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#gen z
gen-z-culture-is · 2 days ago
gen z culture is waking up several times before actually getting out of bed
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incorrectgenerations · 2 days ago
Gen Z: You can trust me.
Gen Z: Let's not forgot who pulled you out of the river.
Millennial: Let's not forget who pushed me in.
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courtenaybird · a day ago
"Directory structure isn’t just unintuitive to students — it’s so intuitive to professors that they have difficulty figuring out how to explain it."
FILE NOT FOUND: A generation that grew up with Google is forcing professors to rethink their lesson plans
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Teacher: “Well duh, why do you think there’s that gigantic container beside the pool house?”
Student: “I don’t know? Storage?”
Teacher, smirking: “Wrong! It’s where we store the bodies of all the students who got on our last nerve.”
Teacher: “Some chemicals from the science labs usually do the trick.”
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imetyouonljpodcast · a day ago
Tumblr media
I Met You On LJ → Episode #051: Twitter Is Just 2014 Tumblr with Amanda Brennan (@continuants​)
The way that people relate to their identity today is through lenses that we didn’t have in the early 2000s. All of the work done by Millennials has allowed Gen Z to explore gender and queerness.
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thoughtportal · 6 months ago
this is how I feel about generational conflict 
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gen-z-culture-is · a day ago
Gen Z culture is randomly meowing for no reason, your friend meowing back, you meowing back at them, and the next thing you know the two of you are having a meowing contest.
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wallisninety-six · 7 months ago
Amidst discussion about wealth inequality and race issues, I really wanna hammer into younger Gen Zers minds about how awful Ronald Reagan was I feel like we all got propaganda’d in school on how great he was just because of basic charisma and for the fact that he made some dopey speech at the berlin wall, but looking back he was just pure fucking evil: He caused so many problems that we’re all dealing with today- and problems that made Zoomers become “Doomers”:
He made explicit pleas to segregationists and klansmen when talking about states rights, endangering the lives of POC in the process
he KILLED unions, working class people lost bargaining power against the rich and lost livable wages, starting the end of the middle class, we never recovered
His trickle down economics killed any chance of real progressive tax on the rich & ensured that trillions would go to the rich for *generations*
He demonized the shit out of black people, he literally never saw them as human, especially those that were homeless and struggling with addictions (a problem he made much, much worse)
He *knew* about the AIDS crisis and for the longest time, did *nothing*, he sat by and intentionally let so many Black, Hispanic, Indigenous & Queer people die horrible deaths, with no remorse. The community is still grappling with the effect of that to this very day
All of us are angry about how Rich people are putting down poor people during this Gamestop-Robinhood fiasco, it’s good to remember when that started to get real popular...when people say “Ronald Reagan was the devil”, they’re not fucking around.
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deviant-android · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
Just to be perfectly fucking crystal clear --
If Democrats win control of the Senate, they can finally push forward a better healthcare plan, among other important pieces of legislation that will guide the United States to a more progressive and equitable future. The GOP is so partisan that they would rather see us lose our healthcare altogether during a global pandemic than allow a Democratic healthcare plan to pass. They proved that in this past year.
Democrats just need 2 more seats to hold the majority with VP Kamala Harris as the tiebreaker. There are 2 seats up for grabs in the run-off election.
You do the math.
Listen, the presidential race would not have been this close if more young voters had voted. If every young person in America had voted, Biden would have likely swept the election. We HAVE that power, Millennials and Gen Z together. But we didn’t use it. Now Georgia is giving some of us a second chance.
Please do not get complacent, even though it looks as though Biden is going to win. The GOP is still that same party full of sycophantic and opportunistic narcissists who old white republicans put in power, even without Trump to bow and kowtow to. They will pull the same shit they always have. So...
Because, as a wise man once said, the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.
EDIT: The image above is a screenshot of a tweet from Cheryl Strayed, November 6th, 2020 at 12:41 AM ET. It reads: “Dear 17-year-olds who live in Georgia: if you’ll turn 18 by January 5, 2021, you’re eligible to vote in the run-off election that will be held on that date. You have until December 7 to register to vote. #FlipTheSenate”
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Tumblr media
seeing this email in your inbox is, like, the best thing ever
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