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I know it’s stupid as fuck to be insulted that Mars’ teacher implied that I lost her two math books. I know it’s stupid because she doesn’t know me that well, so it’s entirely reasonable for her to assume that I’ve misplaced them.

But I am incredibly organized when it comes to Mars’ schooling. I have fucking labeled folders and everything is in only two specific places. I have worked hard to make sure everything is and stays organized.

So when she was like “oh, maybe you misplaced it” I got incredibly annoyed and, honestly, still am.

Again, I know this is stupid as fuck but also, this is absolutely the school’s fault and I’m annoyed at the implication that something they did is my fault.

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Mr. Geeky and I are going on a date tonight!

A car dealership near us is doing a drive-in movie with optional food delivery from a local restaurant. And since my Mom is visiting, we’ll have access to a car as well as a babysitter for Mars!

Everything just aligned amazingly and I’m so happy to be able to be able to do something like this.

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One of the worst things about having anxiety and having gotten covid is you know that during an anxiety/panic attack you often get the same “I’m breathing fine but somehow can’t get enough air” feeling as you did during covid. Which, of course, only increases the anxiety which of course ratchets up the whole “can’t get enough air” feeling and so now you’re fighting against a feedbook loop of the feeling and it’s just like

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Another thing I hate about covid is how you can’t get sick and/or have a cough anymore without it being A Thing.

Causes here’s the thing. Not only do I get really weird allergy symptoms but when I get a cold I get a nasty and long drawn out cold. Like, we’re talking 2 weeks of cold. (I joke that my immune system like to go party in the Bahamas without me.)

And you can’t just get allergies or a cold anymore. Now it’s a whole Thing where everyone you see you have to reassure, “no, it’s just my weird ass allergies” or “no, it’s just that my immune system likes to fuck off so I get a cold for two weeks”.

Anyway, my allergies are acting up and we’re on our way into cold season so fuck my life.

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Apropos of nothing: I have strong feelings about Final Destination 2 and how it really explores and expands on the premise of the original one in a way that few sequels to any other movies do and how all sequels to movies should look at it as an example of what sequels should do with the themes of the movies that came before them instead of just retreading what came before it.

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The amount of money I would pay for a Jaws dress is probably distressing but seeing as how no one appears to want to make one, I will never know.

(Brought to you by continual disappointment when Hot Topic sends me an email about having horror movie clothes and the only dresses they offer are t-shirt dresses.)

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I was like, why the fuck am I seeing a clothing collection from a movie that came out in 1996.

And, after googling it, of course it’s because a remake is coming out this summer.

Gotta admit I was immediately like “ugh” but apparently it’s written and directed by women. And it’s hard to not be a touch hopeful that a story about the complexities of relationships between women will be even better when written and directed by them.

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So, Mars, Mr. Geeky, and I have started playing Minecraft together and, y'all, I cannot recommend playing Minecraft with a five year old anywhere near enough.

It is amazing and adorable and I’ve been loving every single second of it.

This weekend I’ll try to get some screenshots of what she’s built because I absolutely need to show her building skills off.

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I try my hardest to balance my fatty love art with my other art. I think people deserve to know I do not find fat people disgusting. They’re people and can be quite beautiful in their own right. 

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