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#gem babbles
bamfbuddie · 2 days ago
I'm honoured you picked me to fill your shoes, but I'm glad I don't have to. I like being me.
Ravi Panikkar (9-1-1 5x05)
Be yourself people! Someone will always appreciate you for who you truly are. Take inspiration but don’t make it your life’s mission to be 100% like someone else. Don’t change for other people. 
Just be you. Like being you. Learn to love and live for yourself. I know it’s hard to do sometimes but never give up.
and always know, you are enough. If anyone ever needs to talk, my dms and inbox are always open. 
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bamftarlos · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
“What the hell was that back there?” TK asks, once they are alone.
Carlos shrugs. “I don’t like sharing.” 
“Possessive much?” 
“You love it,” Carlos says smirking at TK.
TK rolls his eyes, trying to fight back his smile.
Tumblr media
Carlos’ smirk widens into a grin.
Gifs by me, aka @bamfbuddie/@bamftarlos, please credit if you use them. 
Also this totally happened or will happen, whatever.
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lilbabygem · 5 months ago
so i’m butch and like wearing mens clothing when i’m Big cuz i like being all comfy and handsome and wearing mens clothes make me happy.
but when i’m little i really wanna wear nice frilly poofy big dresses so i can spin and make the skirt twirl and i wanna be all cutesy and small
so whenever i’m on the edge of big an small my brain doesnt know what to wear. does anyone have this problem lol
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ravenscat-tumbler · 2 years ago
Can we just imagine Dean and Cas in a motel about to have sex, still wearing their clothes, and Dean falls back on the bed, dragging Cas with him. He lands and it’s fine but when Cas lands on top of him they hear a loud crack and the bed just hits the floor and Dean is all confused and shocked for a second before he realizes they just broke the fucking bed. He looks up at Cas who has no expression on his face, but Dean can tell he's fighting a smile. Dean cracks and his lips twitch before he bursts out laughing and Castiel just breaks, and they giggle stupidly for the next five minutes till someone bangs on the wall and they finally settle down on the broken bed and just watch crappy late night shows till Dean falls asleep. :D:D:D:D
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breezy-cheezy · a year ago
Does anyone have like....good gen Avatar: the Last Airbender fics they can rec to me...? I mean as long as shipping isn’t the main focus....also if they really involve Zuko that’d be great.
I just...I first got into ATLA when I didn’t know fanfiction was a thing as a kid?? So, getting into it again, I’m having a hard time finding the good stuff, idk. I’m in love with the show again so I’d like some help poking through the fics...........please?
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anghraine · 2 days ago
A GW2 thing I’m angsting over to a ridiculous degree and already screamed about on Twitter, but anyway:
My PC in GW2 is named Althea, after Lady Althea from GW1, an early teacher for mesmers who is engaged to the Ascalonian prince and burned alive by the Charr in their invasion. I really liked her (and her fabulous outfit) and her horrifying death is one of the reasons for my undying resentment. Anyway, there’s a mission to find out what happened to her, and then to recover her ashes and return them to her father so her ghost can have peace.
The point of all this is that the ashes survive into GW2, as an actual item that you can wear as an accessory. Like, it goes in the slot where you put earrings and stuff.
So on the one hand ... there’s a canon Althea item! Althea was one of my faves and I personally recovered her ashes! I should try to get it!
On the other hand, I feel like wearing a murdered, long-dead woman’s ashes as a fashion accessory is kind of ... uhhh ... well. A bit much.
I thought of instead getting a red iris flower for the slot in memory of my #1 fave, Gwen Thackeray, but I’m already wearing a different Gwen item and don’t have an Althea item. I DON’T KNOW.
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atlasira · 6 months ago
seeing Ludia give out 500 free gems all of a sudden but then going on social media and seeing fans say it’s just hush money bc of the recent changes:
Tumblr media
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purpleswift · a year ago
reblog and put in the tags your favorite song from folklore
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bamfbuddie · 9 days ago
9-1-1 5x04: Home & Away
Can we just talk about the scene where Buck and Eddie are talking after Buck gets punched? Like Buck asks if Eddie thinks Chim would forgive him and Eddie goes ‘no’ 
Tumblr media
and then glances at Buck who’s eyes just lost all their sparkle and he looks like a kicked puppy. 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
HE IMMEDIATELY SAYS HE’S KIDDING (TWICE) BECAUSE HE HATES TO SEE BUCK LIKE THAT and then adds ‘maybe’ just so he could get Buck to smile which he does.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
and then the way BUCK LOOKS AT EDDIE AFTER?!! Explain yourself Buckley. It just seems like you had a realization of something? Maybe the fact that no one knows how to cheer you up like your best friend does?
Tumblr media
Also they totally could’ve done this scene with Buck and Taylor too, she’s known them long enough at this point, but nope, they did it with Eddie and Buck. 
ok im done rambling. 
send me your thoughts for this weeks episode and next weeks promo!
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bamftarlos · 8 months ago
Omggg so I think Ronen just like comments without reading them, cos I’ve found comments he has liked where ppl were shipping him and Rafa 🤣🤣🤣
Oh, that boy knows exactly what he’s doing. 
He probably ships himself and Rafa 😂 
Tumblr media
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lilbabygem · 12 months ago
I got an idea for a gender neutral name for caregivers!
Like how people use Dada or Papa or Mama, how about Caga! It’s like trying to say caregiver but with baby vocab
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nerdstreak · 7 months ago
just thinkin of pkmn s/i stuff and just fuckin kfjgjfjf dawn just being like "ill beat the new champ for u big sis!!" and then she returns with the fuckin legendaries n shit and im just "you beat,,,, the champ,,, and captured the god of time/space to do it" "yeah for you!!" ".... .. ... thank u.."
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cactuarkitty · 4 years ago
I’ve finished the edits for Samantha Traynor, Shepard, EDI, and Eve weeks. Actually is there an Eve week? Hmmm. Now to do the rest. I hope I can also make gif sets for all the weeks too. Trying to be super prepared.
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atlasira · 4 months ago
mc buying vitoria/sage the cloak she wanted completely unprompted and even without the player having to choose anything bc they’re just wholesome like that vs us needing to pay actual gems just for mc to do a quick google maps search in order to help noah/antoine survive a blizzard in alaska
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arborealfeast · 3 months ago
omg btw i didnt post my nails but they look cute 👀
Tumblr media
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novemberocean · 7 months ago
I read all your tags on that phineas and ferb post and I have so much respect for you
Im so sorry. I live and breathe that shit
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bamfbuddie · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Ignore Bobby in the last gif. You don’t see him, he’s not there.
Also I had to do this.
Also ignore the shitty gif quality, idk what happened. 😩
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