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Our second video for our month of Marvel is here - Black Panther cake balls!
These were our first and most popular video of all time, so we thought we’d go back and update it.
Enjoy and as always, don’t forget to click here to go to our channel and like and subscribe.

Thanks for watching!

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shuri udaku + her intelligence + her journey so far
-shuri is such an intelligent badass kid! letitia wright does such a good portrayal of the princess of wakanda. shuri is also a relatable character - she’s only young (still a teenager), she knows all the memes and she pranks her brother while still looking out for him and caring for him. without her, wakanda would have vibrainium but no idea what to do - she’s the head of technological advancement and without her the amazing black panther suit and other add-ons wouldn’t exist. shuri deserves more love - she’s not only the most clever person in wakanda, she’s a genuine person and a warrior
-gifs are mine
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“I forbid you.”

“You what?” You stifled a laugh, not believing what you were hearing. Your wife looked at you, her eyes wide, scared, not backing down. Okoye had always been protective of you, even before you were married. She trained you for your safety, for defense, never intending for you to use any of it for fighting. You felt safe with her, but over the past few years, that sense of security had been taken, ripped away from you, from the world, from everyone. You were lucky you still had her, the love of your life, by your side. Many weren’t so fortunate.“My love, I am not a child. You can’t just forbid me from doing things.”

“You heard me. I can’t lose you y/n, not at the hands of that monster.”

“You’ll lose me if I can’t fight.” You knew that was her worst fear, you dying, unable to do anything about it. You wanted to take the words back, but it was too late, and you meant them, even if they were a little cruel. One person could mean the difference between finally defeating him or letting him win again, losing the lives you lost permanently, losing all hope that was left. That person could be you. You had to try. You couldn’t live the rest of your life, however long that may be, however that might look like, knowing you sat by and watched instead of fighting for what you believed in, for those who couldn’t.

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The battle for Wakanda was won. Okoye’s king and beliefs prevailed but her marriage was gone. The love she once held for W’Kabi. Was gone. Okoye no longer recognized the man as the one she married. The divorce was painful and drug out it had felt as though it would never be over. Her heart ached for what was lost, but Okoye could not. Would not forgive W’Kabi. It did not matter how much he begged or pleaded or pledged to give her. The betrayal W’Kabi committed was as deeply cutting as infidelity or murder. In recent weeks his determination has grown. Likely because there were rumors of Okoye moving on. Which was not entirely untrue. Though Okoye was unsure if the nature of the relationship was simply physical or romantic or simply platonic yet. W’Kabi cornering her on her patrol of the palace wall was new however. “W’Kabi. I have told you there is no love left in my heart for you. It is my duty to serve my king and my Wakanda. You betrayed him and her..I cannot forgive you for that.” Her tone was quiet but hash and cutting. Left hand gripping her spear tightly. Fire in her eyes as W’Kabi pleaded he was a changed man. That he would give her the world. It all felt like lies. Okoye shook her head glaring down at the man from his place on his knees. “Take your leave now W’kabi or I will have you escorted from the palace.” She glared down at the man until he began to rise from the ground and skull back into the shadows. Sighing under her breath Okoye turned back to the east and began to walk slowly along the wall. She was about to take the steps back down into the city when a chill ran through her body that only came when she was being watched. Praying to Bast it was not W’kabi again the general turned to see who had been lurking. A small smile passed over her lips before disappearing again. “That was perhaps not your best sought out plan,” Okoye commented with an air of amusement to her voice. “Sneaking up on someone armed.” [[Hello, I’m open to taking this plot anywhere. Continue as whoever you like! If you’d like any suggestions I can name a few characters I have played against in the past. It doesn’t have to be a romantic pairing it could just be platonic. I’m hoping to keep this plot canonxcanon so no OC’s please. If you’re interested feel free to DM me or drop a line here and I’ll message you. ]]

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For: @imagines-for-fandoms ♡♡♡

“I’ve always loved that dress on you.”

“Now is not the time, my love.” She hushed through her ear piece. Okoye knew bringing you along wasn’t the best idea. You had a tendency to get distracted, and on a night like this, distraction meant life or death. That, and she didn’t want you anywhere near this kind of stuff. She much rather preferred coming home to you in bed, asleep, safe. But you were trained just like her, and they needed backup. T'challa wouldn’t have anyone else but you. Still, she couldn’t deny she didn’t like the extra attention. Your words were always so loving, so flirtatious, a little inappropriate sure, but it made her feel beautiful.

“Aren’t I allowed to tell my wife how much I love her?” You questioned into your drink, watching her from above, following her beautiful red figure. Over the railings, you leaned, keeping an eye on her because you were supposed to, but also because you wanted to. You loved her, so much. Part of you joked to cover up the fear, the worry. Something could happen, go wrong, and she would be taken from you in seconds. If you could laugh, and make cheeky comments trying to get her to break that stone exterior, then it wasn’t so serious, you wouldn’t have to worry to much. It made things light, playful, easier to face…

“You’ll find any excuse to flirt, won’t you?”

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PAIRING; Dom!Okoye x sub!Natasha Romanoff


WARNINGS; Smut, Sex, Face Sitting, Masturbation, Dom/sub Play, Oral Sex (female receiving), Orgasm Denial

REQUEST; E12: Begging

NOTE; I just want to thank everyone who sent in requests, I’ve been having a lot of fun writing these! Hope you enjoy this one!


Okoye drags the feather side of her leather slapper along Natasha’s bare stomach, watching as her muscles tighten and flex with the sensation. She runs it through the valley of Natasha’s breasts and over her hard, pink nipples before she flips the toy and slaps her breast lightly. 

Natasha jumps with the sting of the slap and whimpers loudly as she pulls on her restraints. Each wrist and ankle is bound to the posts of the bed, her naked body on full display. Slightly raised, red whelps are splashed along her buttery skin, her nipples are tight and firm, her cunt swollen, slick, and red. Another swift slap is leveled against her left breast and she jumps again, letting out another sharp squeal as her pussy quivers. 

Natasha is so turned on that her stomach is in knots. Her mouth is dry, her entire body buzzing with electricity and lust. Okoye always works her up like this, into a complete screaming, soaking wet mess. Her tortue is divine - and keeps her running back for more.

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PAIRING; Okoye x Bucky Barnes [BucKoye]


WARNINGS; Smut, Sex, Rough Sex, Slight Dirty Talk, Vaginal Fingering, Slight Choking

REQUEST; F3: Knowing Someone Else Can Hear

NOTE; I don’t know why I can’t ever post at a decent hour. This was requested by @richonne4life​! I hope you like it darling, and thanks for sending in a request! T’Challa gets straight up disrespected in this one, lol. My guy just can’t catch a break!


“We have to be quiet,” Okoye giggles as Bucky props her up on her knees, “Bucky!”

“What?” He asks innocently, slapping her on her ass.

She yelps loudly before covering her mouth with her hand as she starts to laugh again, “You bastard! T’Challa is next door!”

“Like I give a shit,” he scoffs, pinching her side, “Get that ass in the air.”

She giggles again, “That is my king! These hotel walls are paper thin.”

“And I’m your white wolf, now get that pretty ass in the air. Now.”

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PAIRING; Okoye x Sam Wilson



REQUEST; C1: Being dared to have sex by someone else

NOTE; These things were not supposed to be this long! This got away from me, lol, but you all should be used to that by now. Everyone is kinda devious in this one - hence the title - and by kinda, I mean very. Happy Valentine’s Day and a very happy birthday to the queen, Danai Gurira! Hope you guys enjoy this one!


Okoye throws her head back as she downs another shot of Tequila. She slams the shot glass back on the table and closes her eyes, grimacing as the liquid burns it’s way down her throat and into her belly. She brings her hands to her face, cupping her cheeks as the boys around her hoop and holler while pouring another round. She can’t even remember how she got herself into this position - sitting around drinking with two men who haven’t been drunk since 1940 and one who is, well, just as shitfaced as she is. 

Steve slides the shot glasses in everyone’s direction, that stupid grin fo his lighting up his face, “Sam, truth or dare bud?”

“What? How is it my turn again?” Sam slurs as he rubs his temples, “I’m already seeing three of you Steve.”

“You know the rules Sammy boy,” Bucky smiles, wiggling his eyebrows, “Complete your dare and you don’t have to drink anymore.” 

“It’s called truth or dare. Truth or dare, there’s two options assholes.”

“Not in this version, there’s not.” Steve laughs before leaning into Bucky as he pulls him closer.

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