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#gen 2

Delphine went to weekly work out with Maria and told her all about the awesome date.

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… and later a gig in Dylan’s new club. It wasn’t too busy but there were some fans. At least more then there have been for a while now. Dylan’s promoter had been doing a lot of work to turn the rumors around. 

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That date went so well.

(And she does the cutest pose when she is flirty and I love it.)

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It’s Happening, Kaille is pregnant with a baby girl and has entered labor. Gen 2 here we come. The name is Sophia-Rose Crews. 

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Celebrate Mareep Incense Day with home-made Mareep cupcakes!

These cinnamon cupcakes are topped with buttercream Mareep and shiny Mareep, who are built around a cake pop base 😊

These were inspired by TheBakersLoft, who makes stunning buttercream characters. I feel like my skills have come such a long way since my first attempt at Mareep cupcakes in 2018!

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That weekend Lexi went with Dylan to the studio to record a new song…

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Mareep sugar cookies by u/shinranshoni!

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Henry Oliver Langston 1903 - 1915 (Aged 25 years old)

Henry’s body was taken back to Brindleton where he was bured in the same cemetary as the rest of the Langston family, and where his parents would eventually come to rest some day so that they may be with their dear son once more.

Charlie was granted leave to return to England for his brother’s funeral. He blamed himself for Henry’s death, thinking that if he had only been quicker, his brother would still be here.

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