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Elsa: Skye, you’re exaggerating right now. I haven’t told you everything. Does it mean I betrayed you? Neither of you are perfect. These were bad decisions made in the past. Please don’t let old mistakes ruin your future.

Skye: Why are you defending him?

Elsa: I’m not defending him. And I’m not going to choose sides either. You both are my friends, and I want you to be happy. 

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What a close match, wouldn’t you say?

I did an art collab with @azuremist! He drew Bede whereas I drew Hop, the background, and did all the lighting and such. I really enjoyed this, thank you to Bede and Azure 💖

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Seth: I’m not going to lie to you. I’m already married. We were young and stupid, we thought we would stay together forever. Our paths parted long before you came into my life. 

Skye, pleas say anything. You know how much I hate it when you don’t talk to me.

Skye: What should I say….thank you for your honesty, we are through, I feel betrayed.

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Uh... Many of the fossil Pokémon seem to be riding on their own thanks to the dynamax dens. And they’re still Frankenstein like fusions, by the way. Btw, I recently caught a dracovish myself I named after palkia. If it’s fine, maybe you could help me out with some a DC ice for caring for my new pal?

It’s never good to hear about fossil Pokemon in the wild. That means they were illegally released and wouldn’t survive for long. I’m glad you were able to find Dracovish and take them in.

The most important thing about Dracovish is helping it being able to breathe on land– Araquanid are popular choices for this, to help them get a water bubble around their gills. However with training you can teach Dracovish to do this for themselves.

Dracovish are very active Pokemon, and surprisingly great when it comes to competitive battles. Even if you aren’t a battling trainer making sure it has plenty of chances to exercise and to use its moves is critical. As a dragon type it is both very social but wary of outsiders, so keep a close eye on them when introducing them to new Pokemon.

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