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Richard: Can you please describe the guy who stabbed Gavin?

Kara: Yeah, brown-haired, tall, muscular, also very sexy and eye-catching


Richard: I suppose it was…

Kara: My boyfriend, yes

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  • Fandom: MLQC
  • Pairing: Gavin x fem!Reader
  • Warning: None
  • Requested by: Anon
  • Prompt: Hello! I am so happy that I made it before you close the request box, cause I would be devastated if I wouldn’t 😢 I wanna ask if you could write about ML:QC - Gavin’s high school crush on MC? I would like to read about his thoughts and how he was observing every little thing she did. Maybe they somehow spoke with each other sometimes because of Minor for example? I am begging you, Sempai 🙏🏻 I love and appreciate your work so much 💖
  • A/N: Hi! Ah, I got to your request after I opened requests again. >< Don’t worry about not getting requests in on time. I will try my best to open requests as fast as I can. :) Aw this is a sweet request! Tyvm, Anon! ❤️ ❤️ Since you asked about his thoughts, I wrote this from Gavin’s POV


  • How I wanted to speak to her, but I knew she was scared of me - just like the other students. Why do people misunderstand me? Are they that blind to my rough ways that they neglect to see the reason behind my actions?
  • Since the day she saved my life, I wanted to talk to her, but every time I tried approaching her, she started trembling or walked away. 
  • Why is it so difficult to use words? I want to tell her how I feel about her but being sappy is much harder than I assumed. How do I tell her?
  • When she gets confused and tilts her head, blinking her long eyelashes rapidly, I want to hold her close and not let her go. 
  • The way she purses her lips when she’s upset. How I wish I could touch those soft lips…would she be afraid if I try to kiss her? Who am I kidding… she would be petrified. 

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Stephen: I like cooking in front of my friends who know which knife is made for what and forcing them to watch me use the wrong one for the wrong thing.

Jay: Use a cheese grater for tomatoes.

Gavin: You’ll burn in hell for this.

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Nines: Fucking.


Nines: Fucking.


Hank: What is HAPPENING.

Nines: Connor turned on his filter so I’m helping him out.

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Gavin: I had a dream in which I was arrested for tax evasion, which is really weird, because I don’t even pay taxes.

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Gavin: I don’t like baths.

Nines: You like them with me.

Gavin: It’s not the bath I enjoy, it’s the wet hot guy.

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Connor: Wait, I thought you were straight?

Gavin: Please tell me what on God’s green earth I did to make you think I was straight so I can never do it again.

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Gavin: A firm smack on the ass is just as important as a kiss to the forehead.

Connor: If you do them at the same time my body takes a screenshot.

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the current freebie victor SSR and privilege reward kiro ER karma:

  • 李泽言·所愿如常
  • 周棋洛·满分拥抱>

+ some recently released images of the recent SP karma. (っ˘ڡ˘ς)

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kaidan nation where you at

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brothers ready to GO 

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such a sweet little dude

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miller cracks me up here HHAHA

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the babies of the gang 

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Nines: Bananas are slightly radioactive due to certain caesium isotopes. Therefore you should never eat more than 600 bananas per second to minimize the risk of a harmful radiation dose.

Gavin: Aw man, there goes my Friday night.

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