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aquitainequeen · 2 hours ago
A burning question for the Grishaverse; does the Darkling actually need to be inside the Shadow Fold in order to expand it?
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highladyofdusk · 6 hours ago
Whether you are a long time fan of the books or recently discovered the fandom via the show, this is the place for you!
Join other fans of the Grishaverse (both books and show) in this new discord server to discuss canon and headcanon.
The server has categories for each of the different parts for the Grishaverse: Shadow and Bone books, Shadow and Bone show, Six of Crows duology and King of Scars duology. This allows fans who have not read all the books or have seen the show to avoid spoilers while still interacting with the fandom.
We also have channels for other interests and general discussion.
So click here to join today!
Oh and we also have a Saint
Tumblr media
(Server icon reveal to come soon)
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daenerysrey · 6 hours ago
alina: m(al)en with good dick think they can get whatever they want like first of all ok make me a list king
mal: give up your powers for me
alina: sure
mal: kill the darkling twice
alina: done anything for you babe
mal: live in farm with me
alina: there’s nothing I would rather do
mal: let ravka burn and be happy with me
alina: what’s ravka? And I’m always happy by your side ALWAYS!
Tumblr media
look how whipped she is I too would let a boring meaningless cold af war country burn for mal
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aquitainequeen · 6 hours ago
What you're telling me is that the Darkling/Kirigan has a half-sister who's Ursula from Disney's The Little Mermaid a mermaid, and she's only in one story???
This will not do.
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yri-elle · 7 hours ago
Burn. III (Miniseries)
Summary: You and Aleksander have been together for centuries. It has always you and him against the world. Until he stumbled across Alina, the Saint. His Sun Summoner. The drift between the two of you was prominent, you knew that being an Inferni (albeit a powerful one) was no comparison next to her. Inspo from Burn from Hamilton.
Warnings: Angst <3
Wordcount: 1781
A/N: Here it is, the final chapter! I'm so grateful that you all liked this miniseries and I'm shocked that so many people think my writing is good. I'm going to lean slightly more into the Shadow and Bone show more than the books as it's easier for me to visualize and therefore write better (I guess lol). Especially in the terms of Aleksander's appearance because I just love Ben Barnes. It took me longer to get over my cold than expected, thanks for being patient :). I hope you like it, enjoy! :D
Tumblr media
The Grand Palace was bustling with Grisha and nobles alike. The walls were plastered with intricate details and threaded with gold speckles. Columns and convoluted spirals could be seen throughout the whole venue, it was disgustingly beautiful. You could tell that most people here were familiar with the lavish lifestyle and comfortably ignorant to the people struggling outside of their castles.
Swirling your drink you watched the crowd, normally you would be mingling and dancing with your fellow Grisha. Not much could move you from the storm within your mind. That's when he caught your eyes, dawning his stunning, meticulous black kefta. It was as if time froze and all you could focus on was his devastatingly gorgeous, pushed back hair. His deep, brown eyes you could never get enough of. His strikingly defined features, as if he were carved by the gods.
I saved every letter you wrote me From the moment I read them I knew you were mine You said you were mine I thought you were mine
He stared back, a small smirk fixed upon his lips. Weaving your way through the party, you inched closer. You weaved through the chattering horde, fixated on his face and the want to be near him.
You and your words flooded my senses Your sentences left me defenceless You built me palaces out of paragraphs You built cathedrals
The babbling stopped, the silence filled the room. Heads turned toward the entrance. You were mere feet away from Aleksander when his attention was snatched away from you. There it was again, that sinking feeling. This was only increased when you yourself shifted to see who the commotion revolved around.
Alina Starkov. Wearing a golden embroidered, black kefta. His colour.
Snapping your head back to Aleksander, something clicked. He was smiling. He was not shocked or surprised. Instead, he was content. Proud.
I’m re-reading the letters you wrote me I’m searching and scanning for answers In every line For some kind of sign And when you were mine
Tears welled up, your mind was whirling. It was as if everything fell into place. Alina and Aleksander. The Sun and Shadow Summoners, together at last. And you were just some Inferni. Destined to be the scorned lover - unbeknownst to the world.
As much as you wanted to scream out in agony, you kept quiet. Placing a watchful eye on the two of them. You observed in misery as he introduced her to the room, pride dripping from his words. You stared in anguish as she put on a dazzling light show, recognising that she is worlds above you. You took in the look of adoration they shared, has he ever looked at you in that way?
Adrenaline rushed through your veins. Something stirred within you.
A soldier entered Baghra's hut attempting to be inconspicuous. Trailing them, you listened to their conversation. The stag had been found. "We cannot let him obtain that kind of power." Staying to hear their plan, you contemplated your decision. Wavering for a bit before you ran off.
You needed to find Aleksander. What were you even going to say? What would he reply with? He is sure to be furious.
Finding yourself at the doors of the war room, you exhaled and pushed the door open and began speaking a mile a minute. "Aleksander, I know you might be busy but this is really important. Baghra-" Sputtering out, you lifted your gaze toward the two of them. Intertwined and finding comfort in one another's embrace. They pushed away from each other. Alina looking at you in embarrassment. Aleksander looking at you in shame.
You published the letters she wrote you You told the whole world how you brought This girl into our bed In clearing your name, you have ruined our lives
Clearing your throat, you spat "Nevermind." Disgust sizzled off of your features, you could have burnt holes through the wall with your glare. Pivoting your feet, you treaded through the corridor.
Aleksander chased after you, pleading out your name. "Y/N listen! Please." He grabbed your wrist forcing you to twist your body toward him. Before he got the chance to continue talking a Grisha guard approached the two of you. Snatching your wrist from his clutches, you stepped away. The guard whispered to him, his eyes covered in dejection.
"Go. Do what you need." your volume was barely audible, afraid if you raised it, your voice would betray you. Keeping your intense, confident stare, he placed his gaze on the ground and left back toward the war room after having replied to the guard.
Now he really made his choice.
You and your words, obsessed with your legacy... Your sentences border on senseless And you are paranoid in every paragraph How they perceive you
Although, yours had been festering for a while. You laughed through the tears. There is no time to grieve. You told yourself. Pushing a forceful hand down your face to wipe the tears, you exhaled once more.
Pacing to the door of the war room, you listened to Baghra pushing Alina into the secret passage. You smiled to yourself, good luck sun summoner. You waited to make sure they had left and then turned to the corridor to scout for people - there were two guards on either corner.
"Hey! There are more guards needed at the Grand Palace." you shouted "Besides, don't you want to take the night off? No need to worry, I'll keep it a secret." Placing a finger to your lips, smirked. The two guards laughed and nodded whilst leaving. Thank Sankta for your good reputation.
Dropping the smile you headed inside the war room; searching for anything that could be useful to Baghra or Alina. After finding nothing you felt yourself release a breath you weren't aware you were holding.
The anger and sadness you had pushed aside temporarily bubbled up. Closing your eyes, you replayed the 400 years worth of memories of Aleksander. Memories that once held happiness and love was now laced with remorse and doubt. Doubt over whether it was ever actually real.
The question of whether Aleksander had ever loved you hit you hard.
The bile that was building in your throat threatened to exit as you realised everything. Aleksander never gave you his all. It was never the two of you against the world. Because he knew that he would outlive you. Because he was always waiting for the Sun Summoner.
You saw red.
Shoving your hands into your pockets you took out your flint. Looking around frantically as a plan pieced together in your mind. You opened the window and peered over, I can make that jump. You turned back to the room, grabbing a pile of paper. Creating a spark with the flint, you started a small fire on the pile. You exhaled again.
Clasping your hands together you took the small fire and sent a burst of combustible matter into it. The room burst ablaze as you continued to grow the fire - the flame spreading and jumping across every surface.
I’m erasing myself from the narrative Let future historians wonder how Eliza Reacted when you broke her heart You have torn it all apart I am watching it Burn
Every single emotion you had pent up, you channelled into your powers. Soon a whole ward of the Little Palace was covered in fiery flames. You hadn't even recognised that you were screaming, choked sobs vibrating throughout the building.
Aleksander's voice resonated throughout the chaos, he was calling for you. You stared as his figure stumbled through the fire. He stood by the war room, stunned by your actions and dismayed at the anguish on your face. You stopped spreading the flame, figuring that it would be able to continue itself. Aleksander attempted to take a step inside when you glared at him.
He opened his mouth to speak but the sound of you clapping your hands together stopped him.
"You will not talk your way into my heart."
You were too enraged to know whether you said it aloud or not. Sending another burst of elements out, you watched as the space in front of him burst aflame.
Aleksander desperately searched around the fire for a way to get through, but once he lifted his eyes. You were gone.
You had been on the run for weeks - making it past Halmhend without being taken by either Fjerda or Grisha. You had opted to go North and ran through your plan over and over as you travelled. The goal was to get to Novyi Zem; start anew. There you would be free from Aleksander.
Nearing Arkesk, you shook off your kefta and placed it in your bag. Being cold is better than being dead. There was an abnormal amount of people here. Just as you were going to retreat, you saw a red kefta from the corner of your eye. Whipping your head back to the ground you continued walking, this time slightly faster.
"Hey, you! Do you know if there has been a woman like this in the area?" You halted, the man was wearing a kefta and held up an image. Most likely you or Alina, either way, you would be screwed.
"No, sorry." Replying and turning away. However, you were stopped when the man grabbed your shoulder. The only reaction you could muster was to elbow his gut. He grunted in pain as you ran toward the docks. Other Grisha realised what had happened and began to chase after you.
Once reaching the docks, you jumped into a ship. The guards searched briefly before heading back into the town. Your relief was short-lived when a hand grabbed you. "Well, looks like we have a stowaway."
"Please, I just need to get to Novyi Zem, I won't be any trouble." Pleading to the voice behind you. You weren't about to have all your efforts be for nothing over your ego.
"You're a Grisha?" They spoke and you nodded in reply "Why are you running from your fellow friends then?" Talking about the chase that occurred just moments ago. You couldn't muster up a reason and sighed instead. "I'm sure that we can fit you in." The smile on their face could be heard.
The grasp on you was released causing you to gently land on the floor. The person circled around to meet you face to face. The man was tall with weirdly red hair and muddy green eyes. His nose, disfigured and his chin awkwardly pointy.
He reached out a hand and exclaimed:
"It's a pleasure to meet you. I'm Sturmhond."
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(Ps: I made a taglist for all y’all, so if you wanna be tagged in the future please use this link and put in your usernames. This will make it easier for me to tag you guys <3. )
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murswrites · 8 hours ago
Pure Potential ⎯  The Darkling
Pairings: The Darkling x Reader, The Crows x Reader Fandom: Grishaverse MASTERLIST Word Count: 1,008 Warnings: Canon typical gore n stuff, toxic relationship SUMMARY: Your mistakes finally catch up to you.
Dramatic Prompt #13: “How is this possible? I watched you die.”
A/N This is based off of the show! I have yet to read the Shadow & Bone trilogy so if the Darkling seems OOC........ that’s why. Also this seems perfect for a part two...............
Tumblr media
You lived every day as if it were your last, each of them should have been. It was blurry how you found yourself in Kerch, least of all joining a gang. The Dregs were a simple bunch, easy to run with considering your hidden talent for stopping hearts.
When word came to the barrel of a supposed Sun Summoner, you had to see it for yourself. Luckily enough Kaz got hired to get the summoner back to Kerch alive for the price of four million kruge. It was like a golden apple of opportunity fell into your lap.
Kaz knew of your Grisha ability but never said a word of it to Inej or Jesper. You suspected the Wraith was well aware due to her keen eye but she never mentioned it. It was why Kaz brought you along, if things got too out of control you could level the playing field.
By the time the crew made it across the fold and into the palace, you had to use your ability to soothe anxiety more times than you could count. Despite the Crows being younger than you by more than half a decade, you felt like one of them.
Your older age only meant you had proper training in controlling your power. It was like nothing to stop or kickstart someone’s heart after years of growing up in the little palace. It was nice at the time, until General Kirigan took a liking to you.
Everything about him drew you in, the mystery, the favoritism, the dark brown eyes in which you saw nothing. His way of letting you know he liked you was simple, he’d let you off easy whenever you’d slip up, he never berated you for talking out of turn, and the way he held your gaze was… burning.
Anytime you met eyes, you couldn’t help but stare back at the Darkling. He was captivating. The only Shadow Summoner to exist after they all slowly died out. The only living descendant of the Black Heretic.
You soon fell into his palms like a stone. It was nice to be liked by a man with so much power. Hardly 17 and someone who could end a life with the flick of his hand seemed to want you.
This favoritism only caused more issues for you. The worst offender of all being Zoya Nazyalensky; a powerful Squaller and saints such an inspiration. Despite her jealousy, you held no venom for her. How could you? Everytime you looked at her, it was like seeing Aphrodite herself. Before you came to the little palace, she was the Darkling’s favorite, or so you heard.
Whatever made him drop the Zoya Nazyalensky for you?
At the time, you were just thankful to be close to such power. Whenever you’d be in the same room as him, your powers were almost amplified. It felt like such magic. As if pure potential was running through your veins whenever you held his hand. You could heal someone with the blink of an eye, make someone comatose with a light sigh… it was euphoric.
But as both your relationship with Kirigan and your training with Baghra progressed, things slowly fell apart. It reminded you of your first Kefta, the material wasn’t perfect so some of the seams were easy to pull apart. You found yourself often ripping threads out of it when anxious or bored, soon your entire sleeve turned to nothing but useless fabric.
Things blew up in your face the day you died. Something went wrong, you were ambushed and outnumbered… but when you woke up seemingly years later, you were on a boat to Kerch. It was how you later found yourself in a gang run by kids.
It felt wrong being back “home”, you lived a large number of your teenage years in the little palace. But you weren’t home to relive past memories. Just as Jesper said, “We’re here to kidnap someone and get rich.” That’s all… so why did you find yourself wandering the halls instead of standing at your post stoically?
Kaz said you were to follow the Conductor, something tipped Kaz off and you followed his orders almost perfectly.
You were fifteen paces behind the Conductor, you tried to mimic Inej’s quiet steps but you knew the sound of your foot falls could be heard if he listened hard enough. At one point, he looked back to ensure he wasn’t being followed and so you scooted into a doorway… and fell into a body instead of a door.
You shouldn’t have been able to recognize the feel of them but you did and it frightened you. Nobody was familiar anymore. But he still was. The man who wrecked your life by toying with your heart.
Everything felt wrong, the guard uniform suddenly felt ill fitting and your breath stopped flowing. Seeing Kirigan in person shook you to your core. He looked as young as he did all those years ago… his eyes still dark as night and as handsome as ever.
Kirigan tried catching you when you fell so his hand on your forearm felt like a million pounds. You could feel the feeling of his marrow amplifying your abilities as he held your gaze for what could have easily been years.
“How is this possible? I watched you die.” Hearing his voice was something otherworldly. The very sound you used to find comfort in, struck fear in you. He sounded angry and confused, two things you hardly saw come from the Darkling.
With his hand still on your arm, you knew only one thing would help you escape once more. “Even the weakest of heart renders can stop their own from beating, Darkling.” You stunned him by touching a hand to his chest, his jaw dropped as the feeling of his heart stopping became obvious.
Just like the last time, you were gone as if you were a phantom in the night. Maybe Inej would finally be proud of your silent steps and shadowy figure.
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daenerysrey · 8 hours ago
Tumblr media
there’s somethin seriously wrong with him! glad alina killed him that’s what he gets for being mean to mal! Maybe he wouldn’t be a tree if he was nice to mal and didn’t threaten Alina’s love
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for-bebbanburg · 8 hours ago
Fine, Make Me Your Wife
General Masterlist | Shadow and Bone Masterlist | Part 1 | AO3
Pairing: Aleksander Morozova x Reader
Words: 1k
Warnings: none
A/N: Part 2 of Fine, Make Me Your Husband
Summary: Eight long years have passed since taking on your new life, and Aleksander finally comes back to you
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Eight Years later
You and your daughter, Ljuba Malanija Morozova, were sitting at the small kitchen table in your house in a small town in Ravka. After you and Aleksander had parted, years ago now, to start your lives again, you had been travelling across Ravka looking for somewhere to settle. You had never meant to come back here, but somehow this is where you found yourself. The small town where it had all began, where you had first met Aleksander lifetimes ago.
Of course it had changed in the hundreds of years since you were born here, but somehow it was still the same. As soon as you had set foot here, you had known this was where your daughter would be born and spend the first years of her life.
“Ljuba, what do you want to do today, darling?” You asked your daughter. She looked very much like her father, with dark raven hair, but she had your eyes.
She shrugged, not replying.
“Darling, what’s wrong?” You asked, concerned at her lack of interest.
“Where’s Papa? You said he would come for us.” She asked quietly.
Your heart broke at her words. You had told her that Aleksander would come for you both, but eight years was a long time. Longer than he usually waited to come back to you. The truth was, you were also wondering where Aleksander was. You had heard news of the new Darkling, what he was doing, getting in favour with the latest Lantsov King. He was also tasked with getting rid of The Fold, as he was every time a “new” Darkling took over. The hope of kings never changed; the hope that the “new” Darkling could succeed where his ancestors had not. If only they knew that it was the same Aleksander every time 
“And he will, darling.” You promised. “He will.”
She nodded dejectedly. Even though Ljuba had yet to meet her father, she missed him every day.
“Shall we go to the woods today and practice summoning shadows?” You asked your daughter.
She nodded her head in excitement. It wasn’t often that you let her practice summoning shadows; you wanted to keep her safe so nobody found out her power just yet, but summoning shadows was something she loved to do because she knew it was something her father did. It was her way of feeling closer to him, you supposed.
After a few hours of teaching your daughter to summon and control her shadows, you walked back to your little house. Ljuba was much happier now than this morning. Using her power had considerably brightened her mood, even though her powers were ironically exactly the opposite, summoning darkness.
You stepped up to your front door but sensed something was… off, immediately.
“Get behind me, Ljuba.” You instructed her, and surprisingly she obeyed you straight away, having heard the tone of your voice. Your panic and need to protect her.
Pushing the door open cautiously, you summoned your own shadows to defend yourself and your daughter.
A figure in dark clothing looked up sharply at the door from where he sat at the table. His head had been resting in his hands, but he now stood, taking in the sight before him.
“Hello Y/N.” He whispered.
You let out a gasp, hand moving to your mouth and tears welling in your eyes. Ljuba peeked out from behind you to get a look at the man.
Aleksander’s eyes snapped to the little girl’s, taking her in. He finally tore them away from her, looking back at you with a silent question on his face.
“Mama, is that…” Ljuba asked you hesitantly, not able to finish her sentence.
“Yes Ljuba, that’s him.” You whispered, eyes never leaving Aleksander’s.
“Papa.” Ljuba said in awe. It wasn’t a question, only a statement. Her eyes were drinking in the sight of him.
“Hello, Ljuba.” He smiled. He couldn’t keep the smile from his face, he was ecstatic to be with you again, and to finally be meeting his daughter. True to his word, he had never stopped thinking about the both of you in the nearly nine years you had been apart. He hadn’t wanted it to be so long, but the transition of the “new” Darkling this time had been more turbulent than normal.
As if the sound of his voice was all she needed, Ljuba ran over to her father and launched herself into his arms. Aleksander caught her easily with a chuckle, but you could see his eyes shine with tears, arms holding his daughter tightly. You walked over to him resting a hand on his arm, feeling the familiar muscles again.
He finally released Ljuba, setting her down gently on the ground. He immediately takes you into his arms, resting his head in the crook of your neck, running his hands up and down your back as if to remind himself you are real, that he is here. You cling to him just as tightly.
“I’m sorry it was so long.”
You pulled back to look into his eyes. “You’re here now, and that’s all I could ask for.” You leaned forward and brushed your lips against his, putting every feeling of happiness and love into it. “I love you.”
“I love you too. But I don’t want to waste any more time. Will you marry me again, Y/N?”
You grinned. "Fine, make me your wife, then." Your foreheads were still touching, staring deep into each other’s eyes.
He grinned boyishly, claiming your lips again and kissing away the pain of your years apart.
You were both interrupted by a small hand tugging at your skirts. You and Aleksander parted, both looking down at your daughter.
“Can you do the shadows for me, Papa?” Ljuba asked.
He grinned. “Of course!”
Aleksander summoned some shadows, making them dance up the walls for your daughter. You added your own shadows to his, and Ljuba squealed, clapping her hands excitedly. She summoned a few small shadows of her own, mixing them with those of her parents.
You shared a happy look with Aleksander and he could only smile in return. He had finally come back to you.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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darklingswhxore · 8 hours ago
Tumblr media
🥂🥂*clink clink* besties we'v been officially verified the cult of our patron the starless saint
So what's our first move as a cult i'm thinking throwing tomatoes at particular someone ofcourse i'm open for suggestions 🙃
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bestofshadowandbone · 13 hours ago
Tumblr media
instagram • benbarnes: Leaning, looking, loving… in @amiparis #amiportraits #ad
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wandawxdow · 16 hours ago
Bad Day / drabble
Loud footsteps interrupted you, providing a much-needed distraction from the mountain of paperwork.
As you stood from the desk, Aleksander entered your shared chambers, shadows pooling through the door as well. The dark mist danced behind him like an aura and paired with his sour expression, you knew he’d had a bad day.
Leaning against the desk, Aleks only spared you a glance before he collapsed down on the nearby armchair.
His jaw was tense, and his dark eyes focused purely on the crackling fireplace. He looked intimidating, dangerous.
You between the paperwork you desperately didn't want to do and the man you did.
Slowly, you walked over to Aleksander until your body hovered over his. Your shadow obscured the light from him, making it all the more striking when he purposely looked up at you.
“Looks like you had a bad day, ” you noted whilst playing with the collar of his kefta, “want to take it out on me?”
You could barely gauge his reaction before he stood up and hoisted you in his arms. Surprised, you quickly wrapped your legs around his waist.
His lips met yours in a flurry, and you happily returned the passion. You could feel movement, presumably him walking to the bed.
Your assumption was correct when he laid you both down on the plush surface and continued his onslaught. You released a small moan and pouted when he pulled away.
“Get on your hands and knees, right now.”
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I propose
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clotihellscape · 18 hours ago
every time an anti darklina uses the word pedo or grooming I lose braincells. you guys really don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about, do you?
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daenerysrey · 22 hours ago
It becomes hard not to care when you shit all over the tags and it's basic common sense on tumblr to use just anti tags when you don't have anything nice to say about the character
Like I said there’s a block button for a reason use it and move on it’s that simple I won’t stop talking about my disgust of the darkling the darklina ship and the abuse apologist they don’t wanna be called that or freaks then maybe they shouldn’t be abuse apologist in the first place
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