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#gay fishies hehe
Whats your fnaf ocs?
Alright so! I got a few. Two of the main ones are Finn Fishie and Scrap Scales. While Finn is the face of a restaurant(a seafood place) Scraps is an animatronic that was thrown out for a reason im not very sure about. But what I do know is that he was mainly thrown out because while in storage an employee cannibalized parts from him to make a new animatronic so he was kinda thrown away since he was missing a ton of parts.
Scraps lives in a junkyard along with The Vulture who was also thrown out. So he kinda manipulates Scraps into bringing him parts because he is a communist.
After a while Scraps wonders out of the junk yard and finds Finn's restaurant. Him and Finn eventually become friends and they are really gay for each other
I'm not sure if they will be in my fnaf au but it's fun to think about The Vulture getting pissed off by The Stitchwraith for 'stealing his parts' even though said parts were infected toys and they were never his.
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kittenp0ker · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
for @hawkinstigers (spoiler warning)
fear street super badly summed up:
pt1: 1994 mall, heather dies, shame she shoulda been in it longer anyways, skull mask ryan is all RAH RAH killing spree then…. sherif GOODe shoots him between the brows. gay angst, football game, afterwards on the way home mid speech from the brunette cheerleader “kill those preppy assholes” beautiful words, a red car begins pursuing the bus that has shadyside witches in, inside the car are sunnyvale devils wearing skull masks HEHE wowweeee the the… yk anygays…. lesbian fight turns car crash where sam touches the red lesbian moss, fLashY fLashY she sees the witch. everybody thinks shadyside is cursed cus there keeps being serial killers etc. sams got a jock boyfriend which deena is def not happy about, but after the car accident sam is in hospital. however at deenas house there’s a guy with a skull mask which she just assumes is sams boyfriend. he dissapears OoOo to the cheerleader and dorky guy, cus there’s blood on his shirt from when sam puked period. deena gets pissy and goes to see sam, they begin angsty lesbian fight when boyfriend turns up then gets stabbed; rip will not be missed. they find out the many serial killers are after sam/her blood, so many failed plans later a bread slicer, axe, and lobster tub kills off many of the crew. cus OoOo someone from the 1978 massacre survived Z burnham….Z….. anygays they have a lil rinG riNg, no answer; they find out she died and there’s a whole riddle or rhyme for the eViL witch sHeLl fOLlow YoU uNtIL yOurE dEad, so deena ends up drowning sam in the lobster tub^^ bUt oUu she comes back we think oh it’s all happy and dandy they get to see as house it’s all domestic then rInG rInG, z bUrNhAm? gOod tImInG iTs oVer “iTs nOt oVEr, iTs nEVeR oVeR” oOo deena gets stabbed by girlfriend with a broken drum stick :/
Tumblr media
pt2: 1978 Z BURNHAM okay cool ziggy is getting tied up and whatever cus she’s possessed by the witch bla bla bla oOoO nicK gOoDe tO tHe rEsCUe, luv luv luv what is it gud for? AbSoLuTeLy nOtHiNg….. anyways crazy nurse lane tries to kill older sister nancy ripoff’s boyfriend, she fails, he becomes axe murderer. i can’t really remember much from this part but they find a hand to sarah fier (the witch) and try to assEmBle her to bring her peace or wtver, they get close but then there like 6 killers surrounding, kill both of the sisters BUT WAIT ziggy zig ahhh survived??? somehow……
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
pt3: 1666 not even discrete with that are they…. by the end of pt2 deena touches the lesbian moss and basically she’s having a vision from sarah….. it starts with the lesbians forbidden romance </3 daughter of the pastor and sarah fier, hey dancey dance in the woods then dANcEy dAnCe- *twig snaps* oh no someone saw them, turns out to be goode (not nick but his ancestor or whatever) and my hand is going numb from writing this omfg- but i’m pretty sure that mf was jealous of sarah???? idk but turns out he’s the satanist, but ofc before anything he must wreak havoc and it starts off with the first carving into rock is the pastors name OoOoO and he kills a bunch of kids or smth??? then ofc someone rattle tales about the lesbian shenanigans to which the town decides sarah has corrupted the pastors daughter and made deals with the devil etc, then sarah finds out that her pal is a satanist who then cuts off her hand… how rude, i mean his name is solomon… SOLOMON abahahah shoulda known smth was fishy- then sarah barely escapes but then she’s captured by the towns people who go to hang her, she accepts the accusations so her girlfriend can live, how sweet. then pOoOF deena is zapped back to her year and she’s like hOLy shiT iTs gOode then they have a whole plan in the mall with fluorescent paint and sams blood (to draw the serial killers) then they tip a bucket over goode so they go after him, deena ends up killing nick goode which rids the town of the devils spell, woo!!!!!!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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suga-kookiemonster · a year ago
im sorry if i sound like a weirdo but u make me feel like its ok to ask u these things bc of the way i see u interact with anyone who sends u an ask. u make it comfortable so i appreciate u for that:( ANYWAYS. i was just wondering. do u ship any of the boys tgt? it doesnt have to be that deep but i was just curious heh. personally, i think jikook does fishy af stuff. taejin has mad sexual tension going on idk wtf goes on. im not a hardcore shipper but i still wanted to ask u yr opinion hehe
hey babe. i actually don’t believe in shipping irl members because they are real people and we really know nothing about them, or their relationships with each other. me pretending that i know their relationships on any real level, as well as pretending that i fully understand the cultural place where all their “fishy” or “sexual” behavior comes from does a complete disservice to their friendships and to them as (korean) humans. it also helps perpetuate the toxic idea that men being affectionate with each other is automatically gay. 
absolutely nothing wrong with enjoying reading member x member fics, so long as you’re fully aware that they are fiction. i find irl shipping to be invasive, and it is frankly not our place to speculate on any of their sexualities.
tl;dr the only things i ship are kimline x me and yoongi x wine, thank you for your time
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1tsnoya · a year ago
37, 56, 65 for ask game 🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠
hehe fishies 🐠🐡🐬🐟🦑🐳🦀🦞🐙theyre having a party-
37: is it easier to forgive or forget?
definitely forgiving. at least for me. i’ve forgiven so many people (going back to that second chances thing..sigh) but i could never forget what’s happened or been done to me that i’ve forgiven people for(i feel like that was so repetitive i’m sorry-)
56: how many people have you fist fought?
HSJSH IM 4’11 SO NOBODY>:( that and i’m just a peaceful person. however i have almost fist fought my best friend. story time with noya’s gf!! we had a movie night with our friends in his backyard and i kept putting goldfish in his shoes when he took them off? (this was a while ago and i just wanted to mess with him) and he was very confused when he put his shoes back on? anyways. he took them off again because to clean them out and i just put more in when he was looking away. then when he put his shoes back on, he was 😐 and threw the shoes at me n then launched himself at me ?? then we fought with shoes and i punched him... yuh
however i would like to fist fight someone <3 just let out my anger yk? heehee!💋 SHEHSH
65: your best friend of the opposite sex like you, what do you do?
omg this has happened before and i felt so bad. it’s actually wirh my guy best friend.
i think i handled it pretty well? i was just honest with him and told him that i didn’t feel that way and that i felt better off being friends. he understood and things went back to normal, i didn’t make it awkward and he didn’t either
after that we got super close and now we trust eachother for everything. we’re both pretty gay too so🙈💞💕💖💘💓lol but i would do exactly whatever i did in that situation, just be honest with the person with how i feel at that moment
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dingyuxi · a year ago
I have this theory about 2gether the series. Maybe Green was in on it and was extra needy with Tine to push him away and right into Sarawat's arms. I think he really liked him but to find out he was in a relationship the whole time is pretty fishy. Something I love about BL dramas is that the leads are like "no I'm straight" for a whole 3 seconds before saying "whelp, I'm gay now." Even the side characters shift over to BL immediately and start checking out other boys too.
we love to hear theories! from what I heard about the novel, your theory is pretty in line! the idea was that sarawat got green to help him by having him hit on tine so he could swoop in. and if you watch the previous episodes you can see dim trying to contain his jealousy hehe. he was always giving tine a little bit of a hard  time or the evil eye lol. not really sure how sarawat got green to agree to this if he was already dating, but I assume it had to do with him and dim having some sort of fight which motivated him to hit on tine, maybe to make dim jealous as well. so it would be a win-win? but you’re so right about the “no I'm straight” laksfjd. I feel like tine is our bi-icon though, like the way he slowly came to realize he was falling for sarawat? precious. can you blame him though? sarawat’s high-key flirting would be enough to get anyone questioning their sexuality. the side characters having their own pairings make things all the more fun, and sometimes I end up loving the side pairings just as much, or even more than the mains. tine and sarawat are a hard match to beat though so I don’t think that will be happening this time around. next week is going to be fun, can’t wait for sarawat to “take responsibility” as tine put it hehe
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Fandom Reviews: This Boy Caught a Merman
“They say look before you leap and make sure you can swim before you go in the deep water.”
Tumblr media
This OVA holds a very special place in my heart. Not long after I started reading the magazine Otaku USA, an issue came out with an advertisement for the release of this animation on the very last page. It was bright, colorful, and it ended up stuck in my mind nearly a month later. I looked it up online and watched it, and ended up getting the dvd the following week.
This Boy Caught a Merman came out during a very major low point in my life. But I’m glad it did, because it was part of my long (and still ongoing) recovery. And to this day I still stop and go back and rewatch it every so often when I need a pick me up. And it’s one I highly think that you all should give a watch. It has everything. Two boys falling in love, a merman, discussions of loneliness and depression, and all tied together with a warm ending song that should be on everyone’s playlist.
Hello everyone. My name is Fandom, and this is my review on the OVA This Boy Caught a Merman (Kono Danshi, Ningyo Hiroimashita).
THE STORY: Directed by Soubi Yamamoto (Kono Danshi series)
Note: This is the second entry in the Kono Danshi series.
On a dark night not long after the funeral, Shima Kawauchi is sitting alone on a sea wall with a photo of his grandfather, who had recently passed away. When the photo falls into the water, Shima jumps in after it despite not being able to swim, only to be rescued by a merman. After learning Shima feels alone, the merman agrees to move in with him so that he won’t be lonely. Shima gives him the name Isaki, and Isaki’s presence brings a new light to Shima’s life.
Something the Kono Danshi series is really good at is capturing the feelings of what its like to live your life with a relatively high level of anxiety, depression, and self doubt. And how debilitating it can be at times no matter how hard you try. 
Watching Shima and Isaki’s interactions feel organic, and you can observe the level of growth going on despite the 30 minute run time. Though it is very clear based on the run time and the way its split that Shima does get the more noticeable growth. And while I do wish we got more of their story on Isaki’s end, with what we have is very satisfying. 
Also, to anyone worried this OVA will do the ‘bury your gays’ trope given that this is about a merman, rest assured, our two leads both stay alive by the end of it. 
There’s really only two characters to really talk about, but I want to give a special shout out to Gen Kawauchi, Shima’s grandfather. 
Tumblr media
This man would easily make my top ten anime grandpa’s. He took in his grandson when Shima’s parents divorced because he knew they were more focused on themselves and their wants than their own child’s feelings. And he did his best to give his grandson a good life based on what little we’ve seen in flashbacks. Props to you Gen. You’re an angel.
Tumblr media
Shima is a protagonist I feel a lot of people can relate to. Especially when it comes to anxiety/depression and the loneliness that comes with it. As we come to learn, he is a massive people pleaser. He’s lived a relatively good life. He had a loving guardian, he has friends at school and participates in activities on the festival committee, and he has never suffered any bullying. 
And yet, he still feels an extreme level of sadness, loneliness, and trust issues, and is often crying alone in his room or out on the beach when no one can see. He feels self hatred about his emotions and his flaws, and feels guilty about this because he’s surrounded by people who love him. And he’s terrified that being honest with his heart will lead everyone to hate him. So he hides how he’s struggling, which only feeds into that sense of loneliness he’s developed. When he finally opens up to Isaki about it, it’s a major turning point for his character that brings me to tears every time. 
Tumblr media
Isaki is an amazing love interest, and his kind heart, over the top reactions, and curious nature really play a major part in the story. Always putting Shima’s needs and well-being first, Isaki even makes it a point to come to Shima’s school to check on him. He offers to catch fish when he spends the food money. He asks Shima constantly if he’s okay, and has been watching over him for years from the waters. He’s a really kind and caring person and it’s amazing what lengths he goes to make sure Shima’s not alone.
And through his relationship with Shima, Isaki has an interesting bit of development involving his own growing sense of loneliness; because he’s a merman, there’s things he won’t be able to do that Shima can do with his human friends. He’s often confined to the house and a kiddy pool in the living room most days, and relies on Shima to help him back to the house when they’re leaving the beach. This inability to walk is actually part of Isaki’s reasoning for leaving near the end of the OVA, believing it’d be better for Shima to be with someone who can walk despite how much he’s come to love him. (But its shown in the end credits that he does get a wheelchair, and is shown spending time at the school festival with all the students.)
Speaking as someone who was confined to a wheelchair for a period of time and is currently still going through mobility issues to this day, this part of the story also hit really close to home for me. Isaki’s journey with his own mobility issues honestly was part of why I adored him, and seeing him come to terms with his feelings on the matter helped me a lot.
Also, just look at this fishy man.
Tumblr media
Look at this precious cinnamon roll. By god does he deserve the world. 
While not the best animated in terms of movement, what this OVA lacks in movement, it makes up for 10,000% in aesthetics. The entire thing resembles a scrapbook, with various bits of papers it seems being used to help give different items and characters a bit more pizzazz. 
However, when the animation does get good, by god does it get good. The way the ocean glimmers and the shaky sketch animation when we see Shima’s inner thoughts still captivate me to this day. 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Another thing I absolutely adore about the animation is the use of color. When negative feelings and emotions are in full control of the characters, the entire scene goes dark, with the lightest colors possible mostly being deep shades of blues. When more positive emotions are in the forefront however, be it scenes with more romantic tones or comedic purpose, shades of white, pink, yellow, orange, and red fill the frame as the dominating pallet. 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The music is subtle most of the time, but hits all the right notes (hehe) when it absolutely needs to. And the ending credits song is the icing on the cake to this fantastic OST. (Though please watch the OVA before clicking the link. Trust me.)
The one downside I have for the OVA is its English dub, provided by Sentai Filmworks. It’s not bad, but it’s certainly not good. I think whoever was in charge of it was too focused on an attempt at a direct translation and matching all the lip flaps rather than getting the emotion exactly right. Plus, with the dub home release, unless you actively put on the subtitles, the Japanese descriptions of things that pop up on screen aren’t translated. Best to stick with subs on this one. 
This Boy Caught a Merman was an amazing tale of loneliness and love that I cannot recommend enough. With its visual style, wonderful music, and fantastic characters, we’re presented with a delightful story that will surely warm your heart, and probably yearn to head to the beach. 
A solid entry to the Kono Danshi series as a whole, and the best starting point in my personal opinion. 
And so, after rewatching the entire OVA for the umpteenth time, I Fandom award This Boy Caught a Merman an overall rating of “Certified Classic”, a rating I reserve for only the best of the best, and series I believe need all the attention they can get.
You can currently stream This Boy Caught a Merman legally on Hidive, or if you’d rather have a personal copy, as of this review on January 4, 2020, it is available through Sentai Filmwork’s main website for $4. Seriously, for that price, you are getting an amazing story and I absolutely insist you add this OVA to your shelf. 
Thank you all for reading, and have a wonderful day.
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