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happy spooky day and birth to the loml and OTGB (One True Goth Bitch) wei wuxian. hope he gets lots of kissies

(im in the process of making another one of these where theyre SWITCHED, bc lan zhan deserves kissies too, and also in WEDDING ROBES, because i realized about 75% of the way through this that that would probably be a better color scheme. School is kicking my ass so i wasnt able to finish it on time for his bday but like.. stay tuned for part 2 ig)

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@mdzsnet MDZS Novel 5th Anniversary Event // October 31st: Center your creation around a word that best describes Wei Wuxian -> “S H A M E L E S S ❗❕❗❕”

“Wei WuXian leaped down, tightly hugging Lan WangJi whose entire head was covered, and pushed him onto the bed, “Attack!” Lan WangJi, “…” Wei WuXian’s hands vulgarly touched and fumbled around his body, yet Lan WangJi still lay as quiet as dead, letting him do whatever he pleased. Wei WuXian lost interest just a while later, “HanGuang-Jun, why don’t you even resist a bit?”

- Ch 115: Extra - Banquet (Pt 2)

+ Bonus:

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Me? Coming up with a horror concept related to a fandom I’m in for Halloween? 


Trigger warnings: uhh…human experimentation, body horror, medical horror? a reference to suicide… Go into this knowing it’s fucked up.

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[MDZS Q EP 15] sorry I don’t have eng subs.

A-yuan wants to become like Weiwuxian. Then weiwuxian teaches him to eat spicy food and summon corpses and even suggests A-yuan could be the next successor of demonic cultivation. After his horrifying experience A-yuan decides he wants to become daddy Lan instead. 🤣🤣

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