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<Are you absolutely certain you wish to participate in this…> Gaster swept a hand over the chaotic scene before you, <…experience?>

“Family vacations are supposed to be like this…I think.” your brow furrowed, recalled the trips you had gone on when growing up. They were fucking  miserable; Your mom yelled, your dad quietly complained, and you cried. Surely this one would be better with your monster friends and boyfriend.


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@kninekit …. heya, dev! I uh- finished the corpse bride thing[ and changed the pose of these two like three times]

This was actually really satisfying to draw and I can’t believe it only took a measly two days… anyways I hope you guys like it[especially you dev because this was a really fun suggestion!.. I’ll post it on the server later too.]

Also gender-bend.

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“And then we’ll take all that heat and turn it into a-“

shh he’s explaining whatever made him cover every surface in his lab in papers. look at him go!!!

s/o to the boys for carrying me over the nanowrimo finish line yesterday

I’d call this a celebratory doodle but that wouldn’t be fair to the fact I spent like 2 hours on this lol

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Art by Bunnymuse on Deviantart. Full picture contains more Gasters.


This image has single-handedly convinced me that Underfell Gaster’s personality would basically be Rick from Rick and Morty. Nihilistic, but still brilliant.

At the very least, I can see this kind of personality used for Gaster in an Underfell version of Glitchtale.

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Hi all! Yesterday finally came my package. And this time I ordered stickers! Today I came to the post office and took the package.

Here they are the best stickers in the world! I’m so happy to get them. To be honest I was worried about where they were, how they. But they got to me and I got them.

Are there undertale, deltarun, xtale and more.


Among them @jakei95 Your cross suns comrade. You don’t worry he’ll be safe. If you let you leave it for a while)

Thank you very much @jakei95 for your very stunning and high-quality animations! You’re the best! And I wish you the best of luck to draw and work on animation and with history Underverse.

Creator of the event X-tale By @jakei95 .

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