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maze-arts · an hour ago
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So... the casual Patton outfit... can you telI i reaIly Iike drawing overaIls?
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brisfanfiction · an hour ago
Forgot to post these last night! Two new updates for my readers. "Stupid Cupid" and "Midori's Harem" both have new chapters up. You can find them on FFNet, Wattpad, and Ao3!
#myheroacademia #fanfiction #femdeku #mirideku #tododeku #yaoi #boyslove #genderbend
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noctusfury · 2 hours ago
Is is wrong that after seeing HTTYD fanart of a genderbent Hiccup that I'm feeling tempted to write an Arranged Marriage AU with that in mind? Even though I already have a longship-full of story ideas that are MEWING for me to give them affection and attention?
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potatotrash0 · 4 hours ago
sighhhh. every day i lament not being able to give hinata and ko a kiss
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doux-seduisante-luxure · 5 hours ago
F!F!Demons Pomefiore taking turns fucking Angel!Mc until she's completely corrupted.
It's what she gets for luring them in like this! Using her charm and 'innocence'; Even of she wasn't doing it on purpose, they'll still fuck her dumb.
F!F!Demon!Vil's cock practically punching into Angel!MC's cervix, making her arch her back in pleasure as she makes the mistake of looking at the slight bulge in her stomach.
F!F!Demon!Rook fakes being gentle at first, than at the very last moment, she'll slam inside of MC and continue with a ruthless, wild pace from there; MC being too mind broken to talk.
F!F!Demon!Epel is possibly the roughest out of all of them. Slamming MC's head down to the ground, raising her hips, lifting MC's skirt, she'll fuck her so good and well they might even want her to fist them next.
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fallenqueen2 · 5 hours ago
ShikaNaruWeek 2021 Day 5 [Genderbend AU]
ShikaNaru Week 2021
Day 5 - Mafia AU | Genderbend
Read On Ao3
Naruto poked at the lumpy sandcastle he had tried to make in the sandbox, feeling utterly alone as he stared longingly at the groups of kids playing on the other side of the park. He had tried to play with them once upon a time, but their parents always pulled them away and shot Naruto disgusted, hateful looks, calling him a demon. Naruto had grown used to being called that even if he didn’t understand what he did to be called a demon or to be hated so much.
“That’s an interesting castle,” A soft, high-pitched voice commented causing Naruto’s head to whip over to the side. He stared open-mouthed at a girl his age and she was pretty. She had long, night sky dark hair that flowed down her back with expensive-looking silver clips holding her bangs back. Her skin was pale and contrasted with the extremely expensive forest green kimono she was wearing with an odd circle symbol on the sleeves. Her brown eyes were narrow but full of interest as she looked at him as he patted his lumpy castle awkwardly.
“In-ter-esting?” Naruto sounded out the new word and she tilted her head to the side but she didn’t look annoyed with him, which was new and… Nice.
“Yeah,” The girl said simply and Naruto swallowed hard as he took a chance, what was one more rejection anyways?
“Do you want to help me make another one?” Naruto asked trusting not to feel too hopeful.
“Sure,” The girl shrugged her shoulder and Naruto could just stare at her as she picked up the hem of her kimono and dropped into the sandbox across from him and dug her fingers into the sand.
“If we made a solid base we can add towers!” The girl suggested and together the two began to push and mould the sand. Naruto couldn’t stop smiling as he was guided by her small hands into making a solid base. “I’m Uzumaki Naruto!” Naruto blurted out as he realized about five minutes later that he hadn’t introduced himself.
“Nara Shikamaru,” Shikamaru looked up at him with sand smeared over her high cheekbone and gave him a soft smile. Naruto decided right then that he had never seen anything so beautiful and highly doubted he ever would again.
“We’re going to make the best castle together Shika-Chan!” Naruto announced determined to make his words come true before she had to leave. He knew that he would never be able to play with Shikamaru again so he wanted to make this memorable.
“Okay!” Shikamaru nodded and the two tackled making the best castle yet.
Naruto realized as the sun started to set, casting shadows around the two that they seemed to gravitate towards Shikamaru who either didn’t notice or didn’t care. Shikamaru looked up and then turned her eyes towards the shadows that seemed to wave at her and she sighed dramatically, which made Naruto giggle before it faded away as she stood up and tried to dust the sand off of her kimono.
“I have to head home or my Tou-san will come after me,” Shikamaru said, real regret in her voice as she stared at the almost completed castle.
“Oh… I understand Shika-Chan! Thank you for playing with me!” Naruto plastered on a fake smile before flinching when she flicked his forehead with a scowl on her lips.
“Don’t smile unless you mean it, I don’t like seeing that fake smile on you. It doesn’t suit you Naruto,” Shikamaru stated firmly as Naruto touched his forehead and stared at her wide-eyed before his fake smile faded into a true smile and she nodded in approval.
“Much better, oh can you hold this for a moment?” Shikamaru pulled one of the silver clips out of her hair and shoved it into Naruto’s sandy hands. Naruto gasped at the heavy metal that he carefully held, he didn’t want to break it and watched as she pulled her hair into a messy bun.
“Good night Naruto.” Shikamaru leaned forward and pressed her lips shyly to his whiskered cheek before picking up the bottom of her kimono and she ran away, her pale cheeks pink.
Naruto held his cheek and beamed stupidly. He would never forget Shika-Chan, the most beautiful and kindest girl he had ever seen. Naruto clutched the silver clip she had left behind and hoped against all hope that he would see Shikamaru again.
Shikamaru winced as she tried to rub the sand off of her cheek and out of her hair, but she knew that once her Kaa-San saw the mess she and her kimono were in plus how late she was, she is going to be in real trouble.
Shikamaru couldn’t help but relax a bit when she spotted her Tou-San waiting for her at the gates of the Nara compound.
“There you are little fawn, you were out late,” Shikaku commented as he swept his daughter into his arms, taking in the sand and her missing clip. She yawned and settled her cheek against the fur on her Tou-San’s vest.
“I was making a sandcastle with a boy who had hair like gold,” Shikamaru admitted as she allowed her Tou-San to carry her inside.
“Like gold huh?” Shikaku only knew of one person in the village who would match that description.
“His real smile was like the sun, not his fake one. That one hurt to look at, he was nice Tou-San.” Shikamaru yawned again as her father took her hair out of its bun and smoothed her long black hair down as he walked towards her room.
“How did you find him little fawn?” Shikaku asked curiously and Shikamaru blinked sleepily up at her Tou-San as he lowered her onto her bed, tucking her blanket up to her chin. Usually, she would have gotten in trouble or at least scolded by her Kaa-San, yet he was tucking her into bed and looking at her with sadness hidden in his eyes. She may be exhausted but she was still a Nara and something didn’t add up.
“My shadows led me… I think. I was practicing while I walked home… Opening my senses like you taught me to and then I found him… We made the best sandcastle Tou-San.” Shikamaru’s eyes drooped, she would figure out what her Tou-San knew about Naruto tomorrow, right now she needed sleep. Her Tou-San murmured a goodnight to her, kissing her forehead as she fell asleep.
Shikaku sat on the edge of his sleeping daughter’s bed and stared out her window up at the rising moon and wondered.
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tunafishprincess · 7 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Some fem!all might sketches I drew last night.
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vibrantvenus95 · 9 hours ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
From the moment he was born, Sacha knew he wanted to be successful. His family constantly told him that he'd never amount to anything, simply because he's gay. Little did they know, it would just motivate him even more.👑
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doux-seduisante-luxure · 10 hours ago
Sooo~.... F!F!Vil & F!F!Rook cumming in your food....
Would they openly do it in front of you or in secret, so you are unaware of the fluids you're consuming? 👀
Both, but it depends on the setting and mood!
If they're really feeling it, they'd pull their dicks out right in front of you and dirty talk you, jerking themselves off at how you press your thighs together so eagerly. If you're that hungry, than you'll surely eat you food like this! Right as you open your mouth to say something, they'd interrupt you by moaning out loud; Their hot, thick, delicious spurts of cum coating and drenching your food. Now they want to see you eat it as well.
Sometimes, when you're not looking, they'd let out hot loads of cum all on your lunch! When you come back, they'd only snicker and laugh as you gawk at how they really had the audacity to do this! They'd even grab your fork and feed you a piece with the most cum on it, or would you rather have that 'special sauce' straight from the source?
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viccy92 · 15 hours ago
Tumblr media
Am I going to cosplay the entire Bowers gang as girls? Yes. Yes I am.
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maclove54 · 15 hours ago
The DTIYS I made of the beautiful drawing of on Instagram.
#fnf #fridaynightfunkin #fnfpico #fnfboyfriend #fnfgirlfriend #gendervender #mystyle #dtiyschallenge
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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doux-seduisante-luxure · 16 hours ago
I want Demon!F!Futa!Vil to fuck my brains out and mark me as hers with a magic womb tattoo
He nails would brush over your abdomen, a hot pink marking suddenly appearing on it. Her cock would drive even deeper into your as your mind is slowly being taken over by lust, the only thing on it; Vil and how she fucks you dumb, lets you eat her pussy, lets you suck her tits, even how does the littlest things like blow hot air on your neck.
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moody-b1tch · 18 hours ago
I'm quite proude of this one.
Yep, Fem!Giorno (dancing Lady Gaga songs).
Please, ignore the arm... And the boobs... And the whole anatomy.
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