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#general kirigan
Alina: Shut up, Darkling! When you agree with me, it makes me question whether I actually agree with me.
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I always dreamed of finding someone like you but then I woke up and realized that it couldn’t possibly be true but somehow we crashed into each other and I don’t know how I got here your arms wrapped around me, my heart echoing yours but I have never been more thankful or the rightness of the way my hand fits in yours as though my atoms were being drawn to you because in the storm, I found shelter in the fear, I found strength darling, all I needed to be a better me was to find you
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weisse-rose · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
gif by @frekkenbok
All his life, the cold has been his constant companion. It's the price he pays for his shadows. He comes to accept that there is nothing he can do, that he is meant to life in the dark and cold, that he will never know what it means to feel warm.
Then he meets the Sun Summoner.
- A cold heart by Weisse_Rose
UPDATE: This was very much supposed to be a one shot, but I can't seem to let it go, so now there's a third chapter. Enjoy!
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freyaswritings · 17 hours ago
Consign Me Not To Darkness
Summary: You always did love the dark, so why not him, too?
Warnings: Oral (f receiving), sex, fluff, overstimulation.
Tumblr media
The sun peeked through the curtains of Kirigan’s chambers that morning; you whined low, and snuggled into his side, hiding your face from the sun in his neck.
You felt his chest rumble with laughter, “Sasha, make it go away.” You begged, feeling his fingers tangle in your hair.
You let out a sigh as his shadows covered the room, and the sun dimmed. “Better, lapushka?”
“Mhm!” When you were a girl, you’d heard stories of the Darkling, and were immediately taken by tales of him.
You had wished he’d take away from your dreary life, and hide you in his shadows from the people that had always hurt you, from the world.
Your grandmother had chided you harshly, “Beware of dangerous men, child. He’s a villain.” But she hadn’t known your taste for villains; heroes weren’t ready to burn the world down for you.
You never were interested in heroes, your mind would wander when your grandmother read their epic tales; it was always the villain you sympathized with.
You didn’t understand why the princesses in the stories didn’t see what you saw.
And then he had come riding into your village, like some dark prince. You had been drawn to him immediately. You were Grisha, an Inferni.
Your grandmother, being otkazat’sya, hated Grisha, hated you, hated the Grisha who seduced your mother. But she liked control, so she had hid you for many years.
Kirigan had been drawn to you too, your fire a bright light in his darkness, he was drawn to you like a moth to a flame.
Your sweetness, your warmth, the way you’d watch him as if he was a Sankt and you were ready to worship at his altar.
The first time he kissed you, he was hooked. Your shy kisses, the way you needed him, he craved your love after centuries alone, after being rejected by his equal.
He loved how you’d greet him after months apart, tackling him to the ground after he barely got off his horse.
How you’d make love to him. How you loved his shadows, marveling at them, letting them wrap around you, and keep you pinned to him.
He loved laying in bed with you, talking into the wee hours of the morning. He loved watching you sleep.
How you loved taking care of him, drawing him baths after a bad day, or how you’d massage his back with your fine scented oils.
How you’d barge in at the war table, just to sit on his lap. How you’d both sneak into the kitchens at night for a midnight snack.
The way you’d play with his hair after he’d had a nightmare.
Kirigan kissed you slowly when you came out of your hiding place, fingers drawing circles on your back. You sighed into his kiss, “Love you so much, Sasha.” You said, making him feel things he’d swore he’d never feel again.
He hummed, pressing himself to you. Your words and devotion to him, made him hard.
You rocked against him, heart fluttering at the look in his eyes, like you were all that mattered. His fingers touched your face, as if to memorize it.
He kissed you again, before pulling away and leaning down to suck on your nipple, his hand palming the other breast.
He gave a groan of satisfaction against your warm skin when you arched against him, silently begging for more.
You stroked him as he kissed down your stomach, and then teased your wet folds with his tongue.
“Ah! Sasha, please.” You begged.
“You beg so prettily,” he teased, softly.
He lapped at you like a man starved, enjoying making come undone over and over, until you were overstimulated, and the softest touches had you falling apart.
He pushed into you, and you trembled from the multiple orgasms he’d given you. You weren’t sure if you’d survive his cock.
He moved slowly, leaning on his elbows over you, kissing your face, thrusting in and out until you were crying from the pleasure.
“So pretty on my cock,” he teased you, “I love you mine.”
You both knew that you would age quicker than him, that someday you would be old, and he would be unchanged.
But Kirigan was determined not to let that happen.
“You never learn, Aleksander. They all die eventually. You and I will outlive them all.” He remembered his mother chiding him.
He was determined to find an amplifier, he’d extend your life, you’d be his forever.
He could tell you were close, as you gripped his sides, nails digging in, hair sticking to your face from sweating. You bit into his shoulder as you came, and he followed, shuddering into you; cradling you against him, loving the feel of your hot flesh against his.
You both laid there, catching your breath. Eventually, he knew he had to get up and start his day.
But he wouldn’t trade these sweet mornings for anything.
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darrklina · 7 months ago
if a hot evil villain kissed me and walked off but went back again to give me another kiss i will willingly join him to destroy an entire country without hesitation
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kukuruz · 7 months ago
I love that the show NEVER sexualizes any of the girls.
Not when Inej's in the skin-tight performance bodysuit, not when Nina takes her clothes off in the hut. Not even when Alina's in the bath. There's a shot of her butt, but it's never framed in a sexual way.
The closest thing to a shot that's meant to be suggestive is of Matthias' chest.
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madhuraaa · 7 months ago
Friendly reminder that Jesper killed volcra(s) all the while holding a goat to comfort himself.
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freyaswritings · 22 hours ago
We All Have A Hunger
Summary: You wondered if you’d ever get enough of him. General Kirigan/Female!Reader.
Warnings: Possessive behavior, Face slapping, Angst, sex, power imbalance.
A/N: first time writing the Darkling, hope I did okay. :)
Tumblr media
“You’re mine.” Kirigan growled, clawing at your kefta, ripping it off and making short work of your shirt.
You clicked your tongue, “I love when you’re like this. Possessive. Green with envy.” You taunted, letting him grab your breasts.
He backhanded you, as you wanted. You smiled. “Don’t tease, milaya. You won’t like the results.”
You were a simple servant, a Grisha with no colors; he’d been lonely after Alina had betrayed him, and he’d welcomed you to his bed.
He never thought a simple servant like you would make him come undone like this, but you had sunk your claws into him with your sweet acquiescence.
He’d caught you flirting with another male in the kitchens, and he’d seen red, his blood running hot. He’d dragged you from the kitchens, where you now found yourself pinned beneath him.
You wiggled your hips, “Moi Soverenyi, ownership goes both ways.”
Kirigan’s eyes snapped to yours, as he leaned down, “Do you want me to be yours, milaya?” He purred against your lips, “Do you want me to make love to you?” He taunted softly.
You pushed him onto his back, “Wanna make love to you.” You replied, rocking into him.
His hands went to your hips, as he felt his breath leave his lungs; he looked at you, eyes warm and full of yearning. You pulled him out of his pants and he hissed, as your thumb brushed the tip of his cock.
You guided yourself onto him, and you both groaned as he stretched you. You began moving then, and he watched with hooded eyes as you moaned, throwing your head back, fondling your breasts.
You whimpered when he reached between your bodies, and teased your clit. Your thighs trembled, bracing yourself on his chest, kissing him with all the passion you had.
You knew he’d never be yours, but you liked to pretend during these moments that the most powerful Grisha wanted you and you alone.
You felt tears streaming down your face, as you continued to ride him. He cupped your cheeks, kissing your tears. “Are these for me?” He asked, gently.
You couldn’t answer, too overcome with a longing that could never be satisfied, a hunger leaving you never sated.
He kissed you, as you cried. He sat up, and you wrapped yourself around him, taking in his scent, wanting to imprint it on your mind.
He thrust up into you, and it almost felt like he understood. He’d never been gentle with you before. You trembled and came around him, and he followed soon after.
He held you then, fingers trailing down your spine; your heart ached. When you thought he was asleep you whispered; “I love you.”
Never aware of the smile on his face, and the fullness in his heart.
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kallypsowrites · 7 months ago
Ben Barnes was really doing the absolute MOST in all of his scenes. He was like: my entrance is going to be fabulous. In the first scene my presence will literally fill the tent. I will have so much sexual tension with the main character that you can almost physically see it. I am going to play a man who is absolutely lost but absolutely in love at the same time. And then I am going to embrace the darkness. The feral anger. The angst. I am going to look so good being bad everyone will hold their breath when I walk into the room. But still have SO much emotion. And then AND THEN in my backstory I am just going to be so full of emotions that you’re really left thinking ‘maybe the Darkling has points?’ I will treat every moment deathly seriously but also have moments of humor. I am on 110% mode every waking moment from my first arrival to when I walk out of the fold.
And I think that’s very sexy of him.
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