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The name Tumblr is derived from "Tumblelogs", which were hand coded multimedia blogs.

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Quick update for everyone.

The garden is in. 98% done right now. It went from snow to summer here in a heartbeat and what started off as too much rain has turned into no precipitation in sight. It’s weird growing here. However, we’ve worked our asses off getting this garden soil to where it is and this year that hard work is really starting to show, the plants are looking great.

Chicken coop build is going well, I’ve had a blast so far and learned a LOT during this process. We’ll be getting the roof shingled tomorrow and then it’s just a few odds and ends to finish up. These 7 chicks are getting huge and we have 5(6) more coming Monday 🤭🤭.

Outside of that, work sucks, black lives matter and capitalism kills

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Here’s yesterday’s sneak peek: the caudiciform asclepiad Brachystelma barbarae. This plant was at the top of my wishlist for a very long time, and this is the first time I’ve seen the flowers in person.

Like the succulent asclepiads, the flowers are foul-smelling to attract flies, more on the pukey sick end of the spectrum than the death side. (It’s still not as strong as Stapelia gigantea, even in direct sun.) They’re not all open yet, but you can see how the corolla looks before breaking into the final cage-like structure, creating what may be the most spectacular flowers in a family full of spectacular flowers.

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Received a Rudbeckia ‘Autumn Sun’ as a very welcome gift, then I was reading up on it and saw this:

In good growing situations with plenty of moisture, plants may spread aggressively from rhizomes.

I’m sure that won’t happen here. Right? Please say I’m right!

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I took these shots just when it was finishing up but this is my favorite “wild plum” on the property edge. It’s literally the only one I’ve seen to not have black knot up the wazoo

No the second pic’s quality isn’t twitter- I just uploaded one of the blurrier focued pictures and only realized hours later, too tired to correct that lol.

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