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gaygh0stt · 6 months ago
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hadleyfrasergender · 6 months ago
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found this on instagram
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iseathegalaxy · 6 months ago
"have you met a female loki?" "no, she sounds terrifying"
my dudes, what. you're all female sometimes, what are you talking about? where did y'all's genderfluidity go? genderfluid doesn't mean that somewhere in the vast multiverse there's a version of you that's not your same gender but that your gender as a specific individual is fluid.
if the loki variants had been like "we're all female sometimes, right?" and loki had answered "yeah, but a loki that's female presenting the majority of time" or something along those lines that would've been way better.
i feel as if they just used loki's genderfluidity to introduce a female variant so they could pair them up and then absolutely forgot about it.
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natashowlet · 2 months ago
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Lady loki icons
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orayasan · 6 months ago
....Anyway I love the fact that it doesn’t change much Tom Hiddleston's face features when you try to switch it 😌😌
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incorrect-assvengers · 22 days ago
Loki: My dad would wake up early just to cut the crust off my sandwiches for lunch.
Loki: He knew the crust was my favourite part.
Loki: He hated me so much.
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rwbel-r3bel · 2 months ago
Sirius: I don't identify as genderfluid. I am genderfluid.
Sirius: I identify as-
Sirius: ✨a bitch✨
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ladypoinson · 3 months ago
Things I don't want to see in Loki Season 2:
Sylki. If I see Loki and Sylvie acting romantic again, I will explode.
Loki not using his full powers.
Loki not looking like Loki.
Lazy writing.
Bad costumes.
Things I do want to see in Loki Season 2:
Loki getting a better outfit, and a new set of horns.
Loki behaving like himself.
Loki and Sylvie deciding that they are not a good fit for each other.
Loki using his full magic potential to fix Sylvie's- yes Sylvie's mistake.
While Loki is gone, Sylvie finds herself a girlfriend. (a Valkerie variant perhaps?)
Watching a show with the Loki we've loved and watched for 10 years, finally come back to life as himself again. Not some watered down version of him.
I miss Loki!!!
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0paperairplane0 · 7 months ago
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LOKI IS GENDERFLUID IN THE MCU IT’S CONFIRMED RIGHT HERE! We already knew he was genderfluid in the comics and mythology but now it’s canon in the mcu too! YAY
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adoras-hair-poof · 6 months ago
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I saw the knife meme last week and instantly thought of Loki and then I was like “oh let’s make his eyeshadow the genderfluid flag” and then it kind of spiraled into an entire day spent drawing pride flag eye shadow and can you tell I don’t actually wear makeup but wish I had the skill
Edit: I forgot to link my Instagram post, which has more pride flag eyeshadow versions! Here it is if anyone’s curious
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jujianjes · a month ago
It's December 17, that means...
It's Loki's Birthday🎉🎉
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Here's some Genderfluid Bisexual Loki icons I made last night while the wifi was down ;)
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thehumming6ird · 7 months ago
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Marvel's 'Loki' actor Tom Hiddleston addresses gender fluidity, 8th June 2021
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janetsnakehole02 · a month ago
Nah but what Kate Herron did to the genderfluid community is the textbook definition of queerbaiting. I know people throw that word around a LOT but in this case she dangled his genderfluidity so hard in interviews prior to the show’s release after everyone saw the “sex: fluid” on Loki’s TVA file and once the show was done and she was (rightfully) called out on the “have you ever met a female version of us” scene she conveniently dodged it with “they might not be at that point yet, they might not be genderfluid, it’s up to interpretation.” She literally threw us the fucking bait and backtracked on it the minute she saw the opportunity to do so and it’s so embarrassing for her honestly
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prettydjarinsoloinspires · 5 months ago
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look me in the eye and tell me they’re not the hottest couple in the multiverse
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natashowlet · 5 months ago
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Lady loki icons
Please like or reblog if you save <3
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orayasan · 5 months ago
You've been blessed again with genderfluid Loki and their tired boyfriend
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incorrect-assvengers · 6 months ago
Sylvie, struggling to keep upright in their 1-inch heels: No, I don’t really think heels are for me.
Loki, walking flawlessly in their sparkly golden 6-inch heels: WEAK.
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a4mwriting · 5 months ago
genderfluid!loki x m!reader - dating loki
request: Could u do more genderfluid loki? Or anything loki, i just love him jehdjebd
word count: 1.8k
warnings: light sexual themes
A/N: god i love gender fluid loki. ask and i shall deliver. i’ll def have to make more so if u have any ideas send them in
Tumblr media
- it wasn’t long before the team noticed.
- the glances at each other.
- the arm around loki’s waist.
- you were quite the… touchy couple.
- horny, tony would call it. incredibly horny without regard for your surroundings.
- so when some of them would occasionally see you and loki in a hallway or in a room that was supposed to be locked, arms around each other, lips sliding against the others—they just accepted that this was a thing that was happening now.
- well, most of them. tony’s case was a little different.
- he was the first person to catch the two of you in the act.
- he had come to run something by you about your pay check. he walked into your office, and saw loki perched on your desk, arms around your neck as you frenched him.
- “jesus christ,” tony said, slamming the door shut behind him. the two of you broke apart, your face gone slack; loki simply smirked and wiped his mouth with the back of his hand. “i better hope i’m not seeing you about to fornicate with a damn patient!”
- you frantically explained that loki was no longer a patient and your relationship had begun after your therapist-patient-relationship ended. the details were a little fuzzy on that [if you read this as the start of ur relationship] but you wanted to keep your damn job.
- “i came to discuss an increase in your pay. don’t make me regret that. i’ll come back when you’ve got more time and less asgardian on your hands.” with that, tony turned for the door. “lock this thing next time.”
- when he exited your office, you turned to loki and buried your face in his chest. “oh my god, you almost cost me my job.”
- “i’m worth it, though, aren’t i?” he said confidently, raising your face to meet his with his palms on your cheeks. all you could do was nod.
- the next encounter happened when vision was returning folded laundry to its respective owners. loki had given him permission to glide through the wall and quickly leave his clothes for him on sundays at exactly 5:00 pm. if there was a robot servant, he figured he’d put the facility to good use.
- sometimes you made loki forgetful. this sunday, you were making her very forgetful. you were pinning her to her bed, your hands clasped around her wrists as you left wet, open mouthed kisses down her neck.
- she liked to make you think you were in control before she flipped on you. she smirked just thinking about the dazed face you would make when she would turn you over and straddle you, mocking you in a voice that sounded sympathetic, but had much dirtier intentions than making you feel better.
- visions entrance was absolutely silent. he stared for a moment, then left the clothes on loki’s chair.
- he converged with wanda and tony in the kitchen. tony was teaching her how to make risotto and vision stood silently, pensively.
- “why don’t you help, vision? i’m sure you know how to do this,” wanda said.
- “i am wondering something.”
- “you? wondering something?” tony raised his eyebrows.
- “yes. i entered loki’s room to deliver his laundry to him. Doctor (L/n) was in his bed, on top of a woman. they appeared to be very intimate.”
- tony made a face. “what? do they have some sort of harem going on?” at wanda and visions expressions, he said “never mind” and went back to stirring the rice. he’d have to give you a talk later. who knew his therapist was such a… well, a slut.
- “who was the woman?” wanda asked. “i didn’t know Dr. (L/n) had a girlfriend. though i don’t know why they’d be in loki’s room.”
- “that is also what i am wondering. i have been told staring is rude, but from what i saw, i did not have an adequate view of her face. she was underneath the doctor, and his head was blocking her face as he kissed her neck–”
- “okay bud, we don’t need the detes,” tony put a hand up, closing his eyes.
- the two of you really were having trouble staying discrete, because even steve, who would rather just stay out of everyone’s relationship drama, found out about you.
- he was stepping out of a bathroom late at night; he had been training after hours to let off steam and had a lot of water to expel.
- the hallway was empty save for two people at the end. steve stepped back behind the door once he saw that it was you, and peeked around it.
- loki had you against the wall, not dominantly, not sexually, just.., holding you there so they could look at you as they made you laugh with whatever they were talking about.
- steve couldn’t hear either of you very well, and he had no idea who the person was.
- loki had a wavy black mullet, pulled it off marvellously [trust me it wasn’t a redneck mullet it was a bisexual mullet].
- when loki kissed you, steve slipped out from behind the door and walked the opposite way. you were his therapist after all, and he didn’t care to know about your girlfriend… boyfriend…? whoever you were dating.
- the next morning in the common area, steve sat by the coffee table with nat and tony.
- he stirred his coffee, sighing loudly.
- tony’s eyes flicked up, his mouth in a line. “what, steve.”
- “well… i don’t want to be offensive.”
- “oh, jesus, i almost forget you’re a boomer sometimes. here’s a tip on not being offensive: don’t be an asshole.”
- “tony,” nat rolled her eyes, “he just wants to be educated. go ahead,” she said to steve.
- he cleared his throat uncomfortably. “well… have you ever seen someone who, uh, didn’t look exactly like a man, but also didn’t look exactly like a woman? as in, you couldn’t tell which one they are?”
- “sure,” nat said. “non binary people, intersex people, gender non conforming people, people with natural features that make it harder to distinguish what gender they are, and so on. why?”
- “i saw Dr. (L/n), ah… being very… friendly with someone who looked very… uh…”
- “androgynous,” nat finished.
- “right.”
- “i’m sorry,” tony stood, hands up, calling for a timeout, “this is the third time i’m hearing (y/n) being being “very friendly” with a different person. what the hell is this man doing? how many side pieces does he have? and they all work here?”
- nat looked conflicted. “uh, tony, i’m not sure you should be yelling all that. he’s our therapist, after all. i don’t really need to know about his sex life.”
- the next time this situation boggled tony’s poor mind was when you, him, and pepper were getting lunch together:
- “my anniversary with my…” you thought for a moment. loki had been in her female form for a few days now. “my girlfriend, it’s coming up soon.”
- tony’s eyes nearly popped out of his head. he rubbed his temples. you had a whole gaggle of significant others, apparently. he hadn’t seen loki in a few days, but he wondered if he knew. you were being quite open about your girlfriend, though, so he supposed you weren’t too worried about it.
- “i wanna get her something really nice, y’know, special, but what can you buy that’s good enough?”
- pepper shook her head empathetically. “you can’t. i get it. i never know what to get tony,” she laughed. “i always come through, don’t i?”
- tony smiled and nodded. “you certainly do.”
- “you must really like her, huh?”
- “i’m… in very deep,” you grinned. “she’s so… smart and funny and so beautiful.” you suppressed a smile as pepper “aww”ed at you.
- she ended up giving you some advice, ”from a lady for a lady” she said, while tony stared at you like you were an enigma.
- pepper perked up as an idea came to her. “oh, (y/n), i have a friend who does a jewellery making workshop. the necklaces look like they’re done by a professional. having a personal touch always makes a gift better.”
- she showed you some different designs and with her and tony’s input, you settled on a necklace with a green snake pendant.
- “a snake?” tony said skeptically. “how romantic.”
- you assured him it would suit her perfectly.
- around a week later, he saw loki for the first time in a while. the two of you were making coffee, some of which tony was definitely going to steal.
- something caught his eye. something green with gold eyes, that hung from loki’s neck down to his chest.
- “where did you get that?” tony asked, pointing an accusatory finger at loki’s jewellery.
- “what, this?” he looked down and held the pendant delicately. he smiled and said, “(y/n) gave it to me.”
- “okay, that’s it. i’m done. first i see you two together, then vision sees you with some woman,” he pointed at you, “—i’m assuming the girlfriend who that necklace was meant for—and then your, your, i don’t know, androgynous lover! i don’t mean to meddle in your affairs—and i mean that literally—but why do you need three significant others? you’re not that kind of person, (y/n).”
- loki rolled his eyes. “you’re right, tony, he’s not.” he shifted into his androgynous form, then his female form.
- tony’s face went slack. he looked at you, then loki. “uhhh.”
- “look, i’ll cut to the chase,” loki said, “i’ve already been through the big reveal—our love story is quite an amusing tale, perhaps i’ll share it with you one day if i find you deserving.”
- “gender and it’s fluidity is something beautiful and freeing if you allow your eyes to open to it. it’s an experience many of my people have. these things are different on asgard—and far superior might i add.”
- “if i’m a woman one day and a man the next—and sometimes it’s far complexer than just that—it’s never questioned. earth is so… boxed in,” she coiled her lips around her words. “but, i suppose it was a fateful experience, an inevitable one.”
- tony frowned. “how so?”
- “because i’m so incredibly captivating both ways that i couldn’t bear to rob anyone’s eyes of that.” she raised a shoulder as she smiled, and kissed your cheek before sauntering off. she just had to leave with that last word, didn’t she?
- tony blinked in bewilderment. “well. i think you’ve won at life,” he said. “that’s the bisexual dream. uh, should i tell the team? i don’t think they know.”
- you stuck your hands in your pockets. “uhh, i’d let her do it on her own time. i think she wants to have a little more fun with their ignorance.”
- tony shook his head. “that’s evil. you know the loops my head went through trying to figure this out?” he shook his head again, smiling. “i gotta say, doctor. maybe you’re more perfect for each other than i thought.”
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bi-like-loki · 2 months ago
Genderfluid Loki POV Part 2
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
here are the gender edits of part 2 of the tiktok series
before downloading the pictures, please respect my terms of use
watch the tiktok edit here or use the link at the bottom to watch it on tiktok
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lesbians4mobius · 6 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Some Loki PFPs- please feel free to use these!✨🖤
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