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Instead of putting her nose into the milk, Garnet butted her head against the bucket–hard. Thrown off balance, Caroline stumbled and couldn’t stay on her feet. She landed on her backside. A spray of milk landed on her. Bits of straw clung to the back of her skirt, and milk and cow drool streaked the front. 
The calf gazed up at Caroline with her big, dark eyes as if to say, I’m sorry you fell down.

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This is a cinnamon hessonite garnet ♥️✨

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Some stuff for my Blue Diamond AU


1: random gems + connie

2: most changed gems

3: fusions + ocean jasper

4: spinel

5: homeworld bound

Steven and Amethyst fuse to make Tanzanite and Steven and Garnet fuse to make Moonstone.

Please do not repost, reblogs are appreciated!

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“None of this makes any sense!” Pearl cried in annoyance as she sat watching a lonely blade movie with Steven and spinel. “None of this is even slightly accurate to real sword fighting!”

“It’s a movie, give it a break, Pearlie,” Spinel rolled her eyes as she watched on, leaning on Steven’s shoulder. “How would you even know that?”

“Yeah, how do you know that pearl? Are you some sort of secret sword fighter!?” Steven asked, his eyes lighting up. Whatever attention he had on the movie had disappeared.

Pearl blushed at Steven’s excitement. “Well, it’s hardly a secret, but yes, I can sword fight. “

Steven jumped up with cheer. “YOU CAN!?”

Spinel stared at her with a look of confusion rather than excitement. She could sword fight? A common pearl? Sure, things on earth were different, but they couldn’t be that different from homeworld. Why would they even want to be different?

Pearl nodded. “I could always teach you.”

“Teach me! Teach me now! I’m ready!” Steven jumped in joy.

“I’m coming too,” Spinel interjected. She saw a hint in frustration in pearl’s eye, but didn’t say a word. There was something about how Steven was reacting to pearl that made her want to tag along.

Pearl had decided to take Steven to an ancient gem arena to train. The arena was old and seconds away from crumbling but it got the job done and that was what mattered. Spinel sat in boredom, listening to pearl drone on about form and skill. She turned to Steven, wanting to make a joke about how boring things were, but didn’t say a word when she realized Steven was listening to every word pearl was saying with utter joy. It wasn’t fair. What made pearl so exciting?

 “My diamond, you’re getting so good at juggling!” The curly-haired pearl laughed as she watched her diamond. Pink laughed in response, catching and throwing every ball perfectly.

 Just like spinel taught her. Not like that mattered, as spinel was sitting by herself on the edge of the garden, not having a word said to her the whole day. She hated it when pink brought her pearl with her to the garden. Everything she said or did earned her a harsh glare and hand wave away on days like this.

 She felt something wet roll down her cheeks. Tears. She stared even harder into the endless sky, hoping no one would look at her.

“Steven, do you want to try?” Pearl asked, dropping the hologram she was performing with.

“Yeah!” Steven cheered. Pearl handed him a small sword and started performing.

“Now, follow my moves. Perry, Perry, Perry, thrust, Perry, Perry, thrust…” Pearl instructed. Their swords clanged as her ordered were told. “You’re doing great, Steven, Just remember to look at me,” She said.

Spinel went back to scanning the arena, the sound of the training working as background noise. It reminded her of the garden. Not when it was at it’s peak, when she was playing the waiting game. All the flowers were long dead, as aquamarines didn’t come to tend to them and she couldn’t move. She shook the uninvited thoughts away and looked on, barely registering what was happening in front of her.

Steven was doing a good job from what she could tell, following pearls orders. As they were training Spinel noticed that pearl was backing into an old, crumbling pillar. The pillar looked like a light breeze would send it crumbling down. With one swift move Steven pinned pearl up to it with his sword.

Oh no.

STEVEN! PEARL! GET AWA-!” Spinel tried to warn them, but at that moment the pillar crashed down on pearl, with with Steven quickly dodging. Once the dust cleared Steven pushed away the old rocks in a hurry, muttering to himself. Spinel got down from the stairs to help him.

“Steven! Are you okay!?” She yelled.

Steven pushed the rocks away, on the verge of tears. “I can’t find pearl!” He cried.
Across the rubble there was a small bright light buried by some rocks. Pearl? Spinel reached over to grab it and found a small round gemstone.

“Pearl! Is she okay? Is she hurt?” Steven asked.

Spinel shook her head. “She’s not cracked or anythin’ so she’ll be just fine. It’s nothin’ to worry ‘bout, Stevie!” She said, trying to calm his nerves. Steven still looked terrified; he grabbed pearl’s gemstone out Spinel’s hand, shaking and held it close to him.

“You wanna go back to the beach house for some ice cream?” Spinel suggested weakly.

Two weeks later Spinel entered the beach house worried. She hadn’t heard about Steven or the gems at all. Did something go wrong?

As she entered she saw Garnet, Amethyst, and Steven at the counter top staring at gemstone on a pillow.


“Hello, Spinel,” Garnet said.

“Spinel? Oh, hey,” Steven said absentmindedly, staring at pearl’s gemstone.

“Dude you gotta stop worrying ‘bout her! She’ll come back soon!” Amethyst said.

“But it’s been two weeks! Spinel didn’t take this long to come back when she got poofed!” Steven said.

Spinel perked up at the mention of her name. “Hey, Stevie, how ‘bouta you spend the day with me to get your mind over pearl?” Spinel asked, with a voice and a smile that was just a little forced.

The two had decided to go to the boardwalk. Spinel raised her head high, looking at all the shops standing side-by-side with a distracted gaze.

“So, what should we do today? Oh, maybe we can go to Funland!” Spinel said.

Steven politely shook his head. “Aren’t you banned from there?” He asked.

“Well, how was I supposed know you had to pay for things there? It’s their own fault for not putting a sign or somethin’” She defended.

Steven still looked uninterested. “What if pearl’s coming back right now? What if she needs us? We have to go back to the temple!” He said, worriedly.

Spinel didn’t even bother with a smile. She just trailed behind Steven in frustration as they walked back to the temple.

 One day Pink didn’t bring her pearl to the garden.

 Finally, Spinel thought. A chance for her diamond to play with her real best friend: her!

 Spinel hugged Pink in glee. “Hiya, Pinksie! What’re we doin’ today?” She asked in excitement. Maybe they’d play hide and seek, or Simon says, or go for a walk in Pink’s Palace!

 Spinel bounced, waiting for her diamond to reply. Pink stood, staring at the ground, for a while, not saying anything. Maybe she was thinking of something REALLY fun to do! Spinel grabbed Pink’s shoulders and lifted herself up on her in one move. “So? What’re we doin’?” She asked.

 Pink pulled Spinel off her and set her on the ground. “I don’t feel like playing today, Spins,” She said finally, and she walked away.

Spinel glared at Pearls gemstone on the pillow as she made ice cream sundaes for her and Steven. If she didn’t get poofed, Steven would be paying attention to her. He should be paying attention to her. What made pearl so special? Why did he care so much abut pearl but not her? Did she do something wrong? Was he mad at her the whole time?

“Whatever it is, I’m sorry,” she muttered to herself, adding whipped cream to the sundaes.

“Did, you say something, Spinel?” Steven asked, taking away his focus from pearl for the first time since they came back.

“Nope, must’ve been in your head, Stevie!” She said with another forced smile. She placed the bowls on the countertop.

Steven poked the bowl with his spoon as he stared at pearl’s gem.

Spinel grabbed his bowl along with hers and began to juggle them. “Hey check THIS out!” She cheered with a forced laugh.

Steven groaned slightly. “I’m not in the mood, Spinel.” He almost sounded annoyed.

Spinel shrunk, putting the bowls down. Spinel forced a sappy, sweet smile on her face, babbling on, “Well, what else do ya wanna do? We can go to the beach, or hang out with garnet, or the big donut, ooh! Or maybe even-“

“GO AWAY!” Steven yelled. “You’ve been bugging me all day! You’re trying to be like pearl, but you’re not! You’re nothing like her! Just go away!”.

Spinel stood, shocked. She didn’t know what to say, or if she should say something at all. He hated her. All because she didn’t know when to shut up, just like she always did. Her body started shaking in sadness, hot tears pricking her eyes.

 Pink didn’t want to play anything that day. Any idea, joke, or song Spinel had for her was hand waved away. Spinel watched her best friend sit on the stairs to the warp pad muttering about something that was ‘all her fault’. She felt horrible; what kind of best friend would she be if she just let her stay sad?

 She walked up to Pink with a big smile. “Watcha doin’ Pinksie?” She asked.

 “Nothing,”, Pink replied glumly. Cheering her up was going to be harder than she thought.

 “Nothin’? Well that won’t do! Let’s have some fun!” She chirped.


 “How bout we go to homeworld? Remember that time we pranked those Jasper guards? Yellow got so mad!”


 “Or maybe we can stay here and play with the flowers! I could make a flower crown for you! You love those!”

  “Go away.”  

 And after that we can- what?” Spinel stared at her.

 “GO AWAY!!” She shouted, Her skin glowing a dark hue, her cry sending cracks in the staircase and a ringing in spinel’s ears. She stood up and pulled spinel up so they could see each other eye to eye. “Leave. Me. Alone.” She hissed.

 Spinel stared at her best friend, her eyes filled with fear, confusion and hurt and simply answered, “Yes, my diamond.”

 Pink left soon after that.

Spinel fell to her knees, crying in front of Steven, who had realized what he just said. He ran up to her, giving her a hug.

“I’m so sorry Spinel! I didn’t mean it! I was just frustrated and worried about pearl and I shouldn’t have taken it out on you!” He explained worriedly.

“Sorry for bein’ in the way,” Spinel apologized sadly, wiping the tears in her eyes. “I should’ve known that you were worried ‘bout pearl. You’ve known her forever; I shouldn’t have thought that I could replace her. This is all my fault, I’m sorry.”

“You weren’t in the way! You were just trying to help. I should’ve been more grateful that you were trying to make me feel better. This is my fault.” Steven apologized.

Spinel smiled slightly. “How ‘bout we say it’s both our faults and stop fighting for good?” She asked.

Steven smiled back.

Just then, Pearls gemstone began to float and glow, showing bright silhouettes of pearl before finally revealing her new form. It was a flowing yellow shirt with dark blue bands on the wrists and waist and a blue star in the middle, along with light pink leggings and green ballet flats.

She floated slowly onto the ground, smiling. “Steven!”

“Pearl!” Steven cheered. He ran put her and hugged her, with spinel smiling as she saw their embrace.

“So, did anything happen when I was gone?” She asked.

Spinel and Steven shook their heads.

“Not much,” Spinel said, hey, since we’re all here, how ‘bout we finish the movie?”.

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