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Pain chapter 23- Final part

(It’s night time)

(Renee is in bed)

(Jason and Aaron are snuggling at the couch watching a movie)

Jason: he needs to ask her and he needs to stop dragging this on

Aaron: I know right it’s like the writer and the director are teasing us of the proposal for so long it just needs to happen right now

Jason: god just ask her already

(Jason and Aaron remain silent as they watch the proposal happen on the tv)

Aaron: about time

Jason: The ring looks beautiful

Aaron: yeah it does

(Aaron and Jason remains silent for a bit)

Aaron and Jason: I was—

Aaron: I’m sorry you go ahead

(Jason turns to Aaron)

Jason: I was thinking we should go out to dinner maybe—

Aaron: Tomorrow night?

Jason: yeah that sounds great

Aaron: tomorrow night than

(Aaron and Jason smile at Each other)

(Scene Switch to Aaron and Jason lying in bed together both facing different directions)

(Both of them Are wake)

(Both of them are panicking)

(Jason and Aaron are both talking to themselves without saying a word)

Aaron: (oh my god what the hell was I thinking tomorrow night?! I don’t know what to wear)

Jason: (fuck why did I say yes to tomorrow night what was I thinking)

Aaron: (Okay the ring is in my office I’ll just grab the ring and go)

Jason: (The ring is in my side dresser I hope he doesn’t look in there)

Aaron: (Thank god Amber is the only person that knows I’m going proposal to Jason)

Jason: (it’s good thing amber is the only person that knows I’m going proposal to Aaron)

Aaron: (I got Renee’s blessings to marry Jason)

Jason: (Renee loves Aaron and wants me to be happy I’m sure she will be happy for me once I proposal to Aaron)

Aaron: (Everything will be fine)

Jason: (Everything will be fine)

Aaron: (just pour my heart out for him and tell him I love him)

Jason: (tell him your his world and you love him until your last breath)

Jason: (I got this)

Aaron: (I got this)

(Jason and Aaron finally fall asleep)

(Jason puts his arm around Aaron)

(The end of Pain chapter 23- Final part)

(Coming soon- Chapter 24- The proposal Part 1)

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Marco Calvi - Galeotto e Lancillotto ( inktober -Day20-)

Ink on paper

Trenta regni avea Galeotto conquistato, trenta regni e ancor mancava di Artù il più ridente. Galeotto sfidò il re e armò le schiere, e vinse e vinse e di Artù la sorte parea segnata.

Ma giunse lo cavalier ignoto, che in pugna grande prova diede. E Galeotto del di lui coraggio fu affascinato e lo volle come amico e per compagno. Così lo cavalier ignoto al fianco di Galeotto si batté, ma non scordò il giuramento suo. Galeotto, per amore dell’amico, pur imbattuto fletté il ginocchio e di Artù si fece vassallo.

Lo cavaliere si spogliò così dell’arme e si rivelò come Lancillotto il grande.

Testo: Federico Grasso

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Mini-rant: Honestly, these guys were Grade A villains in this episode. Though, the same can’t be said about Kipo as she was really reckless with her decisions, which led to disastrous results. 

Episode Title: It’s a Trap

Spoiler Warning: Kindly proceed if you’ve already seen the episode or are able to handle spoilers

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“Someday I shall write a great poem to you, so great that I shall make you famous in history, or dedicate a book to you, or collect a fortune & die & leave it to you.”

-Edna St. Vincent Millay to Isobel Simpson, January 30 1918

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I remembered I helped you up when you cry and couldn’t get yourself back up. Everytime you fell, I came to pick you back up again and again because I didn’t wanna give up on you and I love you. When I needed you the most you left me to fall and didn’t come to pick me up but you always wanted me to pick you up? Next thing I know you left me…. out of nowhere.

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