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heartthrummed · 4 minutes ago
...Well, alright, maybe I don't just see him as just a business partner myself. But it feels... wrong, callin' him or the others family when that word has never meant anythin' good ta me. Outside of Suou Nii-han, anyway. Still... I do worry about him. I guess I just don't know how to approach him about it. Feel like he'd just laugh it off in that "Mama" way of his anyway, turn it back on me instead. An' that's frustratin' as all hell.
Tumblr media
Kohaku muse just hit me with A Lot in this discord reply
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mobgender · 6 minutes ago
WHY is there so much gojo on the dash
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opinions-of-things · 13 minutes ago
I’m really fucking sick of being ignored everytime I join a group chat
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ihathbenobiwankenobied · 14 minutes ago
Things that Obi-Wan does that Cody doesn't understand:
Leaves his lightsaber unattended daily
Insists that blaster fire is "annoying" rather than dangerous
Sleeps in full Jedi robes in extreme heat just in case
Considers caf a sufficient meal
Avoids the medbay whilst dripping blood through the hallways of the Negotiator
Tries to reason with Anakin
Sleeps when he's (nearly) dead and only then
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ghblogg · 18 minutes ago
Michael: even if it’s a lie.
You and Willow have been lying to him for months already. But now you care because you’re worried it’ll impact you and Willows bland boring relationship
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nahoyagf · 19 minutes ago
heyy i love ur writings😭 <33, can i request a hanma x reader doing this pls thank youu😭 (
a/n: tysm bae!! and yes ofc, scene was hot asf. this is so long i’m sorry 😭
heart shaped kisses {hanma x fem! reader}
warnings: slight sexual content, drug use , aged up characters, idk if i like the ending so i might change it lol
Tumblr media
hanma often didn’t come home until the late hours of night. he spent most of his time doing god knows what, but always came home covered in the scent of perfume and booze.
it upset you. not just the idea that he was slowly drowning himself in these things, but also the idea that he was out with other women. you weren’t his girlfriend, hell, you two had never even had any romantic interactions. to him, you were just his housemate that worried too much. worried about his whereabouts and worried about his self care.
you made him food, it was often left on the table, cold. but it always made your heart warmer when you would wake up in the morning and see that hanma ate it. occasionally, he would leave a note saying thank you or that it was good.
tonight you did your usual routine. made food, being sure to make an extra plate for him and then watched tv until you got tired. you were extra sleepless tonight. the job you held was stressful and overwhelming and was made 10x worse when your boss decided he wanted to be an asshole today. you just wanted company and yet, your housemate was out. probably getting drunk and having the time of his life with some girls at the bar.
the doorknob twisted and the sound of clattering keys being dropped then slowly picked up at met your ears. there were a few muffled curse words and the noise of someone struggling to open the door but eventually it opened. hanma looked tired, eyes widening slightly at seeing you still awake. he smelt the same as usual, dressed in a white, silk dress shirt. about five buttons undone to expose his large chest full of intricate tattoos. he also had on loose black slacks and nice black dress shoes that had actually been a gift from you.
he smelt strongly of sake and you realized that he must’ve gone down to the karaoke bar which had the “best sake you’ll ever taste”. so he was out with girls.
“wait in’ for me?” he chuckled, smiling at the table that had a once hot bowl of ramen on it.
“i’m surprised you’re home so early.”
“and i’m surprised you’re up so late.”
you tossed him a half hearted glare. hanma always treated you like a mom, some middle aged lady who goes to bed at 9 and works on her feet all day.
“thank you for the food, sweetheart. looks good,”
the compliments he left on notes always made your stomach flutter but hearing them in person nearly caused you to have a stroke.
“it’s probably cold again.”
you tried to brush off your flustered behavior with the comment but it didn’t come out as annoyed or strict as you wanted it to. he heated the food up, and you let him eat in silence. assuming he was too tired to want to talk and would just go to bed straight after. of course, you were wrong.
he finished his food and put the bowl in the sink before sitting down on the couch next to you.
“it was delicious, thank you.” he sent a grin your way, throwing his arm over the back of couch and watching the cheesy slasher film you had playing.
“it would’ve tasted better if you had it hot and fresh” it came out angrier than you wanted. deep down, you just wanted him to spend a couple days a week actually coming home on time and hanging out with you. by the way his head turned towards you, you knew you had fucked up.
“y’know being a fuckin’ yakuza member is no fuckin’ fun, you’re mad at me for going out and getting a lil’ drunk after spending my whole day fuckin’ killin’ people.” his glare hurt, but his tone hurt worse. you felt your eyes water slightly and turned away, both embarrassed and upset.
hanma noticed this. it sent a pang in his chest to see you look so hurt. he swallowed hard and looked around to find something to make you feel better.
“look... i’m sorry. it’s just been a long fuckin’ day,” he watched your expression. your eyes bore holes into the tv trying to avoid his gaze, face still upset.
“do you smoke?” he asked, reaching the drawer on the side table. his hands grabbed a bag of pre-grinded weed and rolling paper. you just shook your head.
his hands fumbled through his pockets for his lighter, finding it then beginning to roll a joint. his fingers worked quickly and expertly before lifting it to his face and licking the paper. sealing it with a slight smirk. his eyes lit up slightly as an idea popped into his brain.
“here,” he lit it, the smell filling the room.
“i said i don’t smoke.” you said, not bothering to look his way.
“you look tired, this’ll relax you, baby.”
the nickname gave you those annoying butterflies but you swallowed them away and kept a poker face.
“i have work tomorrow.”
“i thought you hated that shitty job,” he was right. you hated it and you hated this feeling that lingered after his lecture. you turned to face him, eyes still watery and a doe look coursed through them. his body filled with desire. stomach fluttering in a way that he hadn’t felt in years, the boyish feeling being something he left in his youth.
“i don’t know how.”
“it’s easy.” his words did nothing to ease your embarrassment and he caught onto that.
“c’mere, i’ll help you out.” he had this stupid smirk, so stupid that brought heat to your face.
you shifted closer. knee touching his, but it wasn’t enough. not what he wanted.
“closer, i can’t help you from there,” you stuttered out as he pulled you onto his lap. making you straddle his thighs. his yellow eyes met yours.
he put the joint in his mouth, breathing in the smoke, and let it sit on his tongue for a little before his hand grabbed your jaw. thumb pushing between your lips to open your mouth and then he exhaled. the smoke entered your mouth, the thick taste and smell clouded your brain for a second. you inhaled and stared at him.
“see? not too hard.” you laughed at that slightly.
“i didn’t do anything.”
he hand dropped down to your hips, rubbing circles as he took another puff. eyes wandering over your figure. he pulled you closer, letting the smoke drift between you two.
“i’m sorry for missing dinner. you forgive me now, hm?” handing you joint to take a hit before letting it sit on the table. hands moving to caress your thighs as his mouth met your neck. pressing sloppy kisses.
you placed your hand on his chest and pushed away slightly.
“i don’t wanna be one of those girls to you.” you said, shaky voice with how intimate he’s being. he chuckled at this. he laughed at this, hand grabbing your face as he rubbed your cheek.
“you think i would do that to you? are you fuckin’ dumb?” despite the seemingly harsh words, his tone was humorous and light. he wasn’t angry, just shocked. “you want me to stop seeing them, then i will, baby. you coulda’ just said that.”
hanma was fully serious. though a part of you worried that he would change his mind once he’s sober, his assuring voice and steady grip on you lifted those thoughts away. his hand guided your mouth towards his, kissing you gently but with a deep passion. other hand sliding up and down your body.
“let’s smoke some more, hm?”
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sammansonbot · 19 minutes ago
I hate the floor.) That’s why I was there and grab the phony on the ground] Of closer.
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mossybunni · 21 minutes ago
I’m working at day camp over the summer, and today during outside play some of kids decided to dismantle a soccer net because, and I quote, “They wanted to make flutes.” with the plastic parts while the other kids dug holes everywhere to find worms.
Yesterday they made the world’s saddest tire swing with a hula hula hoop and some jump ropes.
Never a dull moment.
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