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justdifferentposts · 53 minutes ago
I SWEAR everytime my mums phone rings she will not pick up immediately because her priority is to listen to JKs sweet voice and we end up vibing like seaweed
This woman has straight up heart eyes for Jungkook and Jin
Not gonna lie...Same
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geminimind05 · 2 hours ago
Postulate that there is a Gay Gene (a gene that makes you more likely to be gay/non-heterosexual leanings).
According to evolution, this gene should not exist as homosexuals would then pair off and not have biological children, therefore the gene dies there. (Evolution counts as many biological surviving children as possible as the ultimate success as it allows more of the gene to carry forward.)
In the case of Schizophrenia, (has genetic causations) the pay off of having heterozygous people of the schizophrenic was worth the occasional (homozygous) schizophrenic person. In that people with heterozygous schizophrenic gene, were a bit odd (believing in aliens etc...) and in smaller tribal structures acted as spiritual leaders, priests and shamans.
These spiritual leaders were worth more to the tribes survival than the cost of the occasional schizophrenic relative.
In this, let's assume that the 'Gay Gene' works such that when heterozygous you have someone who is more bi/pan, and when homozygous the phenotype is homosexuals.
What could make the presence of bisexuality/fluid sexualities more evolutionarily competitive than purely heterosexuality? So much so that the evolutionary cost of homosexuality was worth it?
I propose that thanks to the human history of concubinage (polygynous arrangement where a man had wives and sex slaves) that bisexuality was more evolutionarily competitive.
Studies have already shown that women are 3 times more likely to consider themselves bisexual or lesbian than their male counterparts.
Heirarchichel power structures with a single person in power often lead to strife due to unilateral restrictions of freedom and power. As such is the case in concubinage and it is thus illegal in many countries.
In the case that the sister wives (in a polygynous polygamy where the wives are not slaves) are also involved, the competition decreases and the number of parents raising a set of children increases, therefore increasing the likelihood of more children surviving.
Therefore as their mothers had genetics that allowed them to consider being sexually fluid as opposed to entirely straight. These genetics than carry on in their children.
After a bit of searching, it seems I'm not the only person to think that concubinage might cause female sexual fluidity to be an evolutionary benefit. However as far as I can see most of their theories don't explain lesbianism/homosexuality only bisexuality/fluid sexuality.
Now comes the fun part. Yes, this sounds reasonable but where's the genetic evidence? How would we study populations for this?
The idea is simple. Looking at countries and regions with a strong cultural history of concubinage/polygamy and check the prevalence of non-heterosexual sexualities.
If this model is correct then gay men would just be a happy byproduct of this evolutionary scheme. So their population does have prevalence in any study done.
The problem with such a study however is that many fo these countries may have an anti-LGBTQ rhetoric which makes considering wether you have a fluid sexuality or considering relabeling your sexuality societally wrong. Or worse a crime.
Many Muslim countries allow polygamy, and it is permissable in Judaism if their countries laws allow as well as occasionally among Mormons. The problem being that many fo these same countries that remained polygamous despite colonisation and popularization of western media (and therefore stigma around polygamy) also are the same countries that are more likely to be homophobic thanks to monotheistic scrutiny of sodomy (which is associated with gay men).
However, there are some places where polygamy is still practiced or only recently outlawed and homosexuality is legal. For example South Africa, which is a melting pot of different communities, has both polygamous cultures and homosexuality is legal.
Or maybe even China where concubinage was outlawed in 1949 and Polygamy in 2015 (?). (Mainly due to the unequal nature of these polygamous marriages and that their gender population ratio is 49:51). Homosexuality is not strictly illegal in China, however there is little societal acceptance of such matters.
In comparing levels of non-heterosexuality to control communities where Concubinage nor Polygamy were practiced. And their population of gay decendants. We can then see if there is a genetic correlation between polygamy and homosexuality.
Consider: also that anti-polygamist rhetoric may have been invented by European Colonialist, like racism, in order to justify enslaving 'savages'.
This would imply that the African American community may have a larger gay population due to ancestral polygamy but also more backlash for gay African Americans. This is because, like internalized racism, internalized homophobia would have been indoctrinated into ancestral cultures through fear and force.
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darkccfinds · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
⸸ Eyes N6 by Shaninily ⸸ Resurrected Link ⸸
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breakdown-1 · 5 hours ago
Check out The Breakdown's latest episode: "Genetic Testing", where we discuss what we can learn from genetic testing about our recent and ancient human ancestry, as well as the potential benefits and pitfalls of medical genetic testing.
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supernaturallynerdy · 7 hours ago
Me: weeping into my toast because it’s my last day of school
Also me: starting a whole ass PhD this fall
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flitwickslittlebrotha · 7 hours ago
okay wait i am thinking THOUGHTS
what if mor is a dreamer, and niall specifically tried to have a child with her to make another dreamer? and then declan ended up without that power, which is why niall didn't like him?
and then niall dreamt aurora to increase his chances of having a dreamer baby?
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Ok, the funniest thing happened today. So, after a class we were sitting and watching an episode of Mahabharat and discussing about the class.
Me: I finally got the book Sir was talking about.
*Shows the book on phone*
My friend: Oh! It’s the one that he was talking about in the last episode.
*Me and our other friend laughing our asses off after staring at each other to make sure we heard what we thought we heard*
Friend: why are you guys laughing? Wait a minute, what did I say? *realising what she said* Oh God! *Cue facepalm*
Meanwhile we have started laughing harder.
Needless to say, we are calling each class an episode and each course a show now. 
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youngpuppycreation · 12 hours ago
What is Genetics of Baldness?
Can an O positive mom and an O positive dad have a child with another blood-type?
A child can have O blood group only when two recessive O genes from both parents are inherited. A person is said to have blood type A or B even when a person possess one copy of “A” or “B” allele along with one copy of O allele, while only those who possess two copies of O are said to have a blood type of O.
 Rhesus factor determines if the blood type is positive (+) or negative (-). Blood type is considered as A+ve or B+ve or O+ve if they have rhesus factor. People who don’t have rhesus factor are considered to have negative blood type such as O -ve. An O negative blood type is considered to be a universal donor since it contains nothing that would appear foreign to someone else’s blood. People with AB positive blood type is considered as universal recipients as they will not react to A, B, or O blood, and can receive a transfusion from a donor with or without the Rhesus antigen.
 Now coming back to our question: Can an O positive mom and an O positive dad have a child with another blood type?
 In ABO blood group system, If your mom is O positive and dad is also an O positive blood type then the child will have O blood type. Let’s try to understand this based on how alleles are passed on from parents to children.
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breakdown-1 · 12 hours ago
Check out The Breakdown's latest episode: "Genetic Testing", where we discuss what we can learn from genetic testing about our recent and ancient human ancestry, as well as the potential benefits and pitfalls of medical genetic testing.
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emilyccfinds · 13 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Eyes NB20 by MSQSIMS
Created for: The Sims 4
- Base Game - Toddler - Elder - Female - Male - 30 Colors - Facepaint Category - Custom Thumbnail - HQ Mod Compatible 
Eyebrows NB24 (May 4, 2021)
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yasbxxgie · 18 hours ago
After the original ferret, Willa, died in 1988, scientists froze her body to preserve her genetic material, hoping to someday perform an experiment like this. While a domesticated ferret carried the cloned embryo, the new ferret, who is being raised at a Fish and Wildlife Service black-footed ferret breeding facility in Fort Collins, Colorado, is still very wild, with all the instincts and aggression that suggests.
This is a fresh success story for the black-footed ferret, which has become emblematic of how well conservation and repopulation efforts can work. First, scientists thought the ferret was extinct, after frustrated ranchers poisoned almost all of the animals in the wild. Then, the population grew from a group of just a few, so there are about 1,000 wild black ferrets today—plus populations in wildlife preserves, zoos, and other supervised programs.
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parrotvoid · 18 hours ago
Great reflections on intelligence, diversity, and the future of gene editing. 
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nathanalbright151 · 18 hours ago
The Scandals That Don't Happen
The Scandals That Don’t Happen
I still remember to this day the experience that I had when my mum and I went to an evening meeting of the Spanish Honor Society when I was a freshman in high school, and my mother had to liven up the conversation by joking that her sons were conceived by the milkman and the mailman. As it happens, my father was both. Nonetheless, I think it is important for us to recognize that in an age that is…
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cocksley-and-catapult · 19 hours ago
Tumblr media
ISSUE 11: unwritten broship legislation 20 april 2021
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