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Random Fact of the Day

Daily Pokémon that was randomly selected: Meltan!

Did you know that most of Meltan’s body is actually made up of liquid steel? Meltan consumes particles of iron and other metals it finds in the subsoil by using its liquid arms and legs to corrode the metal, then absorbing it into its own body. Meltan circulates the liquid metal within its body to generate electrical energy for battle!


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Okay here my first one of my pokemon gen series

That’s gen7, Alola, here you meet the twins Philomène and Héliodore with their ‘mon Robin and Sandor. And Hau and his Lisbeth

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As a Pokémon fan… I thought of this while sleeping… Just try and guess the concept of this Pokémon adventure… Now I’m going to sleep because this took a long-ass time and about a third of the bones in my body are broke ;-;

N o t i c e m e N i n t e n d o

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Daily Pokémon that was randomly selected: Tapu Koko!

Did you know that Tapu Koko confuses its enemies by flying too quickly for the eye to follow? This guardian deity is brimming with curiosity and will appear before people from time to time. This Pokémon is also known for having a hair-triggered temper, however it will forget what made it angry an instant later!


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Random Fact of the Day

Daily Pokémon that was randomly selected: Torracat!

Did you know that the bell-like object hanging from Torracat’s neck is actually its flame sac? When this Pokémon get very emotional, it causes this flame sac to rise in temperature, spitting flames and ringing with the high, clear sound like a bell. When facing a powerful opponent, this ‘bell’ will blaze hotter and ring brightly!


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Daily Pokémon that was randomly selected: Tapu Lele!

Did you know that although called a guardian deity, Tapu Lele is devoid of guild about its cruel disposition? While the scales that Tapu Lele scatters are said to restore good health on the spot, a body cannot withstand the changes brought about by contact with too many scales at a time. This Pokémon will scatter these scales over humans and Pokémon for its own enjoyment, uncaring about the chaos it brings.


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Daily Pokémon that was randomly selected: Mimikyu!

Did you know that Mimikyu will never forgive anyone who reveals that it was pretending to be a Pikachu? Well known for it’s iconic disguise, Mimikyu made the costume of the Pikachu in an effort to appear less scary to others. If the neck of the disguise gets broken at any point, Mimikyu will mercilessly seek revenge on the culprit!


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