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The Citadel, Imperial City, Hue city, Vietnam,
Photo by Văn Long Bùi
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smilepebble · a day ago
brainstorming gti swap au. ok
dunsparce and emolga swap with virizion and keldeo
hero and partner swap with hydreigon and munna
espeon and umbreon maybe swap with purugly and toxicroak?
i think hydreigon would probably stay as the voice of life, however they've lost their memories somehow. hero is still a former human who knew about hydreigon's plan and is trying their best to save the world. maybe hydreigon would be a deino lol.
munna makes paradise because she wants to make the world a place worth living in again. partner's struggle with loneliness leads them to have similar self destructive tendencies as munna in the original gti.
idk who kyurem would be? maybe they would be both reshiram and zekrom, bc they didn't get much of a spotlight in pmd.
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aspromavrh-zwh · 28 days ago
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happyheidi · 5 months ago
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☾ moon gates
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cadenceofhyrule · 8 months ago
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Both of them can be eaten by sharks for all i care, call me when an angry mob bulldozes their houses
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boschintegral-photo · 2 months ago
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Fushimi Inari Taisha  伏見稲荷大社 Kyoto, Japan
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robertreich · 4 months ago
Is Billionaire Philanthropy a Sham?
Remember when Jeff Bezos was showered with praise for donating $100 million to food banks last year? That may seem like a lot, and it is. But once you consider all that Bezos has raked in during the pandemic -- including making $13 billion in a single day in 2020 -- it’s a few hours of his earnings.  It’s not just Bezos. Billionaires like Bill Gates and Warren Buffet also receive lots of praise for their “generous” charitable giving. The truth about billionaire philanthropy is it isn’t charity. Its public relations, often used to cover up their exploitative business practices, shield their wealth, and deflect attention from all they money they pour into lobbying and campaign contributions to assure that their taxes remain historically low. 
These so-called “charitable contributions” are also tax-deductible, meaning you and I are subsidizing them. I don’t know about you, but I believe taxpayers should be deciding where their tax dollars ultimately go.
America doesn’t need their charity. We need them to pay their fair share in taxes 
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evenstarsinthesky · 4 months ago
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​The Away from Home Festival, ​Crystal Palace Bowl, 30 August 2021 x
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lionfloss · 2 months ago
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by get.up.walk.around
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heavensdoorways · 2 months ago
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‘Gate Keepers’ by @koketit
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hueandeyephotography · a year ago
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Garden Gate along the East Battery in Summertime, Charleston, SC
© Doug Hickok   More here...   hue and eye tumblr
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smilepebble · 16 hours ago
more gti swap au ideas:
virizion and keldeo attempted to reach the great glacier once before coming to post town. during this adventure, virizion accidentally caused a landslide, which caused keldeo to lose a leg, and virizion to get scarred on her chest. virizion has been afraid of exploring ever since, as she doesnt want to get keldeo hurt again. keldeo gives up his spot on the expedition to the great glacier to let virizion go because he doesnt want her to be afraid anymore.
emolga and dunsparce had always wanted to go to the great glacier, and adventured together often. one day, emolga came over to dunsparces place all excited because he'd met some pokemon who claimed to be from the great glacier. the two of them had planned to go with the mysterious pokemon the next day, but when the time came, dunsparce only found a letter. the letter said that emolga had lied, that he just wanted an excuse to get away from dunsparce, and that he shouldnt look for him. dunsparce assumed it was because emolga thought he was too weak to deserve going to the great glacier. in reality, emolga had gotten kidnapped by the mysterious pokemon from the glacier (espeon, umbreon, and partner) and he wrote the letter to try and sever ties with dunsparce and keep him safe.
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emeraldpotion · a year ago
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witchy-home · 5 months ago
Human Design
Head Center
Ideas, Inspiration, Thoughts, Downloading Information and Data
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You can calculate your human design chart simply on the internet
This is the head center along with its 3 gates:
Gate 64: The Gate of Confusion
Gate 61: The Gate of Mystery
Gate 63: The Gate of Doubt
Tumblr media
If your head center is yellow, then it is defined
If it doesn’t have a colour, it’s open
Defined Head Center:
Fixed opinions
Just know things intuitively
metaphorical mind
strategic and structured mind
Prefer short explanations over long ones, cause they can easily form connections to the information they just inhibited
Open Head Center:
Get their inspiration from outside forces
Always have to figure things out
Comfortable with the unknown
Sensitive to their surroundings
Most probably knows some useless facts
Ask lots and lots of questions
May act dumber than they are
Tumblr media
The Gates:
If your gate is activated you will see a circle around the number and either a black or red colour.
Red - Unconscious Energies
Black- Conscious Energies
(The gates only matter and the description of the gates will only fit you, when they are activated)
Gate 64: The Gate of Confusion
You constantly take in a lot of information and inspiration, sometimes in big chunks, which can be overwhelming
Repulsive to go with the flow
Can be an indicator of anxiety
Hate the unknown, always needs to know everything
Need to accept Confusion
Trying to make sense of Chaos
Gate 61: The Gate of Mystery
Just know things intuitively
Answers to questions come out of nowhere
Different from Gate 64, Gate 61 loves the unknown and dwells in it
Like to talk about theories
Who expected it? They love mystery
These people enjoy silence and calmness
Typically quiet individuals
Gate 63: The Gate of Doubt
Ask a lot of questions
Questioning everything
Like to research things
Always curious and suspicious at the same times
Great analysers
Make for human life detectors
Always demands proof and always shows proof in discussions
Tumblr media
Making this post gives me a strange sort of nostalgia. It reminds me of the days, when I studied this topic till deep in the night with passion and fascination. Tell me if it resonates and I hope you enjoyed reading it.
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boschintegral-photo · 25 days ago
Tumblr media
Fushimi Inari Taisha  伏見稲荷大社 Kyoto, Japan
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grimini · 8 days ago
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yorksnapshots · 11 days ago
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Entrance to Bishopthorpe Palace, York, England.
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lionfloss · 17 days ago
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by to_zhe_samoe
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I’m not sure I put this as clearly as I wished, but I had some thoughts on Black Sails and another angle on the themes of narrative and people’s attachment to the narratives they construct even when the prove untrue that I wanted to get down. Spoilers through episode 14 below.
In episode six of Black Sails Billy falls to his assumed death with Flint as the sole witness. Not until episode fourteen is it revealed that Flint did not, in fact, push Billy as so many had assumed - though it is left a forever unresolved question as to whether or not he actually tried to save him, or let him fall. In the interim of seven episodes between, most, if not all, of the characters aware of the situation seemed fully convinced Flint had pushed Billy to his death. Gates turned on him over this belief (to be fair, Flint did a really bad job defending himself - as in, barely tried). From conversations I’ve seen, much of the fandom assumed the same. Especially after what Flint did to Gates. It’s a fascinating furtherance of Black Sails’ themes of people’s constructions of narrative regardless of the truth that, even after Billy contradicted this assumption, there still seems to be a lot of doubt around the truth of the matter, both from characters in the story and from viewers. It didn’t get directly stated, but I thought there was no small amount of doubt in Dufresne’s expression at Billy’s story of how he ended up in the water. Did much of the crew ever truly believe it? Hard to say. At that point there were enough things Flint had actually done that I’m not sure they found it relevant enough, one way or the other, to directly address it after Billy had said his piece. What I find more interesting is that I’ve run across more than one discussion by those who have watched the entire series still talking as if Flint had in fact pushed him. Unlike the rest of the crew, the viewers are privy to the later conversation between Flint and Billy about what actually happened - that there’s doubt as to whether Flint actually tried to save him, but he certainly didn’t push him. Characters and viewers alike have so embraced the narrative of Flint pushing Billy that it seems the eventually shown truth no longer comes into their perspective. It’s fascinating.
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artschoolglasses · 5 months ago
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Inside the gates
Versailles, France
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