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skaldish · 13 days ago
The fear of homosexuality and gentle masculinity is the fear of masculinity itself. Freyr is the god of manhood, yes, but also of gentle rains, blooming fields, and mild weather.
Lads, what do we need in order to feel comfortable in the vastness of our masculinity?
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girlmikeyway · 2 months ago
does gerard know how many people they've helped figure out/settle in their gender identity just by being himself? when the crowd sings 'you should have raised a baby girl i should have been a better son' back at them does it really hit him just how many of those voices are proudly echoing their own words because he was the one who showed them it was okay to feel like that and they weren't alone? please do they know i sincerely hope they do
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ambrosia-and-ichor · 10 months ago
being trans or even gender non conforming is such a weird experience if you realized it after childhood. cause it's like, i was raised and socialized as a girl, and spent years trying to cram myself into that box that wasn't meant for me. so i relate to a lot of things that girls do, and i feel estranged from most men because i don't know how to relate to them. but i'm also definitely Not A Woman. but also not a Man. boy?? maybe. girl? in the sense that i see my younger self as a girl because i had experiences similar to girls, yes. hm
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tenderlyhands · 3 months ago
I have deep hatred for ballads but I'm not immune to the effects of the single dangly earring.
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thebusylilbee · 2 months ago
Brainstorming pour améliorer l'écriture de genre neutre en français
Bon j'écris ce post parce que j'étais en train rédiger un petit truc sur Judith Butler et en fait je me rends compte qu'écrire "le·la" je trouve ça insupportable (et je suis nonbinaire !). "iel" ça marche bien faut juste s'habituer, les accords en "é·e" aussi parce que de toute façon ça ne change rien à l'oral, et les autres accords doublés non plus ça ne me choque pas, mais alors "le·la" par contre... je trouve que c'est juste un mot de tête quoi ! Je pense que c'est parce que le mot est tellement court et simple que ça paraît absurde de le doubler. Je propose donc qu'on essaye de trouver une solution. J'ai vu "lea" écrit une fois mais je ne trouve pas ça bien, je pense que ça ne renvoie pas assez clairement à un équivalent neutre de "le" ou "la", parce que mentalement on pense forcément d'abord au prénom.
Du coup moi j'ai envie de proposer "li". Avec comme proposition additionnelle de garder le point médian comme marqueur de nonbinarité donc: "l·i".
"Pour l·i philosophe et théricien·ne du genre Judith Butler, l'idée même que le [blablabla]. En effet iel théorise que [blablabla]."
Qu'en pensez-vous ? Y a le "i" du "iel" qui revient mais sans renvoyer au "il" masculin pour autant, et ça ne fait pas 'faux mot', on dirait plus un "i" comme résultat de fusion des accords finalement grâce au "·". Et surtout : c'est facilement prononçable à l'oral ! Est-ce que ça vous paraît cohérent et intéressant ? Si on pouvait commencer à lancer le truc peut-être que ça prendrait ?
Avez-vous d'autre mots qui vous bloquent pour écrire de manière neutre ? D'autres propositions ? J'ai envie de lancer une conversation car l'Académie française ne risque pas de le faire de si tôt lol
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whitmerule · 11 days ago
Requirements for being woman
From a middle-aged queer
Have a uterus
Suffer patriarchal oppression
Like or wear ‘girly’ things
Have boobs, no stubble, etc
Have cheekbones or hips or a waist or a forehead that conform to some weird new ideas of phrenology wtf
Literally just be a woman or femme-aligned. Just feel like a woman today. Or something close to it, idk idc. transwomen, transfemmes, genderfluid peeps, NBs who feel like a woman, this includes you.
Same applies to men and masc-aligned folks, and also to peeps who are neither or something else entirely. You’re awesome and eventually the world will catch up with you and thank you for being the trailblazers you are. ❤️
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inklingofadream · a month ago
to b clear the trans guy in the baymax short wearing a trans flag t shirt is corny bc he was designed by disney. if u are a real trans/nb person designed by yourself with a pride flag t shirt you are incredibly powerful and sexy
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ober-affen-geil · 7 months ago
Big IRL news folks, the USAF has given the official ok for the use of pronouns (specifically he/him, they/them, she/her) in email signatures of accounts associated with the Air Force. (Yes, the email signature block is something that’s regulated in the US military.) This is after the creation of the LGBTQ Initiative Team in 2021, and considering we are barely a year out from the presidential administration that tried to ban trans people from openly serving in the military? I’m damn happy about it.
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gillotto · a month ago
If Ranma Saotome is a girl, what is her female name?
Ranma Saotome.
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My wonderful mother is reading The Murderbot Diaries. She absolutely will not refer to Murderbot as "it". She insists that it's rude. I told her that Murderbot would be offended if she used a gendered pronoun to describe it, and she agreed with that but continued using a gendered pronoun anyway.
I'm also agender and we haven't had that conversation yet. I came out as non-binary and she was so uninterested that I didn't think it worth my time to come out again, and it still probably isn't.
So I won't do it for myself, but I WILL be VERY annoying about the fact that Murderbot's gender is NO.
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polyamorouspunk · 5 months ago
Trans culture is dating someone you have gender envy over but t4t culture is mutual gender envy pining.
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skaldish · 4 months ago
…You know, if the gender you were assigned at birth feels like something you have to perform in order to be, as opposed to something that simply exists regardless of external circumstances, then perhaps it’s worth questioning whether or not that’s actually your gender.
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girlmikeyway · 2 months ago
*whispers* are they- you know... feeling "you should've raised a baby girl, i should've been a better son" on an intensely personal and emotional level
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groceries-with-me · 12 days ago
Tumblr media
bringing back these tags bc it's the only accurate way to describe my gender
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todaysgenderispanda · 7 months ago
Today's gender is- microwaving all the things.
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pagesofkenna · 3 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
New Nonbinary Pride bags are out in my shop!
These are limited edition - I only have 5, and once they're gone they're gone!
My bags are 3.5 x 3 x 2, which means they'll fit two full decks of playing cards, or up to 12 full sets up gaming dice, plus game tokens, minis, or anything else you need to store (they're perfectly sized for small travel cosmetics, too)
Check them out on my Etsy page!
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I wore my binder for the first time in front of my sister the other day, and when she asked what it was she warned me that “body trainers are dangerous” and “I don’t have to live up to beauty standards.”
I didn’t have the heart to tell her I was a guy that day.
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