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#gay memes
gay-irl · 14 hours ago
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Thinking about how in the 90s billie joe armstrong of green day and jon ginoll of pansy division wanted to take photos of themselves doing Gay Shit™ to fuck with the media but ran out of film on the camera so all they got was this shot of them cuddling
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neutral--good · 4 months ago
only 5 more days of pride who's going to confess their love for me before it's too late
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teafulbisexual · a year ago
what's your gay score??
cannot sit correctly +10
emotionally unstable +10
dyed hair +5
boots +5
deeply invested in politics due to your very rights being constantly questioned +10
iffy relationship with father +15
has a Tumblr +5
addicted to either iced coffee or energy drinks +10
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chamomillles · 10 months ago
let’s say hypothetically, you got a fast car.......and let’s say hypothetically for the sake of the debate......i want a ticket to anywhere
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gay-irl · a day ago
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would you guys still love me if i was a bottom leaning vers be honest
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moonlightfairy123 · 2 months ago
being gay is saying “that’s homophobic” at every minor inconvenience
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tastefullyoffensive · a year ago
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