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#gendry x arya
kimura30a month ago
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I missed Gendrya so much that I drew them again.
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outlawarya3 months ago
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Arya and Gendry had the kind of friendship everyone thought would last forever. Even if they were so young, it was already obvious to anyone around them the unique devotion they had for each other.
Until, one day, with no explanation, Arya stops talking with Gendry, leaving the boy confused and with a broken heart, trying to deal not only with the lost of his best friend, but also the discovery of the romantic feelings he had for her.
Two years later, they鈥檙e both in the last year of High School, with no change.
Arya (with her friends and sister) attracts attention of the whole school, gaining a sort of popularity she never seemed to seek before. Meanwhile, Gendry it鈥檚 on the exact opposite of the social pyramid, avoided by everyone, known as trouble between students and teachers.
But everything is about to change when the school announces the Saturday night dances and Gendry and his band will wear masks to hide their identities while singing for the whole school that hates them.
The boy sees this as an oportunity to sing his unrequired feelings for Arya, and unknowingly, awaken hers.聽
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fandomjuxtaposition22 days ago
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Cinematic parallels. Just saying.
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blacksmithgendry8 months ago
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Thank you again to the incredible @captainironnerd for this beautiful Arya x Gendry commission. It was everything I wanted and more!
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inncorrect-starklingsa month ago
Catelyn: {answering the phone}: Hello? Oh, hi, Gendry. Yes, she's here. I"ll just get her.
Catelyn: {calling upstairs to Arya}It's your boyfriend Arya.
Arya: {from her room} HE 'S NOT MY BOYFRIEND !
Arya: {answering the phone, with a grin on her face} Hey babe.
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katlyn194828 days ago
Ahhh fuck it! This was what I was talking about yesterday. It鈥檚 some good fucking writing, just saying
鈥淚鈥檒l marry you,鈥 Arya breathed as Gendry began to turn. He stopped abruptly, daring to daring his gaze back in her direction.
鈥淲hat?鈥 He said in disbelief. He surely didn鈥檛 ask her to marry him; he would鈥檝e remembered that. So why is she proclaiming such a thing? It鈥檚 not as if he opposed, gods no, but he had always assumed she would never agree to such a thing, considering her stance on the action of marriage.
He noticed how she shifted her feet in nervousness and how her cheeks were tinged a deep shade of red. He couldn鈥檛 remember Arya Stark ever nervous, so she must be speaking truth.
鈥淚鈥檒l marry you.鈥 She said once more, this time with a little more confidence. 鈥淚t鈥檚 really the only solution, you see. I cannot bear the thought of never seeing Barra again. Every time I think of it, my heart clenches. And鈥︹
She took a long breath, trying to gather their thoughts before confessing something she had only come to realize as she packed her belongings to leave. 鈥淚f I am being completely honest, I cannot endure another tasteless season. Of course, I have the rest of the year to convince my mother otherwise, but I know that once summer returns, I鈥檒l be dragged back to King鈥檚 Landing to mingle with stuffy aristocrats in hopes of finding a suitable match. I cannot do it!鈥
鈥淏ut鈥hy me?鈥 Gendry asked before she continued.
Arya looked at him. Really looked at him. And it sent a shiver down Gendry鈥檚 spine. He watched as her eyes took him, every last inch. She studied him, as if trying to formulate a worthy enough answer to his question.
鈥淲hy not Lord Dayne?鈥 Her eyes cut at the question and they narrowed.
鈥淣ed Dayne,鈥 she scoffed. 鈥淲as only after me for my money. He liked my sizable dowery and what my family name had to offer. Besides鈥hat was infatuation. He didn鈥檛鈥攈e couldn鈥檛 make me feel what I felt when I was with you. I wasn鈥檛 sure, not until the鈥arriage,鈥 she blushed at the memory. 鈥淵et, even then, I was trying to convince myself otherwise. It wasn鈥檛 until I knew I had to say goodbye to not only Barra, but to you as well, I knew that I couldn鈥檛. I had averted love for the sole purpose that I would never find it, but knowing you鈥etting to know you鈥 was proved wrong.鈥
Gendry was frozen in place. He was absolutely stoic, save for the look of bewilderment upon his face. He had sorted his feelings for her the night after their encounter in the carriage, but knew that he could never act upon them again. He savored the memory, letting it ingrain itself upon his brain, for he knew that would be the first and the last time he could鈥攚ould touch her in that manner.
Of course he tickled the thought of proposing; in fact he nearly ran to her aunt鈥檚 manor that night to just that, but he knew her feelings about the act. He knew she craved a freedom that not many women were granted, and he knew that the more she inched to an to status of that of a spinster, that she would have that freedom and be even more unobtainable.
鈥淕e鈥擥endry?鈥 His eyes snapped to her face. She was flushed, no doubt from her proclamation, and there was a slight look of concern in her grey eyes. She had given her heart to him and he had said nothing. He could only imagine what was running through her head. So he did the most logical thing he could think of.
He crossed the room with lightning speed, making his way to her.
Before Arya had time to think, his lips were upon hers, ravishing them whole. He could taste the strawberries she had eaten and the Earl Grey tea she had with her aunt. He could smell the lavender spray she claimed to not use and the subtle scent of smoke when her aunt had a craving for a drag.
Everything about this woman was intoxicating.
It didn鈥檛 take long for Arya to ease into the kiss, letting his lips devour hers in insatiable hunger. She had dreamt of his lips. Ever since they first touched her skin in the carriage. She had craved to feel them again, to have them pepper kisses along her neck. And how she loved his taste. Just the saltiness they exuded made her weak at the knees.
Why had she been so ambivalent about loving this man!? Why did she elude love for as long as she had? Was it just so she could be with him? That he was the one she was meant to be with? Whatever the case may be, she was elated to finally have what her other siblings had. It wasn鈥檛 as if she was seeking to be loved, but she鈥檇 be lying if she said she didn鈥檛 have some jealousy towards her siblings鈥 successes at finding a match.
There were times in Arya鈥檚 life where she had wondered if there was something wrong with her. Sure, she was a bit outspoken; more so than any other ladies prancing about within the season, but she didn鈥檛 find that to be a reason to be so unapproachable. And perhaps her distaste for the social season was etched upon her face, but it only meant men would have to try harder to convince her otherwise.
How had Gendry succeeded when so many other鈥檚 had failed?
鈥淚鈥檒l marry you,鈥 he breathed as he departed her lips for air. 鈥淚鈥檒l marry if it鈥檚 the last thing I do.鈥
鈥淭ell me.鈥 She said as she savored the kisses he peppered along her jaw. 鈥淭ell me why.鈥
He pulled back, leaving her craving for his warmth. She tried to bring him back to her, but he grabbed her hands and pushed them to the side. He then took her face between his hands, caressing it ever so gently.
鈥淏ecause I see you.鈥 He smiled. 鈥淚 see you.鈥
鈥淚 see that you鈥檙e adventurous. I see that you鈥檙e smart. I see that you鈥檙e a righteous pain in the arse.鈥 He said sarcastically, and Arya couldn鈥檛 help but laugh. 鈥淏ut I also see your love. I see how you love. I see your protectiveness and I see how you will do anything to keep the ones you love safe. I know that I cannot constraint you, nor will I and I know that you鈥檒l never be a 鈥榩roper lady,鈥 whatever that means; but I don鈥檛 want that. I want Arya Stark, the woman that I love.鈥
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she-wolf-of-highgarden6 months ago
Arya: After 8 years of marriage my husband says he doesn鈥檛 love me anymore
Gendry: I didn鈥檛 say I don鈥檛 love you. I just said we鈥檙e not driving to King鈥檚 Landing so you can hit Walter Frey with a can of tea
Arya: It鈥檚 the same thing, Gendry, it鈥檚 the same thing
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thereluctantbadger15 days ago
Tumblr media
The 2021 prompt list is here! We've opted for a mixture of smutty and fluffy this year. Same as last year, if one of the prompts doesn't work for you then hopefully the alternate prompt will! And if both prompts inspire you then all the better!
Posting can begin Oct. 1st. I'll be putting out reminders between now and then! @lostinmirkwood and I hope that everyone has fun this year! If you have any questions, please ask one of us!
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super-nerd-stark-angel2 months ago
Tumblr media
Another one. Now to get back to the big bang piece when I get off work.
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inncorrect-starklingsa month ago
Ned: {Pulls aside Gendry right before the wedding}
Gendry: Is this where part where you tell me that if I hurt her, you鈥檒l kill me?
Ned : If you hurt Arya, she's capable of killing you herself. Possibly with a variety of weapons.
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