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Well, I could ask Justin Howells for a sex. But, I don’t know. I’m not rude to him over the Instagram. But, at least as a beginning, I’m sharing my love towards him like this 😍❤❤❤❤❤❣❣❣❣❣❣❣ 4 every shirtless photo that he posted

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Just A Lesbian Romance: Part 3


Romance, Lesbian Couple, ReaderXCrush, pg 13 (There sre some suggestive parts though)

This one is about 6 times longer and not a poem this time

Context: you’ve been comforting your crush often and now you are more than friends. You have come out to some people but no one else knows that your girl isn’t straight

(You can make up your own context I made the details vague on purpose)

Key: (Y/cn) = your crushes name; (Y/n) = your name; (Y/mp) = your meeting place (the place you met your crush)


We were at my house all alone. My family was out for a few hours and all I wanted was to spend them with (y/cn). We were laying on my bed watching TV. But we weren’t watching anything in particular.

To be frank, I wasn’t paying attention to the TV at all. I couldn’t be distracted from the girl in my arms. She was cuddled into my side, but this time I didn’t need to hold her so tight because her eyes weren’t red from crying today. Today we lay in a gentler way. Her fingers were intertwined with mine, and my other hand was rubbing her arm. Her leg was draped over one of mine, and I could feel her breath on my shoulder every time she exhaled. My heart was overflowing. We lay like that for at least an hour, just being together. It was amazing.

Eventually I said,

“Let’s do something.”

She looked up at me.

“What do you want to do?”

“I want you to do my makeup.”

She smiled.


“Yeah,” I said, smiling too. Honestly I liked how she did makeup even before I liked her, and I have wanted her to do mine for a while.

She gave me a peck on the lips and leapt out of bed. She’s seemed more herself lately. It’s been a couple months since I found her crying in the rain, and she still has plenty of bad days, but every now and then she has a good day, and I try to take advantage of those days as much as I can. She dresses herself properly now too, and boy is that good for me. Today she’s wearing a tight cropped red tank top and black high waisted leggings. If it were anyone else I’d say it was a little too formal for just hanging out, but I know that it’s just her style. And also why would I ever complain about her being in a crop top and high waisted leggings. She’s so freaking perfect it makes my head spin.

She turns around to grab my hand and pull me up. She catches me staring.

“What are you doing that for?” She asked, laughing a little.

“What am I supposed to do, not look at you in that outfit at every chance I get?” I say.

She laughs and pulls me over to my mirror, where my makeup is stashed. She doesn’t let go of my hand as she sits down on the ground and pats the spot next to her. I sit down too and pull out my makeup.

“Do your worst,” I say.

“I’ll try,” she replies with a laugh.

She surveys my makeup selection and pulls out what she might want to use.

“What kind of look are we going for today?” She asks, still looking at the makeup in front of her.

“Whatever you think is sexy,” I say, quite boldly since that subject has never really been discussed between us before. She snaps her head up and looks slightly surprised.

“Really?” She asks, with a side smile.

“Sure,” I say, with a small laugh.

“Well then I certainly know what I want to do,” she tells me, already reaching for the foundation.

I didn’t put any makeup on today, because I knew that seeing (y/cn) was the only thing on my agenda. She didn’t either, for what I assume are the same reasons.

She moves in front of me, as close as she can get, so our knees are touching. She puts some foundation on a makeup sponge and begins applying it to my skin. I tried to leave my eyes open but the feeling of the sponge on my skin, her other hand on the side of my face, and her slow breaths against my cheek are too much. I bask in all of the sensations, but all too soon, it’s over. I open my eyes, and must have a frown on my face because (y/cn) glances at me and chuckles.

“Why are you so sad hun?” She asks playfully.

“Why’d you have to stop?” I said, a smile growing on my face.

“Don’t worry, I’m far from finished,” she assured.

Next she took my concealer and put it wherever it needed to go, then she blended it in. I swear that I’m going melt by the time this is done. I don’t even bother opening my eyes when she’s done. I hear her laugh again and say,

“You enjoying yourself there?”

“So much,” I reply.

“Me too,” she says.

Next she uses powder to set everything, and follows that with contour and bronzer. I can’t even begin to describe how much nicer makeup feels when someone else is doing it. She fills in my eyebrows next. At this point I’ve stopped opening my eyes altogether. When I expect to hear the clattering of makeup products I feel arms rest around my shoulders. Before I even have time to think, I feel lips on mine. The kiss is slow and long but not too long, and when (y/cn) pulls away I finally open my eyes.

“What was that for?” I ask, dumbstruck and out of breath.

“You really think I can watch you sit so peacefully like that and not do anything about it?” She says, taking her arms off of my shoulders and turning back to grab my eyeshadow palette. The eyeshadow is easily my favorite part. She gently holds my jaw while the brush sweeps across my eye, I’m so relaxed that I almost feel like I’m meditating or something. The eyeshadow takes longer than everything else too, not that I’m complaining. (Y/cn) makes me open my eyes for eyeliner and mascara, but I don’t mind. The feeling of them both is just so strange and pleasant when she does it and I just never want it to end. She finishes the eyes and adds highlighter to my cheeks, nose, and brow bone. This brush definitely tickles the most, but I still like it.

“All done!” She explains. I open my eyes to find her smiling at me. It’s a glorious sight, one that I have to savor. I turn and look at the mirror and feel like I’m looking at a completely different person.

“Oh my god!” I exclaim, in awe. The contour is so immaculate, and the brows look way better than my real ones, I’m convinced that she switched them out. The most stunning part has got to be the eyes. It’s a light brownish pink smokey eye with a sparkly cut crease, and a simple winged eyeliner. (Y/cn) did amazing, it really does look perfect, not too much, not too little. I turn to her and say,

“I love it so much!”

She grabs my hand and says, “I’m glad.”

She’s still smiling and seeming kind of dazed, though I can’t figure out why. I turned back to the mirror to look at it some more when I realize something.

“Wait, why didn’t you do anything to my lips?” I asked.

She turned me toward her and slung her arms around my shoulders again. Her face was suddenly inches from mine.

“Because I didn’t want it all over mine,” she said in a breathier voice than usual. I barely had time to comprehend what she said before she crashed her lips onto mine. This kiss was different. This kiss was hungry. And I liked it. Her hands tugged at my hair while mine ran along the hem of her shirt. I couldn’t think, only do. She stood up and pulled me with her, then pushed me down on my bed. The next thing I knew she was straddling me and kissing me harder, if that was even possible. I let my hands travel below her back.

All of a sudden, we heard the garage door open. My parents were home. (Y/cn) pried her lips off of mine and look at me, clearly terrified. She stood up as I sat up.

“What do we do (y/n) what do we do what do we do?!?!” She was very flustered and her mouth was red. I did my best to hide my slight disappointment that she still doesn’t like the idea of people finding out about us.

“It’s fine we’re just hanging out,” I tried to calm her down. I stood up so we were level with one another. “They aren’t going to suspect anything as long as we act casual.” We hear a car pull in and doors open and slam. (Y/cn) seemed to get a little calmer. She looked at my face and giggled.

“Your mouth is red,” she said. I laughed too.

“So’s yours, so don’t touch it and let it go down,” I said, “my parents think I’m home alone, so they could come and check on me in five seconds or in ten minutes. The only thing I’m worried about is the fact that I never told them you were here, but we can find an excuse for that.”

“Let’s just say that I needed a ride to the store or something and we came back here for some food,” she said. I have to admit that it definitely is a pretty good plan.

“Yeah that sounds fine,” I say. I hear footsteps coming up the stairs so I quietly say,

“Okay let’s just sit on the floor and be talking.” (Y/cn) nods. I move to sit down and she grabs my arm.

“One more,” she says before giving me a quick peck on the lips. The redness on her face has gone down almost all the way so I’m not too worried, I just hope mine is doing the same. I hear footsteps leading up to my door so I brace myself. I hear knocking and my mom walks in. She sees me first and smiles but then notices (y/cn) and is surprised. I can tell she wants to say something but it looks like she doesn’t remember (y/cn)’s name.

“Mom remember (y/cn) from (y/mp)?” I say, to help her along.

My mom immediately nods,

“Of course! I just forgot your name for a second.” (Y/cn) give a reassuring smile and my mom turns back to me, obviously expecting an explanation but too polite to ask for one in front of (y/cn).

“I’m sorry mom (y/cn) needed a ride to CVS to get some things and she was home alone so I gave her a ride. I invited her back here for some food too, it’s only been like a half an hour though. I was going to text you but I forgot,” I hoped that it was convincing enough, and my mom seemed to buy it, so I was pretty sure we pulled it off.

“Did she also do your makeup?” My mom asked.

“Oh right, yeah she did.” I had completely forgotten about that since (y/cn) did it.

“Okay well that’s fine but does (y/cn) have a ride home?” She asked.

“Yeah I’ll drive her.” I said. (Y/cn) nodded. I could tell that my mom wasn’t 100% okay with all of this, but she didn’t suspect that we were together, and she was too polite to get mad at me in front of (y/cn). That was enough for me.

“Okay well let me know when you take her home,” she said.

“I will,” I assured. My mom nodded to both of us and left. (Y/cn) took a deep breath when she was gone. I was relieved that my mom wasn’t mad at (y/cn) but I was still a little hung up on the fact that (y/cn) didn’t want us to be seen together. I guess I looked a little perplexed because she moved closer to me and turned my chin toward her.

“What’s the matter?” She asked.

“Nothing, I just hope my mom isn’t mad that you’re here,” I lied. I’ll talk to her about what was really the matter later, but for now I don’t want to think about it. “I’m good, I promise,” I said with a grin, that part was not a lie.

“Okay,” she said. She leaned forward for one good long kiss. When she pulled away I couldn’t help but smile, how did I ever live without this girl?


(Like I said, way longer)

(Still protesting the fact that there are no tags with lesbian in them)

#lesbian #lesbians #lesbian couple #cute lesbians #lesbian romance #lesbian pride

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Just A Lesbian Romance: Part 2

Hurt/Comfort, Romance, pg 13, Lesbian Couple, ReaderXCrush

Context that I wrote it in: your friend who you previously thought was straight went through something really traumatic, you comforted her. You have come out to some people, but she never even knew she liked girls until you kissed.

(You can make up whatever context you want I made the detail vague on purpose)


She sent me a message

It said to come over

I asked where her family was

She said they were out

I went to her house

She said the door was open

I walked in and called for her

She faintly called back from upstairs

I peeked into every room until I found hers

She was wearing my jacket

She was laying on her couch

Her eyes were red from tears

She saw me and brightened ever so slightly

I walked in and closed the door behind me

I sat down beside her head and ran my fingers through her hair

It was silent for a while

She slowly sat up and pressed herself into me

I held her close

It was silent for a while more

Then she took a deep breath and untangled herself from me

Her face was close to mine

Her eyes were wide and much less red

On her lips was a small smile

She leaned up and pressed our lips together

I could feel her smile grow a little bit wider

My heart felt so full

I kissed her back

She was so perfect

And so beautiful

With no makeup and her was hair just natural

In her pajama pants and my jacket

She moved her lips like she meant it

And so did I

She tangled her hands in my hair

I held onto her waist

We stayed like that for a while

When we finally came up for air the only thing stained red were her lips

She was smiling

I was lovestruck

She thanked me

I asked what for

She told me that I made her feel happy again

I kissed her once more


(Once again not all of my pieces will be poems, this is just how I wanted to write this one)

(Also there are no lesbian tags so I’m protesting by adding these)

#lesbian #lesbians #lesbian couple #lesbian romance #lesbian pride

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