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Friday night, May 29, a friend came over for a visit.  I had to go back into my photo archive, as I knew I had last seen them in person when I lowered stuff to them from my front door over the driveway in a basket.  That was March 28th.

They came in my yard gate, we both stayed masked and just hung out in the backyard for a bit.  I had gloved up and picked some of the ripening strawberries.  I told them it was ‘stuff this shit in your pie hole now or risk missing my strawberry harvest’ and stood on the other side of the yard while they pulled their mask away from their face and dropped berries into it.  

My strawberries are da bomb this year.

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Plants I sold

I accidentally grew far too many vegetables and flowers this year, so we decided to give them away. The plants were free to take but people could add a small donation to charity if they wanted.


We sold tomatoes, squash, sunflowers, zinnias, cauliflowers and nasturtiums. Tomatoes were definitely the most popular.

We raised a good amount of money which is now going to the RSPCA! 🙂

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05/31/2020: This year, there was an infestation of ladybugs in our backyard. Now they are making babies!

We live in the desert, but it’s possible to grow vegetable and many other plants. Eventually, little creatures will start making your backyard their home, too.

Here is the sunset from yesterday! Isn’t it beautiful?


Stay safe, please, everyone….

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  Picked the first few strawberries yesterday. It’s good to see them starting, but the beds (three raised beds each eight feet long) are not in near as good a shape as they ought to be. I spent a lot of time last year amending the soil, planting new plants where the old ones had gotten too thin, and weeding/mulching. I put black plastic around either side of the beds to prevent weed growth between the grapes and berries (it’s too narrow to mow in there). All that, and this year’s growth looks poor, the plants are still very small even at the end of May, and weeds are starting everywhere. I’ve gone through removing small weeds (don’t want to let them get big because then pulling them tends to uproot the nearest berry plant) TWICE now. Yesterday I planted twelve new plants to fill in bare spots. Maybe hit them with some Miraclegrow this evening. I was really hoping for a strong showing of big, healthy plants loaded with berries this year. A couple handfuls of berries is not a reasonable harvest for 24 linear feet of plants!


(this was last year’s photo)

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Day two of the lovely weather run.  Because there is lots of stuff for critters to eat in my yard, they often don’t mess with my strawberries, but I know where there’s netting if the plentiful fruit changes that this year.

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This rhubarb plant has started to look healthier and more like its old self this year. I had strawberries close by and they’d spread so fast I think they were starting to suffocate the rhubarb. Over the past few years it started getting smaller and yellow and last year I thought it’d die altogether. Now that I pulled out all those strawberries last autumn, it looks like it’s doing much better. Still only maybe a fourth of its usual size, but we’re getting there. Can’t have this one die on me, it’s over 40 years old.

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