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urfaveisunfuckable · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
the lizard from geico is unfuckable! sure whatever. switching to geico can save you 15% or more on car insurance. fuck
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cyberianpunks · 5 months ago
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a prison without walls where prisoners never dream of escaping
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harveyguillensource · 9 days ago
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Harvey’s August mystery project is revealed! Harvey’s in a new Geico commercial! Looking amazing in the same shirt he wore in his recent Lane Dorsey shoot!
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oldinterneticons · a month ago
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Forget icons! I just saved a load of money on my car insurance by switching to Geico!
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The Geico commercials pothole is going to super hell for gay crimes  and not having a cellular!!!
requested by: Anonymous
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I've decided to create a new meme format for systems because of this reddit comment. Use to your hearts content, DID and OSDD community.
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Here's a blank one.
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archiesoniconline · a year ago
Tumblr media
Sonictober Day 22!  Theme: Flo(w).  Sorry, Sonic... you’re thinking of that OTHER car insurance company.  Have you tried looking for a gecko that’s obsessed with television?
Art by @markandflops
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grimreapermandy · 5 months ago
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graypixllc · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
GEICO Cavemen. Pentax 645, 75mm. Ilford 3200. NIK Silver Efex 
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dxmerons · 8 months ago
Jean: if the teacher doesn’t come to class after 15 minutes then we’re legally allowed to leave. Scott: what am i supposed to do for 15 minutes?
Peter: well 15 minutes can save you 15 percent or more with geico home and auto insurance
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that1betch · 2 months ago
Car insurance is such a fucked concept, if you think about it. I am a living flesh-earth being, and yet my life necessitates riding around in a plastic metal cage burning dead dinosaurs just to do the things I need to do to survive.
And that whole contraption is so vital to my existence, such a necessity, that if it were to be destroyed, I would need it to be replaced to continue surviving. But to replace it, I can't just craft a new one myself, I can't just grab my friends and have a good old fashioned barn raising for my box on wheels, no.
I need the abstract concept of currency to replace it. But like most people I can't afford to replace this necessity with my own currency, I need to borrow currency, I need insurance, I need debt.
The degrees of which I am alienated from all modes of product and production is a result of industry. Industry is the root of alienation. Industry must be destroyed.
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coachtfd · 2 months ago
If you’re Manchester United, you bring promising young talent into your club and refuse to play them, it’s what you do. If you want to save 15% or more on car insurance, you switch to GEICO, it’s what you do.
Tumblr media
*Yes, I see he’s starting Sancho tonight.
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prolifeproliberty · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
Hey look, you're in a screenshot!
Lol is this going to be the new Venn diagram post?
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crybabyddl · 7 months ago
I just gotta say... the wet teddy bear commercial is funny. I like it.
but nothing will ever beat liberty biberty
Or the geico commercial with the basketball player who knocks things out of the way and goes “NOT IN MY HOUSE” “NOT TODAY” “*finger wag*” “OH HO HO!”
Or the geico commercial with the wad of cash that has eyeballs and it has the song (I always feel like) somebody’s watching me. (My sister went as that for halloween one year. My dad made the costume and then followed her around with a boombox playing the song💀)
Or the geico commercial where they have an ant problem and it’s a bunch of AUNTS in their house criticizing the food in their fridge, etc.
Or the geico commercial where it’s this guy on a motorcycle singing build me up buttercup and then it cuts to him painting the white lines on a baseball field but he was so distracted by his savings daydream that he got the white paint everywhere and he turns to some guy on a ladder and asks “do you think anyone will notice?” And the guy just goes “...YES.” And i think he goes “ugh. Carl.” But that might be another commercial.
Or the original jake from state farm commercial “What are you wearing ‘jake from state farm’?” “Uh... khakis?”
Or the one they did for the super bowl with the clever “DRAKE from state farm”
and then there’s one where he asks for a bare naked lady but it cuts off at “bear naked-“ so it’s a giant fucking bear😭
And isn’t there one where he asks for a literal sandwich like just a fucking turkey sandwich or am i tripping?😭😭😭
And then there’s one where the guy wants to replace his wife or something idek that might’ve been a movie or an snl skit tho idk
But that reminded me of the vine that goes “like a good neighbor, all state is there!” And this guy pops up and looks at the guy’s shitty car and says “shit! You better buy a BICYCLE!” And his voice cracks and it’s the funniest thing
That also reminds me of the vine where it’s like “GOOD CREDIT, BAD CREDIT, NO CREDIT, NO PROBLEM! ARE YOU DEAD? FUCK IT, GHOST CREDIT!” And then it cuts to the same guy but with a white sheet over hid head and he says “IM GONN GE TA SUBARU” AND ITS JUST FUCKINT HILARIOUS.
I feel like i could make a vine compilation with jatp as vines that have ghosts involved bc there’s that one (^^^^) the one where the guy slips on the hardwood floor in a sheet and it cuts to the person saying “who’s there?!” And the ghost shouts from the floor “nobody, fuck off!”
And then the one where the little kid tries to scare their dad but running up to them wearing a sheet and the dad opens a pantry door and knocks them over and doesnt seem them bc they’re so short that he looks over them😭
And julie is the girl in the vine where it’s like “if there are any spirits with us here tonight, tell me, does this sound like shakira? Leh leh loh leh loh leh”
And then the ORIGINAL set of flo from progressive commercials before jamie/jaime, before the bundle. Back when it was just the name your price tool and it was the hip hop happening halloween costume of the late 2000s...😌
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microbatz · 4 months ago
i really, really want to put the GEICO gecko in a saw trap
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enbies-and-felonies · 8 months ago
sometimes life is wondering if you get more gender envy from the geico lizard (gecko?) or from the onceler
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emostuffandmemes · 3 months ago
My dumb ass remembering this AWESOME cameo
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