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♡ genshin impact x gn!reader
characters: ayato, thoma, kaeya, diluc, zhongli, childe, itto, & dainsleif
tw/cw: a little angsty on dainsleif.
author's note: i'm sorry if some are little OOC!
Tumblr media Tumblr media
" the nice person at the counter today? that’s my lover, y/n... they gave you a free drink and snack? that’s definitely something they do to people that they deemed nice, you’re wondering why during the attack of dvalin they weren’t here... that’s because they’re a scholar at sumeru academia, every time they get time off the academia they help me in handling the tavern, i'm glad they weren't here or else you would've see me in a worried state every second."
Tumblr media
“ yes yes, the rumors are true, i am dating the one and only captain y/n, come on paimon why are you looking at me like that? it’s shocking? come on now, anyone falls for my charm and it happens that my amazing y/n fell for it~ “
Tumblr media
“ y/n was merely a mortal when i first met them, i was present to the first people of liyue, and they were one of them, when celestia granted them a geo vision they showed it to me proudly even saying they’ll be the next geo archon, i'm glad that i can spend time with them not as gods anymore but mere mortals. "
Tumblr media
" the person with teucer earlier? oh! that's my fantastic lover! although both of us are always so busy we barely have time to spend together and but when we do have time, we go back to snezhnaya and do fun things with my family, my family loves them so much that when i go back to snezhnaya without them, they look at me as if i committed a heinous crime! "
Tumblr media
" oh, hi traveler and paimon! i made (favorite animal) shaped cookies for y/n today, i'll give the both of you three cookies each! does it taste good? it's perfect? thank you! i had to ask lady ayaka for help because i lost the ingredient list and i didn't memorize the ingredients. but anyways, i'll be off to y/n now, stay safe traveler and paimon! "
Tumblr media
" y/n? you mean my love, my bro, my dude, my tcg buddy, my onikabuto hunting partner, my partner in crime, my snack dealer, and basically my everything! granny oni adores y/n! they're buddy buddy with that kujou tengu though *scoff* but that doesn't matter, y/n always beats me in onikabuto fighting, i don't have a single idea how they do that! maybe it's the immense luck archons give to my amazing beautiful fantastic lover! too much? okay. "
Tumblr media
" one of my greatest members of the shuumatsuban? it's y/n, and no, i'm not being based just because they're my lover.
before we even started dating they're already my most talented member, swift moves, great at deceptions, and so on, i could go on for hours describing how amazing they are. "
Tumblr media
" so you remember y/n? well...i still couldn't find them, they were a great inventor, writer, and alchemist, as well as one of the best knights khaenri'ah had, maybe they joined the abyss or became like these mindless creatures...perhaps, our love was in a wrong time and wrong place. "
Tumblr media
reblogs, likes, and comments are highly appreciated!
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Tumblr media
Kaeya is so cute I attempted all his little details... for u king I will squint at ur model for an hour 😤
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lingering touches
their touch, softer than the petal of a rose, grazes your skin; a silent "i love you." aka intimate moments shared with them.
feat. childe. diluc. kazuha. thoma. xiao. zhongli.
genre : fluff
note : this is for you kitty <3
Tumblr media
it's rare for childe to stay in for the mornings as fatui business is always calling for him. he's a busy man, what can he say? being a harbinger isn't all fun and games, especially when all of his free time is taken away from him and he hardly gets any time to visit home or visit you.
so mornings like this, where childe gets to sleep in with you, are something that you cherish as much as you can.
you're up before your lover, a rather rare occasion considering how light and little he sleeps. the birds sing their morning tunes and the gentle crashing of the waves against the harbor fill the silence in your shared bedroom.
your tired eyes gaze at the sleeping man in front of you. it wouldn't be long before he noticed that you weren't sleeping as well and would wake up, but you hope that he stayed asleep for just a while longer. he deserves it.
his lashes are long and rest against the skin underneath his eyes, hiding the deep blue ocean that hold so much love and adoration for you. freckles dust your lover's face, showering his pale skin in faint spots across his cheeks and nose and to his bare shoulders. if you could, you would kiss every single one of them in hopes that he could finally feel the love that blossoms from your chest for him.
subconsciously, your fingers trace the scars that line his muscular arms; a reward for every single battle that he has won. you remember the early days when you had just met him when he would come to you all bloodied and bruised. you had scolded him for being such an idiot for fighting until he was nearly on the edge of death, but he had simply stared at you with a triumphant smile on his face.
childe is an idiot, really, who acts without ever thinking about the consequences when it comes to his body and his endurance. but you suppose that's part of his charm... or lack thereof.
your lover stirs beside you, causing you to pause your fingers on his freckled skin. the deep blue ocean stares back at you, sleep evident in his gaze and in his fatigued smile.
childe mumbles a sleepy "morning" to you before leaning forwards to steal a morning kiss from you, much to your dismay. your finger blocks his lips from nearing you any further and you feel the pout pressing into your skin.
"sorry, lover boy, but i don't want to kiss you when we both have morning breath," you tell him, holding back your laughter when he visibly deflates. "instead, how about this?"
you gently press a kiss onto childe's nose, watching in delight as he brightens up from your affection. fits of laughter escape your lips when you feel the harbinger kiss the tip of your nose in return followed by a flurry of kisses that dust your cheeks and the side of your head. your hand buries itself into a sea of orange when your lover nuzzles himself into the side of your face.
the remainder of your morning is spent buried in each other's arms, neither one wanting to move and ruin the peace that remained in the safety of your shared bedroom.
Tumblr media
despite the rumors floating around about how the uncrowned king of mondstadt had grown colder throughout the years, you refused to believe so. it's easy to be swept up in the thoughts of the general public, their hushed, gossiping whispers flood the streets regardless of where you go.
but you know diluc. you know how socially awkward he really is and how much idle small talk makes his skin crawl. sometimes, you purposefully initiate small talk with him just to see his frown deepen. it's funny knowing how something so harmless can bother the wall of stone that you hold close to your heart regardless of how many times he denies it in public.
it's especially hard to agree with those rumors when every night, when your lover has finished his nightly routine of surveying the grounds of mondstadt, diluc comes home and nearly collapses from exhaustion into your arms.
your fingers skillfully undo his ponytail and slip the mask off of his face before they delve into his fiery strands. his hair is surprisingly soft and the smell of his shampoo wafts into your senses, herbal and earthy with a hint of grapes, though you suppose that comes from his line of work.
you nearly coo when your lover melts into your touch.
"long night, huh?" you ask, brushing your finger against his cheek. he buries his face into the crook of your neck, causing a soft chuckle to escape your lips. "that bad?"
diluc doesn't answer and instead tightens his grip around your waist. you laugh again, but ultimately decide to push the topic to the side. there's no use in forcing him to talk.
"i'm glad you came home safe, dear," you whisper into his hair and press a gentle kiss to the top of his head. "i love you so much."
again, he doesn't reply. but you feel the soft, loving press of his lips against your neck; a silent way of telling you that he shares the same sentiment.
Tumblr media
although kazuha was a rather new addition to the crux, nobody seemed to mind his presence on the ship. rather, his help to the crew has been greatly welcomed and captain beidou had become even more boisterous when he slowly began to open up.
the soft glow of the moonlight casts the crux in a gentle, silvery glow. you gaze out into the open sea at the horizon where the cerulean waves meet the twinkling stars.
"i thought i'd find you here," kazuha's soft voice is carried with the wind, startling you. the wandering traveller steps beside you, leaning against the railing and meeting your gaze.
there's a moment of comfortable silence that settles between the two of you, neither making a move to say anything and choosing to enjoy each other's company in the silence of the night. the gentle rocking of the boat eases your mind.
"are you sure you're ready to return to inazuma?" you ask, shifting your gaze from the sea to his. solemn ruby eyes meet your gaze, and although he was smiling there was a hint of sadness to it.
"nobody is truly ready to face their traumas, but the wind always guides me to my next path," kazuha shifts his gaze up towards the moon. "besides, my friends are calling for me. they need me, and who am i to deny their request for help?"
your heart leaps to your throat at his selfless words. truly, the wandering traveller is filled with surprises that render you speechless.
"kazu-" your words are cut short when the crux is hit with a particularly big wave, shaking the boat and causing you to lose your footing. the railing is just a bit too far for you to hold on to, much to your dismay, and you close your eyes, preparing to meet the wooden floor that makes up the crux's deck.
however, the scent of maple surrounds you and an arm quickly wraps around your waist. instead of the hard flooring, you're met with a warm chest and kazuha's shocked expression a mere inches away from your own.
he's beautiful up close; such a dainty and pretty face that contrasts the muscular arm holding you close to him and the firm chest that you're held to. his eyelashes are long, you notice, and his eyes are widen open, much akin to a small white rabbit that you've seen before in the woods.
it is then that something clicks inside the traveller's brain and he steadies you back onto the deck. he pulls away from you and you already miss the warmth that was shared between the two of you just moments before.
however, you don't miss the way his hand lingers around yours; the ghost of his touch brushing against your skin every now and then for the remainder of your time shared on the deck of the crux.
Tumblr media
the bustling streets of inazuma city aren't ideal for having a brisk walk through, especially when it's time for the morning markets and all the aunties are rushing through the city streets to get the finest and freshest produce before they're too late.
...which so happens to be why you're here this fine morning. you had wanted to go shopping with your lover for some time now, but this wasn't exactly what you had in mind. you suppose spending time with him regardless of what you two were doing would be fine... if you hadn't gotten separated by the swarm of people rushing to shop in the morning market.
you huff, tracing your finger against the wooden table outside komore teahouse. trying to find him amidst the swarm of the elderly folk would be like trying to find a needle in a haystack; a really handsome and lovely needle in a haystack of old people, and it would be nearly impossible for you to shove through a sea of old people.
you've tried it before and it didn't go well. all you can remember from the last time you tried to do that was nearly causing a scene and having to fistfight an elderly auntie because she thought you were cutting in line for the freshest vegetables in the stand in front of you.
you sigh, eyes looking up ahead in hopes of seeing your lover come and rescue you from the komore tea house.
"oh! there you are!" the familiar timbre of thoma's voice perks you up immediately and your eyes quickly find your blond boyfriend jogging towards you with groceries in his hand. "i've been looking everywhere for you, i'm sorry we got separated."
"i'm just relieved you found me. i don't know what i would have done if you left to the kamisato estate without me," you joke, but the both of you know you would have cried if he left you behind.
"luckily for you, i know how to solve this problem so we won't ever have to be apart again," thoma announces. soon after, his free hand slips down towards your own. the warmth of his palm encases your own and his fingers intertwine with yours, squeezing your hand slightly.
your lover sends a warm smile your way before pulling your hand to his lips, pressing a soft kiss along your knuckles. he lingers there for just a moment before pulling away, much to the dismay of your erratic heartbeat hammering against your chest at this moment.
Tumblr media
the distant chirping of birds fills the space surrounding the lone yaksha and his lover. the sun shines brightly overhead, its rays hidden in between the leaves of the gingko tree they rest underneath.
eyes of gold peer down at your sleeping face, taking in every detail of the peacefulness that lies on your visage.
he finds it funny, really. your original plan had been to force the lone yaksha to take a nap after overhearing that sleep hardly ever comes to him. the determined look on your face never wavered, not even when your hand encased his wrist and dragged him towards the elevator of the wangshu inn.
"sleep is useless for an adeptus like me," xiao tried to argue with you, but you weren't having any of his excuses.
"oh hush, you. even gods need to rest once in a while," you bicker back, sending your boyfriend a stern glare. "besides, liyue isn't going to end up in flames because you decided to rest this one time."
and yet, despite your efforts in trying to get xiao to rest, you ended up being the one to succumb to slumber underneath the swaying gingo tree. your head rests against xiao's lap, lips slightly parted as peaceful dreams drift behind your closed eyes.
you're beautiful, xiao muses to himself, even when you're past the realm of consciousness.
he finds himself smiling at the mere sight of you, at the mere thought of you possibly dreaming about the two of you. was it selfish of him to hope that you were? did he deserve to have a place beside you in both reality and the world in your subconsious?
the yaksha doesn't know the answer to that, but he knows where you stand in his own heart and how important you are to him. you, the few who showed him compassion despite his many attempts to push you away to ensure your safety. you, who welcomed him with open arms and tended to his wounds when he nearly succumbed to the sweet embrace of death after the tolls of his karmic debt was too much to bear.
xiao's hands carefully move to cup your sleeping face in his hands. his hands that you love to hold and kiss despite the blood that has tainted him. his thumbs gently rub at your cheeks, caressing the skin with so much fragility.
he loves you so much, sometimes the weight of his heart overwhelms him when he is with you. the heart is a heavy burden and it's one he doesn't mind bearing if it's with you.
Tumblr media
excitement flutters in your chest as you slip on the attire you've prepared for this evening. there has been a play that you've been dying to see for ages now and luckily the heyu teahouse was hosting the event for the showing of the play, rather they were going to perform it themselves.
and fortunately for you, your doting lover had reserved a spot near the stage just for the two of you to enjoy.
when zhongli had given you the news regarding the reservation for it, you nearly kissed that man to death. leaping into his arms, he barely had enough time to catch you before you were smothering his face in the kisses he deserved.
your fingers smooth the fabric of your top before reaching behind you to fasten the remaining buttons of your shirt.
however, your lover beats you to it. his gloved fingers gently nudge your fingers away, then begin to button them for you. your skin flushes when his fingers brush against the skin of your back.
"there, that should do it," the low timbre of zhongli's voice rumbles against his chest. warmth fills you from head to toe when you feel his lips against the shell of your ear, a soft kiss pressed onto your skin and another to the side of your head. "are you ready?"
you turn around and face your lover. he's handsome, more so than he usually is. his hair is tied back in its usual ponytail, but he has a hairpin made of pure cor lapis that ties a part of his fringe back; a gift from you months ago on your anniversary. he's smiling at you with the warmth of a thousand suns.
"before we leave, how do i look this fine evening?" you ask him, showing off the outfit you chose for this specific night.
you had expected him to just laugh and compliment you, as he usually does. but his lips part slightly, then close as he changes his mind on what to say.
zhongli takes a step towards you and one of his hand comes up to tuck a loose strand of hair behind your ear. however, his hand lingers beside your face and instead cups the side of your face, gently cradling your jaw in his palm. his thumb brushes against your cheek, pulling you forward to press a light kiss on your forehead.
"you're just as beautiful as the day i fell in love with you, my dearest," zhongli coos. "even the brightest ore fails in beauty when compared to you. should there be a day we part ways in this lifetime, your light will guide me to you once more in the next, my sweet dove."
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
ָ࣪ ! synopsis : being a commoner has its mishaps. but maybe finding your own prince charming will do you justice right? oh, but why bother, it’s close to impossible —or so you think.
ָ࣪ ! featuring : ayato, diluc, xiao, zhongli
ָ࣪ ! cw : implied female reader
Tumblr media
he’s the crown prince in which everyone in the empire admires. he’s strong and reliable, has the looks, and very favored amongst the public. so meeting him was, well, close to 0. yet here he is hiding himself in a cloak, the color very conspicuous, in fact it looked like it was even glowing! the customers all step away from the unknowingly, intimidating presence of the man. and this went on for weeks! in all honesty, he loves all kinds of sweets you bake and wanted to hire you personally into the palace. but of course he had to patiently observe you to know if you can be someone who isn’t a threat to him. and finally with one last look at you, he stands up abruptly and strides his way to the counter where you stand. you should’ve seen your face at that moment, it depicts such confusion that you literally went “?????” he finds it kind of cute, though he brushes the thought off saying that it’s very improper for a prince like him to feel such a way.
“miss, how would you feel working at a castle?”
Tumblr media
content under the cut !
Tumblr media
the young duke of the ragnvindr estate. his parents both passed away early thus he had to inherit the title and carry all the hefty burden. growing up, he was very aloof and didn’t have much friends, only a few of them stayed while the others left. others urged him to marry while others shamelessly stick their noses into his private matters. he wants some peace and quiet for once, so, it was to everyone’s surprise when diluc suddenly disappeared from his office. the mansion was a mess, servants rushing to search for their master and knights assembling to join the search. unbeknownst to them, diluc simply took a stroll at his mother’s garden. right, that forsaken place — oooor so he thought. that’s when he encounters you, a gardener whose perseverance remained strong even after the others have abandoned this beautiful garden. your hands were covered in soil and your forehead is coated with sweat. you didn’t seem to notice his presence and diluc didn’t want you to, he just watches you from afar as you become the peace and tranquility that he ever so yearns for.
Tumblr media
〃˖ XIAO !
he’s known to be a very talented knight, recognized at a young age for being a prodigy. he’s a commoner himself and got through the special academy for knights by using his abilities and skills alone. growing up, he was always ostracized and underestimated by his peers for being a commoner. unfortunately, every encounter they had did not end well. xiao doesn’t really want or search for any recognition, he just does what he does best, and that is to master the art of the sword. your first encounter with him was when your home was ransacked by a bunch of burglars. luckily xiao happened to be on the area and saved you from all danger. all that erupted from your house were screams and cries from the men, and xiao finds the sight distasteful. he just knocks them out instantly and turns to look at you with a cold glare. you’re absolutely shocked and scared of what just happened, unable to move and frozen in place. when he takes notice of your sprained foot, however, he lets out a long sigh and picks you up; his hand hides under your knees while the other rests on your back.
“it’s fine, you’re safe now.” he reassures you for the first time and your soul feels a little light after hearing those words, then you close your eyes and listen to the surprised voices of the awake crowd.
Tumblr media
he’s a baron who’s known to be very quiet and reserved. he’s not that rich and isn’t quite known to the nobles of high society. in fact he just lives like a normal citizen, a commoner perhaps. he frequently visits the public library to read books, that’s basically his only passion. you first met him when you unknowingly sat across his seat and began reading a load of books. of course the noise you brought made it so obvious of your presence and he laughs in amusement. you were so immersed in the books that you didn’t notice him, and when he gives a small cough to let you know, you finally lift your head and see him smiling at you. oh. OH.
“my apologies, kind sir! i didn’t notice you were there and—”
“it is absolutely all right, i cannot dare to ruin a lady’s leisure time.” he speaks in a gentle tone. “lady? oh i’m not from a noble family, sir. i am just an ordinary person here to read.”
oh? his eyes twinkle with interest. “oh, ah.. i’m self-taught so i know my facts and knowledge.” he lowers his eyes to scan the books scattered across the table, all labeled with a lot of highly difficult information. “you are a very fascinating person indeed. would you care to share with me through a cup of tea?”
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
NOTE : I’m back from a long break, hope you are well and eating/drinking well!
FEATURES : Zhongli, Xiao, Childe, Diluc, Thoma, Kazuha
WARNING : none
Tumblr media
knowing his ancient it’s clear that he has many knowledge to share with you when you are stuck on something
knowing his ancient it’s clear that he has many knowledge to share with you when you are stuck on something
“Zhongliiiii” you whin as you enter his room
“ yes my love?” Zhongli puts down the cup to see you 
“ I need…help with paperwork” you frowned showing him the book and files you held 
Zhongli chuckles at your words, “ come here”
You smiled and walked to him and sat next to him 
Zhongli looks quietly as you set your work
“ this is what I need help on” you showed him 
Zhongli observes and smiles, “ okay let me teach you”
— moments later 
“ You see you have to do this” Zhongli pointed at your documents and circled some key points 
You pout in frustration as you gaze at his eyes while writing down on the  paper with your paint brush 
Zhongli doesn’t do anything but observe and smile, “ dear?” He softly continues as he notices your movements have become more aggressive 
You look at him and back at the paper, cheeks gazed with heat due to his choice of words 
“ haha…[y/n] you know we can start this tomorrow it’s best you get rest my dearest” Zhongli said closing the folder and pulling you to his chest after realising the time 
“ let’s stay like this…please” Zhongli breathes softly while patting your head 
You say nothing in return mostly because you savoured the moment 
It was rare to have sweet and tender moments like this with him due to your work 
“ mhmm” you mumbled closing your eyes in his embrace 
You felt safe in his arms 
Zhongli is the type of guy to most likely cherish your hands meaning he would love kissing them 
Zhongli holds your hand as you read your commissions
“ there’s not much today” you happily say to Zhongli 
“ mhmm.” Zhongli nods as he puts your hand to his lips 
“ Zhongli…?” You realise after he kisses your hands 
“ yes..?” He says as he continues to kiss your knuckles trailing to your finger tips 
“ um..nothing” you say shyly as you look away 
The man smiles and pulls you closer and kisses you 
“ let’s hang out today…would you like that?” Zhongli says in between kisses
“ sure” you say giving in his charms 
Zhongli smiles and pats your head, “ let’s not waste time” Zhongli stand ups and leaves the room
“ wait am I paying again!?!” You shout as Zhongli quickly disappears 
Xiao throughout centuries have never had any sleep, he was afraid of closing his eyes and imagining his worse nightmares, his afraid of his reliving it but with you he always gets a nice rest
“ okay bye Xiao please eat the tofu I gave you” you smiled as you awkwardly stood in front of him 
“ where are you going?” Xiao asked quietly 
“ I’m going back home obviously” you chuckled nervously 
Xiao stares at the ground, not commenting so you take that as your que to leave 
“ um anyway I must go so bye” you cough out and wave goodbye before leaving
That was your plan until you felt a hand on your wrist 
“ wait…can you stay for a…bit?” Xiao mustered the courage to say
You stand there dumbfounded and flustered at his words, “what-?”
“ you know what forget it” Xiao let go of your hand embarrassed 
“ wait no Xiao..I’ll stay!” You persisted as you cupped his hands 
“ really?”
“ of course!!!”
“ come here” you patted the side next to you on the bed 
Xiao looks at you, hesitant at first but slowly cuddles into you 
You smiled, “ I’m not going anywhere” you say before dozing off
Xiao, for the first time at those words, closed his eyes and for the first time he slept a peaceful night 
He wondered how long it had been, what curse you put upon him…was this love? he thought 
Xiao never speaks his thoughts, you just have to guess if he wants attention or not which is what he always want 
Xiao stares at you intently as you two sit underneath a tree
The sunset was so pretty which illuminated on your skin 
Xiao stares and adores your features till he suddenly remembers how you talked to a guy selling fruits before 
He looks away from you pouting angrily
You notice the strange behaviour and stare at him, “ hey Xiao is something wrong? you have been acting like this the whole day” you say annoyed at his actions
Xiao crosses his arms, ignoring you 
You stare him thinking of what to do when you finally realise what you did 
Staring at him cheekily, you jump on him suddenly and Xiao is taken by surprise 
“ what are you doing!?!?” He says as you hug him tightly peppering him with kisses 
“ isn’t this what you wanted? You seemed to want attention from me lately…” you trail of 
Xiao stares at you and rolls his eyes, happy inside to finally get your attention 
You smiled as you bury your head in his chest, Xiao on the other hand softly pats your back while doing so
Childe when you are together always makes it seem clear and sometimes talks nonstop how he is so lucky to have you
As you cook for Childe, he stumbles into the kitchen seeing you and smiles 
“ wow who’s this beautiful person standing in my kitchen?” Childe smugly shouts to no one
You chuckled at his remark as he leans on the counter 
“ hey beautiful want to go out?” Childe looks at you in admireation 
“ we are together already” you simply replied 
“ oh really? I’m together with  a hottie! Today is my lucky day!” Childe pulls you closer to him and kisses you 
“ hey ! Stop that before I stab you!” You say as he tickles you 
“ aww baby you wouldn’t want to stab your boyfriend would you?” Childe pouts with puppy dog eyes 
You stare in disgust hiding that you thought he was cute 
“ try me” 
Childe is the type of man to fantasise about having a family or spending time with you, he just knows you are the one for him and will do anything to keep you together with him 
You sit on a hill with Childe admiring the city below bustling with citizens 
“ look at that family there” Childe points 
You stare confused but stare at the family 
“ they seem so happy don’t they..?” Childe softly says 
“ they do..” you replied 
“ can we do that?” Childe askes 
“ do what?” You reply confused at what he was saying 
“ can we make a family? a big one?” Childe stares at you, his eyes sparkling with excitement 
You sat there thinking of what to reply 
“ okay maybe not a big family, just you and me living far from the fighting, just you and me together” Childe rephrased his sentences 
There was silence and you chuckled as Childe looks at the floor frowning 
You cupped his hands after realising what he asked 
“ let’s do it, a family with 2 or more kids and let’s live near your family so we can visit them and play snowball fights or teach our kids to find the biggest fish of them all!” You said making plans for the future
Childe stared at you, the way you were full of excitement as he was 
He couldn’t help but smile and instantly hugged you 
“ Ajax…?” You say after the sudden embrace 
“ I promise after all this fighting.. I will marry you… that’s a promise my love” Childe said 
At those words you couldn’t help but feel a little emotional, maybe because of the air or the weather, it just made you feel like crying 
“ don’t break that promise” you smugly reply 
You and Childe break from the embrace and smiled widely 
“ you know I never break promises” 
Diluc when you visit the bar is very cautious of you, he is careful to look after you 
Diluc sighs as he takes an order from a customer 
He keeps trying to glance at you but the customer won’t stop bugging him 
After serving the customer he glances at you to see a man harassing you 
The way he persited to touch you and wouldn’t go when you told him to 
Diluc wasted no time seeing them and fixes his gloves while walking out of his service and right to your table 
“ do we have a problem here” he tries to calmly say as he talks to the guy next to you 
“ not at all, me and my…girlfriend were just deciding on something” the guy snickered 
Diluc stares in disgust, not only did he make a lie, he also tried to claim you when you and Diluc were obviously together 
Diluc death stared the guy as he smiled
Usually Diluc wouldn’t do any type of violence but when it came to you it was out of the question
Then everything happened so quick, the guys head was soon smashed against the table 
“ let’s go” Diluc stared at you 
You couldn’t read his expression but you knew he was beyond mad 
After exiting the bar, Diluc told someone to take over from there and he guided you outside 
“ are you okay? Are you hurt?” Diluc looked over you 
“ I’m fine really!” You say trying to look convincing 
Diluc looks at you, his face softening at your eyes 
And without warning he kisses you 
You didn’t protest and kissed him back
“ let’s go home” Diluc says after some time 
You glance at his hands and realise they look bruised and bloody 
“ Diluc! Your hands! Let me bandage them up okay!?” You say after guiltily looking at his hands 
“ thank you” Diluc sighed 
And so you did go home and bandaged his hands, you had to do that on many occasions due to his jobs but either way you liked it, it’s like you had  a sense of duty to him 
His so sweet that he always needs your consent to make sure you are okay with something 
Thoma stared at you lovingly as you knit next to him 
“ [y/n]…” Thoma softly trailed 
“ yes??” You put down the knitting utensils to look at him 
“ is it really okay…” Thoma softly mumbled 
“ okay to do what?” You move closer to him 
“ is it okay if I fall for you harder?” Thoma said 
You blush at his words, you were taken back 
“ what do you mean?? Of course you can like me…” you looked away from his gaze
Thoma laughs, “ that’s a relief” 
You stare at him as he stops laughing, “ I love you [y/n]” he smiled as he cups your hands 
“ hah..why are you showing me affection all of a sudden…” you softly said still taken back 
“ oh I’m sorry!! Did I not give you enough affection I’m sorry honey! I can-“
“ no no no no! That’s not what I meant- I was just shocked is all” you said as you cup Thomas face 
“ I also love you” you finish
Thoma smiles and hugs you 
Thoma always loves talking to you and talks about his passions which you really admire 
“ I was cleaning today and I almost got stuck in a spider web!!!” Thoma laughed as he told you about his day 
“ really! Are you okay?” You asked 
Thoma smiled, “ of course! Now that I’m with you, you always make my day you know?” Thoma said holding your hand 
“ that’s a bit cheesy” you said smiling 
“ it’s true tho! And did you know you smell amazing! what do you use?” Thoma moved closer to you 
“ really? It’s just my natural scent all though I did go in a field of flowers” you replied 
“ well it’s your natural scent and the way you always look amazing and smell alluring” Thoma complimented
“ really?” You said not realising it to which Thoma nodded 
“ yeah! And also what do you want to eat, my treat! Or I could cook at home for you” Thoma questioned 
You smiled, “anything really I’m not fuzzy” you replied 
“ okay I’ll cook at home and cook your favourite dish, till then what do you want to do? Feed the dogs, go for a stroll or go shopping?” Thoma asked more questions 
You chuckled and snuggled close to him 
“ I’ll do anything when it’s with you”
[ for those with short hair, sorry! ] Kazuha at times, likes tucking your hair to the side and even ties your hair sometimes which is why he always wears a spare hair tie 
You were fixated on your paperwork while Kazuha stares softly 
You were turning pages enjoying the silence until you felt something tuck behind your ear
You turn your head and see Kazuha smiling 
“ sorry the hair seemed to be annoying you” Kazuha smiled widely 
You stare at him dumbfounded and realised you had been trying to sweep your hair out of your face 
“ right I will tie my hair up” you said looking around for a hair tie but to no avail 
“ where did I put it…” you said standing up and looking around 
You then suddenly feel a hand grab your wrist 
“ sweetie here” Kazuha says as he spins you around and ties your hair 
“ you had a spare hair tie?” You say as Kazuha slowly combs your hair 
“ I always do just in case” Kazuha hummed 
You smiled at his small gesture, something so little was so much to you 
“ thank you”
He knows what he is doing. 100% but always trying to act innocent 
You focus as you cut the food preparing for dinner with Kazuha 
It was the plan until you felt a presence behind you 
“ hello love” Kazuha sighs as he wraps his arms around you from behind
“ hello” you try pay no attention to him 
Kazuha sighs breathing in your ear slowly 
You bite your lip as he does this, he obviously knows that your ears are sensitive
“ Kazuha you know I have to focus on cooking right?” you chuckled continuing to cut your food 
“ mmm I don’t see a problem? I’m not doing anything rash am I?” Kazuha plays innocent 
“ right” you sighed giving in to him
It stayed like this until he started blowing softly on your ear
“ Kazuha! Um can you stop please” you said backing away flustered from his actions 
“ what? Is something wrong?” He pouted 
“ well…well..yes! You know what you are doing to me!” You whined 
Kazuha stands there thinking for a moment before smiling 
“ mm oh yeah! Your ears are sensitive correct? Silly me I didn’t know darling…please continue to cook I’ll be outside” Kazuha said 
You huff as he passes you 
“ you owe me cuddles” you hissed at him which he nodded 
“ of course”
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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darwh · a day ago
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
No shirt or no pants? 🤔
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hiraya-rawr · 2 days ago
Loyalties 02
( Diluc x Fatui Reader ) Mini Series
synopsis !! A series of events where you fall for him and he falls for you but you're a Fatui spy.
cw !! gn reader, contains mature content (brief torture, suggestive implications, underage drinking), hurt diluc/reader
note !! Kaeya centric chapter because I love the Ragnvindr brothers
ch. 01 || ch.02 || ch. 03 || ch. 04
• chapter 2 •
"He doesn't like me hanging around you, y'know."
"Yet here you are," The cryo user teases, pulling your arm around his shoulders to support you better. Don't get the situation wrong, there's nothing romantic about the way he holds you. Not when you're wine drunk on Diona's latest creation after a night in the Cat's Tail.
The Cavalry Captain, ever the dutiful and courteous fellow, took it upon himself to escort you home.
"You're the one who volunteered to take me home."
"Ah well, we both know Diluc would be too busy tonight." He winks at you and immediately, you know what he's talking about. The issue of your lover going around dressed in black with a mask, doing the work of vigilantes. It's something you've always admired about him, yet it's a love-hate relationship with the way he gets home with a new bruise every now and then.
"Don't remind me," You groan, "He. . It worries me, you know? When he's out there doing who knows what."
Kaeya chuckles, "Well, if it makes my job easier–"
You shove him again, a little harder this time, eyes narrowing to a half-playful glare, "Gee! Worry about your brother more, would you?"
"I do, I do!" He laughs but you're not convinced with the glint in his eyes, "I worry about him constantly."
"Do you now?"
"I'm hurt by what you're implying. Of course I'd worry about my. . . my brother." He starts, "In fact, I don't think I could forgive anyone who takes advantage of him. He's the only family I have left after all."
You pause, registering the words. Kaeya wasn't one to easily admit his feelings towards the redhead –not with their complicated family history– but it lights a warm spark inside of you. He could sometimes be a harder egg to crack than Diluc, hiding behind his sly smirks.
"That's. . . quite vulnerable of you to admit." You glance at his steely eye, there's a softness present that tells you he's being true.
"Really? I would've thought it was obvious."
"Not at all," You chuckle, "I knew you cared for him, I just. . . didn't know you still considered him family. It's a good thing."
Your feet stumbles on the cobblestone as the cavalry captain holds you up. You ponder if you really did drank too much tonight, with the way your legs shake at the weight of your body.
"You as well." Kaeya says as he helps you lean on him. He feels cold.
"What?" Your vision blurs.
"You. You're not obvious at all." His gloved hands move to hold more of your form.
"P-pardon?" He doesn't reply.
You fumble as you grip onto him, dark spots clouding your vision. It spreads like ink on water.
"W-what— I don't understand," Your voice comes out weak and confused, like a whine in the back of your throat.
"Did you really think I wouldn't know?" You glance at him, steel eye looking down at you and there's nothing soft about the way he stares. Your vision is darkening. You can't feel your legs. His skin feels like ice.
You watch the way his lips form the notorious word.
FA — TU — I
Your blood runs cold.
The temperature drops.
He knows.
He knows.
How did he find out? You closed every gap, erased every connection, no agent in the city could've even known—
He leans down to whisper, a shiver runs up your spine.
"It takes one to know one."
A spy.
On your 14th birthday, your senior agents threw a celebration for you. It wasn't anything special or major— it was in the middle of another mission with five recruits you had just met a day prior.
Nevertheless, your parents sighed in relief when you told them not to plan you a party and that you'll be celebrating with your coworkers instead. The price of sugar had just been raised and your younger sibling was down with the flu.
You remembered the way your mother smiled warmly at you.
"Perhaps there'll be cake," She said.
There wasn't any cake.
Nor was there anything, really.
Instead, your senior agent slammed three bottles of alcohol on the wooden table and handed you a shot glass. The five other recruits, all just as young as you, watched warily.
"Drink up," Your senior said as he poured you your first shot.
One shot turned to two, two shots turned to three, by your fourth shot you told him that it was a little too much. He doesn't reply, he only narrows his eyes at you, waiting for you to drink it before he pours the next shot.
By your ninth drink, your felt drowned; your face heating up and everything sounded like it was underwater.
"Hey, where did you get this stuff? It's good." You hear one of your other seniors say. Glasses clink as you faintly realize your cup was being filled again. You drink it.
"Dunno. Some merchant said 's from some winery. Dawn? Dawn Winery?"
"Dawn Winery? Shit," You hear a laugh, "That's good stuff. Great brand. All the way from Mond."
"Yeah. Noble household and all that. Y'know, their kid? The son?" Your drink fills again. "Youngest Cavalry Captain ever. 'Ts what I heard."
Someone scoffs, "Prissy rich boy. Prolly got it from daddy's money. Ya gotta toughen these kids up, get what I mean?"
You blacked out by the time you finished the first bottle. When you came to the next morning, a bag of spilled coins laid with you on the ground. A total of 800 mora from your senior.
How nice! Perhaps this would be enough to buy your sibling some medicine?
"You took that rather well."
You're heaving. Your stomach retches. You hunch over, bile rising up your throat. The restraints tug on your wrists. They dig into your skin.
A steel grey eye looks down on you, illuminated in the dark of the basement. His vision glows even brighter.
"Come now. I thought you were thirsty?"
Faintly, you feel the mouth of a glass bottle to your lips again and you try to shake it away, pathetic whimpering noises escaping you.
A gloved hand yanks at your jaw, fingers pressing against your cheeks. Your lips are forced open as the neck of the bottle is harshly shoved into your mouth. Bourbon whiskey slides down your throat and it burns, it feels like liquid fire and you retch and choke, tears springing up your eyes but the hand keeps you still.
Exhausted, in pain, and heavily intoxicated on an empty stomach — hour 31 of captivity wasn't looking good for you.
"Don't tell me that was too much for you? I thought Snezhnayans can hold their alcohol." He mocks.
Forget the Dark Phoenix, you made a mistake of underestimating the Cavalry Captain of Mond.
Kaeya takes a step back, placing the bottle of whiskey on the table next to the bloodied instruments. He pats at the side of your cheek three times and your eyes strain to remain open. His touch alone feels like frostbite.
Hunched over your chair, unable to move a muscle, the taste of alcohol remains strong in your throat and stomach.
"Hey, hey, don't black out on me. We're still talking." His voice is light and teasing, almost as if he's amused. It sounds no different from the usual tone he uses when talking to you over wine and music, laughing with that goth nun and Diluc –oh, loving and protective Diluc– watching over the bar.
If only there wasn't this crazed look in Kaeya's eye that wanted to mangle you.
"Honestly, I'm being quite generous right now. I'm sure you wouldn't want Diluc to see you like this, now would we? By now, he's probably dismantling your distribution center— Thank you for the information, by the way." He pulls a chair in front of you, sitting with legs spread and a smile to his face. You shiver. "So let's finish up before he gets back, shall we?"
You nod as much as you can in agreement. He frowns.
He smiles.
"Why isn't healing magic curing the teenagers?"
You know better than to stay quiet; dignity grinded to dust after hours under his ministrations. He waits for you to reply.
"D-delusions. . . have recoil effect."
"Yes, yes, we're aware of that. But how do we cure them?"
"N. . . no cure."
He frowns and you almost flinch. It's ironic how much can change within 31 hours.
"B-but keep 'em. . . away fr'm delusions."
He leans back, chin resting on the back of his hand. "Keeping them away from the delusions would elevate the effects, is that what you mean?"
You nod.
"Then – pray, tell – why are they going into shock when we take it away from their bodies?" He hisses and you almost whimper; please don't grab a tool, please don't– "They display seizure-like symptoms, the nuns had to keep those things by their bedsides."
"They w-won't die." You state breathless and his eyes narrow, "I- I promise. The seizure will fade. I wouldn't. . . want them to die either."
Fatui scum as you were, it's not like you wanted to kill teenagers. Kaeya would know that, right? He is – was – your friend, he knows you at least to understand that, right? He scans your face, warily weighing your words before scoffing.
"You'll be held accountable for your statement here if anything happens to those kids." Kaeya stands and the chair screeches against concrete. His footsteps trail away from you, stopping just before the end of the staircase.
". . . You know, I could've cared less where you're from. Or what you've done." He mutters quietly, you almost missed it, "But what you've done to Diluc? . . ."
Kaeya doesn't continue as he makes his way up the stairs, leaving you in the dark of the basement. You wonder if you should take this as a chance to rest or escape— ha, escape. With a strap around every limb, you'd have to be real lucky to be able to escape from this place.
I don't think I could forgive anyone who takes advantage of him. You recall, and for a moment -just for a moment- your previous justifications seem like excuses.
On the ninth month of your mission, you find yourself on the wine tycoon's bed. Limbs tangled together, your arms around his neck, his lips against your throat. Soft sighs, shifting clothes, and the flickering of the fireplace are the only sounds you hear.
He pulls away, sitting up to unbutton his dark dress shirt. He's cautious, slow.
Cloth falls apart at his chest. Fair skin illuminated by the warmth of the fire. Along with it were scars, old and new; burn marks marring his skin, gun shot wounds, stitches, a large patch on his abdomen looked cauterized and you wonder what he went through to receive it or if he treated it alone.
In all honesty, it was terribly disfigured and the first emotion you felt was revulsion.
The second being pity.
When your eyes trailed back to his own red ones, a vulnerable and shy look staring back at you—
You held your breath at the sudden reality.
The third emotion you felt was love.
series m.list || masterlist 2
note !! fun fact but I based this fic out of my own experience of downing whiskey in one go, that stuff burns 🥵 practice safe drinking, friends 🥲
ive hinted at whatll happen in the next chapter ;) other characters will be making an appearance as well, so stay tuned!
taglist !! @absolut-wildflower @boundedbyfate @sadlonelybagel @eissaaaa @ladycoleigh @nejibot @milkypompon @bloodreaper08 @irethepotato @x-zho @roriver @mich-cola @mxsomn @ackrylik @nicebonescomrade @starforecasts @stygianoir @yuminako @eccedentesiast-sapphic @nebulaera
@escapeis @leftdestiny-posts @manjimeowmeow @sup-zfam @hangezoessidehoe @liyacreate @sheepispink @juminsamore @shadowfireblue @ashjustlikesthings @ashgayasfuzz @chiisananingen @lavynne
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dewdrop-writes · a day ago
Love your Xiao x God!reader fanfic and was wondering if--- since you're continuing Venti's x Reader's into a multi-series like Zhongli's already is--- if you could make another part with Xiao and Reader living that cottagecore life and telling everyone else who dissed her she wanted nothing to do with them. I just kept thinking about how there are Rubedo x Rejected!Reader fics like that and thought... "But what if it were with Xiao???"
Of warm breezes and softened hearts
Tumblr media
oh my god yessss cottagecore life with Xiao would be so nice....like he isn't very social so he wouldn't mind the distance but one on one he can be really nice to be with??? And since I'm in a Xiao meed due to the recent archon quest, here comes the boy
This is a spiritual part 2 to THIS
Length: 1k words
Tumblr media
The gentle hum of a warm breeze grazed across the lush green blades of grass, rustling them in it's gentle hold. The humming of birds hovered around - carried on by the wind and wrapping the quaint meadow in a beautiful melody.
You hummed along with the birds, a soft smile on your features as you delicately plucked ripe, spongey sunsettias from the branches of a looming cuihua tree. The branches themselves seemed to reach out to you - making picking the fruits an easy task. With a happy hum, you stroked the bark of the tree after clearing it of fruit.
It seemed to make the winds surrounding you excited - as it picked up speed and washed over you in a gust of warm air.
You chuckled and shook your head, already used to such strange antics of the nature around you.
You set out meat and pellets for the wildlife to enjoy, before moving to the little garden outside your small dwelling - pulling out weeds and harvesting carrots, radishes and potatoes. Soon enough, your little basket was filled to the brim with fresh ingredients.
You rounded the corner of your cottage, peeking at the Adeptus who was dutifully grinding wheat into flour and sweet flowers to sugar on your stone mill. You leaned against the wall of your abode, smiling.
He seemed to sense your presence, glancing over his shoulder at you. The warm sun cast a lovely halo of light upon his darkened crown of hair. The corners of his lips twitched upwards into a gentle smile.
"Any progress?" you asked, pushing yourself away from the wall and setting down the basket weighing in your arms. He nodded, motioning towards the canvas bags he'd already filled. You grinned, approaching him.
"Looks like we're set for a while," you spoke softly, looping your arms around his frame from behind. He leaned into the touch.
"I still have some ingredients left," he spoke, "I can grind them all down, if you'd like."
You shook your head, pulling him closer to yourself.
"I think you've done more than enough. How about we head inside and get the oven warm?"
He nodded.
"Anything for you, your grace."
You rolled your eyes playfully.
"It's (Y/n). I've told you hundreds of times to stop calling me by that silly title," you chided, finding enjoyment in the teasing manner his lips quirked upwards.
"Of course, anything for you, (Y/n)."
You ruffled his hair and pecked his cheek, before retreating.
"Come on then, my vigilant Yaksha," you spoke, grabbing a few of the bags off the ground and making your way over to your discarded basket.
With a soft grunt, the man picked up the rest, following you dutifully.
You strained the solids from the creamy almond milk mixture with the help of a cheesecloth, gently pouting the mixture into a ceramic clay bowl you'd made. It was a little lumpy - but did the job well. You poured out a little bit of milk in addition to that and reached for one of the bags of sugar. Digging in with a perfectly shaped ceramic spoon - one Xiao himself had made, you scooped sugar into the mixture. Happily humming to yourself, you mixed the ingredients up, unaware of the silent presence stepping into the room and coming to a halt in the doorway.
You left the ingredients to simmer, as you poured water onto your dirtied hands, shaking off the stray water before wiping them dry with a small towel.
"It smells good," Xiao spoke quietly, yet still managing to startle you.
You whipped around to face the adeptus.
"My apologies - I didn't mean to scare you."
You smiled nervously.
"It's not your fault. It's just a...learned reaction."
You saw irritation flash in his teal eyes briefly.
The two of you rarely spoke of the events prior to your lovely living situation. The hunt for your head, or the time you nearly lost Xiao. It was a sore topic. Thankfully, your abode was situated neatly in a tucked away meadow, with various monsters patrolling the area to keep away intruders. Truthfully, you didn't know if there were any intruders at this point. None had gotten to you, at the very least.
At first, before you'd installed safety measures, the archons and the various citizens of Teyvat had tried to contact you, though. Bringing forth offerings and long winded apologies.
"Your grace, I know what I and my people have done is unforgivable-"
"It is. There's no buts about it," you replied, your shoulders tensed.
The geo archon lowered his gaze.
"Take your stupid gifts and get out of my sight."
You grimaced as the memory refurfaced.
Xiao rushed forward, his gaze searching yours in concern.
You shot him another shaky smile.
"Bad memories. Nothing more."
He sighed, and hesitantly reached out, caressing your cheek with a calloused hand. You leaned into the touch, closing your eyes.
The sweet scent of almonds, and the ever so faint smell of herbs lingered in your nose, soothing your senses. You cupped Xiao's hand in your own.
"I love you," you whispered softly, opening your eyes.
Xiao looked a little flustered.
"I love you too," he spoke, gently pressing his forehead against yours and placing a chaste kiss upon the tip of your nose. You exhaled in a soft laugh.
Later, that night, you ate almond tofu together in comfortable silence. You watched with proud joy as the adeptus who had first been so keen on not eating - not showing any signs of weakness around you - was lowering his guard and settling into this blissful domesticity you had created.
"It tastes perfect, as expected," he told you after finishing his final bite.
You rolled your eyes.
"I doubt it beats the one served at Wangshu Inn."
He shook his head.
"It tastes much better than theirs."
You smirked.
"Maybe because the main ingredient is love," you cringed inwardly at the cheesiness of the statement.
Xiao, however, seemed taken aback in a pleasant manner.
"Maybe so."
As night dawned upon the two of you, you changed into nightwear, as Xiao prepared himself to go out.
"You know, I doubt you need to go patrolling every night. We should be safe here," you sighed, your brows creasing.
He smiled at you sadly.
"I want to make sure you sleep safe and sound."
You strode over to him, placing a gentle hand on his chest and pressing a kiss to his lips.
"Be safe out there, Xiao."
He nodded.
"I will."
"I better not see a scratch on you tomorrow."
His lips quirked upwards. "You won't."
With that promise lingering in the air, you finally made your way back to bed, slipping under the covers. A final glance exchanged between the two of you, and Xiao was gone, donning his mask.
You allowed your head to hit the pillow below it with a sigh.
You only hoped he would keep that promise.
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genshinarchives · a day ago
RUNS OVER HERE I SAW THAT YOUR REQUEST ARE STILL 9/10 I HOPE I'M NOT LATE If I'm late please feel free to ignore this
But! Gorou, Itto and Zhongli with an s/o who just likes giving small butterfly kisses? Fleeting, lingering small kisses across their skin (not directly onto their lips. In fact it's kinda rare, maybe just the corner of their lips).
Thank you!! And again I'm sorry if I'm late, if I am late please feel free to delete!
Zhongli, Gorou, Itto | Gender-neutral reader | Scenario
Tumblr media
Zhongli blinked when you took his face into your hands, and he instinctively leaned into one of your palms, his amber hues twinkling in curiosity as he watched you bring yourself closer to him. Moments like this tend to happen after he returns home from work, and while he prefers to spend the evening resting, he doesn't mind unwinding with you.
"Is something the matter, dove?" he quietly asked, but received no response from you. His lips parted slightly in surprise when something warm and soft brushed against his cheek, prompting his eyelids to flutter shut. As his entire body relaxed, you proceeded to trail fleeting kisses across his face only to then stop on the corner of his mouth, which caused a small, disappointed frown to appear on his countenance.
"Am I allowed to make a selfish request?" he murmured, tucking a loose lock of hair behind your ear.
You smiled at him knowingly. "Go on."
Cupping your hands that were on his cheeks, he implored, "Please grant me a proper kiss. It's been an exhausting day..."
With an airy laugh, you leaned in and softly planted your lips on his. Not wanting to waste a single second of this gratifying moment, Zhongli swiftly moved one hand to the back of your head to prevent you from pulling away, before coiling an arm around your waist and pressing you possessively against his chest.
Tumblr media
When Gorou stepped inside the small house he shared with you in Watatsumi Island, he felt a pair of arms encircle his waist from behind and immediately stiffened as his instincts as a soldier kicked in. Upon recognising your scent however, he relaxed and turned around to beam at you, his hands gently clasping your elbows.
"I'm home!" he exclaimed, eagerly leaning towards your face. Without words, you knew what he wanted from you as it has already become a daily routine. Playfully rolling your eyes, you pecked his cheek, causing his bushy tail to swish happily behind him.
"Welcome home, Gorou. You've returned at the right time; dinner's ready," you said. You chuckled when his tail appeared to wag harder at the mention of food, and you had to point it out to him before he ends up spraining it. Embarrassed, he quickly grabbed his tail behind him with one hand, forcing it to cease its movements.
"Y-you didn't see that," he stammered, red patterning his cheeks.
"Sure..." you drawled out, "Anyway, come to the table once you've washed up." Before you could leave to set up the dining table, Gorou snatched your wrist and thus stopped you in your tracks. When you threw a quizzical look over your shoulder, he cleared his throat.
"You promised yesterday."
"Oh... Right." Returning to his side, you pressed small, lingering kisses on his cheeks and nose, before leaving a quick kiss on his lips just to tease him. When you pulled away from Gorou, there was a visible pout on his face.
"It's not fair, why do you always do this?" he whined, his ears drooping in disappointment.
"Because it'll feel more special the next time I kiss you on the lips properly," you told him, grinning.
Tumblr media
"Sunshine, give me a kiss!"
Itto swiftly trapped your head in between his palms just as you're about to lean in, puzzling you.
"What's wrong? Didn't you want me to kiss you?" you asked, arching an eyebrow.
He frowned at you. "Now hold it. I know what you're going to do... You're just going to give me tiny kisses on the cheeks... and that's not what I want at all!" Letting out a low puff of air, he brought your face in as he leaned down to your level. "I want a kiss on the lips. The most passionate, lust-filled-"
Before he could finish his sentence, you softly pecked his nose, making him falter. Your lips then flitted across his face, leaving butterfly-like touches that make him weak. He quickly became putty under your affectionate assault, and you had to cup his cheeks to keep him in place; even though he complains so much about your kisses, he seems to enjoy them nonetheless...
Since you felt generous today, you decided to grant him the kiss he really wanted from you and pressed your lips against his. Itto's eyes were blown wide from the familiar pressure on his lips and when it finally registered in his mind, he wrapped his arms around your waist and returned the kiss, stealing your breath away in the process.
Tumblr media
Taglist: @coco-goat-milk​ @m3gitsune @melkxsh @irethepotato @frostines-blog @vivisimpact​ @xxhome-is-where-ria-isxx @crunchy-princeles @sanzuulvr @sinnyrants
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sle3pymia · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Life with Scara was sometimes difficult, may it be for his mean personality and corpulent ego he carried with himself everywhere he went. Or his connections to the fatui.
There was something that made your life together even harder though. That was his deep-rooted need to seem cold, and isolate himself from any affection or acts of service.He was extremely childish about things, for example, you would give him the slightest reassurance," good luck!" Or a small "good morning" he would almost immediately roll his eyes upon hearing your sweet voice as he would try to disappear from your confused gaze.
Maybe you would try to give him a goodbye kiss on the cheek before he headed out for work, just for him to let an annoyed sigh out and turn his head to the opposite side.One day you would buy him flowers from Mondstadt, just for the next day to find your whole apartment covered in the most expensive Inazuma flowers.      The other day he would lay his head in his lap as you played with his hair listening to his angry degrading rambling. Suddenly he would start speaking about his clothes that became too tight. And so you would buy him a new pair of shoes and a few outfits to go with it. Just for him to make a scene as his face turned red, yelling that he is the man of the house who is supposed to spend money on you, not you on him (and other misogynistic bs)
The next day you would be woken up with expensive clothes all around you.Yes regarding spoiling, Scara turned everything into a competition. Idk, maybe it was because of his past abandonment issues, maybe he was scared you would leave him if he wouldn't show you how much money he has.      This is just kind of who Scara is, he reminds me of chiwava. In public, he acts aggressive but in private he doesn't bite, he just angrily barks at every little trifle that throws him off.Of course, these little competitions between you two of "who can satisfy/spoil their s/o better" is just a little insecurity Scara has.
Somehow he feels like because of his job he can't spend as much time with you, and do what normal couples do. Hinting at the fear of being alone again, he really just wants you to spoil you rotten, even if it means spending all his money on you and becoming a beggar for the rest of his life.
Scara can, however, in his weak moments appreciate it. And maybe even whisper small affirmations such as "thank you s/o" maybe when you're asleep he will kiss your forehead and ramble about how much he is grateful for you being by his side, but that will only happen when he is 100% sure you're asleep.
- so uhm I'm back, sorry for being inactive, but my display broke, i ended middle school and i found out this really ugly history teacher dates chemistry teacher, crazy right?:?? anyway see youz soon bye!
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loweater · a day ago
Tumblr media
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angelicizedeve · a day ago
𝖔𝖓𝖊 𝖘𝖎𝖒𝖕𝖑𝖊 𝖙𝖔𝖚𝖈𝖍.
Tumblr media
synopsis: your tutor may or may not have a little crush on you ...
☆ diluc tutor au
Tumblr media
diluc ragnvindr was a very composed young man.
his uniform was always ironed and worn neatly, his soft red locks were always tied back in a ponytail, and he was a perfect student, with a’s in all of his classes, of which you were in many. while you’d never had an actual conversation with him, it wasn’t hard to remember who he was based on his appearance. 
when you found out that you were flunking math, your parents freaked out. they told you to go look for a tutor, and so you begrudgingly did. there weren’t that many in the tutoring program your school held to begin with, let alone ones that weren’t already booked up. “i don’t know what to do!” you complained to your friends as you sat in the cafeteria. “everyone’s either unreasonably expensive, or they don’t have a space for me.”
“maybe you should just ask someone who’s good at math.” one of your friends said with a shrug. “everyone’s desperate to make money any time, i’m sure they’ll agree.” 
“but it’s calculus, everybody in my class is struggling as is.” you reasoned, aggressively zipping up your bag.
“what about that red-haired guy? isn’t he good at, like, everything?”
your eyes wandered over to diluc, who was seated at the same table he usually is. “yeah, he is. i'm too nervous to talk to him though. it’ll be so awkward.” your friend raised an eyebrow at you. “would you rather have one awkward conversation, or fail a class?” you groaned and hesitantly agreed to talk to him during calculus.
“tutor you?” diluc repeated. you nodded with a hopeful and polite smile. “uh, i suppose so. i can do it after school today if you’d like.” he offered. “yes, thank you so much!” you quickly said graciously. you left calculus with a pep in your step, a complete change from usual.
“so, do you understand it now?” diluc asked, pointing at the question you both had just gone over. you nodded vigorously. “thank you so much diluc, you don’t know how much this helped me.” you said, gathering your books and papers. “you’re a really great teacher! i’ll see you tomorrow!~” you hurriedly exited the library, tired after the hours spent studying. if you hadn’t left so quickly, you’d be able to notice the pink hue that painted your tutor’s face because of your quick compliment. 
oh diluc, poor, poor diluc. if you weren’t so stressed about finals coming up, you’d surely notice the way that he blushes every time your arms brush, or whenever he has to lean over your shoulder to look at your paper. nearly every other girl would be able to pick up on these subtle innuendos, which all pointed to him having a crush on you. in fact, you never would’ve noticed his behavior if your friends hadn’t pointed it out one day. but you refused to believe that this attractive man could have a crush on you. still…that didn’t stop you from daydreaming about the idea. 
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vocalukas · a day ago
ok small drabble but just imagine ruining the shit outta xiao. his raspy deep voice turning into loud n high whimpers. he's came.. two, three, five?? times??? he cannot keep track. your hand running up and down his little cock, teasingly rubbing your palm against his slit. a small paper white vibrator up his smooth ass.
his mind is going on circles, he can't process anything except the overstimulation from two places. it hurt so much but he still wanted more. but it still feels so good. his neck and collarbone are all kinds of blue and purple from your mouth. sucking up sweet love marks.
xiao was a complete virgin. never had he felt this kind of pleasure, and he was so stupid too!!
"mmph.. -!! p-please.. 's too much!! (y/n) hurts!!"
he'd complain and whine about the pain and overstimulation. yet never muttered or spoke that one word to get all of the pain to stop.
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ech4writesthings · 2 days ago
I WAS gonna make some scenarios today but I didn’t have the time :(
It was gonna be a birthday smut with Albedo, Xiao, and Scaramouche.
I’m gonna make it the next thing I post that’s writing though.
Anyways, here’s a picture of my birthday cake! 😋
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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bananapeelchunk · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
In light of the sumeru leaks
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yan-dreams · a day ago
may request an oni darling, and how characters like scaramouche, itto and xiao react i really love your blog btw
Scaramouche doesn't really care if you're human or not, all that matters to him is that you're his. His human, his Oni. It doesn't matter. Though some of your more Oni-like traits are a bit annoying, he's sure that with a bit of discipline, you'll become a worthy partner in no time. Having to bow down to him really hurts your pride. Having you struggle hurts his. Ultimately, the two of you just aren't going to get along. Like two puzzle pieces forcing themselves to the wrong piece, your relationship with him is a match made in hell.
Itto is immediately taken with you. As some of the few remaining Oni in the world, he sees it as only natural for the two of you to get along. Constantly pesters you to join the Arataki gang, and no amount of "not interested" will deter him. In his mind, as an Oni, he understands you best! So whatever he wants, you must also want. You can keep him under control with some pointed words, though, so he's more of a nuisance than anything else.
Xiao doesn't understand you. You're hotheaded, you're proud, and you have no sense of danger. Because you aren't human, his karmic debt doesn't affect you much, which means he's not afraid to get near you. He stalks you. A lot. And though you can probably (definitely) take care of yourself, he still wants to 'protect' you. You find it annoying. Extremely annoying. It doesn't matter how much he explains his intentions to you, all you see is this scrawny adeptus looking down on you.
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virtublades · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
tw: fear of abandonment, Ayato yelling at the reader , Ayato may be ooc , mentions of the reader not eating
category: angst.
“M’lady, would you like something to eat?” Thoma asked, a worried expression washing over his face. “I’m ok, Thoma. I just haven’t.. heard from Ayato in days.” You mumbled, looking at the Omamori he gave you. “He should be back soon, Y/N,” Thoma said, placing a bowl of soup in front of you. “Please eat, Y/N.” He said, dropping your title.
Thoma was always there for you. Listening to your issues, helping you when Ayato wasn’t around. Every time Ayato was around, you seemed to forget about Thoma. If Thoma was being honest, it made him sick to his stomach when Ayato would leave without saying anything.
You waited for days, weeks even. When Ayato finally came home, he didn’t say a word to you. You had to start the conversation. “Ayato, are you alright?” You questioned, feeling your heart thumped. “We can talk tomorrow, Y/N. I’m tired.” He mumbled, turning away from you. “Tomorrow, you’ll be off again without saying anything, won’t you?” Ayato jumped up as you spoke.
His blue eyes were filled with shock— It hurt him to see you like this. “Now you want to act shocked? Ayato, I’m not gonna keep dealing with this.” You said, fists clenching in anger. “… Y/N, I have to protect the country that we reside in.” He tried to calm you down, placing a hand on your cheek. You quickly snatched away, letting the anger fill your veins.
“Ayato, you’ve forgotten all about me! You don’t even send me letters!” Your voice raised. “Because I’m too busy saving this country! If you don’t like what I’m doing, then leave!”
He swore he didn’t mean it. He let what he said sink in. He was quiet— lazurite blue eyes staring at your e/c ones. His look was apologetic, but actions speak louder than words. “You know what— Gladly. Take your stupid ring and your entire estate.” You slipped the ring off of your finger and threw it down.
Ayato didn’t say anything. He knew what he lost. He silently picked up your ring and stared at it. Sweat began dripping down the young lord’s head as he once again registered the situation.
You weren’t gonna come back. What was said, was meant.
As you both signed the divorce papers, he reminisced about the good times you spent. The times you’d stay up late and play chess, or when you’d see who was better at cooking. He recalled one time, it was the middle of summer. You made and Ayaka made flower crowns. Ayaka gave hers to Yoimiya while you gave yours to him.
He stopped himself before he finished writing his name. “Y/N, I’m sor-!” He was cut off by you shaking your head. “You said what you meant, Kamisato. Don’t apologize now.” You tapped your foot onto the ground, rolling your eyes. Ayato let out a sigh as he guided his hand, finally finishing his last name.
“It was fun while it lasted, Ayato. We just weren’t meant for each other.” Was the last thing he heard from you. You ended up moving away to Liyue. You still received letters from Thoma and Ayaka. Yoimiya occasionally sent loads of sparklers while Itto would try to send Onikabuto (the Tenryou commission stopped him).
Ayato would sit in his room, shoulders slumped as he hoped you’d come back to Inazuma and rekindle your relationship. It was all until Thoma announced he was going to Liyue— He connected to the dots rather quickly. You and Thoma were closer than he thought.
“Did Y/N cheat on me with you?” He questioned. “No. We fell in love 6 months after the divorce, which was two years ago, M’lord.”
Two years? It couldn’t have been that long. Ayato silently watched Thoma board the boat. He noticed Ayaka carrying luggage behind her, which alarmed him.
“Ayaka, where are you going?”
“To Liyue! Y/N and Thoma are getting married.”
His world shook and crumbled.
Genshin fandom don’t fail me 😢
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hiraya-rawr · a day ago
Write about casual tragedies—
*post contains tw
Kill off your characters in the most anticlimactic way; make their deaths useless it hurts. Bonus points if you're already in an established relationship with them!
Diluc stumbling upon your dead body after a night of patrolling (a simple mugging gone wrong)
Kaeya inspecting a carriage accident only to see you underneath the rubble
Gorou seeing your name on a list of casualties during the war
Ayato hearing from his retainers that the "it's just a flu, don't worry" took your life
Childe realizing you were killed off by the Fatui because you're "distracting him" from his missions
No warning signs, no anxiety-induced suspense, no major battle; write it so casually that you almost can't believe it happened. One day they were there, the next they weren't.
note 01: everyone should do this except for mihoyo (istg mihoyo if you kill off a major character just bc i will gdjdhdjksjx)
note 02: what are your favorite casual tragedies? i like ones where pregnant people die in a preventable death too
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