and cuddled against his shoulder. However, that is not what he had in mind. His hands wrapped around your waist and scooped you up into his lap with ease.
You squirmed though as his fingers touched the soft of your hips, a deep shadow of self-consciousness coming over you. You quickly scooted back onto the sofa, leaving Hyunjin in a frown.
"What's going on?" he asked, reaching again for your body but you scooted even further away.
"N-No, don't... I'm not... I'm too heavy to sit on your lap," you confessed as blood rushed to your cheeks and coloured them red. You looked away, avoiding Hyunjin's intense gaze.
Hyunjin scoffed annoyed and rolled his eyes before he reached for you once again, this time trapping you against his body.
"See? You're perfect for me, angel," he whispered against your lips as you straddled against his lap, your heart beating harsh against your chest.
"Don't you ever say anything as stupid as that again, alright? he said before he kissed your lips hungrily, securing his hands around your waist even tighter. "You're so perfect for me..." murmured Hyunjin as he moved from your lips to your neck, leaving soft wet kisses down your skin.
You had just woken up from an afternoon nap when you saw Han eating alone in the dinning room. You rubbed your eyes as you were about to reach for the coffee machine but Han had already wrapped his arms around your waist. He pulled you to his lap, savouring the warmth of your soft, gentle body.
"You smell so good," murmured Han against your neck when suddenly you were wide awake.
The moment Han pulled you to his lap, you lifted most of your weight off him. At first, he thought you were just finding a comfortable position but when you did not sit down properly, his eyebrows furrowed into a frown.
"What are you doing, baby?" asked Han and licked his lips as he looked up at you.
"N-Nothing, I just... I just don't want to make you uncomfortable," you confessed in a whispered. You looked away from his eyes, feeling the warmth creep up to your cheeks.
"Why would you think you're making me uncomfortable?" asked Han and frowned even worse. His arms locked tightly around your waist, holding you close to him.
"Because... Because I... Because I'm to heavy," you spoke in less than a whisper.
Han wanted to laugh at how absurd your words sounded to him. To him, you were the most beautiful, the most attractive woman in the world. You could never be too skinny or too heavy.
But when Han saw the sadness on your face, he could not bare to stand it a moment longer.
"Hey," he brought your attention to him when he cupped your cheek, "Don't you ever say anything like that again. You're not too heavy. You're fucking perfect," assured Han, looking you dead in the eye as he spoke those words.
"No, Y/N," he cut you off. "You're fucking perfect..." whispered Han, his gaze falling to your lips. He leaned in slowly yet his kiss was as intense as ever. Breath caught in your lungs as butterflies woke in your tummy and you could not help but respond to the passionate kiss.
You decided you would make lunch because Felix was busy with some papers he need to fill for work. When you were done, you called him to eat, setting the dishes on your dinning table.
Felix wrapped his arms around your waist, hugging you from behind as he watched you finish up setting the table. His chin was leaning against your shoulder, his lips pressing a soft, delicate kiss to your neck.
"Thank you," he said quietly, "This looks wonderful."
"It's okay," you smiled and turned around, stepping on the tips of your toes to kiss him.
As you were about to sit down however, Felix pulled you to his chair instead and sat you in his lap. You supressed a gasp and wrapped your arms around his neck to steady yourself. You looked away awkwardly, trying your best to keep your weight off Felix's lap.
He did not notice at first but he soon realized you were barely hoovering over his thighs.
"Babe, why are you hoovering? Are you uncomfortable?" asked Felix surprised yet he did not expect your answer.
You nodded and bit the inside of your cheek, avoiding Felix's gaze.
"Why?" he asked concerned.
"I just... I'm too heavy," you whispered and tried to get up from Felix's lap. You almost succeeded but then Felix realised what you had just said and pulled you back. He held you firmly to him as his eyebrows furrowed into a frown and his jaw tightened as well as his grip on your hips.
"You're not too heavy," Felix spoke deeply, looking you dead in the eyes. "Don't you ever say shit like that again because it's not fucking true."
You stared at him, taken back by the determination in his eyes. Felix's gaze flickered down to your lips out of the sudden. He placed a delicate yet hungry kiss to your lips, deepening it ever so slightly. Goosebumps rose on your arms and legs as you could not help but respond to his affections determined to make you feel like the most loved woman in the world.
Seungmin had always known you were insecure about your looks yet he could not understand why. To him, you were the most beautiful woman in the world just the way you are.
When Seungmin pulled you to his lap whilst working on some papers for work, you gasped in surprise and barely caught yourself from putting all of your weight on him.
One look at your eyes though and Seungmin knew exactly what you were thinking. He did not say a word but only pulled you even closer so that you had no choice but to sit on his lap properly.
"It's okay," he said quietly and brushed a loose lock of your hair behind your ear as you looked down in embarrassment. You glanced up into his eyes, trying to make out whether he was telling you the truth or only saying that to make you feel better.
But instead of telling you how perfect you are to him, Seungmin decided to show you. He cupped your cheeks and pulled you to his level before he kissed you intensely. His thumbs caressed your skin as his hands slipped down your body, locking themselves on your hips. Seungmin squeezed you tightly, making you gasp into the kiss.
"I'm going to show you just how much I fucking want you," he growled against your lips before he stood up and sat you in the armchair instead, kneeling down in front of you.
You were watching a movie together when Jeongin moved the hair from your neck and began leaving kisses across your collar bones. You could not help but close your eyes when he found your sweet spot, forgetting completely about the movie. But when Jeongin's arms wrapped around the small of your back and he smoothly pulled you to his lap, your eyes fluttered open. Breath caught in your lungs as you lifted some of your weight off Jeongin, taken off guard.
Jeongin looked up into your eyes when he noticed you were but hoovering on his lap and your kisses grew weaker. His eyebrows scrunched into a frown and his hands stopped roaming your hips; instead holding you still.
"What's going on?" he asked quietly, his voice deep and tentative.
"No... Nothing," you shook your head awkwardly as you lied, trying to distract your boyfriend with your kisses. But Jeongin could not focus on anything else knowing you were uncomfortable.
"Y/N," he stopped you and took your cheek, "What the fuck is going on?"
"N-Nothing, I just... I just don't want to hurt you..."
"Hurt me?" scoffed Jeongin, "How could you hurt me?"
"Aren't I... Aren't I too heavy?" you whispered as blood rushed to your cheeks. Your lips went dry and your palms turned clammy.
"Why would you ever think that?" asked Jeongin gravely, making you look into his eyes as he cupped your cheeks. You shrugged your shoulders and continued avoiding his gaze.
"Look at me, Y/N," demanded Jeongin, "You're perfect. You're so fucking perfect," he growled beneath his breath as his gaze already fixed on your lips. He kissed you hungrily, pulling you so close to him your back arched against his arms.
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Ray Liotta as Henry Hill GOODFELLAS (1990)
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Please sound on 🔊 😂
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The cast of Pulp Fiction (1994) by Firooz Zahedi
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★ 【WHOZ】 「 🚕マトメ (ODDTAXI) 」 ☆ ✔ republished w/permission ⊳ ⊳ follow me on twitter
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Stray Kids! Mafia - You Spend the Night at Their Place for the First Time
Warnings: /
You came over to Chan's for a dinner and a movie. He put extra effort in preparing you a wonderful meal before the two of you settled on the sofa and watched a movie. Chan's arm rested on top of the sofa right behind your neck, hugging you discretely. His gaze spent more time on you than on the television screen although you were completely immersed in the story. Chan could not help but smile to himself, amused with your focus.
But the movie was long and it was already evening when you met for a late dinner.
You glanced out the window of the skyscraper, noticing how it turned pitch black whilst you were watching the movie. You licked your dry lips, knowing you were going to have to take the subway in the middle of the night to get home.
"Anyways, I should probably go now," you said quietly when you felt Chan's presence behind you. His breath hit the top of your exposed shoulder, the smell of his perfume filling your nostrils as you looked up into his eyes.
"It's late, princess. You should stay the night," proposed Chan and tucked a loose strand of hair behind your ear.
You bit your lip as you looked around, contemplating your decision. It was not long since you met Chan and you were not sure if you were trusting him one hundred percent already.
"Take my bedroom," said Chan out of the sudden, "I'll sleep on the sofa."
His words reassured you yet at the same time jolted a protest in you.
"N-No!" you intervened quickly, "Please, it's your place. I'll stay on the sofa. Or... Or we can just share... the bed," you stuttered awkwardly when a rush of blood flushed your cheeks red and you looked down. "I mean... I mean we would just sleep, right?"
You looked up into Chan's eyes that were already pin-pointed at you.
"Of course," he agreed.
Chan lend you some of his clothes; a big oversized shirt and a pair of cotton shorts. You climbed into his bed after taking a nice hot shower, scooting in beside him.
Chan could not possibly hide a smile forming on his lips when he saw you in his clothes. He flicked off the light when you were settled but there was still enough moonlight in the room to keep it from going completely dark.
You laughed shyly when Chan smiled at you and hid your face behind the covers. Chan began laughing as well and pulled you closer by your waist. He knocked the laugh from your mouth when your palms rested against his chest, the warmth of his skin making your hands tingle.
"Good night, princess," he smiled before he kissed your forehead.
Lee Know
Minho invited you to dinner but little did you know he was going to cook. He only asked you to meet him at his place which should have been sign enough since he always picked you up himself when taking you out to a restaurant.
You talked all evening, indulging in a glass of wine or two. You did not want to admit it but you were caught. Your heart was caught. The look in Minho's eyes was making your knees weak and your tummy full of butterflies. You dared not show it though.
However, time past by quickly and you had not even noticed a snowstorm that has been raging outside for hours. When you left home, there was barely any snow on the streets but now there was not a person in sight. The sidewalks were barely walkable.
You felt a jolt of anxiety but you knew you could never ask Minho to stay. You barely knew each other and Minho was definitely a private man who did not trust people easily. Neither did you for that matter; that's why you knew you could never ask him.
When Minho excused himself to the bathroom, you decided to get dressed. You pulled on your coat and grabbed your shoes.
"What do you think you're doing?" asked Minho when he found you pulling on your boots. You stood up, taken back by his sober tone of voice.
"You're not going home in this weather," he cut you off and took the jacket from your shoulders. Your gaze followed Minho as he hung your coat, your lips parting.
"It's okay, please, I can just-"
"I said no," Minho cut you off and there was nothing else you could say.
You took a shower and Minho brought you some of his clothes to change into. The black t-shirt he gave you smelled just like him when you put it on, the wonderful fragrance causing goosebumps to rise on your arms. You pulled on a pair of shorts too and exited the bathroom.
You found Minho changing in the bedroom just before he pulled on a shirt.
"S-Sorry," you stuttered as you turned around. Your cheeks flushed pink but you forgot all about it when you felt Minho's arms wrap around your waist.
"It's okay," he spoke softly, "Come to bed. You look tired." Minho kissed the side of your cheek.
You snuggled into the covers on your side of the bed not to make Minho uncomfortable. His eyebrows furrowed into a frown when he saw you on the other side of the bed.
"What are you doing? Come here," he opened his arm for you.
"Are you sure?" you asked shyly.
"Yes," assured Minho and pulled you to him. You leaned your head against his chest as he wrapped his arms around you before he kissed your forehead. "Good night, princess."
"Good night."
It was still pouring down outside when you looked out the window of Changbin's apartment. The thick heavy drops hit the glass aggressively and there was nothing you could do about it. They even said it on the news it would be dangerous to travel even by car and to do it only in case of emergencies.
But it was getting late too and you were not sure what to do. When you turned around, your eyes found Changbin at the kitchen sink, finishing cleaning up the dishes from your meal. You were hugging your arms awkwardly when his gaze found yours and his lips spread into a smile. He was delighted to have you visit him at his place at last.
"What's wrong?" asked Changbin as he came over to you and instinctively cupped your cheeks. His eyebrows formed into a small frown and his lips parted.
"I... The weather isn't getting any better..." you began but you were not quite sure how to gather your thoughts into a proper sentence.
"Yeah..." spoke Changbin absent-mindedly as his gaze drifted to the grey windows. "You'll have to stay the night. I won't let you go home in this weather." As he spoke those words, his arms found way around your frame and he pulled you into a hug. You leaned your chin against his shoulders as his perfume filled your nostrils.
"Are you sure?" you asked weakly. Although you have been spending time together almost every single day, you had never spend a night at his place.
"I'm not letting you out in this storm," said Changbin stubbornly and pulled away enough to look you in the eye. You were not protesting though. You only wanted to make sure if he was comfortable enough to let you spend the night at his place.
Changbin lend you some of his clothes after you took a shower then helped him prepare dinner. He hated to admit it but he was quite hopeless in the kitchen. When you insisted to wash the dishes this time, Changbin wrapped his arms around your waist and hugged you from behind.
"Storm or no storm, I'm so glad you're here, baby," he murmured against your neck and kissed it softly.
"Yeah, me too," you agreed as butterflies filled your tummy.
You had spend the better part of the evening at Hyunjin's place watching movies and cuddling on the couch. But with dinner and snacks and drinks you lost track of time. Almost hypnotized by Hyunjin's fingers drawing shapes into your thighs, your eyes began to drop. Your head went heavy against his shoulder and your breathing easened.
When Hyunjin noticed you were fast asleep, he slipped his arms beneath your frame and picked you up.
"No, wait... I can go... home... my own..." you mumbled in your sleep but your body was saying otherwise. Your arms wrapped around Hyunjin's neck as you snuggled closer to his chest.
"You're staying with me tonight, angel," he smiled and carried you to his bed, pulling the covers over you. You hugged the blankets close to your nose, savouring the sweet scent of the laundry detergent and Hyunjin's perfume.
"Get some rest, angel," murmured Hyunjin against your lips as he kissed you gently.
When you woke up the next day, you found Hyunjin's arms wrapped around your frame, his chest hugging your back as his forehead leaned against your hair. You turned around ever so carefully, not trying to wake him up. But Hyunjin was already awake, only he did not want to leave the bed or your side.
"Good morning, angel," he murmured with a raspy voice. His eyes were heavy with sleep and his hair a beautiful mess. You pushed a lock of his hair from Hyunjin's eyes, the touch of your fingers against his temple sending chills down his spine.
"'Morning," you whispered through a smile, never having woken so peacefully.
Han had an impressive movie collection and as both of you were film lovers, you enjoyed nothing more but to spend your dates watching movies.
It was a cold winter evening outside but you were safe and warm in Han's apartment. You've never been to his place before so everything was quite new to you. It was very open and almost minimalistic but comfortable and elegant at the same time.
You were sitting on the sofa when Han pulled your legs across his lap and drew shapes into your skin absent-mindedly. You looked at him but his gaze was focused on the movie. He could feel you staring at him though and his eyes soon met yours. His serious face broke with a smile before he took your hand and kissed it.
"Are you hungry? We should order takeaway," suggested Han and you were more than willing to agree. Although you insisted to chip in, Han would not hear of it. You pouted but there was no use because he would not budge.
It was late when the movie finished. You were both half-lying on the sofa, lazy and tired with your tummies full of delicious food. As the credits rolled down, your eyes found Han's but he was already watching you. His eyes were soft and sleepy whilst his hands rested on your legs.
"Can you stay tonight?"
"Stay?" you asked weakly, not entirely sure what that meant although you were sure Han was a perfect gentleman.
"Yeah... I don't want you to go," explained Han almost effortlessly. "I'll just lend you some clothes and we can make pancakes for breakfast," he smiled as his fingers intertwined with yours when Han took your hand.
"Okay," you nodded, unable to hide a smile.
You took a shower and changed your clothes. Han even gave you his spare toothbrush which would belong to you from that day on.
You lay in bed, staring into each other's eyes and unable to hide a smile. Han's fingers travelled up and down your bare arms before he leaned in a kissed you gently.
As you watched a movie at Felix's place, his arms wrapped around your waist whilst you leaned your head against his chest, the two of you drifted off into sleep. You woke up in the middle of the night to the heavy rain banging against the windows. As you looked around you did not recognize your small studio apartment but a vast living area. What more, a gentle hand rested over your waist and the other held your palm.
Your heart began beating faster when you saw Felix by your side, not even realizing the two of you fell asleep during the movie.
Felix stirred in his sleep with a loud thunder that made you wince. His heavy eyes flickered open, his hold on your waist tightening. He sat up, blinking as he cupped your cheeks.
"What's wrong? Why are you awake, baby?" asked Felix gently, his voice raspy and deep. He drew shapes into your skin with his thumbs, his touch reassuring you.
"Nothing... just thunder," you murmured and looked down. "I'm sorry I fell asleep here," you managed after a moment, blush creeping to your cheeks.
"What are you talking about, baby?" mumbled Felix and propped your chin up. "Come on, let's go to bed instead." As he spoke those words, Felix gave you no warning before he picked you up with ease and carried you to his bedroom. You held onto his neck for dear life although you could not help but feel the butterflies in your tummy.
Felix tumbled into the bed beside you, not letting go of your body for a moment. He snuggled closer to you and buried his face in your neck. Shivers ran down your spine as the cold tip of his nose brushed against your warm skin.
"Good night," you whispered, finding the courage to hug Felix back. He smiled as he held you closer instinctively, securing you from the thunder you were afraid of.
"Good night, baby."
After a dinner at an exquisite restaurant, Seungmin invited you for a drink at his place. You have never seen his apartment before but when your eyes first fell on it, your jaw dropped. Breath caught in the back of your throat as you took off your heels and looked around shyly. You knew Seungmin was more than comfortable financially but you had no idea of the extent of it.
Seungmin brought over a bottle of red wine and two glasses as you sat on the sofa. He has been asking you millions and millions of questions all through the evening but he did not seem to get tired of it. As you laughed and talked whilst listening to one of his countless vinyl records, the time simply flew by.
It was far past midnight when you realized you should probably go home.
Seungmin saw the worry on your face when you glanced out the window into the darkness. He knew what you were thinking and he was having none of it.
"It's okay, princess. You're staying over tonight," he spoke softly and took your hand. Seungmin kissed the back of your palm and drew your attention to him.
"But I-"
"No. You're staying," he insisted and there was nothing for you to say.
Seungmin lend you some of his clothes after you took a shower and cleaned off your makeup. You felt a bit self-conscious when you let him see you bare-faced but the smile on his face before he kissed you shattered all of your self-doubts.
After you changed your clothes, you went to Seungmin's bedroom. There was a large bed in the middle of the room but all you could see was Seungmin changing his crisp white shirt for a comfortable t-shirt. Your lips parted as he turned around and you blushed a deep shade of crimson.
"It's okay," smiled Seungmin when he made his way over to you. He could not help but feel amused by your reaction. "Come on, let's go to bed. It's late and you should get some rest, princess."
You snuggled into the covers, still a bit shy so you were facing away from Seungmin. He smiled to himself then pulled you to him by your waist. You supressed a gasp before he hugged you close to him, his fingers playing with your hair.
"Why don't you stay over tonight?" asked Jeongin as he hugged you from behind, his chin leaning against your shoulder.
You froze for a moment while you were cleaning the dishes since Jeongin already made dinner for the two of you.
"What do you mean?" you asked shyly.
"I mean, why don't you stay over tonight?" asked Jeongin again and kissed the top of your shoulder. "I don't want you to go home, that's what I mean," he said when you turned off the water and looked him in the eye. Jeongin tucked a stray lock of your hair behind your ear as he leaned against the counter and waited for your answer.
"We can watch movies all night," he tried to convince you as an adorable smile grew on his lips, "And I'll make you a delicious breakfast tomorrow."
You could not hide your smile anymore. You nodded, earning a delicate yet loving kiss on your cheek.
True to the word, you watched movies and cuddle for hours until you were so tired your eyelids dropped involuntarily. Jeongin felt your head go heavy against his shoulder and smiled at your cute sleeping face. He slipped his arms underneath your body and carried you to the bedroom. You wrapped your hands around his neck just as he laid you in his bed.
"No... Don't go..." you mumbled. Jeongin's smile grew even wider before he scooted into the bed beside you. Your hands curled up around his shirt as you snuggled closer to his chest, a small sigh escaping your lips in comfort.
"Good night, kitten."
"'Night," you murmured as Jeongin pressed a soft kiss to your head and pulled you closer.
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