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#gayllamafromspace q&a

Dang it, I thought they were open :( I’ll fix that asap.

Oh yes! 100000% I absolutely ADORE mythology, not just Greek mythology, but that is where it started! I will admit that the origins of this interest stem from reading Percy Jackson, but I know full well that there are a lot of inaccuracies in the book series.

I don’t know too much about greek mythology though, just a few things. Thank you for the ask!

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Ouuuuu (I have no idea when I got this, so I’m sorry if I’m late)

I have 2 favorite colors! Plumb Purple, because it just gives me a dark and mysterious, yet regal, vibe. And Seafoam, because it’s soft and chill and just the perfect shade between blue and green that I can’t help but love it!

Roses. The smell is just so sweet but not overbearing like so many other scents. I also really like coconut.

Halloween time! It’s nice a cool outside, I get to see people’s decor, I have an excuse to dress up and scare the living shot out of people! (Also, candy)

I like the days when it’s a little sunny, but it’s just cloudy enough to cover the sun and dim the light. It’s still kind of warm, but a nice cool breeze (or even wind) is keeping me from getting too hot.

Wolves and horses! Since the very beginning, I have always loved them. They’re just so majestic, and free-spirited.

Pomegranate tea, it has a subtle tartness to it that I adore.

Sound… I love the sound of birds tweeting in the morning. It’s so soothing. And when it’s accompanied by the lingering silence of night and the sunrise? Perfection.

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Me and some of my friends were messing around back in 2018, and I just randomly proclaimed that I was a “gay llama from space” and they lost their shit lol. It kind of just stuck after that (I felt clever haha).

Thank you for the ask!

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