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#gender neutral
pyramidicallurker · 2 days ago
Swatch Relationship Headcanons!
I hope you enjoy <3
- he's a very well mannered man, so the untrained eye wouldn't notice if he is attracted to someone or not
- but oh boy if you know him you see the subtle changes towards that person, he asks them a lot if he could help them and picks out precisely the work he does so it will be near them
- he's a real gentleman so he wouldn't act except he is to 100% sure they like him the same way he likes them
- one of the first things he would do is talk to them about their boundaries so he doesn't makes them accidentally uncomfortable, and what is okay with you and what not
- he will take that very seriously, but if he makes mistakes just gently correct him, he will apologize immediately and keep it better in mind
- Swatch wants the person to be honest towards him, that's something he will value a lot because he wants them to be as honest as he is himself, he is not a fan of lying and it might hurt his trust in them a bit
- he makes sure they are healthy, he will make meals and snacks for them if he notices they didn't eat anything or just ate a little, Swatch will make sure they get enough sleep and are hydrated
- he will also correct their posture gently if he sees them slumping, or get them up for some exercises or at least a little walk with him to keep them moving
- he's a very affectionate s/o, in public or behind closed doors, except he's working, then he reduces the affections he gives them
- Swatch loves to kiss their hand, their forehead, their nose and cheek and so on, he loves to hold their hand just for the sake of holding their hand or just wrapping an arm around them
- he will absolutely melt if they go through the feathers on his head, being content with leaning against them while they do it, or having his head on their lap
Tumblr media
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redlotus98 · a day ago
Insulting the Wrong Person | Jason Todd | Gender Neutral Reader
Tumblr media
Genre; eh.. angsty? I mean, there's death, but doesn't really effect the reader..
Summary; The Militia learn what happens when you insult the Arkham Knight's significant other
Warnings; Swearing, Death
Word Count; 534 words
Tumblr media
Jason scowled at the militia stood around the table, giving you dirty looks. You were writing down important information, information that Jason needed and had instructed you to do. You were minding your own business, completely lost in the task at hand. Jason placed a hand on your thigh, gaining you attention and making you look up at him, a smile on your face. "Everything okay Knight?" You spoke, a smile on your face, not that he could see it, with the mask covering your face. "Everything is fine, how is the paperwork going?" Jason asked, voice modulated from the mask.
You smiled, "well it's going according to-" you were interrupted by a scoff, both you and Jason turning to look at the militia who had interrupted you. "Fucking kiss-ass. What so because they're fucking the boss, they get to act all high and mighty?" The guy asked, not realising that the other members were looking worried, worried for their teammate. The last time someone had bad-mouthed you, Jason had tied them up by the feet, dangling down from a rafter, letting the blood rush to their head, just before anything too bad could happen, Jason had let them free, warning everyone to not say anything ever again. And no-one had, until now.
"What did you just say?" Jason spoke, all eyes going towards the militia who had spoken, he froze, lifting his hands up in mercy. "I uh- I didn't mean it" he spoke, voice teetering on a stutter. "Repeat it", Jason responded, but the guy shook his head. Jason tutted, grabbing his gun before standing up. He pointed it at the man, "I said Repeat. It". The guy looked at you, but you turned away, getting back to writing the next stages of the plan down.
"Boss I uh- it wasn't serious I'm sor-" the man was cut off, Jason firing his gun straight into his chest. "Fucking pathetic" he spoke, before sitting down, going through the pages of work you'd already finished. Nobody moved, causing Jason to look up at everyone. "What? Get back to work. The Batman is going to kill himself now is he?" Jason yelled, slamming his gun on the table, making his team jump before scrambling to get back to their stations and jobs.
Once everyone was gone, you removed your mask, sighing as Jason copied. You ran a hand through his hair, smiling at the way he leaned into your touch. "You okay? You were pretty intense back there" you asked Jason, who let out a sigh, before nodding. "I'm fine, he shouldn't have fucking said shit about you" he grumbled out, making you laugh softly at his reaction. "Hm, is that so? Well I must admit seeing my handsome Knight defend me so honourably, well a reward seems like a good idea" you spoke, watching a smirk form on Jason's face. "That so? What did you have in mind?" He spoke, you smiled at him, before it turned into a smirk of your own. "Well I guess you'll have to come find out" you replied, grabbing your helmet before leaving the room. But not before sending Jason a wink, which had him chasing after you.
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Imagine traveling the world with your F/O. Neither of you have any specific goals in mind for the trip aside for seeing new sights, exploring new places, trying new things, and making new memories together.
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anna1306 · a day ago
Oohh I have an idea, so poly! The lost boys and s/o have been dating for a good bit, one night their over at their s/O's place, some of the boys helping s/o go through somethings while the others just chill, when all the sudden one of the boys (probably Paul) finds some more spicy outfits and awards, when asked they tell the boys that they used to be a berlesque show preformer, because they truly enjoyed it and the people they worked with. And that they would honestly still be doing it but Santa Carla doesn't have anything like that as far as they knew, when asked to preform for the boys they excitedly say yes and give them a special spicy performance
Poly!Lost Boys x Burlesque! Reader
Tumblr media
The evening was quiet and normal. Well, if you can call quiet the evening with boys under one roof. You were dating for... Almost couple of months. For that period of time you also had found out who they were. They told almost at the same time they told you that they wanted to date you. You had to think about it, of course, not every day people, who you love and want to date, tell you that they are vampires, which kill people. But you figured it out. And these evenings became a normality for you.
You spent almost all the week with them, in their cave, in their company, but couple of evenings you spent at your place. Specially for that you bought black-out curtains all over your house. Yes, it was not that big, but... You and the boys were content in it. Watching films, fooling around, relaxing or... Making other activities.
The question of turning was out of the way for now. They (especially David) told you they wanted you to turn as soon as possible. But you also knew they wouldn't force it on you. You wanted to be with them, but... Not in this way. Yet.
- You sure you don't want to relax? I can make you some tea, - offered Dwayne, sitting on the couch. David was laying on his laps, relaxing. You all knew he wasn't that tough of a guy, but still he rarely lowered his guard. But now he was calm, relaxing under Dwayne's fingers in his hair.
- I would join you, Dwayne, but firstly these boxes. I never even opened them since I moved, and I'm tired of seeing them standing in the way, the cellar is the best place for it, - you smiled a little, giving one of the boxes to Marko. He looked inside and scrunched his nose. You were sure he would sneeze, if he could, as there was a little cloud of dust.
- Do you need these fashion journals, baby? - he asked, still scrunching his nose. You turned him to the stairs, pushing a little bit forward.
- They have gorgeous patterns, leave them be, - you smiled, while blonde went upstairs. He and Paul helped you moving boxes. Marko - just because he had a lot of energy, Paul - to look through your things. He didn't even hide it and his interest in finding anything... Personal. You weren't sure if he would succeed in it, but...
- Wowie, doll, haven't expected it from you! - you heard Paul's whistle and raised brows. The hell he found there? He went out from the room, holding bright blue bodice with little gemstones all over the top. You smiled softly, coming closer.
- Where did you find it? I thought I put it away, - you took the bodice from his hands, feeling the fabric for the first time in a long period.
- There's more, babe, what did you hide from us? - he licked his lips. Marko returned from the upstairs and whistled as well. You looked at him, shoving him in the shoulder. Strange, but David and Dwayne still were in their places, watching the interaction from afar.
- I didn't hide it, I just don't need it, so I don't get it out that much, - you shrugged.
- You act like it is normal to have it in your box, - Marko threw a hand on your shoulders. - Your ex was lucky, - you almost felt how tensed the boys got. You laughed nervously at this and made an attempt to calm them down.
- It's not for that! I... It was for work, - Paul brought out the box and you smiled a little, getting out from there transparent skirt. - I worked as a burlesque performer back then.
- Like strip...
- If you end this sentence, I'm gonna choke you with this skirt, - you warned Paul. He raised his hands, snickering from that. - We hate that comparison, burlesque is so much more than dance with undressing yourself! You make the whole vision come true. You do your make up, your hair, sew and style your own costume! You choose song, you create dance, it's... It's art! - you waved your hands, expressing and explaining everything to them.
- Sounds interesting, princex, - smiled Dwayne. You looked at him and couldn't help but smile back at him. At least you were grateful to him for understanding. - Do you do this now?
- No, - you shook your head. With a sigh you folded the skirt and placed it back into the box, as well as the bodice.
- What?! But why, babydoll? - Paul almost panicked, looking between you and the box, as if he was lost. - You sounded so happy and so... Involved and interested now. Why don't you do that anymore?!
- Well, there isn't a place like that in Santa-Carla, as far as I'm aware, - you shrugged and smiled, lookin at the contents of the box. - Sometimes I miss them. My co-workers from there, my shows, emotions from performance. It was... Really interesting, I just... I think I really was invested in this.
- You can perform for us, - David said for the first time in this conversation. You looked up at him questionably. - We are not the biggest public you had probably, but we are very grateful one.
- Oh, totally! - Paul jumped up and down several times. - You would dress all sexy and perform for us! And...
- And we gonna make sure that Paul would sit during this. Still, - Dwayne interrupted him, looking at him sternly. You laughed at pouting blonde.
- You are too strict with him. Besides, burlesque implies audience reaction. Just... No hands, - Paul nodded. - Here isn't the best place. Like so little space for... Moving freely.
- We can use cave. Clean, say... The fountain and you'll be our merperson, - Marko wiggled his brows, grabbing you in his hands again. You laughed.
- I thought I'm your batty, - you kissed him on the cheek. You were extatic. After several months without it you would perform. Even if not on the big scene, still in front of people who would definitely like it. You immediately wanted to make something special for them. Maybe some blood red, gothic style, vampiric fangs, scene with fake blood... Not for the first time though, you should probably hold on that one for the future.
Guys probably didn't think you would get that serious. But you wanted to show your best. So you took time in placing the barrels and candles around clean fountain as you wanted it, thinking about light and how it would dance and reflect on your body. You looked through your costumes, refusing let Paul or Marko look at them. David and Dwayne had more patience than that. You even relisten to some of your records to choose the best one. When the boys were out, you tried your dance in the cave, so there wouldn't be any missteps. Yeah, they definitely didn't think you would get that serious.
But you wanted to look good for them. To be good for them. So they not only wanted your body (like khm-khm, Paul), but they would see why you were so in love with the music, with performance, with them. You wanted to show everything to them.
So you chose dark green costume of corset, bodice, skirt and bolero You already had some ideas of surprising them, but later. Maybe on Halloween? You were giddy, as you were doing your makeup and styling your hair. You had to do half of it at your home, as cave obviously didn't have enough light, mirrors and electricity. You heard them moving the couch and sitting in front of the fountain, they were more giddy than you were. You finally understood how it would look. You, in full glam, make up, on heels, in dress. In the dirty, dusty, old cave, in front of four vampires-bikers on an old couch. Yeah, that wasn't your desired jump in career, but...
- Come on, Y/N, you are gonna make it shine and they would love it even if it would be silly, - you said to yourself one last time. Before you came out, you turned on the music on Paul's boombox. The chattering quieted down immediately. You smiled to yourself and went from the shadows to the fountain.
You stepped in front of it, letting the boys took you in. Paul couldn't hold the whistle in himself, but he sat on his place, others just looking at you silently with different expressions on their faces. You giggled and walked to the side, swaying your hips a little. You finally felt yourself at your place, even if it was in the sunken old Hotel. You stopped, moving your hips in a dance move and walked back slowly, smoothly, as if luring them in.
You stopped, turned your back to them and, glancing at them from your shoulder, slowly loeered down and raised again with your body moving like a wave. Marko "wowed" at this, making you smile more. You turned to the rhythm of the song and moved, dancing, flowy moves being accentuated by your dress. You knew how it would sparkle in the fire blics from the barrels and used it to your advantage, moving across the "scene" to make it shine.
At necessary point you turned again your back to them, hands dealing with the tie you made on your skirt. You could swear you heard them shifting in their places, trying to look. You got them what they wanted, turning back and with the loud intro of music, getting out of your skirt. Your legs was now on display, while your upper body was covered. Paul shivered and looked away, though returned his gaze again. And again. And again. Marko bit his thumb, not looking away from you. David lit up the cigarette.
Next was bolero. You slimmed out of it, slowly, making the anticipation more and more thick. You liked this atmosphere in the air on the shows. You still continued dancing, though their gazes made you shiver inside, you knew what would be next. Anticipation went both ways and knowing they could smell your excitement...
You almost missteped under Dwayne's dark eyes, when you reached for the clasps on the corset. You winked at him, feeling absolutely powerful and brave at the moment. At the same moment you noticed Marko took off his gloves and moved in his seat constantly. You laughed a little at this, licking your lips, carefully, you couldn't ruin the image before the end.
You were only in bodice and panties, and you had never felt so exposed, but in control of the situation at the same time. Even in the bed with them completely naked you didn't feel this exposed. And this wasn't pure lust. The boys weren't looking at you like you were a piece of meat. They were looking at you, as if you were the most beautiful thing they have ever seen and wanted. You heard the ending piece of the song and shivered, excited for the continuation of the evening.
The mysic was over and you stopped, facing them and breathing hard. Even if you moved slowly and smoothly, you still were tired a little. The boys looked between each other, then smiled at you. David clapped and you jokingly bowed to him, laughing. Marko joined him, even jumping from the couch.
- It was magnificent, princex, - daid Dwayne, looking you up and down. - Marko hasn't breathed for the last minute.
- Shut it, you hold Paul in place by his hair, - you only now noticed Dwayne's hand behind the blonde. You couldn't hold in laughter. David stood up from his place and hugged you tightly, kissing you slowly.
- It is art. But you are gonna dance only to us... Not for others, got it, kitten?
- Jealous much? - you teased and blushed under his gaze. He looked at you for a second and smirked, stepping away from you.
- You are in for it, you know? Let Paul go, - you only managed to squeal, before being swapped into his arms.
You weren't sad now you couldn't perform on the big scene, the boys were perfect and enough for you. And you had to make them a surprise. Definitely.
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auroracalisto · 23 hours ago
cobwebs and pumpkins
Tumblr media
summary: demetri's mate loves halloween – maybe a little too much. but demetri indulges in them, finding a bit of joy in their love for the human holiday. word count: 446 words warnings: human mate reader? gender neutral reader? mentions of using a spider as a prank. a/n: don't mind me, i might just post a slew of twilight fics
Tumblr media
"My dear," Demetri stopped short of your shared bedroom, staring you down as you hung fake cobwebs from the tall window. "What do you think you're doing?"
You looked over, your eyes growing wide as you spotted your mate. You smiled widely, but you remained on the ladder, pinning up more of the fake web.
"I figured you could use some Halloween decorations," you said. "It's the middle of October, and you haven't even broken out a pumpkin-scented candle. Or even bought a pumpkin."
Demetri raised an eyebrow. "Are you saying I should have?"
"Oh, definitely," you grinned, slowly stepping down from the ladder. "Halloween's my favorite. Back home, we always celebrated. Do none of you celebrate?"
"No," Demetri said. "Sometimes Jane will complain about the children screaming close to the thirty-first, but we do not celebrate. Human holidays have never quite been a commonality amongst us."
You curiously watched him, wondering why. As if reading your mind, he continued.
"We're vampires, dear," he hummed, walking over to wrap his arms around your torso. "I do believe that's Halloween enough, don't you?" he asked, as his lips gently pressed to the flesh right beneath your ear. Heat slowly spread across your face at his touch.
"I guess," you said, slightly pulling back to look at him. "But..."
"I heard you," he softly said. "Halloween is your favorite."
Demetri sighed and cast a glance at the cobwebs for a moment before he smirked. "What do you say we find an actual spider to put in Felix's room?" he asked.
You laughed and shook your head. "You can. I would rather not be around a real spider."
"And yet, here you are, putting up a spiderweb? Very contradictory, my dear."
You slapped a hand against his chest before turning back to look at your work. "First of all, it's fake. Second of all, I'm not done. I was thinking of getting some pumpkins... We could carve them or something," you said. "If we could find a [scent] candle, that would be awesome."
Demetri let out a soft groan, his hand slipping into yours. "Let me get changed, [Your name]. Then I will take you to the village. I'm sure they will have Halloween-themed shops, somewhere."
Your eyes widened as you turned your head in his direction. "Oh, they definitely do. Where do you think I got the cobwebs from?"
He rolled his eyes. "You know, I would not put up with this if it were just anyone," he said, grabbing his regular outing clothes.
You just grinned. "I know."
He looked back at you, a soft smile gracing his features.
"Thank you, Dem."
"Anything for you, my love."
Tumblr media
please comment and reblog if you enjoyed it!  reblogs are the best way to help creators get recognition. feedback is always welcome.
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justlgbtthings · 10 months ago
nonbinary people, if you're looking for a new name but can't think of any good ones, may I present:
a list of gender neutral names
feel free to add on :)
if you chose a name that's on this list, I'd love to hear which one in the comments/rb's!
any enbyphobes clowning on this will be blocked automatically, no hesitation. dni.
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tcocksleeve · 5 months ago
I’m a sucker for shy kind tops who are quiet during sex cause they’re worried they’ll say something dumb, only talking to ask “are you ok? is this ok?” if they think they’re hurting you or if it doesn’t feel good. When they do try to talk during sex they’re just kinda overcome with how hot you look so they’re like “you look so good” with the sweetest look in their eyes. I’d honestly moan and shake my hips and talk about how good they are and how much I love it, all on complete purpose just to see the look on their face when they get so overwhelmed by watching me.
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zenstateofmind · a month ago
Hi! Do you have like any head cannons for obey me? I just like hearing new random head cannons people have!
Well I suppose I have a bunch of random ones but I can’t really think of them off the top of my head :P lol But I was thinking about D.D.D. backgrounds they’d have a few weeks ago so here’s some I just came up with related to that 💙These got very long, because I really don't know how to write short anything evidently lol So they're under the cut. Also sorry for the slow response to this, I ended up writing a lot more than I had expected haha
Obey Me Brothers & Datables Lockscreen and Homescreen Headcannons
Dating MC:
Lockscreen - Whether he’s dating MC or not, I see him having something generically him. Like a peacock feather with a dark overlay so it’s obvious who’s device it is by seeing it, but doesn’t reveal anything about him in particular. He has appearances to keep of course.
Homescreen - I think he switches between one of two pictures depending on his mood. Either a selfie MC took of both of them, their lips on his cheek; when he’s been extra busy with meetings and being out of the house, so he’s desperately missing their shared sweet moments. Or he has a photo of them on his bed, splayed out on his coat staring up at him with either loving or *spicy bedroom eyes* dressed or not dressed accordingly.
Not Dating:
Homescreen - Picture of all his brothers and MC sleeping. One night he realized it had been far too quiet. Looked around for everyone, and found them all asleep up in the attic. MC in the middle with Belphie curled up to their left side with his head on their arm, Asmo curled up to their right with head on their arm. Mammon above MC with their head on his lap. Beel curled up against Belphie, but holding the hand Belphie is sleeping on the arm of. Satan curled laying on his stomach next to Asmo, asleep with his cheek in the palm of MC’s right hand. And Levi fallen asleep holding onto one of MC’s feet. He took a picture and left them to sleep, but set it as his homescreen so on his worst days he can unlock his D.D.D. and see them all sleeping peacefully and happily, and it reminds him why he does all he does.
Dating MC:
Lockscreen - A picture of MC with his pact mark. Like if it’s on their hand, a picture he took with their hand across their mouth, *smile* in their eyes looking back at him. That way as soon as he turns the screen on he can see his human proudly showing their bond. Most definitely sets his phone on the table at places and just taps the screen so the lock screen shows up, hoping the people he’s around/with will see it. They’re his and he’s proud as heck.
Homescreen - A picture of MC laying back on the hood of his car with a single Grimm between their teeth winking at him. Holy crap he couldn’t think of something better. His MC, his car, AND Grimm. Absolutely treasures that photo, but has it as his homescreen instead because not everyone needs to see his MC like that, that’s his picture only.
Not Dating:
Lockscreen - He’s probably got a picture of Goldie where he blurred out the numbers, so he can see her whenever he opens his phone.
Homescreen - MC’s still his human, dating or not. So definitely a picture of them together. He’s not ready to admit he’s that attached that he’d put it on his lock screen for everyone to see… but he wants it where he can see. Possibly one of the photoshoots he went to that MC would occasionally tag along to, the model he was supposed to pose with didn’t show up. So he convinces the art director to let MC be his partner. They’re both decked out in gold and looking cool. They chose one of those photos for the magazine cover, and he set that one as his homescreen.
Dating MC:
Lockscreen - A picture of that time he convinced MC to dress up as Ruri-chan. His heart exploded seeing it, so it was a must to have it as his lockscreen. Definitely keeps his phone in his lap during classes he's forced to go to and meetings so he can tap the screen and look down at the picture lovingly when no one is looking.
Homescreen - He seen that trend of pictures with couples where one person stands in front of the camera reaching their hand back to hold the hand of the one behind it. Absolutely wants to partake in this normie nonsense. But he didn't really want to go out and do that in front of people. So it's MC standing in front of the tank in a TSL t-shirt, one palm on the glass and the other hand reaching back to grab his. He later realized Henry 2.0 had also put himself above their shoulder so he appeared in the picture too. One of his favorite pictures ever.
Not Dating:
Lockscreen - Either going to be Ruri-chan or a picture of Henry 2.0 in his tank. Changes between the two, and to whatever picture he likes the most at the moment of Ruri-chan or the newest one he's taken of Henry 2.0.
Homescreen - Picture of him dressed as the Lord of Shadow, and MC as Henry posing in heroic poses at the last Con they went to together. It was one of the best days of his life, getting to indulge in what he loves with his best friend at his side just as excited as he. He keeps this one as his permanent homescreen so on his worst days and moments lost in his sin, he can look at it and know he's got his Henry, and by the end of the day they'll be happily grabbing the controller beside him and tearing him from those thoughts.
Dating MC:
Lockscreen - Candid shot of MC curled up in a chair in the library. It’s taken from a distance so from far away his lock screen just looks like a photo of the library itself. But when you get a better look you’ll see them curled up reading. It’s his favorite room in the house and his favorite person. Looking at it makes him feel calm, so he likes it immediately accessible on his lock screen to glance at when he’s on edge.
Homescreen - Selfie of him and MC with cat ears on at a cat cafe they found. They're holding one cat in between them, both kissing opposites sides of its face as it looks at the camera, looking quite happy with the situation. Several cats also in the background of the photo. One of Satan’s favorite dates, and loves to see MC in their little cat ears.
Not Dating:
Lockscreen - It’s probably a cat. Most likely the newest cat he’s been interacting with. If he finds a cat he always takes a picture, and the ones he gets the most attached to takes the place as his lock screen. 99% sure he’s got an entire album of cat pictures in his D.D.D. (No judgements to Satan, I do too lol)
Homescreen - A picture of him, Asmo, and MC when they went out together one day. Asmo had stood between the two and took a selfie with them for Devilgram, and when Satan saw it later that day saved it and set it as his home screen. It’s been there since, and it just makes him smile to see the three of looking happy in each other’s company.
Dating MC:
Lockscreen - A photo of him and MC kissing, and he updates it regularly with new ones so it always reflects newest hairstyles, newest outfits, makeup styles, etc. He never leaves the same one there for more than a month before insisting they take another for his lockscreen. Loves being able to see it when he looks at his screen, and loves to show the picture off, about how gorgeous and happy the two of them look in that the photo.
Homescreen - A selfie with MC asleep and cuddled up against his chest. They looked absolutely adorable so the photo had to be taken and he has to be able to see it all the time. Also one of the only photos he has allowed to exist where his hair is a mess. Normally that would upset him, but something about seeing himself less than perfect, but seeing MC still just as happy and comfortable with him not being perfect reminds him of the love they share.
Not Dating:
Lockscreen - His most recent favorite selfie he’s taken for Devilgram. He spends a lot of money on clothes, makeup, and other beauty supplies, and lots of time getting himself to look great and taking the photos. He’s really proud when he gets a new favorite, so it goes straight to his lock screen.
Homescreen - A photo of MC and Solomon posing with their pact marks for him on display, glowing a vibrant pink against their skin. He loves the two of them and the pacts he’s made with them. And extra proud that these are his pacted humans so he did an entire photoshoot with the two of them. Lots of outfits and photos later he got the perfect one.
Dating MC:
Lockscreen - MC wearing his Fangol jersey and a hat with his number on it, sitting on one of the pieces of gym equipment at the gym he goes to. They were keeping him company as he trained, and when he looked up to see them happily looking at him, engulfed in his jersey, he had to immediately stop to take a picture. He loves MC and that's all there is to it, he wants to see them all the time. He doesn't care who also sees, but doesn't go out of his way to show everyone. He's just happy to have photos of memories together and a constant image of their support for him.
Homescreen - Candid of him and MC kissing at one of his games. At one of his Fangol games, before the game he saw them cheering for him and hanging over the railing of the bleachers. So he ran over and they leaned down to hold his face and press a kiss to his lips, a moment that a photographer there to capture images for a sports magazine caught. Beel later was interviewed about the game by the same magazine, and when the issue released one of the biggest images of him in the interview was of their kiss. He definitely reached back out to them to get the digital version of the photo, and both he and MC set it as their homescreens.
Not Dating:
Lockscreen - Either a photo of his Fangol jersey showing his name and number, or a picture of some impressive dish he had that Asmo managed to snap a picture of before he inhaled it.
Homescreen - Picture of him, Belphie, and MC at Hell's kitchen together. Food and his favorite people, and some of his favorite memories there.
Dating MC:
Lockscreen - I could see whether he's dating them or not, just having a photo of the nightsky as his lock screen. He doesn't need everyone seeing photos of him and MC together, those are for him. And he just likes the simple and calming view of the night sky there when he turns his screen on.
Homescreen - MC on his bed in the attic, asleep and cuddled up with his cow pillow. He'd gotten up to use the bathroom and when he came back he realized they'd grabbed his pillow to cuddle in his absence. Won't admit it, but it was one of the most adorable things he's ever seen, and he had to take a picture. When asked about it by MC later when they happen to see it, he refuses to give a straight answer beyond they're dating so he can have a picture of them there if he wants, blushy cheeks all around.
Not Dating:
Homescreen - Selfie MC took of him, them, and Beel hanging out on the bed in the attic. They'd added the caption "Attic Club Sandwich" across it, and it just always makes him smile to look at it. He cherishes the memories he makes with the two of them, finally feeling like a part of him has started to heal.
Dating MC:
Lockscreen - A photo of him on his throne with MC on a seat beside him. It had been taken in malice by a visiting noble. They had it published with headlines and articles going on about the future king keeping a human at his side. The noble who took the photo was mysteriously never seen again, but Diavolo loves the picture. Seeing the both of them side by side, and what it represents. He doesn't give two flying fucks about what they think about his human partner, he'll proudly display the picture they took trying to mock him, he's not ashamed at all.
Homescreen - MC sitting on his throne making a silly face. Barbatos disapproves, but he sighs and deals with it. Diavolo loves it, beyond loves it. The throne stands for power, work, all his heavy burdens and decisions. Each choice he has to make. He's hardly viewed it in a positive light past being a child. But that photo gives it a new light in his eyes. His love being their silly self, eyes full of love looking back at him as they sit the wrong way with their legs over one arm of the throne and lounging back on the other arm. Almost a metaphor for their role in his life, adding a semblance of normalcy and domesticity he's craved to the responsibility he carries.
Not Dating:
Lockscreen - Barbatos has reminded him again and again he needs to keep it fitting of a Prince. Often giving him a look when he catches it as anything he finds isn't dignified enough for him. So he chose a picture of Devildom he took once once he went out to stretch his wings. It's a humbling feeling to know he's ruling all of it, and he likes to keep that photo there to remind him of that peaceful moment.
Homescreen - A picture of him and Lucifer having a meeting over tea at the palace. Barbatos had actually taken the picture after Diavolo had asked that he try to get some nice pictures of the castle for him. Happened to see the two of them laughing, so he snapped the pic and Diavolo immediately loved it. Lucifer not so much, since he likes to be seen as Mr Serious, but who's going to see his homescreen anyway?
Dating MC:
Lockscreen - Whether dating or not, I see him having the R.A.D. logo on a fancy background as his lockscreen. Definitely cares about appearances, doesn't want to have anything someone might see that could reflect poorly on Diavolo, or on his own position as royal butler.
Homescreen - A photo of MC eating one of his newest desserts. They'd taken one bite and had such a look of utter bliss, he couldn't help but take a photo. Eyes closed, closed mouth in a big smile, cheeks full of the dessert, and a dusting of crumbs on their chin. So utterly adorable, that one glance at it makes his whole day. A gentle remainder he brings them as much joy in their life as they do his.
Not Dating:
Homescreen - A photo of MC, Luke, and Diavolo standing beside a table of tons of desserts he'd taught MC and Luke to make. MC and Luke looking really proud of themselves, and Diavolo patting MC's head approvingly with one hand, a cookie in his other hand. He'd taken the photo just to remember the day, but set it as his homescreen because he realized after looking at it once again, it reflected everything Diavolo had hoped for with the exchange program. A human, angel, and demon as friends, bonding over love of desserts. They're three of the most important people in his life, and seeing them happy makes him happy.
Dating MC:
Lockscreen - A picture Asmo took of MC sitting on Solomon's lap at the beach, both in their swim attire. He's proud of his pact marks and magic, and equally proud of MC's as well. So seeing them in his lap with all their pact marks on display... he loves it. The power and affection one photo can radiate... he likes the term power couple. Because they most certainly have a lot of it.
Homescreen - MC sitting on his desk with his wand between their teeth, their mouth in a wicked teasing grin around it, and a wink, their potions textbook in their lap. He'd been working on a potion for ages, and finally looked up to see them lost in the text, holding his wand for him as he'd asked. Though he hadn't exactly asked them to hold it in their mouth, it was just pretty cute. So he pulled out his phone and made some sly comment to get them to look up at him with that expression, and quickly snapped the pic.
Not Dating:
Lockscreen - Beautiful scenery of the country he's originally from. He likes to keep a little bit of who he was originally with him to ground him, and it's inconspicuous enough that no one asks him anything about it.
Homescreen - A picture of him and MC back to back with their arms crossed, mentor and apprentice sorcerers. They'd put on serious faces for the photo, but the moment before was all laughs and smiles. He's proud of their progress and the person/sorcerer they're becoming. And he loves to see the photo of them together, he finally allowed himself to get close to another human after thousands of years avoiding it, and they are without a doubt his best friend.
Dating MC:
Lockscreen - A blurry as fuck picture of him and MC. He'd taken it when they fell asleep on his shoulder during a movie night, and his skills with technology are questionable. But he loved the picture regardless of the quality, and insisted on MC setting it as his lockscreen after struggling for 20 minutes to do it himself.
Homescreen - A picture Asmo happened to take of MC and Simeon when visiting Solomon. Simeon sitting in the living room with his wings on full display as MC carefully preens them, a smile on their face as they’re looking at him. He just likes the genuine looks on their faces, and the reminder of time they spend together.
Not Dating:
Lockscreen - A picture of the Celestial Realm, Luke set both of these pictures because he was struggling.
Homescreen - A picture of him, Luke, and Solomon outside the house, taken by MC. He had wanted a photo of all occupants of the house, and it makes him really happy to see them every time he opens his D.D.D.
A picture of the Celestial Realm, the same one on Simeon's because he's the one that took it in the first place.
Photo of MC, Barbatos, and him at the Dessert Expo they took the trip to go see in the human world, all three of them holding a variety of desserts in their arms.
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nakachuchu · 9 months ago
Pastries | Ryomen Sukuna
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
SYNOPSIS: You force him to eat your pastries.
READER: gender neutral
WORDS: 710
WRITTEN: 01/16/2021
Tumblr media
You smacked Yuuji’s arm repeatedly in order to draw Sukuna out, even going as far as tickling the second set of closed eyes.
“What,” he growled, mouth popping out.
“Oh, you’re here. Taste this.” You shoved a strawberry tart in his mouth. "How is it?”
“Tastes like shit,” he replied.
You knew he would never actually tell you it tasted good, so you learned that he normally meant the opposite of what he was saying when it came to your pastries.
Sukuna growled before disappearing, having enough of you.
"Y/N, you really shouldn't antagonize him," said Yuuji as he scratched his cheek.
"I didn't know you knew big words," you teased. "I'll be fine, Yuuji. You're good at keeping him in check. Besides, I know he secretly likes me."
Your favorite pastime was baking sweets. You always used Sukuna as a taste tester because you loved his reactions.
And honestly, you liked him a little. He reminded you of an angry cat, and it was adorable.
You gave some of the strawberry tarts to Yuuji, who happily ate them in front of you.
"Y/N, they're good as always!" he exclaimed.
"Thanks!" You placed the rest of them in a tin and handed it to him. "Share with the rest, okay?"
He nodded, leaving your room to begin class.
You often made sweets, but you rarely ate them yourself. You just liked spending time baking in order to make others happy with your sweets.
You and Yuuji were good friends. It was obvious he had a crush on you, and you knew that as well. You liked teasing him, so you often acted oblivious to his actions.
But you preferred Sukuna over Yuuji when it came to teasing. It was amusing to hear his responses.
The next day, Yuuji came over again. It was a routine for him to come over every day and for you to bake pastries.
You pinched Yuuji's arm, glaring at the emptiness of it as you attempted to draw Sukuna out.
His mouth opened, teeth snapping at your fingers. You giggled, pinching the skin around his mouth. You shoved a piece of the sugared donuts into his mouth.
“How is it?” you questioned.
You tilted your head to the side, moving toward the trash can with the tray of donuts.
“What are you doing, human?”
“Hmm? If you say it’s good, then there’s no way it’s good.”
“Didn’t you hear me? I said it was good," Sukuna reiterated.
“You were being honest for once?”
"Silence, human."
As odd as it was to think, Yuuji found the fact that you liked Sukuna to be sweet. He was already crazy about you, but the fact that you accepted a murderous curse made him feel better about his chances with you — even if it was a little clear you liked Sukuna more.
Sukuna's mouth lifted up haughtily. "That's right, brat. Peasants bow down before—"
You attempted to smack his mouth, but he moved up to Yuuji's shoulder. "I'm not bowing down to anyone and I'm not a peasant, you shitty curse. You're lucky you're cute," you said, leaning down to kiss the corner of his mouth.
He stayed silent, but didn't disappear. You grinned and looked up at Yuuji before suddenly hugging him around the neck. His eyes widened in shock.
"You're cute too, Yuuji!" you exclaimed, kissing the corner of his mouth as well.
Yuuji's brain stopped working.
"You shut him up better than I can," retorted Sukuna. 'I'm taking over, brat.'
Sukuna's mouth disappeared as black markings appeared on Yuuji's face and body. You felt him grow more muscular and large before getting thrown onto your bed.
Sukuna looked over you with narrowed eyes, trapping you underneath his body. Your hands grabbed onto his arms that were on both sides of your head.
"Did you need something?" you questioned.
"I said it was good, didn't I?"
"You're still mad about that?" you asked.
He stared at you for a moment before leaning down to kiss you. You could taste the sugared donuts on his tongue as he slipped into your mouth.
"You don't have permission to sleep tonight," he commanded.
And for once, you realized you were in a bit of trouble with the King of Curses.
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veronicathegoddess · a day ago
just wanna be edged by them until i can’t think. want them to force my legs apart and tease me until i’m crying. rubbing my clit achingly slow, only using one finger inside me, dragging it out just because they can.
shushing me when i ask them to cum. fucking me slow and steady while i’m overstimulated, every thrust making it harder to resist cumming but i do because i want to please them.
eventually when they’ve seen me cry and beg enough and feel sorry for me, they let me cum, whimpering and clutching them close. when i’m done, they pull me into their arms, stroking my hair while whispering "you were so good for me baby, you did so well. now c'mon let's get you cleaned up."
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redlotus98 · 17 hours ago
Bruce Wayne Masterlist
Tumblr media
The Reveal; Gender Neutral Reader; ⛈; 693 words
The End; Gender Neutral Reader; ⛈; 361 words
You decide to do something stupid when your father’s identity is revealed; Warnings; Slight spoilers for Arkham Knight ending, Character Death, Teenage Reader / Wayne Reader, Vigilante Reader
Forgotten Friendship; Gender Neutral Reader; ⛈; 349 words
After Bruce abandons your friendship, you find solace in a new person. When Bruce gets back in contact, you decide to confront him.
You Made Your Bed With Her So You Can Go Lie In It; Gender Neutral Reader; ⛈🌈;
Part One; Part Two; Part Three
After Bruce does the unthinkable, will your family be able to come back from this? Warnings; Cheating, heartbreak, breaking a family apart, swearing.
Why Is Everyone So Mad At Jason?; Gender Neutral Reader;🌪; 308 words (inc. Cassandra Cain, Damian Wayne and Dick Grayson)
After Jason is revealed to be Red Hood, you have a few words to say to your family.
Honestly I'd Prefer If None Of You Died; Gender Neutral Reader;🌪; 303 words (inc. Dick Grayson and Jason Todd)
After a bank heist, you and your brothers have some words about sacrifices.
Is That A Threat Mr. Wayne?; Gender Neutral Reader;☀️; 434 words
Bruce pays Oswald a visit, who just so happens to be your boss
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lustdotexe · a month ago
Take me on a date to the art gallery but stare at me the whole time, call me art, hold me from behind and kiss my neck tenderly as we admire the curves of the Ancient Greek sculptures, walk around with your hand on my waist, whisper dirty things in my ear as I examine a Renaissance piece and watch me blush and smile shyly, later, sneak me into the bathroom, overcome with lust, and give in to your desires, muffled moans and knowing giggles as we try to keep from getting kicked out
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anna1306 · 2 days ago
New in town
Part 10
Tumblr media
- No... - Michael sat on your bed for half an hour now and repeated this again and again. - No!
- Michael, come on, snap out of it. I know you aren't the brightest one, but dude... - you flicked the cigarette in the window and turned to your nephew, looking at him worriedly now.
- How...
- Thanks everything, a different word! - you scoffed. - It's... I would say a long story, but it really isn't. We were in a car accident. Me and Lucy. She received the least damage, I was jammed in a car and was... Slowly dying, - you hated to remember that day. You shivered and averted his gaze. - Rebecca was driving nearby, she saw all of that and... Helped.
- Wait, mom is... Too? - he looked terrified. You sighed deeply, understanding that his mind was all over the place. But you didn't have time and nerves to deal with him.
- Michael, I need you to calm down. Because when you are in shock or panic, your brain turns yourself off to save the remaining cells, - you smiled softly at him, sitting near. You hoped that it would calm him down. He nodded, but still moved away. Okay, that hurt a little. - Your mom gave birth to both of you. Plus she's aging. Vampires can't do both, - he processed it and nodded, then looked at you suddenly.
- That's why you moved, - he suddenly said. - So me and dad won't understand...
- Yes, finally some rational conclusions, - you laughed. Michael smiled a little, but... It seemed his brain jumped to another scary (for him) thought.
- Wait... Mom knew all along?!
- Here we go again... We got into an accident together, I told you...
- No, about this! About Santa-Carla! About boys! About me?! - he looked at you expectantly. What could you say? That his mother wouldn't listen to him because she's in love? That you tried to put her mind in place? That you understood, why she made those decisions and said those words, even if you didn't agree with her? You sighed and took his hand into yours, squeezing his fingers a little.
- Yes, - you simply answered. - I told her in the first week, that the town smells like blood. Almost the next day they took you to the cave. Maybe in two days? I don't know, I wasn't there. But yes, she knew. The moment I realised it, I told her.
- Oh gosh... Then we definitely has to kill boys, kill David, Mom is sick worried! - he jumped to his feet, but you stayed on your place.
- It's not him. He is just normal vampire from the coven. There is their sire in this town, - you looked at your nephew, but when he tried to say something, you shook your head. - I won't say who. Lucy would hate me for that.
- What do you mean hate?! She is worried for me, I know, and I can't be like it, I... - he suddenly stopped. You could swear you heard the clogs in his head getting back into right place to work right and his heart shuddering. - She doesn't want me to go back...
- Michael, - you sighed, standing up. - Me and your mom went through a lot. I know things about her she doesn't know and understand and vice versa. She doesn't want to kill your sire for the same reason I don't want to kill boys. He is close to her, he is...
- It's Max? Or whatever the name of her freaking boyfriend? - he almost growled, looking at you angrily. You got nothing left to do, but to nod, being in the corner. - I'm gonna kill him.
- That's very unlucky event. He is old, we don't know how much, but... He got four of the boys turned and they have been here for a while, so... Yes, he's old with, might I add, help of his coven on his side. And you are just a halfling with two braincells, that kills each other every day. You can't beat him. I could have tried, I offered to ask for help from my sire, but...
- She doesn't want him killed? But me - oh well? - you could see angry tears in his eyes and you hugged him, stopping from making mistakes. He thrashed a little, but froze. - Why? When dad was with us, she chose him over and over, only when you came, she saw something bad in him, she didn't listen to us. And now this?! - he sounded angry, but you heard tiredness in his voice too.
- She wants to be loved. Wants to be just a human who can love in return. Wants to have someone here for her. She loves you to no ends, believe me, I've seen it all. She doesn't want you to be like that, like me, like... Whatever, my point is she tried to find a way for you out of this, before she knew of the head vampire. But she can't be alone, she's... Just like that, - you caressed his messy hair, trying your best to calm him down.
- I understand that! I understand her reasoning! But... But I don't have to live with it! It's my life, not hers to choose it, - he grabbed your back, pressing into you, but soon he pulled away, scrunching his nose. - You smell like them. Especially like Paul, what did you all do... Oh, hell, nevermind, - you blushed a little, looking away.
- Your mother is lost. She needs a little help and...advice. I'm not the best for it now. We argued. So now I can't appear and snap my fingers to make it all better, like I did with the situation with your dad.
- Shame you are so useless... - you both snickered. Michael sighed. - What about Star? Laddie? They don't deserve it. If we won't kill boys, they would be stuck here forever.
- Star tried to... Warn me about them. And I told her one thing and I will tell you this. Rebecca, my sire, she's good. She can help them get out of this. So we can ask her.
- But this sire... I don't want to be like... You. Sorry, but it's true, I don't want to be a vampire! - Michael exclaimed. You nodded, smiling sadly. At this point you were getting used to that.
- I understand. Don't worry about my feelings, Lucy doesn't. There isn't much fun about it, you can't go anywhere in the day, be close with people e.c. But you don't have to kill anyone. Look at me, I live on blood from the hospitals and blood banks Becca is giving me. You can go to her too. She isn't that pressing like boys.
- I don't know what to do now... - he finally admitted. You put your hand on his shoulder and looked him in the eyes.
- That's normal. It means you have feelings and care about all of this, - you smiled a little. - We'll figure something out. Just... Not kill anyone in the process, please, - you asked. He looked at you with strange mix of feelings in his eyes.
- Alright, I'll try to reason them. About you... I won't tell anyone, but Sam, but... Do the boys know?
- No. He shouldn't know also, - you shook your head. - It's safer for him that way. And for the boys. And for us if they don't know the truth. It's... Territorial thing. Long story about vampires and their stupid instincts, - you smiled with a strain. - Now go. The sunrise is soon, we both need to rest. Especially you, but I want you to know that you are not alone. I'm with you, whatever happens, you can go to me.
- Got it... Thanks, - Michael nodded, going to the exit. - Still sorry. For everything, - you smiled at him and locked the door, once he went out.
They were longing for you. You felt them somewhere deep inside of you, their blood still in your veins. You almost felt its taste. All of your being screamed to go back. To tell them truth, find peace in them, in their hands. Yes, you felt betrayed, knowing that they manipulated you and if you were humans, things would be different. At the same time you couldn't imagine your life without them, wishing to go back to them, to be theirs. But you had to do everything you could for the family.
Michael didn't want it and you understood him. Star and Laddie too couldn't just return to normal life. But kill Max meant to hurt Lucy. You couldn't do one without the other. So you had to come up with the idea of what you could do to save everything. The best solution was to send them to Rebecca, as she would understand their wish to remain not-vampires and would take care of them. But still...
You were worried that the boys could got hurt in the process of their "day activities", or whatever these hunters wanted to do. You went to the closed window, looking out from the fabric to the street. It still was dark, but the horizon was slowly becoming lighter. You should have just shut down the curtain, but you stood in your place, all of the thoughts circling on loop inside your head. You were stuck.
- Y/N? - you heard knocking on the door and Lucy's voice. You shivered, closing the curtain and walking to the door. Thinking for a moment, should you do it or not, you opened the door. Lucy stood there as silent as you were. It was only after a minute she threw herself onto you, hugging you tightly.
- When we found your car, I was so worried! - she whispered frantically. You grabbed her back, hugging her as well, closing the door behind her. - Are you okay?
- Yes, yes, I'm fine. I ate today and... Everything's good.
- I'm sorry. For calling you monster, for forcing you to do anything you hate! - she almost cried, and you had to force yourself to smile. Your doubts in her still hurt, being there, deep inside your heart, but you couldn't stand the tears of your younger sister.
- It's okay. What matter is that we are all alright, - you lead her into the room and sat her on the bed. - Are you okay? Max said you were nervous, when I met him. Before... The crash.
- He was just worried, - she looked at the side. You, using the opportunity, looked at her neck. Alive and well, he still didn't bite her. Alright, maybe you could trust him. More or less. - He said he would look for you, but...
- I think he knew where I was, - you interrupted her. She looked at you questionably and then sighed, finally understanding. - Before you got more worried, once again, I'm fine. And I haven't killed a soul.
- You told me to be careful around vampires and you yourself was at these boys'... Nevermind, I don't want to argue, - she sighed, taking your arms in hers. - I missed you, brother. And I thought... I thought that you were gone, the car was under the sun, I... Remembered that evening.
- It's okay, - you kissed her wrist. - We gonna be okay, but... I think we need to do something about it. I mean Michael's situation and all. It's not safe for him here, he doesn't want it.
- What do you suggest? Letting him go? Y/N, remember yourself, I hardly held you from biting people, still don't know how come you haven't bitten me even once, - she sighed. - I know where you are coming from. But we won't hurt Max, and you both, maybe even your... Boys would help with his hunger and turning.
- He doesn't want to turn, we need to respect his wish, it's his life, - you answered sternly, making it clear that the final word would be after Michael. - I mean, technically he could stay like that, but not here. We can send him and... A girl, who's staying with the boys to Rebecca. She's all alone with me gone and no other covens around, she could use a little company. We ask her first, but...
- You think it would help? Maybe it's better for him to stay near to his sire, - Lucy didn't seem to be convinced. You shrugged.
- I have only one thing to say. Rebecca doesn't kill. Max and boys do.
- Valid point, - she whispered, nodding. She sighed and put her hands in her hair, letting go of you. - When it became so hard, Y/N? It used to be just us and boys against the world and now...
- Nothing changed, hey, sis, - you sat near her and hugged her again. - I'm with you and boys understand you. We just need to adjust to the situation. Plus talk more, the amount of talking and truth is terrifying, we screamed at each other the first suitable time.
- You are right, - she giggled and sat straight. - It's late, I mean... Early. You need to have some rest. And tomorrow night we gonna talk. About Max, truth, Rebecca and everything. We need to tell boys the truth finally and make sure that everything is okay, - Lucy was stressed, but you knew she would be alright now. Telling her that Michael knew would stress her out too. Tomorrow. Everything tomorrow. You kissed her in the forehead and let go of her.
- You too need to sleep, - you followed her to the door and closed it on lock after her. Sam still didn't know and you shouldn't let him wander in accidentally. You walked to the crossbar over your bed and jumped on it. Oh, how you missed this feeling of relaxation, it was as if your back just straightened itself.
Everything would be okay. You would deal with problems step by step. Everything would be fine. You would talk with the boys and tell them the truth and... You'll figure out the way to be happy together and trust each other.
You woke up with a scream, falling to the bed. You felt such immense pain it was like you were stabbed. You heard someone's screaming, and you didn't understand what was going on, screaming with them. You thrashed around, jumping to your feet.
There was sun behind your curtain, it was day, you should have been asleep. And you had never ever had nightmares. But this pain was so overwhelming, like burning inside out, you woke up immediately. In a minutes you walked around your room, pain dissolved, leaving...
The same overwhelming amount of emptiness after. It was like you were ripped from something important, becoming void in your chest again. You thought of boys, but... Michael said they wouldn't do anything, so... They should be safe, right? Right?...
For the rest of the day you couldn't sleep normally. You heard some commotion in the house, someone even tugged on the door handle, but ran away quickly. In the evening you sighed, standing up from the bed.
- To hell with talk and decisions, I'm going to boys, - you grumbled, walking out of the room. By the stairs you were met with... Frog from the comic store? He pointed a self-made stake on you, making you step back. You raised your hands, ready to fight if needed.
- HEY, WOW, What the actual hell?! - you exclaimed, being very careful. Sam ran from his room and stood between you, probably saving you. Or the boy.
- Chill out, dude, it's not one of them!
- There weren't any reflection in the mirror in the store! - answered the boy with his weapon. Now you understood why he was so quiet the last time you saw him and why they darted to the phone. And why Sam didn't want you in the house. Freaking self-proclaimed hunters...
- They are like me, only halfway there, - interrupted Michael, and you were grateful for that, looking at him. He nodded a little. - If you have trust in me, trust them too, - Frog thought for a moment, having his doubtful brother behind his back, but finally he lowered his weapon, looked at each other.
- Fine. You should stay inside and listen to us, - he commanded. You raised your brows and scoffed.
- No.
- What do you mean no?
- I mean no. You wanna hear it in Spanish? 'No', - you rolled your eyes, heading for the stairs. - I'm going for... Business, gonna take dad's car. You be careful, make some noise and go to bed after midnight.
- No, Y/N, wait! - Sam ran around you and stood in front of you, on the stairs. You only now noticed Star near Michael, Laddie hiding behind her skirt. She looked at you sheepishly and almost scared. The hell they were doing here?... - They would kill you, you need to stay inside.
- Kill me. Right... Mind if I ask who?
- The boys from the freaking cave, - the red Frog answered. You looked at him and laughed.
- Guys, I know you are scared of them, but they won't touch me, believe me. So don't worry. I will be fine. And you can play hide-and-seek here. I will be back before morning and we will discuss our little situation. I mean I'm not gonna just sit and...
- They killed Marko, - said Star suddenly. You froze, not looking at her, all of the fun and sarcasm going away. - So they would come for all of us.
- No... - you whispered, not daring to believe that the pain and emptiness you felt was from... The loss of part of your being. You shook your head, looking into nothing. - You didn't.
- They did, - Michael nodded, making you look at him. His face expressed worry and fear. - Marko is dead.
Taglist New in town: @minafromasgard
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imagine-your-love-story · 2 months ago
Imagine your f/o fast asleep with their head on your chest, their arms locked around your waist. When you kiss the top of their head, they let out this sleepy little noise of contentment and snuggle against you even more.
Bonus points if your f/o is a grumpy/stoic/big-gruff-badass type who is scary toward everyone else but around you it’s 🥺 🥺 🥺 time!
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officallytheduchess · a month ago
Say What You Really Mean [Mammon/Reader]
Summary: You were finally sick of being talked down to and snapped. Mammon was only adding fuel to the fire.
a/n: this was a lot of fun to write, i hope yall like it! this is a request response! obey me requests are still open!
The epitome of placidity is the creative description your best friend back in the human world had bestowed you with in high-school. You knew it was due in part from your upbringing; the rigid encouragement from family to keep your lips tight, eyes on your textbooks and studies, and essentially to do everything possible to go deter provoking anyone. Or more specifically, making a mar on your family or bring eyes to your status in society.
Such a mentality followed you into the Devildom in the beginning. Those insults that the surlier demons spat at you lanced deep into your heart, made your bones ache, face sear pink in embarrassment, and had you convinced for quite a long time that everything was true. You withered deeper into yourself; that safe shell, the impregnable fortress built of dismissive laughter, impassive responses, and unreadable expressions that betrayed how you truly felt.
You could laugh and bellow with the best of them, and shrug off the harshest jeer almost as though it had passed right over your head. That was never the case, you fully comprehended what was being said about you and to you; you understood that some of those demons meant to demean, deride, obliterate any shred of pride or even the audacity to entertain that you could be capable of anything aside from taking a repeated lashing.
Those demons you could tolerate well, their intentions were clear and their hearts and souls were often as ugly as they were physically. It would always sting a bit, but you soon they faded into the background like the hum of a fan in the summer. It was harder to stomach the comments that came from the demon brothers, the celestials, or even the handful of others you had grown an affinity for.
In particular, you faced this challenge with Mammon.
His jibes were less biting in terms of impact, but were rather heavy in their frequency and reinforcement in your mind. It seemed like nothing you did was enough; you were too stupid for not knowing an obscure Devildom fact, you were weak for not being able to fight back, you were annoying for asking questions and standing by your values.
The way he spoke to you largely indicated that you were irredeemably inferior to him (and any other demon) in every way possible. You knew it wasn't the truth, that the venom of his words did not match the feelings he possessed, or let know what he truly meant.This was the nature of a demon, as well as Mammon purely being an absolute tool.
As the Avatar of Greed, you suspected that there was a part of him that wanted the simplicity of the existence of being a human; maybe he even mirrored Leviathan in some ways and envied you for that reason.
Also, Mammon just suffered from the chronic, incurable foot-in-mouth disease that you had somewhat accepted at this point.
But, you were tired.
Tired of having to slough through his layers of harmful comments, insecurities, fears, and take the brunt of those behaviors. It wasn't your place to read between the lines for the fine print- for the true, underlying meaning he so passionately denied. It wasn't your responsibility to do that for him, or for anyone else.
And, as more of those derisive words tumbled out of his mouth towards the end of breakfast one morning- you had fucked had it.
"I can't believe you seriously fell for it! Humans really are gullible; a demon would have figured it--"
"Seriously, Mammon, shut the fuck up." The severity of that sentence did not match how easily those words flowed out of you. It didn't feel exciting, it wasn't a rush of adrenaline, nor a swell in pride for you. It just felt right. "Keep your shitty comments to yourself. I'm going to class early. I have a project to finish with Simeon."
The usually boisterous dining hall in the House of Lamentation was swallowed in a staggering silence, fractured only by the groan of your chair as you moved it out from under you, and scuff of shoes on polished marble as you walked away. The demon brothers all stared after you, undoubtedly in surprise, but perhaps awe in a few.
Mammon, however, seemed to have turned a little grey while his mouth hung agape in sheer terror of your clapback. The others thought they were witnessing his soul ascending from his body in that moment.
"Wh-what the hell was that all about?!" He finally managed, swallowing the bulge in his throat with his neck still craned towards the doorway where you had just been. "I can't believe... I mean, how dare- why would... th-that was such a dramatic response! I'm the Great and Amazing Mammon, that's some fuckin' nerve!"
"I don't know about that," Asmodeus leaned forward with his elbows pointed on the table, only slightly leaning into his palms as he smiled wryly at Mammon. "That seemed like genuine anger to me. The kind of anger that's, 'I'm sick of you and leaving' kind of anger. Always ends up being the best make-up sex, though."
"There's still a whole plate of food there." Beelzebub was in rare form as he took cautious bites of his feast, face screwed up in clear concern for what had just happened. "Mammon, why would you say that? Go apologize."
"Apologize?" Mammon spat, launching upright out of his chair with such fierceness that it flipped over. "Why the fuck should I apologize?! I'm not the one who got all pissy over a joke and ran off!
"I don't get how that could be taken as a joke," Satan interjected with a deep crease in his brow, arms tucked tightly against his chest. "Try to think of things from a perspective other than your own. To be frank, you were a complete jackass."
"You've gotta be kiddin' me!" Mammon thrust his hands down on the table, sending the dishware and goblets on the table rattling from one end of the table to the other. "You guys literally do the exact same thing! Why am I being the one singled out for this?! You've all said way worse than me!"
"L-O-L, you're totally frothing at the mouth, Mammon," Leviathan gave a gleeful giggle as his thumbs pecked away at his device. "Sent. Some people are already speculating that this was the final straw. Real talk, if I lose my gaming partner over your stupid-ass comments, I'm literally going to throttle you with my own hands, Mammon."
It was thanks to Leviathan's quick fingers that you were kept in the loop about everything that transpired after you left breakfast, and that apparently Mammon had literally sprinted all the way to the academy to find you.
With the few friends you had managed to procure at R.A.D in the past year, you managed to stay hidden for the entirety of the day, and even received some mercy from Lucifer for skipping majority of your classes. You wouldn't say he was sympathetic to your ordeal, but rather loathed the idea of what would happen if an exchange between you both actually occurred.
However, that luck finally thinned out by the nighttime as you scuttled for your room before curfew was called. Pacing there by your door was Mammon, he seemed almost frantic, flicking the tip of his thumbnail off of his teeth as he wore a circle into the rug.
You had half the mind to pull a ballsy u-turn and crash with Beelzebub and Belphegor in their room, yet once again, such luck eluded you as Mammon's eyes landed on you and speared holes into your body.
"Where the fuck have you been?! You can't just go runnin' off like that in the Devildom! What is a couple of demons just upped and snagged you, huh? What then?"
"Let me remind you that I'm a grown ass adult, and I can do what I want, Mammon." You said with surprising calm, rolling your eyes upward as he followed hot on your heels. "Go away, I don't want to talk to you."
"Listen, I... I don't get what I said that made you so upset, but you can't just take off like that and freak out eveyone! You shoulda seen Beel and Levi, I thought they were gonna flip the table!" He flailed his arms about his body for emphasis. "Asmo started crying, thought Satan was gonna summon something."
"Ah, I see." Obviously, it was bold-faced lie.
He didn't stop there. "An-anyway, the point is, you scared them all half to death. They thought you weren't ever gonna come back. I knew you would because you care about me. I don't think you'd know what to do with yourself if I wasn't around!"
You were just trying to save your breath at this point, he continued. "So, because we both know that; I know that you know that I know that a tiny disagreement between us isn't enough for you to hate me, or stop talking to me, or leave me... I mean, just thinking about all the amazing stuff I've done for you, that we've done together- there's no way that'd all go right out the window because of a misunderstanding, haha!"
By the time you finally reached your door, his voice had faded into background noise and you had lost track of what he was even talking about.
Without interrupting his tangent or bidding him a good night, you shut the door abruptly, locking it after you to assure he couldn't get in. His exclamations behind the door were muffled by thick walls, and the heavy bass thrumming in your ears through a pair of headphones.
"Wa-wait! Are you really, seriously mad at me?! C'mon! Let me in! Don't ignore meeeeeeee!" Mammon's despaired wails ricocheted far and wide through the House of Lamentation in a continuous loop until Lucifer threatened bodily harm and chased him through the corridors with a piano string.
also, does anyone know how i can make cute banners for my stories? i don't have photoshop, and i don't know how to use any programs like it, either...
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zenstateofmind · a month ago
He's Not Taking You - Lucifer x GN!MC
Another random fic I've been working on for awhile that I finally finished lol
Fandom: Obey Me
Paring: Lucifer x GN!MC
Word Count: 3,240
Description: MC was able to meet Michael in their trip to the Celestial Realm, a fact Lucifer isn't too happy about.
Warnings: Spoiler-ish for Lesson 23 (None of this actually happens since you don't meet Michael, but there might be something). Swearing once or twice. Luci's got some anxiety and jealousy. Michael's a bit suspect.
“Simeon, you can just send them in, we’ll be fine alone,” a powerful voice calls out as MC enters the large building with Simeon at their side.
Casting him a worried glance, Simeon squeezes their shoulder reassuringly, “You’ll be fine, he’s a lovely angel. Just be respectful.” And with that he heads back out the door and shuts it firmly behind him.
Taking a deep breath, MC sets their shoulders straight and heads into the main room. The angel sitting at the front of the room quickly smiles and stands up to greet them.
Getting near them, MC opts to slightly bow, pulling a laugh from his lips.
“None of that is needed here, it’s just the two of us,” he reaches out to pat their shoulder. “I’m Michael, and it’s fantastic to finally meet you MC.”
“You too,” MC says with their own smile. “I’ve heard a lot about you, I was excited to hear you wanted to meet me.”
“Well if you’re excited to meet me, how about a Celestial Realm greeting? I’m sure Simeon and Luke made it clear we love hugs,” he offers his arms to MC.
Extending their own arms, MC is pulled into the angel’s embrace within seconds. His tight hug holds them to his chest as he hums happily then chuckles.
MC manages to hug him back, and after a moment Michael releases them, the faintest hint of a grin on his face.
“My, my,” he says clicking his tongue. “I had heard you seemed to charm the brothers as well as Simeon and Luke, but I had not expected this. You’ve somehow managed to bewitch the Morning Star himself?”
MC’s eyes widen immediately, looking down at themselves as if they missed something. Half expecting to see an errant black feather stuck to their clothing from their hug before they left.
A light laugh leaves Michael’s lips as he places a hand on MC’s shoulder and leads them toward a couch to sit down. “I’m sorry to startle you, and I’m not trying to offend, but you absolutely reek of Lucifer. I’d know that smell anywhere.”
“I- I’m sorry?”
“I don’t mean it in a bad way, it’s not an unpleasant smell. Just an overwhelming one. It carries many implications and questions to mind though. Such as why his scent marks you so strongly that one could come to the conclusion you’re his lover.”
At that, MC’s cheeks instantly flush, their gaze dropping from Michael’s and their fingertips drumming on their thighs.
“Oh?” he hums at their reaction. “Interesting. Very interesting. He’s made a human his mate. And formed a pact with you.”
“I had wondered what about one seemingly normal human could win over all seven of them, to form pacts with you. But you radiate power my little lamb. Power and the scent of Lucifer. Yet I hear you know no magic. I would love to get to know you better and discover this charm of yours,” he concludes, his hand reaching on to touch their knee gently. “There’s much we could learn from one another.”
“You… just want to know why they like me?” MC asks.
“Well you are beautiful, in form and soul, that much is obvious to me at first glance. But yes, what is it that has won over the heart of Lucifer in particular.”
“I don’t think I can answer that,” MC picks at their sleeve anxiously. “I’m… not sure of that myself. He’s, well, Lucifer. And I’m… just me.”
With that statement, Michael reaches out and playfully squeezes MC’s cheek, “Aren’t you just adorable? Quite the sweet one aren’t you? I can already get an idea of why just from that.”
As he finishes speaking, the sound of MC’s message notification on their D.D.D. goes off several times, mumbling a quick apology they reach their hand in their pocket to switch off the sound, “I apologize, I thought I had the sound off.”
“No need to apologize, but it would be rude to keep whoever is messaging you so frantically waiting, I don’t mind,” he says as he leans back into the couch.
Nodding, they pull the device out and quickly swipe to their messages, a dusting of pink across their cheeks as they see all the notifications are from Lucifer.
“Oh, by that blush would I be right to assume the man of the hour is the one messaging you?” Michael teases, his gaze sliding to the screen. “Any reason he is trying to get ahold of you so desperately?”
“Asking me how I like it here, and worrying,” they say as they start to tap out a response.
Michael chuckles at that and put his hand over theirs to stop their response, “Perhaps you should just call him. Right here. I’m sure he’ll feel far better to just hear your voice.”
“Well he’s usually busy,” they try to reason, but the stern glare from Michael has them tapping on their contacts.
Tapping his name, they wait patiently, an uneasy feeling in their gut.
“Put it on speaker please.”
Pressing the speaker button, a single ring echoes in the large room before the sound of Lucifer’s voice, “MC? Is everything alright? Is something wrong?”
“N-no, I’m fine,” MC responds, casting a glance over at Michael.
“You called me to tell me you’re fine?” Lucifer asks cautiously.
“Forgive the interruption old friend,” Michael says, leaning in toward the phone. “After the number of notifications coming from their device from you I thought it best that they let you hear that they’re perfectly fine.”
A moment of silence on the other line follows his statement, before a far rougher tone from Lucifer responds, “And are they perfectly fine?”
“But of course, I’m just taking my time getting to know your sweet little lamb here. They’re really just so adorable, I’m tempted to just keep them here forever with us,” he teases, a large grin on his face.
Lucifer’s growl echoes through the speaker, followed by another laugh from Michael, “I expect them returned to us as soon as possible.”
“Oh Lucifer, that’s no fun. I see no harm in me getting to know your mate far better.”
“I swear if you-”
“Oh calm down. If you feel so strongly about it, I suppose we should let you go so we can continue our activities so I can return them to you at a reasonable hour.”
“Exactly what activities are those?”
“I was just about to get into some lovely stories of when we were younger! I think MC will quite enjoy them.”
“Don’t you da-” before Lucifer can finish his threat, Michael hits the end call button on their phone and smiles sweetly at MC.
“So how about that embarrassing story time darling one?”
After nearly three hours at Michael’s side laughing at old stories of he and Lucifer, MC finally found themselves headed back to Simeon’s home.
“Ready to go?” Solomon asks as he steps out the front door, a light blue piece of luggage in his hand.
“I- yeah. What’s with the luggage?”
“It’s Luke’s,” Simeon answers as he steps out the door, an unhappy Luke following behind him. “We’re also coming back as short-term exchange students.”
“Really?” MC’s face lights up at the news, ducking down to smile at Luke. “I tried out some recipes when I was back in the human world I can’t wait to have you try!”
Luke’s grumpy expression quickly changes to one of delight, “I’ve been trying a lot too! You need to come over to Purgatory Hall so we can bake together!”
“Absolutely, I missed you Lukey,” MC stands back up and offers their hand to Luke.
Luke grabs it happily and the four of them head back toward the field they’d arrived in.
“Have a good chat with Michael?” Simeon asks as they walk.
“A good THREE HOUR chat?” Solomon adds on with a smirk.
“Do you have any idea how many embarrassing stories can be told in three hours?” MC asks with a grin. “A lot. Enough to mortify Lucifer for all of eternity.”
“And you’re going to share this blackmail- I mean these lovely stories with your favorite fellow human right?”
Rolling their eyes and lightly shoving Solomon’s shoulder they laugh, “It’s for me to tease my boyfriend, not for you to blackmail him.”
“Oh? So you two are official?” Simeon asks. “Good for you two. Lucifer needs something positive in his life, and I’m sure you bring a lot of positivity to it. I’ll pray for your love.”
“You’re dating one of the demons, Lucifer?” Luke scowls, obviously not impressed. “At least choose Beel if it has to be one of them.”
“He’s good to me Luke, and he makes me happy,” they answer, the scowl on Luke’s face lessening.
“Well ok, if he takes care of you! But you tell me if he doesn’t!”
“Speaking of Lucifer, he’s probably waiting for you,” Solomon says, his hands going to MC’s shoulders. “And we’re here!”
In that moment Solomon yanks MC from Luke’s grasp and tosses them through the portal.
Tumbling through the portal, MC lands hard on their back, skidding across the shiny gold floor before finally coming to a stop with a groan.
“MC!” within seconds of their landing Lucifer’s standing over them in his demon form. His stance defensive as he glares at the portal as if expecting an enemy to come through at any moment.
MC carefully pulls themselves up into a sitting position, a string of curses from their lips before setting a hand on Lucifer’s leg, “It’s alright, Solomon just tossed me in. No one was chasing me or anything.”
“He tossed you? You could have been hurt,” his tone sharp and angry.
“I think he expected you to be waiting, and wanted me to come through first so we’d be gone before they came.”
With a sigh, Lucifer offers his hand to MC, pulling them up as Barbatos enters the room.
“And the other three?” he asks.
“They’ll be here in a moment,” MC responds, rubbing their backside in annoyance. “Can we go home Lucifer?”
“Of course,” he extends his arm to MC and pulls them into his side as they grab it. A quick look of annoyance crosses his features before he tears his eyes away from them and calls out a farewell to Barbatos.
Leading MC out the castle door, his grip on their arm tightens as he speedily walks in the direction of the Hall of Lamentation.
As they walk, an almost eery silence falls over them. Silence between them wasn’t uncommon, but it was usually comfortable, something MC liked about spending time around Lucifer. But this… there was something he wasn’t saying.
“I want us to go directly to my room, any objections?” he asks as they near the house.
Shaking their head no, they let him lead them into the house and past the brothers asking various questions.
Shooting them apologetic smiles, they call out promises to spend tomorrow with them.
Once in Lucifer’s room, the door slams shut behind them and Lucifer pulls them into his arms. First his face buried in their hair, then on their shoulder, then he presses kisses down their arm, up their neck and across their face.
After the torrent of kisses, his eyes open and bare into their own, an obviously look of displeasure on his features. “He’s touched you. All over. Left his scent all over you. Too deliberately to be an accident. He’s goading me.”
MC jaw drops, their mind thinking back as they get ready to respond, but snap their mouth shut instead. Oh.
“I… didn’t realize that’s what he was doing. It just seemed like friendly gestures at the time.”
Lucifer steps back, emotions flash rapidly across his face, his arms starting to reach out toward them then dropping. Worrying his lip between his teeth he crosses his arms and sighs.
“It’s very strong… can you just…” he growls in frustration and runs a hand through his hair.
“What do you need me to do? Take a bath?”
“No. Just… get out of those clothes and get in the bed,” he finally spits out. “Under the sheets.”
Giving him a questioning look, MC undresses and does as he asks. Once they’re under the covers he starts removing his own clothes before sliding into the bed beside them.
His arms wrap quickly around their midsection and he pulls them into his chest, his lips kissing everywhere he can reach. When he hooks his leg over theirs, turning their body into him to continue his kiss assault on their chest, they gasp as his teeth scrap the base of their neck.
“Lucifer?” They ask at his tirade of kisses. “Are you ok?”
“He covered my scent on you with his own, I can’t stand his scent on you. He did this to upset me I know he did. He’s not taking you away from me,” he growls, the sound rumbling in his chest.
“Lucifer I’m here, it’s ok.”
“It’s not ok,” another growl leaves his lips. A nearly feral look in his eyes as he cheek rubs roughly against theirs, “You smell of him. Of that place. Like he’s trying to take you from me! I won’t let him. He and father can’t have you there, you belong at my side.”
“Luci, no one is taking me away from you, ever,” they assure him, tilting his chin so his crimson eyes focus on theirs. “Someone can cover me in scents or whatever, but you’re the one I’ve chosen that I want to always come back to. That isn’t going to change.”
Pulling his chin from their grip, he presses a kiss to their collarbone and buries his face in their neck with a sigh, “I don’t have many good memories of that place. And I was… worried. We didn’t leave there on the best terms as is evident. All I could think of is if they tried to use you to hurt me.”
“But they’re angels, they wouldn’t do that would they?” MC asks, slowly rubbing circles on his back.
“To a normal human no, but to a human that has a pact with seven fallen angels, and is the mate of the one who led the Celestial Rebellion? I’m unsure. I convinced myself it would be fine because of the truce between realms with the exchange program, and that Simeon and Solomon would be at your side. But when you called, alone with Michael…” Lucifer’s grip tightens around their waist.
“The idea that he’d harm you or hold you there just to somehow hurt me…” at those words he climbs on top of MC, gently laying his body across theirs, focusing most of his weight on his forearms on either side of them. “Never again, he’s not touching you again. I’m not giving him the opportunity to be that close to you.”
“I understand,” MC whispers, wrapping their arms around his bare waist between his sets of wings and looking up at his conflicted expression. “If it’s any consolation, he was nice to me the entire time at least.”
“As he should be,” Lucifer responds, pressing more kisses along their jaw. “What happened in the meeting?”
“Uh, well,” MC’s cheeks turn red. “He pretty much spent three hours telling me old stories about you.”
Lucifer tenses against them, “Three hours? Oh Diavolo… how could he possibly have three hours worth of decent stories to tell you? What did he tell you?”
“A lot, and I think your pride has been pushed enough for one night.”
Pressing his face back into their neck he sighs again loudly, “Well, did you like the Celestial Realm?”
“It was beautiful,” MC admits, lightly running their fingertips around the base of one of his wings. “It made me realize why you’re called ‘The Morning Star’.”
“Seeing the Celestial Realm made you think of me?”
“I mean that you already shine so brightly here, in a place where it’s always dark and you’re wearing all black. But there where it’s so bright and things seem to sparkle… like damn how did people look at you? You’d have practically blinded me with your sparkling beauty if we met back then,” they tease.
Lucifer laughs into their neck, his warm breath making them shiver with its contact on their neck. “You certainly know how to stroke my pride MC. Do you wish you had seen me back then?”
MC hums thoughtfully, now reaching to stroke his feathers, eliciting an involuntary satisfied noise from Lucifer. “While I’m sure you were very beautiful, and I heard a bunch of stories. I love you the way you are. Your shiny black wings are breathtaking, your diamond is beautiful, your horns are honestly really cool looking. And I feel like while you’re busy here, you’re more able to be yourself. I know your pride and everything. But it sounds like there was a really high standard there, especially for you. You also look amazing in black, can’t imagine you in all white.”
“And I mean… there’s a selfish reason as well.”
“Selfish reason?” he asks.
“Mhm, I’m about 99% sure angel Lucifer wouldn’t have wanted this with me. And the idea of not having you in my life… is rough.”
Lucifer remains quiet at that, so quiet MC almost thought he’d fallen asleep.
“I’m unsure,” he finally responds. “I’d have still found you beautiful and captivating as I did the day you arrived here. But I don’t know that I’d have appreciated you fully.”
“What do you mean?”
“When I was an angel… many wanted to be close to me. Were willing to give affection, put the effort into being at my side. My time as a demon however… You’re the only one to see past my sin, see past every wall I put up and every front I want people to see. And you still wanted to be here,” he pauses as his breath catches in his throat and he squeezes them to him tighter. “It’s easy to want someone at their best and when they’re allowing you in. It’s far harder when they’re… as I’ve been. I appreciate you at my side, taking pride in me, but not allowing me to get completely lost in it. Something I wouldn’t have felt if I were still an angel.”
“Then let’s just say we met at the perfect time?” MC sums up as their fingertips drift along his spine.
“I’d have preferred a least a few centuries ago,” Lucifer mutters with a sigh. “Seems a cruel fate now that I’ve gone this long without you.”
“Well if it was centuries ago, I’d already be dead.”
His laughter fills their ears as he pulls back to look down at them with a smile, “Love, you’re the mate of Lucifer Morningstar, the Avatar of Pride, one of the strongest demons in existence.”
MC looks up at him with a questioning expression, watching him shake his head with a smirk settled on his face as his pact mark glows a bright blue on their chest.
“As if I would let a thing like mortality separate the two of us. So you might as well get used to the fact you’re going to be around a very long time darling.”
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nakachuchu · 9 months ago
Tuckered Out | Ryomen Sukuna
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
SYNOPSIS: He takes care of you after a hard mission.
READER: gender neutral
WORDS: 543
WRITTEN: 01/17/2021
NOTES: Thank you for this request and your support! It really means a lot, especially since I cried for a good hour after the 'Last Night' piece I wrote. I also ended up writing 'Big Bully' based on your request but it wasn't fluffy enough for me so I wrote this one!
Tumblr media
You could feel his fingernails on your scalp as he massaged your head, creating more suds on your head. You were sitting down on a chair in the shower while Sukuna sat behind you, washing the blood off your hair and body.
He had threatened to kill you when you asked him to help you in the shower, but because of the way he said it, you knew he didn’t mean it. Besides, somewhere deep inside his mind—which was also occupied by Yuuji who was covering his eyes in embarrassment—he didn’t mind the idea of seeing you naked.
Sukuna would have liked the first moment he was allowed to see you naked to be in a more intimate situation, but with you injured and half-asleep, he couldn’t be picky.
You came back from your mission injured, covered in blood. Your feet were so tired that you barely made it past the threshold of your apartment door.
Yuuji had been there, waiting for you and barely able to control Sukuna because you had been gone for two days already. As soon as Sukuna saw you, he took over.
“Oi, don’t fall asleep,” said Sukuna as he peered around at your face from behind.
Your eyes were closed. “Hmm?”
“Unbelievable human,” he grumbled, grabbing the bucket of water to pour over your head.
The nice thing was that he even covered your eyes with one hand as he poured the water so that the suds wouldn't get into your eyes.
“Su,” you mumbled. “Sleepy.”
He sighed. “At least finish washing up.”
He scrubbed your body with his hands, pushing the lewd thoughts to the back of his head. Of course he wanted to touch your body and use you until you could barely form a sentence, but he wanted you at your best when he did.
Once you were finished washing up, he dried you with a towel and put you in an oversized shirt that you actually bought for him since he was more muscular than Yuuji. He always refused to wear it though.
You had your legs around his waist and clung onto his neck like a koala.
“It’s time to sleep, human.”
“Hmm, will you sleep with me?” you questioned.
“I don’t need sleep.”
“Su,” you whined.
You smiled in satisfaction and let go of him and crawled into bed, under the covers. You pat the empty side next to you and waited for him to slide in. He grumbled about it, but you knew he didn’t mind.
You were the only person he ever easily gave into. Hell, he lived in Yuuji’s body and didn’t even listen to him.
Once Sukuna laid down next to you, you pulled the blankets up and tucked him in before curling up next to him, forcing him to move his arm to wrap around you.
If you looked at him, he’d have a distasteful expression on his face. But when you looked away, he stared at you as if you were a fragile kitten.
When you finally fell asleep, he leaned down and kissed your forehead before closing his own eyes in order to listen to your breathing peacefully.
“Brat, if you tell anyone what I just did, I’ll rip out your heart again."
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kazuunya · a month ago
idol! reader x fanboy! xiao
Tumblr media
warnings: modern au, stalker and yandere xiao, sub xiao, gender neutral, anal penetration/pegging, degradation, hair pulling, spanking.
Tumblr media
he's been there since the beginning. since you were a no one, since you debuted, since you had to give tickets for your shows on the streets, he's been there, watching you. observing how you go from a rookie who fights for their spot on the rankings, to a respected popular idol who people admire.
he admires you too, and he tells you so every fanmeeting he attended —which means all of them—, and you always respond with a sweet grateful smile that he loves so much, but doesn't show it.
he has to admit his obsession started innocently, he just genuinely wanted to support you because he saw talent, but when you started changing those cutesy pastel concepts, to more mature sexy ones his perception changed quickly, as well as his intentions.
he started taking more pictures of you, following you everywhere, getting your personal information, trying to know as much as he could of you from what you ate for dinner to what underwear you use, but it wasn't enough for his greedy heart. he thought that maybe recreating what you would smell like and wear, what you would say and do would satisfy him, but he wanted more, he wanted you.
he tried not to, he knew it was wrong to do this, but he couldn't stay away from you any longer. that's why he sneaked into your dressing room, waiting for your presentation to end so he could finally show you he was your biggest fan.
“you did amazing today [name]! oh and rest well”
he heard voices coming outside the dressing room, making his hair raise and heart pump fast, you were only at the other side of the door.
“thank you, i'll see you tomorrow”
your soft voice reached his ears making him tremble. then, the door opened and then closed, a soft click could be heard meaning you locked it.
he kept hiding in his spot, watching you remove your stage clothes with a heavy breath, your body was delicious, better than anything he could've ever fantasized on solitary nights. you get into comfy clothes and sit on the chair in front of your makeup vanity.
“i know you're hiding”
his blood went cold and he felt himself paralyze in place. how could you know? now way you could see him enter, you were performing! maybe you had cameras—
“come out now and maybe i won't ruin your life too bad”
he raises from his spot, his head leaning down with shame. he was shaking on his boots, not even daring to look up at you. he was so stupid, thinking this would work, now you'll hate him forever! that's far from what he wanted!
“you have the guts to sneak here, but you won't even look me at the eyes? pathetic”
you stand up from your seat and get close to his trembling form, now you could get a better look at him. your fingers grip his chin harshly finally allowing you to see his face. you must admit he was cute, specially those gold infatuated eyes he has, but that didn't excuse his actions.
“what's your name, and what did you plan to do?” he looked surprised but spilled everything quickly. “m-my name's xiao, i w-wanted to uh... offer you s-something” his response caught you off guard, you thought he was planning to do the typical, like drugging you or something similar.
you raise your brow and cross your arms. “and what would you offer me?” his face flushed and eyes averted. you noticed him squirming around nervously, was he embarrassed? “i wanted to offer you... m-me”
silence filled the room, you looked at him incredulously, but then your laugh resonated on the room making him want to dissappear. “you? what are you on?” tears pooled at the corner of his eyes trying to say something, anything, but he couldn't. he felt a painful knot form on his throat from holding back his sobs and whimpers, you were laughing at him mockingly for saying such a silly thing, but it was the truth, he wanted to offer all of himself to you, he wanted to be yours.
“awh, are you sad? did you expect me to be nice? you're ridiculous. now get out of my sight and don't show your face ever again”
you turned around ending the conversation, but unexpectedly xiao went on his knees and clinged to your waist not letting you move him off. “p-please! i'm your biggest fan, i love you! i will do anything, but please accept me! i want to be with you!”
you click your tongue annoyed trying to get him off but it was useless. you sigh and look down at his tear stained face, he looked adorable like this. maybe it wouldn't be that bad to use him, he's cute and stupidly devoted to you.
“fine, i'll take your offering” you smirk seeing his brows raise and eyes go wide. “thank you! t-thank you so much! i'm really happy!” you pull on his hair and give him a stern look. “show me you're worth it”
you sit on the chair of your vanity again waiting for him to do something. he stands up and removes all of his clothes, then he sits on your lap back to chest giving you a nice view of his backside. he spreads his asscheeks, revealing the buttplug with the particular design of your newest comeback concept, you chuckle amused and remove it, allowing you to see his now gaping hole.
“i've dreamt about this for so long” he says grinning while taking your cock inside him. once having you completely inside he relishes on the feeling, engraving it on his mind. he starts moving up and down, looking back at you with needy eyes and releasing soft moans. one of your hands grabs his left asscheek, leaving your fingertips marked on his skin, and then spank him roughly making him squeak. “ngh ah- love u so much~”
his hips move faster and more messy, he got louder and you could see his eyes rolling back from pleasure. “you're close already?” your hand pulls his dark hair making him arch his back, he nods rapidly whining, lips making kissing motions asking something obvious from you but you ignore him. “cum, now” his mouth falls open, brows furrowed as spurts of cum fall from his tiny dick, you give him some last thrusts and he falls against you tired, but you could hear some murmurs coming from him.
“...k-kiss, kiss me, please...” he babbles on your neck. you roll your eyes and suddenly stand up from the chair, making him dizzy. “i'll kiss you when i go insane”
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