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#gen z

White and non-black gen z as a member of Black gen z imma need y'all to take several seats when it comes to a number of things. One of them being Y2K. Yes, it is clothes but the style was also created by Black ppl specifically Black women.

This isn’t Y2K


This is Y2K


No one is getting upset with you about wearing clothes. What we’re upset about is that you are, once again, erasing us. We are the originators. Credit us. Fashion recycles itself. That is true but please be respectful.

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i rlly cant stand it when short girls (mayby shorter than 5’5 idk) act like they are something ugh🙄

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when i was between 3-5 years old i asked a remote control that could take real people and cartoons etc etc from the tv and put them on 3d like a real thing for christmas so i could get the pretty girls out of there and kiss them, i probably didn’t on the letter specify that last thing but y'know

it didn’t took me too long to realise i was gay

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Science Teacher: “So [Virtual Student] found a way to use the video tracker for our experiment.”


Virtual Student: *laughs* well I can’t hear you guys when you talk.

Science teacher: Wow, the shade.

Girl, to teacher: “Why didn’t you ask the online kids if they found a way???”

Girl: “[Virtual kid] is one of the smartest students in this class!”

Boy in class, condescendingly: “Oh, yeah? Then why isn’t she here?”

Virtual Student, laughing: Because I’m one of the smartest students in the class”

Class: *dead silent*

Teacher: “Well…she’s not lying…”

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So I work with my schools radio and tv program and they were trying to check the cameras so i walked out onto the gym floor where they were set up and as I turn my head I see a little gremlin of a child (probably like five or something idk how ages work) standing by the athletes hallway.

He looks into the gym. Looks up. Looks around. Whispers, “damn…” Then turned around and left.

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teachers should always give partial credit on homework, classwork, tests, and quizzes. for the sake of their students mental health. partial credit makes it so that their lives are so much easier and they aren’t as stressed about grades.

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Okay so today this one girl came in with

  • Bleached eyebrows
  • Dramatic eyeliner
  • Mostly black hair save for her bangs which were white
  • A floor-length black dress with multiple black underskirts
  • A black fake leather coat, but the leather was all chipped with huge patches of it being just the fabric under the fake leather
  • Black silk gloves

And if that’s not peak Gen Z idk what is

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I’m not saying I like trump - god not at all.

But the fact that some people say Biden is a better person when the man supports the likes of Soros and Klaus who are pushing this new world order and how Biden is an outright racist just worries the absolute shit out of me for the future. We’ll be living in a society where white middle class people will be able to have the pass to act racist but twist the handles by using some bullshit excuse to let them off.

The left always treat people of colour like they need to be babied, like they need help with just functioning a brain. I don’t think white liberals who scream BLM realise they way they act regarding black issues ect that they’re not far short racist themselves.

You don’t need to burn a cross and wear a white sack over your head to appear racist. Sometimes it’s just like being by Joe Biden and thinking that every black person cant think for themselves, can’t speak for themselves and think they’re stupid. But apparently these sorry sad fucks aren’t racist because “muh liberalism” and they threw a black square on their Instagram or retweeted something from BLM.

It’s worrying how people don’t realise that the future is going to be a hell of a lot worse with Biden at the desk (If he isn’t poisoned by Kamala sooner lol).

He promises a green future and all this new age equality bollocks. But it’s just talk. It’s always just talk until they get the ball rolling.

It isn’t Biden who will running things. It’s Gates, Soros and Klaus. They’ll use this covid shit to kill off more people, they’ll use Antifa to keep people in line if they think differently. More homelessness will arise, more jobs will be lost.

Soros is basically trying to kill off a white majority in the west hence the mass immigrant he paid for here in the U.K. it isn’t women and children coming. It’s men. Men who are terrorists. Not all but a handful. But that’s what Soros wants to happen. There’s already been the mention of these men raping women all around London. It’s slowly peaking up to the north here.

The way this man wants the world is, people of colour mainly run the world but they’re under the feet of white elites.

Racism is alive and well. And it isn’t the man sat there with a maga hat on his head with his wife eating a hot dog.

It’s the men at the top who play the strings of the democrat party. The white men who want to destroy the world and they’ve played everyone like a fiddle. 🤦🏽‍♀️

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