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#gen z

8yo me:

Shirley Temple Infomercial: 🎶Animal crackers in my soup, monkeys and rabbits loop da loop🎶

8yo me:

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Kid 1: Yeahhh, I’m into pain play.

Kid 2: Oh snap, for real?

Kid 1: Yeah, I pick at my acne scars. 🥵😌

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imma gen Z whos never been in a formal situation in my life if i call you Sr it’s not a sign of respect its a sign that i am 100% done with your shit

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If I see one more post about how Peter Parker is simultaneously the ultimate gen z and also loves Tony Stark with his whole heart, I’m gonna lose my fucking shit. If Peter Parker was truly a gen z, he would walk into his apartment, take one look at Tony Stark, a billionaire who refuses to learn from his mistakes and continues to create weapons of mass destruction in the hopes of creating a police state, sitting on his couch eating the walnut loaf that Aunt May worked hard to make, he would beat that bitch to death with the soundboard he found in the dumpster while singing uptown funk at the top of his lungs. Thank you for coming to my TED talk.

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The year is 2045, all of Gen Z is grown and has demon- I mean kids.:)

Me: *driving while jammin out to the song Roar by Katy Perry*

My kid: Ugh! Mom, turn that off!!! Nobody listens to this shit anymore!

Me: *turns down music* y'know, back in my day ‘shit’ was a bad word, got in trouble if I said it.

My kid: *rolls eyes and goes back to playing on transparent phone*

Me: And we didn’t have these fancy gizmos you kids got! We just had iPhones and Samsungs, none of this *insert futuristic sounding phone brand name here* shit.

My kid: I get it mom, you’re old!

Me: *dramatic gasp*

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every post on twitter about this stupid made up generation war between millennials and zoomers is phrased like “why do 30 year olds care about what teenagers think?!?!?” ignores the fact that the youngest millennial is 25 and the oldest zoomer is 24, and generations are made up by marketing teams to sell shit to certain demographics, and like yeah actual 30 year olds probably shouldn’t be arguing with teens on tiktok but articles written by gen xers and boomers about how millennials are ancient and uncool and zoomers are cool trend setters just seems like a way of dividing the younger generations when we’re all equally fucked.

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gen z/discord culture is talking someone on a server who you don’t even like out of self h*rm and telling your server booster to go to the police after they were r*ped on a tinder date

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I never liked how everyone told me that ‘your high school years are going to be your best years’. They weren’t but since everyone continued to tell me this I felt like I had failed and that once I entered adulthood I wouldn’t really be able to have fun or live. I just want to tell anyone here who keeps being told that that it isn’t true. For me it took till I was 21 to realize this. I became so aware of everything and I was amazed at how much bullshit I was fed. I’m the one who can decide when to start living. I decided to start now at 23. Hey you may decide to start at 30 or 40 or 50. I don’t believe it’s ever really too late to start.

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I vote we all the generation after gen z the covkids

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« No I’m not that anxious about going back to school » I say while my skin is breaking out, my stomach hurts and my lips get dry

« It’s fine really college isn’t that bad » I say holding back the screams of agony that so desperately want to get out of my chest

« Everything is going great » I say as I remember my very low grades and my constant failures

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I say I’m fine but really I haven’t changed clothes in 4 days because it’s also the last time I took a shower and I spend the 14 hours during which I’m awake almost entirely in my room (with occasional potty breaks)

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So once i was in drama club and idk why but a boy needed to come in the girls dressing room and this little shit decides not to knock and he comes in to my friend in a bra and booty shorts screaming “GET THE FUCK OUT BITCH”

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Going back to the villain guy i came up with you guys know that one song that goes ✨Black, White, Green, or Blue✨ Yeah so add the adopted gen z kids to that doing dumb stuff with the villain losing it trying to stop them from doing something like jumping off a cliff and 💥boom💥

✨Go Wild✨

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Y'all remeber when on tik tok gen z kids all wanted to collectively get a Z tattoo and wgen we decided on a design it turned out to be a nazi symbol. But like some people already had it tattooed becayse they didn’t know

Edit: found a video

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So im ancient… and growing up Harry Potter was a part of our generation.. books were coming out and movies… so I’m curious, I keep seeing younger people come into the fandom (which is so cool) so how’d you discover Harry Potter? Your parents? Older siblings? Or you just discovered it yourself 

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Kids these days be like “as an old gen z” but they were born after 2000

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