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#gemini venus

💞🦋🎯: quick thought while i’m doing my chem hw LMFAO 😭

gemini = knowledgeable in 100 different things (think of the quote: “jack of all trades, but master of none.”

sagittarius = devoted to one particular area of study

gemini stelliums need to master the art of devoting themselves to just one area of study while sagittarius stelliums need to expand more outside of the boundaries they put on their learning experiences.


stelliums are a lot of concentrated energy in one house, they tend to bring out the energy of the opposite sign they are in.

it is like eating your favorite food way too much bc its your favorite & youre used to it, but eventually you grow tired of it & need something different.

with stelliums its the same way, that “something different” is the energy of the opposite sign that you need to incorporate more of.

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capricorn: I’m a bitch

libra: I’m a lover

aries: I’m a child

cancer: I’m a mother

gemini: I’m a sinner

virgo: I’m a saint

sagittarius: I’m your hell

pisces: I’m your dream

taurus: I’m nothing in between

aquarius: I’m a tease

leo: I’m a goddess on my knees

scorpio: I’m your angel undercover

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taurus sun + gemini moon + leo ascendant + gemini venus + cancer mars + taurus mercury

~ social, idealistic, lively, tenacious, clever ~

Me - OSHUN | CYANIDE - Daniel Caesar | Little Talks - Of Monsters and Men

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❤️deep talks about anything and everything

❤️Scorpio can be jealous and possessive which the flighty Gemini absolutely loathes, so this is something that needs to be compromised

❤️laughs about weird shit together and has so many inside jokes

❤️other people feel comfortable being a third wheel with them because they have the ability to act like just friends around other people

❤️have a ton of couple friends

❤️struggles with Scorpio wanting physical intimacy and Gemini wanting mental intimacy and the other not always able to give that

❤️whenever Gemini wants to go out and socialize by herself, it’s not an issue for Scorpio who values his alone time and needs it to recharge

❤️penny and Leonard from Big Bang vibes


Originally posted by the-bigbangtheorygifs

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🧡has little obsessions with people constantly, but they come and go quickly

🧡thinks about all their crushes while exercising, gotta keep people falling in love with them

🧡the type to date multiple coworkers and then have it be uncomfortable working with a staff full of exes 🥴

🧡needs to work in a beautiful, yet mentally stimulating environment

🧡has trouble focusing at work when they have someone on their mind

🧡likely to be a model

🧡if they’re going to stay in a relationship, that person needs to keep them on their toes and stimulate them in more ways than one. For the love of all things holy DONT BE BORING

🧡loves to exercise and engage in self-care, but it needs to be exciting or theyll just constantly be in search of something new

🧡needs a routine, a lack of structure can really throw them off

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hello :o) i think i may have done a quick interpretation of gemini venus earlier, but basically these individuals are extremely intelligent and love to learn. they need someone who can challenge their intellect. i personally don’t think they have commitment issues, but rather, they have trouble finding a partner who can keep them captivated and mentally stimulated at all times. most are extremely talkative and they love when people listen to them talk as well as engage in conversation with them!! (mercury influence). will probably want to know all the little details about you. good at making people feel comfortable and are also really funny. natural flirts too, i’ve noticed.

aquarius risings! i love y’all!! they definitely don’t care about following social norms at all. really value their independence and prefer to be alone. another thing i have noticed: they either respond to texts in 2 seconds or 2 days lmao. if they seem like they don’t care, don’t take it personal because they’re definitely hanging out in their own world. i also noticed they are very good at reading people. they’re reserved, but not shy. y’all just try and stay out of the mix for your own peace of mind, but you can also enjoy socializing as well. oh, lastly they’re not necessarily your traditional idea of a rebel. they are fixed signs, so not very open to changing their established beliefs. however, these beliefs already don’t align with societal expectations

venus trine ascendant people are always so nice. they have a very warm energy to them and they are good at making people feel comfortable in social situations. i would interpret gemini venus trine aquarius rising as an individual who pops in and out of your life. definitely don’t think it would be someone you talk to every single day or even that frequently, but when y’all do talk, it’s always for a long time. they’re easy to open up to and value your opinions. although they tend to avoid conflict, they do enjoy having discussions about controversial topics, especially those involving current events. they also really value partners who share the same interests as them, especially because they would be obscure (aquarius influence). very sweet people, but they do need their space and people, specifically romantic partners, to respect their boundaries :)

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🍁 astrology observations 🍁

A/N: i always love reading these because im interested in people’s experiences and what they’ve noticed so i thought i’d hop along the trainnn :)

DISCLOSURE: these are my OPINIONS and common traits i’ve noticed regarding people who shared these placements. If said something about your placement doesn’t mean you HAVE to be like that, we’re all different!

also this is my first one so im doing my best here ladies and gents :)

💥 leo sun/1st/7th/11th house people attract a LOT of simps on the internet. if ykyk 😗

💥 12th house suns are SOOOO magnetically attracted to each other it’s insane.

I have personal experience with this!

💥 fire moons actually tend to be the most chill people in my experience

just don’t poke the bear lmao

💥 pisces moons in particular are SOOO MESSY!! Physical appearance is kept quite neat, but their space, oh lordy-

my mom has many virgo placements/virgo dominant and even tho she has an obsession with cleaning, she’s ALWAYS the one leaving clothes, cups, wrappers, etc.

💥 capricorn mercuries tend to over explain everything often unnecessarily.

not even in a bad way its just kinda funny

💥 the aqua suns, scorpio moons i’ve met are SO GOOD at detaching from their emotions, looking at them almost in a 3rd person type of light.

💥 i feel like libra suns are often walked/talked over with how socially moldable they are. same goes for libra mars except they’re more chill/dgaf abt it.

💥 aries moons have such intense emotions and very little control. poorly developed, they don’t care who gets caught in the explosion of their outbursts. *sips tea*

💥still aries moons are some of the most honest people and always end up owning up to thier shit one way or another. 👏👏


as an aries mars i am  j e a l o u s .

💥 VIRGO PLACEMENTS (ESP MERCURY) ARE SO STUBBORN IN THEIR BELIEFS! this is because they are such traditionalists so basically its their way or the high wayy~

💥 pisces moons always have a victim mentality in some way shape or form. its like the world revolves around ur mf emotions or smth??

in my experiences ofc. sorry bb :/

💥 mars in the first natives radiate such masculine energy regardless of gender.

💥 conversely, venus in the first radiates very feminine/soft energy.

energy doesnt reflect gender or appearance, this is just the aura you give off :)

💥 undeveloped pisces venus will literally get depressed if they don’t have someone/something to daydream about/plan for themselves.

💥 poorly developed cancer suns can be so emotionally manipulative aND PETTY!

💥 i love my cancers tho dont get me wrong :(

yall are the loves of my god damn life. 😔

💥 libra risings always give off such a beautiful and sexy aura YALL ARE JUST SO BEAUTIFUL.

💥 leo risings just ☀️ s h i n e ☀️

💥 12th house mercuries can be sooo awkward sometimes/have trouble w/ communicating.

💥 communication flows really easy w/ 1st and especially 11th house mercuries.

💥 leo mars (usually males) are hella possessive and overly cocky, facade or not.

change my mind jk bitch u cant ;)

💥 aqua risings are present yet so incredibly distant in social situations. like yeah you’re on the same physical plane but they just vibing somewhere else in their mind lmaoo.

💥 leo suns always get attention and either LOVE it or absolutely HATE it- depends on house and aspects, but they get it either way.

💥 attraction to people that have their sun as your sun sign/sister sign is absoLUTELY REAL.

you can also go in depth with similar sign synastry, but i’m no expert at that lmao

💥 inheriting genetic placements is really common! ex: i’m the daughter of two aquarius suns with earth dominance and water moons, I’m a cap sun, moon, mercury with aqua rising and a water venus.

💥 pisces suns are hit or miss for me. they are such dreamy and creative people, but poorly developed can be quite delusional, moody, and always acting like they’re out of place.

💥 venus in the first people tend to loveee aesthetics and often have thier own that stands out to others.

even if they don’t see it themselves! ❣

💥 gemini venus individuals are always friendzoning or getting friendzoned. smh.

💥 mars in the 3rd house people tend to have deeper/soothing voices for their gender.

esp. taurus mars/house

💥 libra moons are literally so sweet.

that’s it, thats the observation.

🍁 written by; @arosmoon on 10/15/20 🍁

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~ inbox me ur crush’s or partner’s placements (sun, moon, rising most importantly but can include venus, mars, mercury as well!) & i’ll give you advice about wooing them based on their chart ~


Gemini Sun ☀️ 11th house

Sagittarius Moon 🌙 5th house

Cancer Rising 💫

Gemini Venus ❤️ 11th house

Virgo Mars 🛠 3rd house

This person has an adventurous spirit, compassionate demeanor, and witty mouth! What a fun combination for a potential significant other :) As a Cancer Rising, they are a very gentle person who can make anybody feel cared for or appreciated. They radiate warmth and friendship. This person needs a “best friends to lovers” type of movie trope for their ideal relationship. It shouldn’t be hard to become friends with them since they’re so friendly! You can impress them by showing them you care about who they are as a person, not just somebody to be in love with or have sex with. Commitment might be a touchy subject for this person so I would try and avoid mentioning this until they give you some kind of sign first that they are feeling very strongly about you. If they feel they are restricted or bound, they will rebel and it will probably hurt your feelings. Let them be the free spirit that they are. Show them your fun side. Take them on unique dates and explore new places with them. This person likely loves sports and/or some form of art. If this is an interest the 2 of you share, take advantage of that! This person loves to learn and loves to talk. But they need somebody to listen to them and care about what they say! As they take on new interests, support them in that. They likely have a lot of different hobbies. Asking them to share their knowledge with you will be a huge turn on for them. On the down side, this person may be too critical, have an avoidant attachment style or change their feelings for you more often than you can understand.

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i don’t put intros to my writing, but as a disclaimer this one is a bit long as well as raw. tw // this piece touches subjects like emotional abuse, gaslighting, anxiety, and manipulation

“constant fear residency”

time mends nothing as ballads so romantically put it,

time only repress, and i only repent.

though i recall the image of hands from observing them closely, i could never get their shapes right, and i don’t know what they look like lovingly. i only know them brutal. i only know them taking things away from me.

the confidence i left with people seem to have been misplaced; i mention my issues with trust like it was a natural thing to say, and these days i seem to be running out of loyalty for myself, despite preaching how my energy shouldn’t be siphoned, how my empathy runs deep but i shouldn’t empathize with everybody. i’m not known for the words i speak unless they’re written, unless they’re spilled over gory love letters or out loud at the back of a taxi driver’s car. i am not as wise as id like to be, sadly.

i still don’t know how to ask for things i needed to hear, i am still hurt when there’s no transparency, but i am still the one responsible for not reciprocating any honesty.

im sorry i lied to protect me.

i am still inhibited with the notions that confrontation is violent, i’m the homeowner of this constant fear residency.

communication is key but the ones i know of were harsh and deceitful; communication drives me wild, i could ignite, but burn out if there’s too much.

(please just tell me you’re sorry)

an ex-boyfriend once told me that i don’t speak out my feelings enough, i’m not sure i know how unless i was asked. if i get distant its because im having conversations in my head, i’d say things i knew i was supposed to say, and ill play it out until it gets ridiculous enough for me to realize that i’ve done the right thing by keeping my mouth shut. but is it right if i encourage myself to never sound things out?

ah me, splurging on fucking poems again. the last two nights have been restless, and i’ve been so full of rage, i’ve carried burdens for too long and not knowing when or where i can put them to rest. will i know as i age? (please just apologize to me)

i can convince myself i’m the one who made the mistake of not pointing out my boundaries well enough, i can convince myself im overreacting, i can’t say for sure i am just reacting, this has happened to me before, did i set myself up to get hurt each time i pretend i am okay with everything?

come tomorrow these thoughts will rise again with the sun, i’ll put them to bed with the moon, but it wont die unless i admit that i don’t feel right. please don’t manipulate me when i do confront and ask you to take accountability. please just let me have your apology. please just say sorry without me having to be guilty.

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Astro observations n°3

credit : @piscesweepon

🌺 Sun conjunct Venus people are obsessed with the idea of being in love relationship. They might have many crushes and they visualise the possibility of being in couple with each of them.

🌺 I’ve noticed that many Sagittarius Mercury are actually not very open-minded. Usually, they only see one side of things and have fairly conservative opinions. However they will not hate or discriminate someone if they disagree with their opinions or choices.

🌺 Gemini Venus individuals may often be unsure of their feelings. They can flirt with you one day but stop it another day because they don’t know what they really want or feel. Or they may just think that it’s all for fun when in fact it involves someone’s feelings. In my opinion, Gemini venus is in the top 5 venus signs heartbreakers.

🌺Libra Mars is the least sexual Mars sign. Their libido is low and they can live without sex or even masturbation very well.

🌺Capricorn Mars are either very closed on the subject of sexuality either very open about it. Not in the between.

🌺 Many important and famous figures have Leo MC. It’s a good placement to become recognised and successful.

🌺Leo Ascendant is for me the most noticeable rising sign. It’s basically hard to tell what’s their sun sign as they have this strong Leo aura.

🌺 When there are many aspects to North Node in a synastry chart, the two people may feel like they are made for each other. They can have many issues and their relationship may be difficult but they’ll never forget one another. It will be really hard for them to let go each other.

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Leo sun & cap moon, you may be generous, loyal, and caring towards ur close ones/loved ones-yet maintain a mature, sophisticated thinking of responsibilities and morals. Cap moons are quite the productive worker when they set their goals, there is a seriousness yet quiet child friendliness to them. With capricorn rising, you may come off as cool/professional, or look like you are very well prepped for things, and this may be your outer shell towards strangers or ppl who don’t know you too well. With your mars in leo, you can get rlly passionate about the things you love/hobbies/goals, and you don’t give up and pursue your path/choices. Gemini venus prompts you to be quite the charming conversationer with your partner, and you may fall for someone who has a lot of intellect or piques your interest constantly (through communicating or just talking to you) and similarly you like to have stimulating conversations with your friends, and new topics/things to try out.

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hi! okay i haven’t worked with mutual reception much, so i apologize in advance if this one is not too detailed and accurate! when planets are in mutual reception, i always think of it as a conjunction, meaning that the energy of the two planets are blended and will come off more intensely.

taurus mercury can take a long time to come to a decision or form an opinion, but when they do, they are extremely firm in their beliefs (also very good  singers) since they are a fixed sign. they have a slower thinking pattern, but are intelligent since they are able to create a strong foundation and reasoning to their ideas. i find that venus in gemini individuals are talkative, very funny, talkative, and easy to become friends with lolol. also very good with writing (mercury influence + planet of creativity). 

this combination might produce a talented songwriter or visual artist (painting, drawing, etc.) as well as someone who can easily connect their mind with their heart (meaning that they think with both, rather than thinking just with their head or just with their heart). air signs need constant mental stimulation, so i feel like they might enjoy being both a teacher and a student. this individual may come off as shy, but enjoy meeting new people and having conversations with old friends. lots of nervous energy and might avoid confrontation because they do not like uncomfortable communication. thank u for asking! i hope this helped ^_^

if anyone else has interpretations, pls add your thoughts! i would love to hear them because i’m not sure how well i interpreted this one. 

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