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Continuum - Chapter 5 Preview


Behind? Catch up HERE 😊

Amazing moodboard created by @crownofstardustandbone @therollingstonys thank you so much! 💖


“Pictures of what?” Ned asked as he suddenly appeared behind Peter’s left shoulder. Peter jumped, almost knocking into Gwen as he grabbed her hand, tugging her around.

“Jesus, Ned!” Peter exclaimed. “Dude, you can’t sneak up on me like that!”

Ned’s eyebrows knitted together. “Um… I didn’t, but okay. But what’re you taking pictures of?”

“Peter’s gonna get a telescope this coming weekend,” said Gwen.

“Really?” Ned said. “Dude, that’s so cool! Are you gonna let us come over and see it once you get it set up?”

“Ah, it’s gonna be up at the Compound,” said Peter. “Sorry.”

“Oh,” Ned said. “Well, I guess that makes more sense, since upstate’s probably better for stargazing. It just kinda sucks that you’ve gotta go up there every single weekend.”

“Eh, it’s not so bad,” Peter said. “It’s actually kinda nice to get out of the city every now and then. It’s a lot quieter up there.”

“Yeah, I guess. But since when did you like it quiet?” Ned asked. “You know what, nevermind. Wait till you hear what my mom heard yesterday at her book club.”

“You mean her gossip club, right?” Gwen asked as they made their way towards their homeroom classroom. “‘Cause I swear all your mom seems to do there is talk about people.”

“Well… yeah, that is part of it,” Ned admitted. “You know my mom just likes to know what’s going on, so…” He gave his head a quick shake. “Anyway, she told me that one of her friends was walking in the city on Saturday afternoon and saw Dr Stephen Strange go into a comic book store.”

“Who?” asked Gwen, shooting Peter a questioning look. “Am I supposed to know who that is or something?”

“He’s that rich doctor that drove his car off a mountain a few months ago,” said Peter. “The neurosurgeon?” He didn’t add that Dad had disliked Dr Strange ever since he and Papa had tried to get him to consult on Peter during his weeks-long coma after the battle in the Miami bunker, and that the surgeon had flat-out refused because he’d said that he didn’t work on children.

And no amount of begging, pleading, or bribing could get him to change his mind.

Oh well, it’d probably been for the best anyway. From what Peter had heard about Dr Strange, he was a massive jerk, and Dad did not have a good track record dealing with medical professionals who were jerks. Dad was amazingly generous with most of the doctors and nurses who had treated Peter back when he was little, and sick most of the time, but Peter had witnessed him dressing down plenty of arrogant or jerky ones too. Since Dad had enough intelligence and knowledge to pretty much get his own medical degree in any number of fields, he tended to figure out who he could trust and who he could not very quickly.

As it turned out, Dr Strange wouldn’t have been able to do anything for Peter anyway, and not getting him involved ended up saving his dads from having to explain Peter’s genetic mutation and enhancements to yet another person outside their family.

Now that Ned had brought him up, though, Peter had to admit he was pretty curious as to what the former surgeon had been up to in the last several months.

“Oh, yeah, I remember my dad saying something about that,” Gwen said with a nod. “Okay… so…?”

“Well, I guess after his accident, he kinda went nuts trying to find a cure for the nerve damage in his hands. Ended up selling just about everything he owned to try some really weird treatments,” said Ned. “And then one day he just up and disappeared. My mom’s friend thought he was dead until she saw him again.”

The full chapter will post on Monday, September 28th 😊

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The Empire Games - Part 5


Part 5 is now posted! 🦋

Ben lets out a soft groan as the palest flickers of dawn begin to stretch across the landscape, filtering between the surrounding skyscrapers. He flops onto his stomach, burying his face into his soft, plushy pillows as the light grows slowly but steadily brighter, trying to block it out. His sleep during the night was troubled, filled with disturbing dreams of Rey diving into a deep, black pool of water, only to emerge with yellowish eyes and her teeth sharpened into fangs. And of his father, the day the Empire officials came to take him away, screaming his name.


Read the full chapter HERE 💖

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The Empire Games - Part 3


He wonders if that kind of stuff still bothers Luke, or if he’s used to it by now. Ben doesn’t know much about Luke, just that he grew up as an orphan on a desert planet living with distant relatives until they died, and that he was transferred to Ajan Kloss shortly before his final eligible reaping.

Oh, and that he won his Games in a rather unconventional manner, one that apparently isn’t talked about much in the proper circles, whatever that means. Ben’s never heard anyone really speak ill of him, since aside from mentoring tributes he’s not really seen all that much. There’s mainly just a lot of grumbling around reaping time about the fact that since Luke’s victory, the closest Ajan Kloss has come to having another victor was Paige Tico, who made the final four.

Oh. And that he’s the son of Anakin Skywalker. Can’t forget that.

Read the full chapter on AO3 😊

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The Empire Games - Chapter One


“In Penance for their collusion with the Jedi criminals in the conflict known as the Clone Wars, the twelve planets who took up arms against the duly-elected Republic shall every year offer up one male and one female Tribute between the ages of ten and seventeen at a public Reaping. These Tributes will then be delivered to the custody of Coruscant, and then transferred to a public arena where they will fight to the death until a lone Victor remains.

This Pageant shall henceforth be known as, The Empire Games.”

Written for the Reylo Let’s Go To The Movies exchange, gifted to Reylotrash711 💖

New chapters will post every Monday until the story concludes.

Read it on AO3 😊

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Last line tag game!

Rules: post the last line you wrote then tag as many people as there are words in the line.

I was tagged by @norbertsmom thank you! 💖

From my upcoming superfamily fic Continuum 😎

Little did Tony know just what kind of rollercoaster they were stepping on.

That’s thirteen words 😳 so… tagging: @bethyedolphin9870 @frostysunflowers @sherlollyandspoilers @srebrnafh @jehbeeeh @crownofstardustandbone @joyful-soul-collector @peterstarkss @official-impravidus @jelly-pies @avengersnewb @wilmakins @thirstinart

Thanks so much for the tag! This was fun! 💖

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@docholligay I was thinking about this earlier and in know life is stressful right now soooo…. Here’s the outline of an AU based on Moulin Rouge where it makes sense that Haruka is the prostitute and Michiru the client.

Haruka is one of the “low tier” prostitutes at Moulin Rouge. She doesn’t make a ton of money so she supplements with helping keeping the entire building up and running. Between the two jobs she manages to keep her place at there but it’s always by the skin of her teeth.

Michiru is an upper class woman looking for high class prostitute. It has to be a high class prostitute because, of course, everyone knows and accepts that the upper class uses prostitutes but it’s only acceptable for them to use the high class ones. After all, someone with a pedigree like Michiru’s needs to show, even in her prostitutes, that she has incredible taste.

Michiru goes to Moulin Rouge to meet the Satine-stand-in and, through a variety of ridiculous and over-the-top mixups, meets Haruka instead. And sparks fly. And for a moment Michiru thinks that at least one thing in her life has turned out better than she thought. But then it turns out Haruka isn’t who she was supposed to meet.

But of course, Haruka’s head is full of true love and how it can overcome all so she pursues Michiru until she wins and they begin a covert relationship. However, they’re eventually round out. A lot (but not all) of the people at Moulin Rouge are outraged that Haruka would dare to steal from one of the shining stars of their get up (a lot of these people suddenly find themselves with just ridiculously bad luck and no one notices the Minako’s self-satisfied smirk) and people are appalled Michiru could sink so low. Haruka, seeing that Michiru is about to lose her standing in high society, which she considers far more important than her, pretends that she’s only been with Michiru because of the money and Michiru leaves in a rage.

However, eventually Michiru realizes what Haruka has done (be an idiotic martyr) and goes after her. After very dramatic declarations of love (on Haruka’s part) they agree to run away together, even though Michiru will be disowned and Haruka will lose her home. However, it won’t matter because they’ll be both be free and together.

Except, whoops, Michiru is dying and forgot to tell anyone and now she’s dead. It’s all very dramatic and sad. Trust me, I just can’t write it well.

Anyway, turns out that since Michiru had yet to be disowned by her parents, she still has a lot of money, all of which she leaves to Haruka (the will is somehow ironclad, shush, this is based on a movie where they fucking dance on clouds, just shush).

So Haruka ends up with all the freedom and the money in the world, which is what she had always dreamed of, but at the cost of Michiru’s life.

Again, it’s all very sad and dramatic. Trust me.

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Hey! Happy FFWF! 💖

Absolutely. For The Hunger Games fandom, I often find it difficult to get inside Katniss’s head. With how unreliable she can be at times in the books and some issues I have with the movie portrayals, she’s not an easy person for me to write. I far prefer writing in Peeta’s POV.

For Marvel, while I don’t ever write in his POV, Bucky is a character I often struggle writing for. In the movies we only got a few glimpses of his real, genuine personality in The First Avenger, and while I try to extrapolate on that to fit my story, it’s definitely a challenge for me.

For Star Wars, I find it easier to write in Ben’s POV than Rey’s, but she’s still not as difficult for me as Katniss 😆

This was such a fun question @joyful-soul-collector thank you! 💖

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Hey! Happy FFWF!

How much research I do depends a lot on what I’m writing. If it’s anything canon-based then I usually will reread or rewatch any related books or movies so I’m not contradicting anything unintentionally. I also will do a quick google search if I’m unfamiliar with a certain area that I’m trying to depict, or to make sure my terms are correct. For example, the story I’m currently writing has a few scenes where Steve is flying an aircraft. Using the proper terminology for him while he’s flying is important to me, so I did a fair bit of research for it.

I do try to stick a lot with what I already know, as I’m more comfortable writing stuff that I know 😉, but research can be a lot of fun as well 💖.

Thanks so much for the ask @joyful-soul-collector 💖

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Hey sweet anon, thank you so much for the ask! 💖

Because of their enhancements, I’ve always headcanoned that neither Steve nor Peter can get sick with any conventional illnesses. They both, however, can become injured, and while we’ve seen a bit of evidence about how not good of a patient Steve is when he’s injured, unfortunately for Tony, Peter’s pretty much the same. Both of Tony’s boys are very impatient with injuries, believing themselves to be almost infallible, which results in them both driving poor Tony mad with trying to keep them still long enough to just heal already. If it’s just Peter who’s hurt then Steve helps him, echoing Tony’s reminders that even with his enhancements he still needs to allow himself time to heal. But Steve’ll be damned if he’ll take his own advice, often forcing Tony to threaten to hold him down with one of his suits in order to keep him still.

This was so fun! Thank you so much again! 💖

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Hey, happy FFWF! Thank you so much for the ask! 💖

I wrote fics for The Hunger Games from late 2016 to spring 2018. I posted my first Iron Dad story also in the spring of 2018 and my first Superfamily story in early 2019. I also wrote two Star Wars fic earlier this year and am working on a third 🤓.

Thank you so much for the ask, this was fun! 💖

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Legend of Zelda (any game you want): link + nightmares

((thanks Annie! <3
I got carried away with this. Hopefully it’s entertaining :P
Send me a writing prompt cuz I’m procrastinating?))

In another life time, he would fall out of bed. His feet pat the floor, each step a cry in the night. He’d climb into his mother’s bed and curl into her, snuggle up tight. She’d wrap her arms around him without thinking and sing lullabies into his ear until his heart slowed and he fell asleep in her arms.

Now, he wakes up and reaches for the sword on his back to find nothing there. He’s alone in a dingy stable bed dressed down to his briefs. Sweat slicks his back and he feels his straw colored hair stick to his forehead. The guest in the bed next to him rolls to show him her back. Link imagines a sword bursting out her back and he moves to dress.

He packs his bags, places a few rupees on the sleeping concierge, and leaves for the chilly summer night.

He drops his bags next to a wooden bench and unsheathes his sword. Tabantha is a relatively safe region. Most monsters attack at dawn and dusk, not the dead of night. None the less, Link doesn’t sit until he inspects the back of the stable, the pile of hay bales, even the horses sleeping in their stall.

Satisfied he lights a fire and scrambles eggs in the cooking pot. He hums a lullaby while he works. It was about a father defending his child, at least the pieces Link remembers sound like it.

He makes too much, he always makes too much, and is debating about leaving the eggs simmering when a voice calls out.

“Hello, stranger!”

Link reaches for his sword before he turns to see a woman dressed in rito warm wear. He recognizes her face from the town.

“Mind if I join you?”

Link gestures to the eggs before stepping a bit away to wash his plate.

“You really don’t mind?” She hesitates at pulling a hand made bowl out. Link smiles and shakes his head. She takes what’s left.

“Thank you, stranger. It’s weird to see someone awake so late at night.”

Link shrugs. She must not recognize him. All the better, Link tries to stay inconspicuous when visiting towns.

“I prefer to travel at night. Fewer people. And monsters, if you’re careful. Bokoblins make noise from a mile away.”

The woman eats with her mouth open. Link smiles gently and buckles his pack onto his belt.

“Oh, you’re leaving already?” Link nods and waves at the woman.

“Let me thank you for the eggs, please!”

He shakes his head and starts jogging down the road before she can rummage through her bag.

He hears a gentle, “Thank you!” as he walks. He tucks the kindness in a corner of his brain to help chase tomorrows nightmares away.

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A present for @docholligay! This was an interesting experience because, unlike the two fics I’ve written in the past year or two, I knew I wanted to write a fic but had nothing specific in mind. I came up with the first paragraph and then thought of different things that could go with it. This is what I came up with and I’m quite happy with it. I hope everyone enjoys!

Michiru was unsure how many deities she had upset and how many different lives she had done so, but it must have been more than a few in both cases. It was the only explanation for the situation she currently found herself in. 

She had often found villains to be unpleasant but this was quite beyond the pale. It was deplorable enough that Haruka had gotten herself kidnapped and put, if one believed the villain, into “eternal sleep”. It was appalling enough that she had been listening to a monologue that was now coming to the ten minute mark. But it was absolutely abominable that apparently this particular villain had read too many fairy tales and had come to the decision, with what truly miniscule brain power he had, that he wanted the Senshi to relive them. 

Michiru had no idea what fairy tale the other Senshi had found themselves in but she would dare any of them to say that they had it worse off than her. Yes, rescuing Haruka from a thorn-covered castle and giving her true love’s kiss (only years of practice in keeping her face placid kept her from physically grimacing when he said that) was easy. But everyone would agree that dealing with the aftermath of it, of dealing with a Haruka who had somehow found herself in the place of princess instead of prince, was going to be a truly abysmal experience. (For all involved. Michiru had no reason to save everyone else from the constant complaining that was looming in her future and she was a firm believer that if she had to suffer, so did those around her. Besides, perhaps Minako’s obnoxiously loud behavior would finally prove itself useful and she would draw Haruka’s attention and thus take the majority of the complaining on herself.)

Keep reading

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Have a long form fiction class and I submitted my 60 pages for reading last Monday, my workshop is tomorrow.

It’s been a week and I am so desperate for feedback I’m bothering my friends and family that have it like feedback? Feedback please? Please, ma’am, may I have some feedback?

I’m dying to know. I feel like a needy cockatiel.

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Harumichi angst for everyone! This is the fic that’s been rambling about in my head for quite a while now and I finally got tired of it running itself into circles, so here it is. Inspired, as all of my Harumichi fics are, by @docholligay.

Michiru did not pray. It seemed a rather pointless endeavor, when all was said and done. 

Either deities didn’t care to exist and thus her pleas were heard by no one or the deities that did exist were cruel and she didn’t particularly care to draw their attention.

However, desperation can sometimes make even the most skeptical into a temporary supplicant. And standing amidst the wreckage of all that she had held dear, surrounded by the bloodied and broken bodies of those she had cared for, she couldn’t stop the unspoken prayer from sweeping through her, like a wave crashing on the surf. 

Please. Not this. I’ll do anything.

A heartbeat.

Keep reading

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When Archie Hopper tries to counsel a young woman dealing with her own eventual death, how can he cope with his own feelings and need to do his best? Archie (Jiminy) / OC.

Chapter 15 of Tu Me Manques has been posted! Morphine. Here’s a tease:

“I never got my medical proxy papers out of there to give to Dr. Whale,” Cherise admitted sheepishly. She wrinkled her nose and looked up at Archie with her dark, exhausted eyes. Silently, Archie brought over the bag and removed the lone paper from the bag. He skimmed it and set it down upon the rolling side table to give it a final look-over for Cherise’s approval. As he was setting the tote bag down next to the recliner he had been occupying not long before, he realized the important medical papers lacked quite a bit of information that was required.

He stared at Cherise and furrowed his brows at her, happy to remove himself from the subject of rooming together at last. “You never filled these out! Cherise! This is unlike you!”

“I have an excuse.”

“I’m sure you do, but these are important! What if something terrible happens?” Archie felt his heart leap to his throat. He suddenly saw Cherise in his mind’s eye, slipping into a coma. Yet without the papers signed, there was no one to decide on Cherise’s behalf. There was no one to protect her. Immediately Archie saw himself fighting to try to keep Cherise alive, but in vain. But she’s still in there and I know it! She just needs time to pull through! Please no! I know she can make it. She just needs time. She needs time to heal. Please don’t do this. She’s in there. She’s in there… Give her a chance.

“Archie. Earth to Archie… Hopper!” Cherise droned. Archie snapped from his nightmarish daydream and shook his head to shake off the image of his adored patient looking so helpless and grey within his mind. He fluttered his eyes over and over until the haunting image had left.

Please give it a read and review. New to the story?

Chapter one right here!

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When Archie Hopper tries to counsel a young woman dealing with her own eventual death, how can he cope with his own feelings and need to do his best? Archie (Jiminy) / OC.

Chapter 14 of Tu Me Manques has been posted! The Still Small Voice. Here’s a tease:

His eyes glazed over as he scanned the area for Henry’s form. He didn’t see the boy, but he spied the back of Mayor Mill’s head. Surely she was hovering over that imaginative and bright child, shielding him off from his birth mother. Regina was probably reeling after Archie’s departing words to her about insisting how he would be treating her son from now on. If she was going to do her worst, then he promised he was going to do his best. Those words, powerful enough, granted him a special sort of strength and enabled him to stand much longer than he assumed he could. He didn’t feel like a hero, but Archie did have that wonderful feeling of his words giving him wings. Or maybe that woozy feeling of being detached from the earth was his head rushing from that goose egg that was starting to throb. He reeled forward with an uneasy feeling in his stomach. So much for standing. He was lucky, and he knew it, to have Marco suddenly brace him up.


“It’s a head rush. I’ll be okay.”

Please give it a read and review. New to the story? Chapter one right here!
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Twenty-eight years and you’ve been the psychiatrist to a doomed patient. You try to help her cope with her eventual demise. You do all you can to make each transitioning moment a little easier on her and yourself. Eventually you realize you’ve become part of her.

Every Tuesday, Archie Hopper has spent his late afternoons with a kindergarten teacher with a terminal ailment. As he begins to help her open up to the world, a friendship develops.

Who counsels a psychiatrist?

Chapter Nine: Social Conventions is live!

Archie is out to pick up Cherise for the party. It’ll be good for both of them to do some socializing, right?

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