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Peonies in the rain today! I got a Facebook flashback from two years ago that showed my peonies only just bursting from the buds, which illustrates how this year’s hot and sunny May in the UK has brought summer flowering earlier. I think this picture also convinces me, a bit, that as the peonies open fully they give a reduced PINK effect but their cream centres get a voice too. I am not perfectly convinced I have my peony staking perfect, despite heavy investment in some heavy peony supports. The investment was NOT wasted though, just a bit of moving supports to different peony clumps needed for next year…

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if you a poc that likes farming, homesteading, handicrafting, horseback riding, baking, foraging, hiking, fishing, drying herbs, making tea, cooking from scratch, caring for animals, sewing/crocheting/weaving/knitting, making jewelry, gardening, brewing beer/kombucha/wine, whatever!!!! bang my fuckin line!!!!

i’m tryna make friends and promote fellow poc cottagecore/witchy/crafty ppl cos deadass a tumblr aesthetic fucking co-op’d our way of life and now we are being alienated from the very things we invented and grew up doing!!! it is bizarre to see it tbh but i wanna share and showcase the people that been doing this the whole time!!!

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In an unexpected turn of events, today I gave a bumblebutt an impromptu funeral.


I was expecting to make a post about the flowers in my yard, but this little guy had decides to end his days in my radish planter, where I discovered him while weeding. What else can I do? Gotta respect the bumblebutts.

Dear little bee

May you rest well knowing you did right by Queen and Hive.

Buzz on, buzz on.

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Out of all of my rose bushes, this one has the most trouble with pests and rose diseases. You’d never know to look at it. Thrive, baby, thrive.

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