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#garden witch

Slowly, my partner and I (plus a few helpful spirits) are working to put our garden to bed for the Winter. The forecast for the end of this week includes a solid chance of snow ❄️ and so we dug up the dahlia bulbs. Each day the leaf cover thickens and the little ones settle in for the dark months ahead.

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👻 Definitely season of the witch 😈

I did a tarot reading the other day and it said something like a dramatic change was going to happen but it’ll be good in the end and that I’ll have tough choices to make about life overall in the coming year.

Well, I just found out a job opening for a full time barista near me and get this it’s for days I don’t work/volunteer at the museum I work at 😱 AND even though it required a 6 month commitment that commitment ends on the month I plan to move to Maine.

Can I just say I’m beyond happy and I know these good vibes will spread (but let’s not spread covid) 😂

Claim these good vibes and good luck y’all 🍀

And here’s an oyster shell I found outside my work even though I’m no where near the water at this point 😅

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Herbs harvested from the garden on October 10 and hung to dry on October 11. Lavender, sage, parsley, thyme, and oregano. Next year I’ll have rosemary.

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I do so love thinking I only need the petals of a flower, composting the seed pods, then realising at 4am that no I did actually need the seed pods to make the pyrethrum spray to protect my lil plant babeys.


I was so proud of myself too!! 😭

I mean live and learn, but at the same time I have very few flowers this year. So I can’t really make a mistake with 80% of my harvest so far.

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Hey witches!!!

I am making this post because I’m on a hunt for some witch friends! I don’t have very many actual witchy friends or like minded people in my life so I guess I’m just looking for someone I can vibe with and get to know on a personal level I practice closely to Wicca but consider myself eclectic I love herbs, crystals, divination and all things magick! As you will read in my blog description I am 21 years old and still super active on tumblr I live in California, Riverside county to be exact so anyone somewhat close by would be AMAZING however if you are further away and need a bestie, a friend, or literally just anybody to talk to i would love to form a friendship…things in my life have not been so good so I have been manifesting positive people toward my life if this is something you are interested in no matter where you are located In the world lets be friends! I figure someone out that has to be somewhere near as lonely as I am lol hit me just personal message me reblog or like! If you do either of this I will hit you up let’s talk connect and form something meaningful:))

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The colder nights mean I have to start bringing some of my guys in. Picked up my mojitos from my parents during my lunch. They’re chillin outside my job until I can take them home at 5. This ugly brick building already looks better. Wish I could keep them here if just to have some green instead of concrete.

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