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-Fade in-

A slightly healed X stands by Alia in her Lab as they both study the monitor from her console.  They carefully watch the progress of the other Hunters out in the field.

This is good. They’re all doing well.

Especially Kassy & Hal.  I’m so surprised!

X nods, impressed.

Whoever this guy is, we-


Just then, Signas interrupts their feed.

Pardon the interruption.  X, you need to see this.


In a second, Signas shares his feed to their screen.  A live camera shot of Zero standing outside of their front door is displayed.

X’s eyes widen as he gasps.

[INSERT TITLE CARD – The Unexpected Help]

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Who let the dogs out? Finally, I’ve got the answer! From Flickr -

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How to Create Your Own Custom Iron Gate Design?

How to Create Your Own Custom Iron Gate Design?

Installing an iron gate is one of the best ways to enhance security around your property. But, you can also opt for a custom design to give your home a unique curb appeal. Regardless of the type of gate you want, you can add a personal touch to make the design your own. Of course, you need a company that’s able to professionally implement your vision. You can Google: “iron gate design for house”…

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Trash Can Enclosure Fences | Pool Equipment Enclosure Fences

Trash Can Enclosure Fences | Pool Equipment Enclosure Fences

Specialty Fence Enclosures
Easy Solutions to Everyday Problems
Trash Can Enclosure Fence

Trash can enclosures are a convenient, visually appealing way to store your trash cans out of sight. They make taking out the trash less of a chore with an easy-open sliding gate, rather than having to hold open a spring loaded gate as you drag the trashcan out of the backyard. Trash can enclosures can…


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Stop the Spread of Germs at Your Gate • American Access Company

Stop the Spread of Germs at Your Gate • American Access Company

May 1, 2020

During this difficult time, seemingly everything is changing to reduce the spread of germs and keep the general population protected and healthy. While many of the current restrictions will at some point be loosened, it is projected that many of the habits we’ve adopted will become the new norm.
It is now more obvious to us than ever what parts of our everyday routines are recklessly…


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Selesnya Guildgate

Enter and rejoice! The Conclave stands united, open to one and all.

Artist: Howard Lyon

TCG Player Link
Scryfall Link
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