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mulberrycafe · a day ago
Shimada Coffee Pt1: New beginnings
Finally got around to writing this up! Just as a reminder I write for fun and this isn’t perfect but I enjoyed making it so I hope you enjoy it at the very least and also at the time of writing Mccrees name has yet to be changed by blizzard so throughout the course of this series he’ll remain with his current title until further notice.
Y’all who came from my old blog knew this mother fucker was coming! Get ready it’s gonna hurt! ~Bambi
Tumblr media
{prologue: main story below the ‘read more’}
“You’re just like your mother, Genji.” Sojiro sighed as he tested the temperature of the formula against his tattooed wrist. “So impatient.”
(“Congrats! It’s a boy!!” The nurse cheered and held up the newborn as he cried out his first breaths.)
Tears pricked at Sojiros eyes as a sad smile curled the corners of his lips. “You didn’t want to wait for me to arrive.” He sighed lifting his crying, barely a week old son into his arms, “you made your poor mother go through labour without me.”
(“Would you like to hold him mr shimada?” The nurse asked offering the now swaddled baby to him. Sojiro smiled and took him eagerly before sitting beside his beloved wife, Ayako, “he has your smile, your eyes too,” he said proudly.)
“But when I held you for the first time I felt so overjoyed, all I could think of was the happy future we’d have as a family, you and your brother, me and your mother.” He said as Genji eagerly latched onto the bottle.
(“He’s very small!” Hanzo exclaimed looking at his new baby brother. “Just wait a couple years son, maybe he’ll be bigger than you.” Sojiro laughed.)
“I was so happy, it only served to deepen the pain that was to come…” he said as tears began to pour down his lightly stubbled cheeks.
(“Im glad… I got to see you all one last time…” Ayako said as she smiled tiredly up at her husband and sons. “Please, dissolve the clan… give them a good life… no more crime.” She said as her skin grew pale, “please, promise me. Don’t let them suffer like you did…”)
Sojiro choked back a sob as he rocked his now satisfied new born back to sleep, “I wish I had just a few minutes more.”
(“Aishiteru…” (I love you, 愛してる) ayako whispered softly as the air left her lungs and her hold on Sojiros hand loosened. “My darling? Ayako?…” Sojiro whispered in response as the heart monitor flatlined and the world turned grey .)
“There we go,” Sojiro whispered as he placed his new born back on the futon next to his brother before sitting down beside them and pulling a small notebook from beneath his pillow, ayakos dairy. He thumbed through the pages before stopping on an illustration of a little shop front, designed immaculately down to a t.
“I know you always wanted a cafe in the country side but… I hope a city in america will do instead.” He said looking around the barren interior of the apartment, “I know it’s not much, but they’ll live an honest life here…” He sighed and tucked the book back under his pillow before laying back down next to his sons, his three year old Hanzo, and little Genji. “We’ll be safe here but,… I have no clue what I’m doing.” He whispered as he began to drift off to sleep again.
“Tou-san… need to pee.” Hanzo whispered.
It was only a 17 hour flight from Tokyo to America, one Sojiro had done plenty of times before to discuss business with the clans many lucrative arms dealers and clients. But on his own with a new born, a toddler, a to go bag with few personal belongings, and a pissed off criminal empire on his tail, all on top of his late wife’s death, and all the while trying to keep his tattooed body concealed, it wasn’t so easy.
Relief washed over him as the plane finally landed, while his 3 year old, Hanzo, handled the trip well, his new born, Genji, did not. Even in first class, from the loud noises, the odd smells, and the pressure making his ears pop, he seemed to spend every moment he could howling his lungs out much to the annoyance of the other passengers, and the worry and heartache of Sojiro as he struggled to make his baby as comfortable as possible.
Finally getting out of the airport was a breath of fresh, frigid night air as winter pushed out the last of its effort before the coming spring. Fresh air Sojiro immediately wanted to replace with the burn of a cigarette. After losing his wife, a funeral, risking his and his sons lives and a 17 hour flight, the itch to light one up was burning in the back of his head like the cherry of a smoke, but with his children close he pushed it away, it was bad enough he was hooked on them, the last thing he wanted was for anymore of his mistakes to rub off on his most valued treasures.
After scoping out the transportation he contemplated getting a cab from the airport to their new home, but with the circumstances of his situation and the possibility of assassination being all too real, he opted instead to wait for the bus.
Hanzo stood patiently beside his exhausted father, watching the night crowd slowly move in and out of the airport, some coming home, others leaving, he was too young to fully understand the complexities of adult life and why some passengers appeared so sad as they sat waiting for their rides. But he was smart enough to understand that his new home was here, and that his father was putting on a tough face for him. “It’s cold here, tou-san…” he whispered.
Sojiro glanced down at him before picking him up and placing him on his hip, “I know little rabbit, but I promise our new home will be nice and warm.” He said smiling so warmly at his son. Hanzo smiled up at him in return before gently covering Genji a little more with his swaddle, “I keep Ototo warm until we get there!” He exclaimed.
“Thank you little rabbit.” Sojiro said before clumsily shifting them about to grab their stuff as the bus arrived. “Ah! Speaking of home, We’re nearly there.” He said enthusiastically as he hurried aboard only for the mood to be immediately dampened by the dark and cramped interior, the musty and cigarette filled air certainly didn’t help either. “Kusai…” (Stinky, くさい)Hanzo whispered.
“Mm.” Sojiro hummed in affirmation before paying the fare and sitting down placing his kids in his lap, only for Genji to stir and promptly burst into a howling fit as the engine started, “me too sparrow. Me too…” Sojiro sighed and resumed trying to settle him as he stared out the window at the new city they’d call home.
Sojiro had plenty of unpleasant experiences in his life, a lot of them worse than others, but after an hour inside that cold, smelly, and oddly damp bus only to be dropped off a half hour away from their new home, he was definitely considering adding tonight to his ever growing list.
He could feel every muscle in his body ache with exhaustion as he trudged up hill carrying his now sleeping children and their belongings, he’d have to get a car soon once he had everything settled, he was relieved he at least had the peace of mind that he’d planned ahead to have groceries and essentials delivered after his arrival, though he can’t imagine the driver would be too pleased delivering anything this late into the evening.
After one final push up the path he stopped outside a decently sized building, two floors, the bottom an empty shop front, and the top a cozy little apartment, “…” he stood there in silence for a moment before pulling a small leather bound dairy out of his pocket, flicking through the pages he stopped on one, filled with a beautiful illustration of a small countryside cafe, carefully coloured in and filled with detail from top to bottom along side a page filled with notes that was proceeded by another, recipes, interior designs, hopes for a dream she’d had long before marrying Sojiro, and a hope for one she could share with him and their children in the future, a future she’d never get to see.
“I know it’s not exactly what you wanted, but it’s the best I could find on such short notice… it’s close to the kindergarten too so Hanzo can grow up like a normal kid…” he whispered to her as if she were there beside him. “I know I drained all the clans funds before I left, I know I don’t need to work but… you wanted them to have an honest life, maybe this way… I can give them that…” he sighed.
“Tou-san?” Hanzos soft voice suddenly chimed, in stealing his fathers attention away from his thoughts. Sojiro stared at him for a moment, wondering how much he heard, if he was even old enough to comprehend the worry in his words at all. He simply smiled and pocketed the book as he gestured to the building, “we’re home, what do you think, Hanzo?” He asked now feeling suddenly very concerned over his sons opinion, he was a child yes, but one who’d just lost his mother and was suddenly whisked half way across the world, the last thing Sojiro wanted was for him to be unhappy here.
Hanzo stared up at the building curiously, “…it small!” He chirped. Sojiro chuckled lightly and nodded, “yes it’s much smaller than the castle, and it’ll just be you, me and your little brother here, but that means I have a lot more time I can spend with you.” He said with a warm smile.
“More time with tou-san!” Hanzo cheered happily and hugged onto his father with glee. Sojiro gave him a fond squeeze in return as he approached the front of the building, “they said the key should be under the door.” He hummed as he felt around the base of the old wood and concrete, “ah! Here it is!” He said as he retrieved the set of keys.
After a few twists and turns and a bit of a shove he stepped inside and stared at the interior before him. Dust coated every surface and particles drifted slowly through the still air, the floor was equally as dirty and covered with debris and old cables, and old furniture sat covered in gradually  disintegrating sheets. “It needs a lot of work…” he sighed, “let’s get upstairs and get set-“
Letting out a squeal more high pitched than he’d care to admit, Sojiro spun around on his heel to see the delivery truck outside, the driver getting out to start unloading their stuff, “oh, that was good timing.” He sighed before realising the noise had stirred his youngest once more, “oh no.”
Relief surged through Sojiro as he waved goodbye to the delivery driver and locked the doors to his new home tight for the evening. His fears had been confirmed that the driver would be displeased working so late, but his tune changed quickly to one of sympathy upon seeing the visibly exhausted and frazzled single father standing there with his new born in a sling and his toddler on his hip.
Questions were asked as he expected, and while he didn’t lie, he didn’t tell the full truth, “my wife passed away after giving birth, I couldn’t bear living in our old home anymore so I decided to move and start a new life.” Is what he said. “I just want my sons to grow up happy and safe.” He said. Safe from his criminal past, safe from his families murderous empire, safe, from the truth.
Satisfied that his new home was secure he headed upstairs to find his little ones where he’d left them, both sleeping peacefully on the brand new futon he’d unpacked while the driver unloaded the remainder of his purchases.
He stood there for a moment in the doorway watching his two most valued treasures rest, blissfully unaware of the weight sitting heavy on their fathers shoulders, dreaming happy little dreams. He wanted so badly just to flop down face first into the plush bedding beside them, but the hunger pains turning his stomach made his attention switch to the unopened cooking utensils and the groceries sitting idle beside them, “food…” he whispered to himself.
It took longer than he’d care to admit to finish unpacking the cookware and groceries, and he stood there even longer simply staring at it all as the overwhelming realisation dawned on him, he didn’t know how to cook. ‘I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT IM DOING!!’ He thought. From crime lord of the shimada empire to a single father panicking over how to cook rice, being the figure head of a lucrative criminal organisation had its perks, money, servants, and an expensive education. But despite all his tutors best work, he hadn’t a clue on how to look after himself, but with two children now depending on him, he had to try.
After much deliberation, double and triple re-readings of the instructions and well over 10 YouTube tutorials, he plugged in the rice cooker and carefully measured out a cup of rice before pouring it into the pot and staring at it confused, “hm… that doesn’t look like nearly enough…” he whispered to himself, “maybe a bit more.” He said scooping another cup and dumping it in. “Theres no way that’ll even feed Hanzo never mind myself.” He grumbled before getting fed up and pouring another few cups in and filling it with water before flicking it on to cook while he prepared the rest of his dinner.
A half hour or so passed by in peaceful silence outside of the occasional YouTube tutorial, he learned how to properly prepare certain vegetables, how to properly cook meat, and was making what looked to be in his opinion a decent attempt at a curry. ‘I need to get better at this, and fast if I’m going to be opening a damn cafe…’ he thought.
“Tou-san?” Hanzos soft and tired voice sounded from behind him. “Yes hanzo?” Sojiro asked turning around to see his oldest sleepily looking up at him, and in the corner of his eye, the now cooked rice, rising slowly out of the rice cooker taking the lid with it. “Nani?…” (what? , なに) he whispered staring at the majesty of his mess up.
Hanzo looked up at his father confused before turning around to see the glorious rice catastrophe, “WAH! RICE MONSTER!!” He squealed before rushing out of the kitchen and diving into the futon to hide stirring his little brother, “WEH!!” Genji cried.
Despite his messy first attempt he was surprised to find his dinner to be better than expected, not perfect, but certainly not bad, and with plenty of leftovers to last him and his oldest a few days. After feeding his kids he settled them back down to rest before washing the dishes and then heading to the bathroom to wash himself.
He was relieved to find the hot water working, though the shower and bathtub would certainly need a good clean before he’d dare bathe his sons in it, but as he felt the exhaustion of the last few days sink into his tired bones he decided that was a task best left for tomorrow.
A deep sigh slipped from his lips as he enjoyed the hot water streaming down his tattooed skin and soaking into his long raven locks. As he reached for the shampoo to wash it though, he paused and instead opened the glass sliding door to grab the scissors and razor instead…
He was by no means a professional but he’d cleaned his hair up enough times after fights and the occasional mental breakdown to know what he was doing, that said, he’d never gone this short before, anything higher than the small of his back wasn’t allowed, the clan would never allow it. Keep it long, so it’s easier to style, easier to grab, easier to manage… easier to control him with.
But now he was free of that, free of them. He could hide his tattoos under long clothing and a bit of makeup on his neck, but his hair would be an easy giveaway to his identity, easy for assassins to spot, easy for bounty hunters to grab…
Closing his eyes and holding his breath he nervously held the scissors to his hair, an ever present fear of punishment weighing heavy on his shoulders. “Brrrp??” A soft and sweet chirp echoed over the noise of the shower, and fuzzy whiskers tickled his leg making him open his eyes and look down to see, his dragon, Tsubasa.
Black and fiery gold scales with eyes to match stared up at him from where he sat at his feet, no bigger than an average house cat, just enjoying the warm water as much as his master. Sojiro locked eyes with him in a knowing glance, a silent conversation only the two of them could understand, “you’re right… I have to.” He sighed before squeezing the scissors and taking the first cut, severing his hair like he did his ties with the clan.
Opening his eyes he let out a shaky breath as he stared at the severed clump in his hand, “oh my god what have I done…” he whispered before looking at his dragon who simply stared up at him with a calm and reassuring gaze. “Y-you’re right, I’m. Im allowed to do this.” He whispered before proceeding to take the scissors to the rest of his locks, “they can’t control me anymore.”
It took a good hour or so for Sojiro to cut the remainder of his hair to a nice short length. With a steady hand obtained from years of strict sword and martial art practice he achieved a neat but stylish cut with the help of his razor. After shaving his face to clear up his post travel stubble he paused and stared at himself in the mirror, the tattoos creeping up his neck being the only thing reminding him that the man in the mirror wasn’t a stranger.
“Brrrp??” Tsubasa chirped as he jumped onto the bathroom vanity to see what his master was looking at. “What do you think? Does it suit me?” He asked, still staring at his reflection.
Tsubasa nodded and approved with a sweet whistle and a curl of his whiskers. “Good, because it’ll have to do…” he sighed as he began to brush his teeth only to be interrupted by genjis cries from outside the bathroom. “How can something so small eat so much?” He sighed rinsing his mouth before holding out his hand to the dragon. “Out or in?” He asked quirking his sharp brow.
The dragon contemplated for a moment before resting his head in his hand. “In it is then.” He said watching the creature glow a brilliant gold as its form twisted and transformed incorporating itself into the very ink work that covered Sojiros body from head to toe. Satisfied his dragon had gotten comfortable within the artwork he flicked off the bathroom light and headed out to tend to his youngest.
After another bottle and a diaper change Sojiro gently lay Genji back into bed beside his brother before flicking off the lights and joining them, he could practically hear his body give a sigh of relief as he finally allowed it to rest, and yet his mind was a buzz with concerns of the path ahead and the work needed to be done, “it’s not perfect but… I hope you like it, ayako… I have no clue what I’m doing.” He whispered softly and closed his eyes to try and drift off to sleep.
“Tou-san, I need to pee.” Hanzo whispered making his father groan with mild exasperation as he dragged himself out of bed.
“Hot…why’s it so hot?” Sojiro thought as a searing heat burned the centre of his back, the dark void surrounding him only drawing his attention to it further.
“Please… Promise me…” A soft familiar voice echoed throughout the dark chasm.
“Ayako?” Sojiro thought before registering the pressure on his jaw, “why can’t I close my mouth?”
“Don’t let them suffer like you did.”
Sojiro opened his eyes, or rather, they’d always been open, the blindfold had simply been removed. He looked around in a panic as his eyes adjusted, he was on his knees, hunched over with his arms tied back to a pole that dug into his spine as he tried to steady himself.
“Don’t struggle, this is going to be permanent, the last thing you’ll want is it to be messy.” A voice to his left spoke, his uncle he assumed, the voice sounded familiar but the face remained hidden behind a mask resembling an oni.
“What’s happening?!” Is what Sojiro wanted to scream, but as he bit down it became apparent the bamboo fastened securely between his teeth wouldn’t allow that.
“Tsk, you should have gotten a bigger piece. That’ll do nothing to muffle his screaming. The whole village will hear him.” A raspy female voice to his right, his auntie he assumed but like his uncle her face was hidden.
“Calm down now, Sojiro.” A deep and commanding voice that sent a shiver down his spine and set dread deep into his stomach suddenly spoke over the other elders surrounding him… silence.
Sojiro, now no longer a young man but instead a terrified 12 year old boy, looked up at the figure before him. A cruel man who like the other figures, hid his face behind an equally cruel mask, but even with it covered, Sojiro would recognise him anywhere, he was his father after all…
“It’ll only hurt for a moment.” His father said, his mask twisting into a snarling grin as if alive.
A damp warmth filled Sojiros trousers and formed a puddle around his bound legs as fear overwhelmed every ounce of control he had over himself in that moment, as he watched his father lift a glowing, red hot, branding rod of the shimada crest from the fire illuminating the darkness.
Sojiros eyes remained locked onto the glowing metal as it passed by him and disappeared from view, and as the heat got closer, he woke to a gentle slap to the face.
Gasping awake he opened his eyes to see Hanzo adorably tapping at him trying to wake him up, he was in his new place, in his new bed, safe with his two sons. He sighed with relief and looked up at his toddler from where he lay, “yes little rabbit?” He whispered. “Ototo peed.” Hanzo said pointing to his brother who’d some how managed to escape the confines of his diaper to pee up his fathers side.
Sojiro sighed and pulled himself up to clean the mess and put a new diaper on Genji, “please promise me this won’t become a habit little sparrow.” He whispered pulling the baby into his arms earning only excited breathy baby gasps in response. “That doesn’t sound like a promise!” Sojiro whined.
It was a rough start to an already rough situation. The past few days seemed to both drift by in a blur and drag on for eternity. On top of the stress of moving to an entirely new country and starting a new life as a newly single father, he also had to navigate getting the cafe cleaned, wired, and furnished all the while tending to his children, one of which could be set off if a squirrel so much as farted two county’s over, all the while without even the slightest trace of nicotine in his system to take the edge off.
He thought getting Hanzo enrolled into daycare would be the worst of it. When he arrived he thought he’d missed the memo on the supposed parental uniform standards, the only other parents he could see in attendance were young mothers, hair colours in a spectrum from blond to brown with the occasional box dye red, all of them sporting lycra and collectable Starbucks tumblers.
He felt so out of place amongst the group, and while he managed to remain a vision of calm on the outside, internally he was dying with panic as he prayed the makeup covering any exposed tattoos on his neck and hands would hold. By the time he arrived home he felt both a mix of relief that Hanzo had been accepted, and a desperate need for a cold shower and a cigarette to steady his nerves.
But in truth, all of that was a cake walk when compared to, grocery shopping.
Grocery shopping would be fun, he thought. He could see the quality of the food he was buying in person, he thought. It’ll be so peaceful, he thought. He thought wrong.
The culture shock came in like a freight train clotheslining Sojiro with wave after wave of irritating new information. Isle after isle filled with rude, pushy, and loud people. The blatant disregard they had to not only produce and products, but staff and customers alike shocked even him, a former yakuza.
Hanzo, to his credit, was well behaved and if not just as stunned and afraid as his father to the point of refusing to let go of his hand even when Sojiro needed to grab something. It was evident the toddler wanted to get out of there as fast as possible, and Sojiro definitely couldn’t blame him.
Genji for the most part remained calm and quiet throughout the experience much to his fathers surprise, he simply lay in his stroller staring up at all the colourful sights before him gasping happily. That was until they reached the checkouts…
Sojiro sighed with relief as he put the groceries in the compartment under the stroller before placing Hanzo in next to his brother and wheeling them out of the store, “finally, let’s go ho-… Genji?” He said with concern as he stared at the now bright red face of his youngest. “Oh god are you choking?!” He said leaning down to grab him only to be greeted by a wall of stench as the baby suddenly stopped tensing.
“Oh god- you didn’t-” Sojiro dry heaved as the smell drifted back to his nose once again. “Hee~” Genji gasped and wiggled happily seeming really pleased with himself and the stink bomb he’d dropped.
Sojiro stood there for a moment trying to contemplate his options, he didn’t have a car yet, he didn’t even have a chance to go look at them yet, he couldn’t take him on the bus like this, and if he waited until he’d walked all the way home Genji would certainly have nappy rash. He looked around frantically for a bathroom as his last option, only to be pleasantly surprised to discover for the first time in his life, parent rooms… at least, he was pleasantly surprised at first.
He quickly wheeled the stroller inside and was immediately greeted by a room of judgmental stares from women of all ages, all of them glaring at him as if he were a threat, as if he’d kidnapped his own two children. He’d faced down many opponents in his life, enemy crime syndicates, drug lords, police, and more, all of them he fearlessly stood his ground against. And yet he found himself feeling intimidated, and unwelcome in what he assumed to be a place for all parents to care for their kids.
He stood there for a moment, staring back at all the eyes staring at him, he didn’t know what to say or do to make this situation any better, he was scared if he did anything at all that could cause a scene he’d be deported back to japan which in his case would be an instant death sentence… The only thought he had was to leave. “I-I’m sorry-” he stammered out in a tone that surprised even himself, “I’ll g-” he said turning to leave only to be stopped by a very large but gentle hand on his shoulder.
“Hey now, no need to apologise there’s plenty of room in here. Do you need a hand?” A slightly rough, warm, and confident but unmistakably friendly voice said making Sojiro turn around to see a very tall man smiling back at him. Dark brown curly hair with a neat undercut, fuzzy but somewhat tidy facial hair, skin like caramel, and built like a greek statue but with such gentle brown eyes. “It’s alright, they’re like chihuahuas. All bark no bite.” The gentle stranger said glaring at the mothers who all immediately went back to minding their own business.
Sojiro stared up at him dumbfounded for a moment trying to contemplate the feelings he was experiencing, for the first time in a long time he felt safe, unexplainably so, but safe none the less, “I- thank you.” He said clearing his throat, “I felt as though I was intruding.”
The stranger simply smiled and shook his head, “yeah I felt that the first time I came in here on my own too.” He said fixing a diaper bag over his shoulder before holding out his hand to shake Sojiros, “names Gabe, and you’re?”
Sojiro stared up at him as his brain continued to short circuit. He’d talked business with hundreds of individuals, king pins and literal kings, and yet he found himself malfunctioning both physically and mentally at the mere presence of a kind and handsome man, “I-… I’m Sojiro!” He blurted out and bowed before quickly straightening back up and shaking his hand as his brain caught up with the rest of his body, “f-forgive me I’m never usually this uncoordinated.”
Gabe simply smiled in response all the while looking at him with a knowing gaze, “it’s alright, we’ve all been there.” He said before glancing down at hanzo and Genji, both now staring up at him curiously, “I’m guessing that smells coming from you then ey?” He asked gently nudging genjis cheek. Hanzo nodded in response and smiled up at him seeing the friendly interaction between him and his father and understanding the word ‘smell’, “mm, Kusai!” (Stinky! くさい!)
“I’m sorry he can’t speak English but he can understand some-” Sojiro tried to explain before Gabe cut him off with an amused chuckle back to the toddler, “yeah he’s a stinky bean ain’t he?” He said as he began setting up the newborn changing station for Sojiro whom simply stared at him in surprise, “you can? Speak Japanese?” He asked as he lifted the now very cranky Genji up and onto the change table.
“A little, mostly just the basic phrases for work purposes. I only know how to say ‘stink’ in your language because of some international agents complaining about the men’s locker room.” Gabe said handing him some wet wipes. “Agents?” Sojiro asked curiously before suddenly feeling he had no place intruding on this mans personal life further, “I’m sorry I didn’t mean to pry-” he said attempting to correct the situation only to be interrupted by another voice in the doorway.
“Ah! There you are Gabriel! I thought you were only coming in here to get wet wipes!” A slightly older woman with tan skin and dark hair said as she stood in the doorway with a young boy around Hanzos age on her hip, dressed as a little cowboy with ketchup down his front. “Hey Ana, yeah I was but I saw another father in need of help.” He smiled tilting his head towards Sojiro.
The woman, whom Sojiro now assumed was named Ana, looked Gabe up and down scrupulously before glancing at Sojiro, “oh, we were beginning to think you’d gone to the toilet and fell in.” She mused.
Sojiro stood there awkwardly, never once had he been regarded as ‘in need of help’. He was the now former leader of a yakuza empire, he didn’t ask for help, he wasn’t allowed to, he wasn’t allowed help. The clan had beaten into him from youth that asking for help was admittance of weakness, of inferiority, of incompetence. By asking for help, he’d only be burdening others, and a burden he felt like. “I’m sorry, I did not mean to make an inconvenience of myself for the both of you. Thank you for your help,” he said as he finished dressing Genji before placing him back in the stroller.
Gabe immediately turned to face him, wanting to assure him he was nothing of the sort, but the former yakuza and his children were already out the door and passed Ana and the little cowboy who curiously peered over her shoulder to catch a glimpse of Hanzo as they disappeared into the crowd. “Damn…” Gabe cursed.
Ana glanced back at Sojiro as he hurriedly disappeared into the crowd before looking at Gabe, “I’m sorry I didn’t mean to scare him away.” She said stepping closer to him. “Don’t be, poor guy was pretty upset before I turned up anyway, the look he gave me when I tapped his shoulder, I couldn’t tell if he wanted to hit me or cry,” he said grabbing some wet wipes before gently cleaning up the little cowboys overalls. “Did you enjoy your fries jesse?” He asked with a warm smile.
The toddler nodded before pointing out the door, “pretty!” He chirped referring to Hanzo. “You like him mijo? Maybe he’ll be in your class this year.” Gabe mused before looking past Ana at the door as well, “I hope I can meet him again and apologise…” he said before snapping his attention to all the nosy mothers looking at him, “what are you staring at?!” He growled making them all go back to minding their business.
The apartment sat silent and empty in the families absence to the store, only to be replaced by the creaking of the door opening and the thumping of groceries against the narrow staircase as Sojiro staggered inside holding his two sons and their shopping.
He stood there in the doorway for a moment before gently closing it, leaning on it, and sliding down it to sit on the floor with his sons and the groceries as his sleep deprived mind attempted desperately to wrap itself around everything he’d just experienced, “…We. Are doing all our shopping online from now on… we can never do that again.” He said quietly. “Mm.” Hanzo replied in affirmation while Genji simply babbled to himself happily.
“God… I need a smoke.” Sojiro thought.
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scoutdoodles · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
One of Ana's very important mom duties! Making everyone take their meds...
And here's your friendly reminder to take your meds in case you forgot today!
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rondoel · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
my wishlist for ow2 is for them to be fighting the big robots together okk
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legendofgenji · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Last month, you got to find out what happened to some AtLA and LoK characters in Genji's story. Now it's time to introduce you to a few original characters Genji will meet!
Meet Jin Gao, the woman from humble beginnings that took the business world by storm. Keeping pace with other business giants like Varrick Inc. and Future Industries (much to Varrick and Asami's ire), Jin Gao is a force to be reckoned with.
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mulberrycafe · 2 days ago
Reaper: stop calling my villain backstory trauma.
Genji: but it was trauma, and you’re clearly not coping very well with it.
Reaper: I’m coping just fine!
Genji: are you though?
Reaper: …
Genji: would you like a hug?
Reaper: …yes please.
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jjksym · 6 months ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
had some fun drawing these :')
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pydiyudie · 6 months ago
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Tumblr media
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Hanzo, Sigma, and Genji rescuing a kidnapped s/o after she was injured and captured by an enemy faction?
Here you go!
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Tumblr media
Frst of all, Hanzo is going to rescue you very quickly
Although he’s severed ties with the Shimada Clan, he still has a few powerful contacts that can help him find you
Plus, he’s insanely skilled himself
So it doesn’t take long for him to get you home
Still, your captors didn’t exactly go easy on you, and you have the injuries to show for it
The moment Hanzo catches sight of the injuries that you’ve suffered, the rage in him amplifies
After he gets you somewhere safe, he will find your kidnappers and make them suffer
He passes it off as something he does for your sake, but really, it’s his way of stalling
After all, hunting people down and hurting them was something he knew how to do, but comforting you? That’s another ballpark entirely
However, after everyone who had a hand in your kidnapping is taken care of, he knows that he has to be there for you
You don’t need revenge; you need someone you can lean on
Hanzo’s still learning how to be a good boyfriend, but he tries so hard
He soothes you after every nightmare, wraps his arms around you when you cry, holds your hand when the pain of your injuries is at its worst
For the first few weeks after your kidnapping, he doesn’t let you lift a finger
It’s kinda endearing, how much he cares, but also kind of annoying
There’s a fine line between helping and coddling, and Hanzo has basically vaulted over that line
But once you express this to him, he finds a better balance
He’s still a bit overprotective, but he tones it down to a much more manageable amount
You can also expect to have greater security on you at all times
Hanzo dreads the idea of your capture repeating itself
So he all but forces several different security measures onto you
Equipped with everything from tasers to a panic button, you’re much safer than you were before
And you’ll never have to deal with anything that horrible again if Hanzo has anything to say about it
Tumblr media
Genji normally has a very good hold on his anger
He’s practiced his emotional control for years, after all
But when you’re taken by Talon, he struggles to remain calm
You’re so important to him, and the thought of what they might do to you fills him with rage
He manages to channel that rage into searching for you, ruthlessly cutting through Talon
Of course, with all of Overwatch by his side looking for you, they find you quickly
The first thing Genji does when he gets to you is take you far, far away from your kidnappers
As much as a dark, angry part of him would rather kill everybody who has ever been associated with Talon, your comfort is more important
So he takes you straight home, where Mercy is waiting to heal you
Even though the sight of your injuries makes him even angrier, he stays with you through the healing process
He holds your hand and murmurs sweet reassurances the entire time
And, once you’re all healed, Genji spends the rest of the night curled up with you
Cuddling together calms the both of you immensely
In the days following your capture, Genji is even more attentive than normal
And that’s saying something
He doesn’t coddle you, exactly, but he’s always near you
Both to comfort and protect you
Another thing he does is give you all kinds of little gifts, from chocolate to flowers
You also spends a lot of time cuddling together
The positive physical contact is a win-win, because it helps you recover, and it helps remind Genji that you’re safe again
Because, as much as he focuses on you, he’s also shaken from your kidnapping
He can’t bear the thought of losing you, which he expresses through loving care
Genji also offers to set you up for some sessions with someone from the Shambali
Or even just a regular therapist
After all, what you went through was traumatising, and Genji wants you to be able to talk to someone about it
You have him to rant to, of course, but a therapist can also be really helpful
Really, Genji is just the perfect person to have by your side
Tumblr media
Make no mistake: Siebren is really, really terrifying when he wants to be
He just… usually doesn’t want to be
But the moment he finds out you were kidnapped, he lets himself go feral
He basically just walks up to where you were taken and uses his powers to destroy the place
Of course, you’re kept completely safe, but the same can’t be said for your captors
When Siebren finds you, he’s already razed the entire building, with only your cell left standing
He quickly destroys that, too, careful to not hurt you in the process
And then he wraps you in his arms and holds you for a long time
The both of you are crying, but neither of you mention it
After a while, he seems to realise that you’re injured, and freaks out again
Instantly, he’s rushing you to a hospital, even if the injuries are minor
Once everything settles down a bit, Siebren doesn’t know what to do
Your kidnapping was a huge blow to his mental health, and he already wasn’t in the best emotional state
At the same time, though, he feels selfish for that, because you must’ve had it worse than him
So, for a while, he completely ignores his mental, physical, and emotional health
All in favor of taking care of you
He’ll clean and cook and basically just take care of you however he can
It takes you chastising him a bit for him to realise that maybe that wasn't the best approach
Your health is important, of course, but his is too, and it’s time he realised that
After the two of you have a long talk about that, Siebren gets a little bit better
He’s still far from perfect, but it’s a start
And, together, the two of you can recover from this, no matter how long it takes
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