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wisteria-writings20 hours ago
genshin men when they hit the spot
Tumblr media
Genre/Warnings: smut/nsfw, overstim, edging, size kink, dumbification, who knows, really?
might do a part 2 with gorou and thoma
i am not responsible for minors reading/interacting with this
Kaeya's nothing short of smug. His smirk only grows wider when you gasp and tense up, your arms finally giving out as your eyes flutter.
"Right there?" he hums, emphasizing his words with another thrust against that special spot within you.
You can hardly think coherently, much less speak, your mind swimming with the overwhelming pleasure. When he rolls his cock into that spot again, you whimper, thighs trembling as you try to reach a hand back to stop him.
"'s too- too much, Kae- sto-ah-"
Kaeya only pins your arm to your back, continuing his smooth, relentless pace.
Your eyes roll back and you can't do much more than moan, the sinful noises giving no space to words. His aim is perfect, each thrust dragging right over your sweet spot.
He doesn't stop when you cum, only hissing at the harsh clamping of your gummy walls on his hard dick. Your whines grow in pitch, your hips only being held up with his hand.
"Don't worry, darling. I'll take good care of you."
Diluc always hits that spot accidentally. He's just so big... how could he miss it?
The moment he slips into you, your eyes roll back, mouth falling open.
The fire that licks up his spine at the fucked out look on your face makes him shiver.
He's a giver; he'll make you cum so hard so many times you're cramping by the the time he actually finally lets himself release within you.
"You're making such a pretty face, love. Does it feel that good?"
Childe's another smug one. It's such an ego booster to see you go dumb on his cock.
He'll memorize the inside of your pussy just so he can wreck you every time, reveling in the sounds and faces you make.
He also loves to service you. He'll spread you open on his lap and run his lithe fingers up and down your slick folds. You can whine and whimper all you want, hell, even beg for it; it always makes his dick twitch against your back.
He'll slot two fingers into your sopping hole and gloss just over that spot, moaning at the way your back arches.
He's a tease, too, slipping only the tip of his dick in before tapping your clit. He'll pull out when you're on the brink of orgasm, ruining your orgasm countless times.
You'll be a crying, dumb little baby by the time he's finally ready to give you what you want, just how he likes it.
"Mmm, you're just a dumb, slutty little baby, aren't you? Such a sensitive little body, all for me."
Kazuha's more subtle about it, but the sheer continuity of it makes it obvious.
He lives only to please you, however, but doesn't really seem to know when to stop.
You could be sobbing, your entire body spazzing at every feather-light touch, and Kazuha will only tut, spreading your trembling legs so he can see the puffy, drenched cunt he's made of you.
His own needs forgotten, he'll make sure you're barely coherent by the end of the night.
And when he finally puts himself inside of you?
Archons, you can feel every single throb and vein and ridge of his dick, pushing and molding against your soft insides.
He always finds your sweet spot nearly right away, and he can tell from the way your limbs lock up and tears squeeze from your pretty eyes.
The pleasure is painful, but Kazuha knows your limits.
"Hush, baby. You can give me another one. Make me proud, yeah?"
Zhongli's literally just so big. Literally So Big.
He can't deny the rush of arousal that ignites in him when he sees the way your cunt stretches and creams so sloppily around his massive cock.
He likes to trace the tummy bulge once he finally bottoms out, kissing your quivering bottom lip as you try to stop the tears of pleasure from spilling from your eyes.
His hand will press down on the bulge, essentially pressing your sweet spot down onto the hardness of his cock.
And he won't let you struggle or try to scrabble away either as the immense pleasure slams into your poor body. His eyes always stay on your face, watching the way your face contorts with pleasure. It always causes a burning arousal to settle in his gut.
He moves slowly but deliberately, keeping his hand on your stomach to both maximize pleasure for you and to feel the way his hardness prods up against your gummy walls.
"My my, sweet. You're putting on quite a show for me, hm?"
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itidonido13 hours ago
Tumblr media
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mielhym11 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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venteas20 hours ago
a/n: hi guys welcome to the one random time i post 鈥 anyways, this is from my dm convos with @saekogun , so credits to her for that <3
warnings: MINORS DNI, yandere content, fem! reader, slight size kink, manipulation, smut, praise, kidnapping, guilt tripping, aether has a sister complex (?), unedited
aether probably met you on his travels throughout teyvat, and thought you were the cutest thing! for one, you were one of the few people that seemed to genuinely care about his end goal of finding his sister, and weren鈥檛 just using him for your own benefit. you put up posters, you searched frequently, and reported any suspicious abyss activity to him. back then, you didn鈥檛 think there was a chance that any of these actions would have negative consequences. perhaps you should鈥檝e paid more attention, if even the gods appeared hesitant to get close to the boy from another world, why shouldn鈥檛 a mortal like you hesitate? you were foolish.
the signs of his ongrowing obsession were small, but they were there - his clinginess, the way he鈥檇 always grab for you wherever he went, constantly showing up to your house n asking if you needed any help 鈥 you figured he was just grateful, and it was sweet. but at the same time, it was so overbearing :( you can鈥檛 go more than an hour without him stopping by to see you, even if he was in another nation, or preparing to go somewhere. it was a little scary - you were beginning to worry you had become a distraction for him, maybe he was forgetting why he was helping all these people in the first place?
鈥渁ether, don鈥檛 forget why you鈥檙e here,鈥 you tell him one night, leaning against the try at windrise. 鈥渋 love spending time with you, but 鈥 you can鈥檛 forget about your sister, okay? she鈥檚 more important than i am, and besides, you don鈥檛 want to lose he-鈥
you probably shouldn鈥檛 have said anything. if you hadn鈥檛, perhaps things wouldn鈥檛 have escalated so much. sure, he might still be obsessive, but you鈥檇 have your freedom.
鈥渕 not gonna lose her. i鈥檓 just making sure i don鈥檛 lose you, too.鈥
鈥渓ose me? hey, you know i鈥檓 not in any danger here! ever since you defeated stormterror, mondstadt-鈥
鈥渋t鈥檚 not safe at all,鈥 the blonde murmurs, voice barely above a whisper. 鈥渘ot for you. not when you keep running around with every person in town the way you do - acting like you鈥檙e innocent as if i don鈥檛 see you flirting with every person that helps you out - s that what our relationship is? just another person who you can charm into helping you?鈥
he鈥檚 delusional. 鈥渘-no, aether, that-s not-鈥
鈥渋 don鈥檛 wanna be a fling for you, you鈥檙e special to me - like my sister. don鈥檛 wanna lose you to this world,鈥 he mumbles, mostly to himself. his hand, once intertwined with yours, is now gripping your wrist, skin feverishly hot. you attempt to pull away, but aether won鈥檛 let you, chasing your skin. 鈥渟top squirming. m just trying to protect you.鈥 he promises, even as he pulls a small device from his clothes. even as that device seems to make your world spin, even as you feel like you鈥檙e being sucked in.
yeah, he practically moves you to another world - a teapot, he calls it. he keeps saying everything he does is to protect you, cause you mean so much to him, but even someone as kind as you can鈥檛 rationalize the things he does.
especially not when he鈥檚 fucking you like a rabid animal, grunting into your ear as his hips snap against yours. 鈥渕y perfect girl,鈥 he whispers, hand rubbing your clit as he pounds into you, even as your cries for him to stop fall on deaf ears. 鈥渟o good, so pretty like this 鈥 m so glad you鈥檙e here, so glad i met you.鈥
you can barely form coherent thoughts with the way he鈥檚 thrusting into you, choked sobs and whimpers are the only things your mouth manages to form. you feel so fucking full.
you鈥檙e so small underneath him it鈥檚 embarrassing, the traveler you thought to be a pushover manhandling you like you鈥檙e a ragdoll, and you feel so, so helpless. 鈥済onna fill you up, gonna make sure you can鈥檛 ever leave me.鈥 he tells you, hips stuttering as he whines, a completely different sound from moments ago. 鈥済onna make sure no one can take you, ruin you before anyone else can.鈥
that has you letting out an involuntary whine of his name as you cum around him, causing aether to immediately shake with pleasure n throb inside you, completely filling you up - you鈥檙e so fucked out you can barely register his, 鈥渋 love you. love you s鈥檓uch.鈥 before his nails are digging into your skin and he鈥檚 demanding for you to tell him you love him, tell him you love him now, tell him he鈥檚 the only one that can make you feel this way.
and you do, of course you do, because you鈥檝e never been able to say no to him, have you?
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monocaelia6 hours ago
the kisses they give
sometimes a kiss is all you need to know that they love you.
feat. childe, diluc, kaeya, kazuha, and xiao
genre : headcanons. fluff. slight angst for xiao.
note : a pick-me-up cause these past few weeks have not been nice to me TT i hope everyone's weeks have been good though! lots of love <3
鉂 childe
to childe, giving affection is like breathing. he loves showering those he holds close to his heart with love or gifts or whatever he deems necessary to show that they mean the world to him. and kissing is no exception.
considering cheek kissing is a common greeting in sneznhaya (russia) and he grew up in a family where he was heavily doted on and spoiled by his elder siblings and parents, childe has absolutely no problem kissing the people he loves as a greeting or as his form of affection.
which is why cheek kissing or showering your face in kisses is the harbinger's go-to when it comes to loving you.
childe's kisses are filled with love and pure affection reserved for you, as if you needed him or anyone to tell you that directly. you would be able to tell from the way his slightly chapped lips peck the skin all around your face and from the way his eyes of ocean blue nearly twinkle when they focus on you.
due to his duties of working with the fatui and being stationed anywhere in teyvat, childe hardly gets any time to spend with you. so he treasures the moments shared with you during his time off.
the door to your home would slam open with a loud thunk and his hurried footsteps would get closer and closer to you before you're swept into his arms, your laughter intermingling with his as the ginger spins you around the room. it's not long before the spinning stops and your vision is obscured by orange tufts as the cheeky sneznhayan plants kisses all over your face.
no amount of protests will stop him until he's gotten his fair share of loving from you. and even if you do manage to wiggle your way out of his arms, childe would see that as a competition to see who was quicker; you getting away or the harbinger and his hungry lips. [spoiler alert: it's him and his hungry lips, to no one's surprise]
mornings on his days off aren't any better. usually they start off quiet with the golden morning rays seeping through the curtains of your shared room and the faint chirps of the morning doves outside.
but it always ends up in a fit of giggles and smooches when the sneznhayan is in need of your attention once more and decides to kiss you awake. despite your light protests for the man trapping you in his arms so he can kiss you again and again, it's not like you ever want him to stop kissing you.
each kiss that finds its way onto your face [and occasionally your lips] is proof that childe, your sweet ajax, is absolutely enamored with you and you wouldn't have it any other way.
鉂 diluc
despite how diluc is around his brother, the young master of dawn winery is not one to shield his heart from those close to him. diluc is just not as affectionate as others are in a relationship, so don't expect him to shower you in kisses when he gets home or scream at the top of his lungs how much he loves you, though it would be a funny sight to see.
instead, he shows his love through his actions. shielding you from the rain with his coat, bringing you closer to him when you both have something to do in dragonspine so you won't get cold, ensuring that you get enough sleep while he stays up to keep watch of the team. it's subtle, but enough to tell you he cares.
kisses on your knuckles are what diluc would give you due to the polite and gentle nature of the kisses.
diluc would kiss your knuckles as a polite greeting, as he was raised to have respectful manners. when he first did it to you, you were quite flustered at seeing the vigilante bow before you and gently plant his lips on the curves of your knuckles.
however, now he gives them to you in more intimate situations. like after you've cleaned him up after a rather rough evening patrolling the grounds of mondstadt. diluc had come home to you in a disheveled state; ponytail messed up, dirt coating his clothing and face, porcelain skin covered in scrapes and bruises. luckily, nothing horrible on the surface.
you're shocked at the state he's in and quickly clean him up. you don't say a word to him however, in fear that he already had gone through enough and you scolding him would just add more to the weight on his shoulders. your fingers brush against diluc's skin and he leans towards your touch, the gentle and caring nature tending to his heart.
he kisses your knuckles, lips warm and soft, as a thank you for taking care of him and as a silent way of showing you how much you mean to him. you're the only one he trusts to see him this injured and the only one he's comfortable enough to let his walls come crumbling down.
diluc kisses your knuckles as a gentle reminder that he is devoted to you and only you. he finds you one night standing alone on his balcony, eyes glued to the vast orchards of grapes that surrounded the winery. it's hard to hide what you're thinking of from the attentive eyes of the vigilante beside you.
when you tell him your concerns that he should marry someone with more influence than you, diluc's brows furrow and his frown deepens. you are the one he loves, and he could care less about the winery or his business. he hesitates when you shy away from his touch, but you quickly find his hand again to hold.
the thick wall that shields diluc's heart crumbles when he's around you, and nothing proves his loyalty and true feelings more than his gentle kisses along your knuckles.
鉂 kaeya
a playful and cheeky person, kaeya is someone who makes you want more and more of him. from his mischievous smile to the way your name melts off of his tongue. you can't help but miss his presence when he leaves for a mission and misses a night at the bar with you.
it's hard to miss the smirk that grows on kaeya's face when he catches word of you ever missing him. and it's even more difficult to avoid him as the calvary captain needs to tease you about it and shows up at your work or at your door to bring up the news to you, much to your dismay.
kaeya gives you brief, yet enticing kisses at the corner of your mouth to not only tease you with the idea of wanting more from him, but also because he absolutely loves to fluster you.
the calvary captain kisses you goodbye one night while dropping you off at home after a night drinking at angel's share. you weren't expecting it at all, but maybe you should have once you saw the playful glint in your companion's eye and the cheeky grin growing wider each second you stepped closer and closer to your door.
it's a quick kiss, short yet long enough to feel how soft kaeya's lips were against your skin and how good he smelled from the brief proximity. dazed, you can only stare at the captain with your jaw slack as he chuckled and closed your mouth for you so you wouldn't "catch flies."
kaeya's kisses are even more dangerous when he has an excuse to kiss you. while catching lunch at angel's share one afternoon, his eye catches a piece of your sandwich at the corner of your mouth while you're telling him a wild story about how the traveller killed all of timmie's pigeons one day as a bet.
you don't even have time to react as kaeya's cold hand grabs a hold of your chin and presses his lips against the corner of your mouth, successfully grabbing the grain from your face. the familiar scent of his fruity cologne fills your senses and it takes everything in you to not pull the calvary captain in.
there's a knowing smile on his face when he pulls away and sees your expression. his tongue pokes out from his lips as he licks it clean, smile growing when your eyes flit down to watch his movements.
it's hard to judge kaeya's true intentions when his kisses are so brief and you barely miss them, but everyone around the two of you can see the way the captain's gaze always lingers on you when you're storming away from his teasing lips.
鉂 kazuha
polite and yet, always the romantic, kazuha isn't a stranger to showing or receiving affection. although he's reserved and grew up surrounded by nobility, affection is nothing the inazuman traveller strays far from.
fleeting and soft touches are what kazuha is fond of, his fingers always brushing against yours when you walk beside him or linking your pinkies together when you sleep after you've had a nightmare.
inner wrist kisses are ideal for someone like kazuha to give; intimate yet delicate, private enough where only you can see and feel the love he gives you through the simple kiss.
kazuha kisses you on the wrist in the intimate moments shared with one another on the crux. it's always when the two of you are alone and admiring the night sky and the sound of the waves gently brushing up against the side of the boat. the rest of the crew is either sleeping or drinking with the captain on the other side of the boat.
you brush his bangs aside, fingers lingering on the side of his face as you admire the beauty that the inazuman traveller holds.
he always catches you off guard by complimenting you in the most poetic ways. "the stars pale in comparison to you, my love." or "every time i look at you, my heart flutters as if carried by the sea breeze. you alone make the stars dance as if they are rejoicing that you were born into this world, the most beautiful and the pride of the universe."
his laughter floats in the air, as if twinkling like wind chimes dancing in the wind, seeing your flustered reaction to his words and he presses a quick kiss to the inner wrist of the hand that remained by his face. truly, you are the most mesmerizing being to ever grace teyvat.
kazuha's kisses are gentle against the skin of your wrist when he wakes to sound of your gentle humming. he had fallen asleep while resting with you underneath the shade of a thundersakura tree, though it's hard to blame him when your fingers are delicately brushing through his white strands of hair.
his heart swells seeing you so at ease beside him, with your ethereal smile and the way the sun seeping through the branches of the tree illuminated you like the god you were. celestia above must be so jealous of your divinity, but they could never have you so long as he was here to love you.
kazuha wishes there were more words to describe how much he loves you, but no words could ever describe how enamored he feels when you simply gaze his way. so kazuha kisses one of your wrists in hopes of showing you the devotion he has for you.
鉂 xiao
xiao isn't one for affection. he doesn't seem the appeal to it: how mortals like the enjoy the feeling of another's hand in theirs or how they find peace with the feeling of another pair of lips on their own confused the poor adeptus.
not like he found any need for it anyways. being affectionate to the one you love was a mortal tradition and what did xiao know about being a mortal. more so, did he even deserve to be loved the way mortals loved one another?
xiao finds it terrifying to love you, a mortal that could easily succumb to the aftermath of his karmic debt. this debt was his own burden to carry and you don't deserve to love a corrupted being like him, someone who only brings despair and destruction to anyone who crosses his path, innocent or not.
forehead kisses are the only kisses xiao allows himself to give you.
they're intimate enough to communicate his feelings for you without saying a word, yet simple enough so that he doesn't overwhelm himself with your presence.
they're to bid you farewell before he leaves for one of his missions as the sole adeptus of liyue. xiao does not know how long he'll be gone, or even if he'd return to your warm embrace. and so, his featherlight kisses are pressed to your forehead before he disappears without a trace, leaving you to worry about his safety on the deck of the wangshu inn.
xiao gives you forehead kisses as an apology for being the one you love. anyone else could have given you a better love than he ever could, could even promise you a future together and grow old with you.
you deserve someone who could openly love you and show you off to those around them, someone who didn't have a high chance of never coming home. all the adeptus has done for you was give you the crystalflies whose light reminded him so much of the stars that inhabited your eyes and the slightly crinkled qingxin flower he picked up on the way back to you.
xiao wonders why you're so happy when he brings you those small gifts when someone else could be giving you gifts of a grander scale.
and yet he's also thankful for you for finding love in someone like him, for showing him the gentleness and compassion the adeptus seldom received in his lifetime. the pain surrounding his heart ebbs away every time you smile at him, like the warm spring sun melting away the frigid winter ice.
one day, xiao would be brave enough to kiss you the way you kiss him, to indulge in all of the different ways he could properly show you just how much you meant to him. but for now, his lips against your forehead is enough.
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ragnvlndr11 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Genshin Impact + Text Posts (15/?)
Hey! Want to join a Genshin roleplay server for canon and ocs? Check out @adventuresinteyvat! 聽
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yan-stars21 hours ago
Omg yayy thank you so much <33 you're literally so nice and sweet hkjkkj 馃ズ馃ズ also i saw you like Xiao and he's also one of my faves! Soo if it's alright can i request the devil with Kazuha and Xiao? Again pls ignore if it's too much and remember not to push yourself and take care! ^^ (Ritsu anon)
Oh and i realized i typed barley instead of barely help lmaoo
ofc !!! not a problem at all <33333 U ARE TOO thank you for being so friendly ;------; YES i do u have excellent taste !! you definitely caaaaaan i would be happy to do it for our boys <3 same goes for you!!!
Tumblr media
pixiv id for art credit:
the devil - what taboo things would this yandere do to their darling?
slowly but surely, kazuha will distance you from all of your loved ones; close friends, family, even acquaintances- you don't need them, darling! hasn't he been good to you? he's provided for you, taken care of you, killed for you... really, all you need is him. however, he does it at a pace in which you suspect nothing. kazuha is smart, you see- he knows what he's doing, and he knows how to make you melt in his arms. so, you'll be filled with nothing but warmth and butterflies when he brings you to his home and decides he loves you oh-so much that he won't let you go.
Tumblr media
pixiv id for art credit:
the devil - what taboo things would this yandere do to their darling?
since he's way too shy to actually show you affection consensually, i think xiao would frequently visit you while you're sleeping and just... touch you. stroke the delicate skin of your cheeks, run his fingers along your neck and collarbones, press feather-light kisses to any skin he can reach (though his favourite is by far your lips)... basically anything! similar to kazuha, at some point, he'll definitely kidnap you. the outside world isn't safe for someone like you- not when there are so many dangers lurking about. worry not, xiao will keep you safe for the remainder of your days.
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giyokaizine10 hours ago
Tumblr media
Did you enjoy this year's moon-viewing, everyone? Amber and the bunnies were busy making mochi with Gyokuto that's for sure! 馃寱馃悋
Art by Mod @arwaiel!
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ceciliafior16 hours ago
BATHS WITH GENSHIN CHARACTERS 馃挸馃挜馃挜馃挸馃挜馃挜馃挸馃挸馃挜馃挸馃挜 literally my favourite type of headcanon LMAO like its so sweet and AHHHH characters up to you have a ball <33
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
authors note 聽鈯 UR SO CUTE yes ok... iLL DEFINITELY DO THIS....THANK U FOR UR AMAZING REQUEST,,, im just gonna start with just a couple of characters but if anyone wants anyone specific feel free to send a follow-up request!!
characters 鈯 diluc, kaeya
warnings 鈯 completely safe! please enjoy!
rating 鈯 sfw, but mildly suggestive! viewer discretion advised!
Tumblr media
this is also something i talk about briefly in this hc set
it鈥檚 not so much you bathe with him but more that he likes to bathe you聽
he prefers to give to his partner, and this is one of the ways he does it: it鈥檚 a way to comfort you, it鈥檚 a form of care
he wants to take his time, to draw you a long, warm bath, with bubbles, salts, or any form of aromatherapy, all to your preference; he wants to take his time to gently scrub your scalp, to softly massage your shoulders, and let all of the wear and tear on your soul just wash away
there鈥檚 nothing really risque about this unless you make it risque, because the most he鈥檚 set upon doing is leaving tender kisses on the back of your neck and asking you about your day or to listen to you talk about whatever you wish, all to your heart鈥檚 content
goes the whole mile, he鈥檒l take his time to relax the knots in your shoulders, and after the bath he鈥檒l dry you off, help you put on lotion, and brush your hair for you
it鈥檚 very domestic and very gentle, it鈥檚 beautiful and vulnerable
he鈥檚 not a huge fan of sharing baths or even showers; there鈥檚 not really a particular reason, it just feels sort of invasive in a way, but he鈥檚 open to being on the other end (where he鈥檚 the one being pampered)
but generally, his preference is to bathe you
he鈥檒l drag you into showers with him just for fun, all with an affectionate half-smile and an insistent tugging on your wrists
gives you so many wet kisses, because your skin is damp and his face is drenched, but he loves you so much, so he鈥檚 just kissing and kissing and you can鈥檛 make him really stop
baths themselves, not showers, are much more relaxed, though
there鈥檚 something about it that鈥檚 more sensual, and he wouldn鈥檛 mind joining you in the actual tub itself, if there鈥檚 enough room to accommodate
but his touches are always lingering and tender, brushing across your wet shoulders and running soapy fingers through your hair, all with a soft look on his face
it鈥檚 just one of those things that reminds him how lucky he is to have you, and how happy you really make him
he ends up just worshipping you in the bath, caressing the shape of your skin and just simply admiring you
afterwards, he always scrubs your hair really messily with the towel with a playful laugh, and then he鈥檒l leave a big kiss on your forehead after
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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ikaroux42 minutes ago
In the four winds
Headcanons NSFW (18+)
Not for minors !
Request : Can you imagine albedo kazuha xiao venti- pls just anyone licking your pussy until you orgasm but wont stop licking you just to tease like.
Sorry for the time it took!
Alert: NSFW (18+), I remind minors to avoid reading this kind of content.
Characters: Kazuha, Albedo, Xiao, Venti.
Projects in progress and to come
Tumblr media
Xiao is such a sweet and devoted young man.
Since you are together, he can't stop thinking about you. He loves you, all of you. The first time he touched you, the first time he became one with you, he felt so good... he never thought that joining you in this way would make him so happy.
He loves you and he would do anything to please you. Ask him, and he'll be ready to take you to the seventh heaven. He has become so addicted to you!
When he starts kissing you, the taste of your lips drives him crazy. The texture is so soft and tender... he can't stop nibbling on them...
When Xiao wants you, he always wants you completely naked. He wants to savor the sight of your defenseless body.
His fingers are divine. He has learned where to touch you and how to caress you. He likes to slide the tips of his index and middle fingers over your skin, which is warmed by his kisses.
He always starts by caressing your wet sex, pinching your already sensitive clitoris between his index finger and thumb.
He is able to give you an orgasm simply with his caresses.
Before sliding his middle finger between your folds, Xiao will part your lips. He wants to see your expressions, hear your voice calling his name. His gaze is so tender and loving, he completely lets go once in your arms. He will position himself at your side, wrapping his leg around yours to better observe you.
His finger will gently slide inside your walls. He will start slowly, rubbing his middle finger inside. His eyes will not leave you as you moan his name.
When he adds his index finger to his middle finger, his pace will quicken. He'll attack your hardened nipples, sucking and biting the tip of your nipple.
He will let you come a first time on his fingers... Before separating from your breasts to lower his face between your legs, spreading them further apart to have better access to your femininity. He'll kiss your swollen clit before he starts licking the fluids from your previous orgasm.
He is completely smitten with the taste of your moisture. His cheeks are red with pleasure as he moans between your thighs. His tongue greedily penetrates you as his fingers massage your sensitive bud. Your hand in his hair urges him to go deeper, faster. He wouldn't realize right away that he was giving you orgasm after orgasm...
"Xiao, please stop... I can't take it anymore!"
Xiao flinched at your call. He quickly walked away from you, red with shame. Your chest was heaving rapidly with the rhythm of your breathing. You were drenched in sweat and Xiao couldn't help but think you were beautiful like this... When he recovered from his initial shock, Xiao came to lie on top of you, gently kissing your forehead. His pelvis was glued to yours, allowing you to feel his hardened sex against you.
"I'm sorry (y/n), rest for a while." - His lips caressed yours before moving to your ear to whisper some sensual words... - "And get ready quickly for the next part..."
Tumblr media
When Kazuha comes back home after a long trip, his only thought is to find you.
This boy is so kind and loving, he thinks about you all the time when you are separated, and not always in a very holy way. A part of him craved you terribly, so when he sees you sitting on the living room couch sipping tea, he can't stop his urges from taking over.
He takes the cup out of your hand and carefully places it on the coffee table. Taken by surprise, you did not react when he leaned his knee on the sofa, right next to you to encircle you with his arms.
He kissed you hungrily, his lips moving at a frantic pace. His tongue quickly took over, it wrapped around yours.
Kazuha lifted you from the sofa to settle under you, spreading his legs to have you against him. You can feel the hardness of his member against your buttocks.
He's extremely patient, and that's why foreplay is so good with him!
His hands are all over you. Your breasts, your belly, your hips while his lips are on your neck and jaw.
He loves to hear you moan his name. He encouraged you in a husky voice to keep making those sensual sounds.
One of his hands went calmly down to your pants. He unbuttoned the buttons slowly before sliding his fingers under your already soaked underwear. He wanted to tease you, to caress you through the fabric until you couldn't stand it anymore! You could feel the gentle pressure on your clit before he pinched it between his nimble fingers. His hand slid over your clothed entrance, pressing on it to give you a taste of what he wanted to do to you. He continued until you had your first orgasm... He hadn't even penetrated you yet.
But Kazuha may have all the patience in the world, but his journey had been long and he wanted you. He tipped you over onto the couch, sliding down your pants and underwear.
His face would quickly be between your thighs, licking, sucking everything you had to offer. His moans would thrill you. His hands would firmly hold your legs apart as he greedily licked your sex. He knew you'd built up several orgasms, but he couldn't stop, not when he found it so good.
"Kazuha! Kazu - ha! Please, I..."
He stopped to look at you. You were completely disheveled, tears marking your cheeks. Kazuha's tender gaze made you moan. Kazuha finally left your femininity to stand over you.
"I missed you (y/n)..." - He kissed you. You could hear Kazuha tugging on the knot of his belt. - "I love you my nightingale..."
Tumblr media
Albedo has an incredibly strong feeling of love for you.
He could never have imagined that he could feel something so... beautiful and incredible. With you, he loses that cold and distant shell to be the man you know today, so kind and loving towards you.
It's no wonder he focuses solely on your pleasure when he makes you his.
You might think that Albedo sometimes mistakes you for one of his test subjects, but that's not the case. He is simply captivated by you, your moans, your movements. He is the one who makes you feel all that pleasure, he finds you so beautiful, he can easily get carried away.
It is not uncommon for Albedo to ask for you in his office. If you walk into his lab, treats in hand, with the most adorable smile he's ever seen, his thoughts drift. He can control himself. But the two of you are alone, who could stop him from being a little selfish?
He'll wrap your legs around his hips to move you into his personal laboratory. He'll lay you gently on his desk, caressing your thighs with lust. His lips are so eager for yours. His arms trap you on the surface of the desk as his pelvis clings to you. His need is so obvious...
He will quickly remove your clothes. He wants you naked, no matter how much you protest. If you're cold, he'll warm you up. If you are ashamed, he will reassure you.
With his hand on your lower back, he'll make you lie down on the wood, letting your legs dangle in the air.
His lips explore your body, starting with your lips and then slowly, meticulously moving down your torso.
A few hickeys appear here and there on your skin.
So far, he has deliberately ignored your arousal. And when he finally reaches your sex, you are already soaked, waiting for a rub.
His hands will grab your legs and place them on his shoulders. Then they'll chain your hips to keep you from moving.
His hot breath would take your breath away first. Albedo could see your sex muscles quivering at this simple action. A small smirk would freeze on his expression. Gradually losing patience, Albedo would eventually dive between your thighs, kissing, sucking, licking your wetness.
Your hands in his hair make him more greedy.
The sounds he makes with his mouth make your head spin.
His tongue will penetrate you deeply while his fingers work on your clit. He'll make you cum once, then twice, then three times... until you lose count.
"I-I Albe-do, I can't - aah - anymore!"
Despite your pleas, he didn't stop. Your taste was so intoxicating, especially after cumming so much. Still, he moved away from your crotch for a few moments to come and whisper in your ear:
"Bear it a little longer, my flower..."
Tumblr media
With you, Venti shows a completely different side of his personality. That of a tender and protective young man.
He takes care of you, he cuddles you. He takes his relationship with you very seriously!
Venti loves to have you in his arms, to feel your warmth against him. The moments of intimacy are generally very soft and romantic.
This little trickster has a slightly kinky side that he discovered after your first time. He likes to tease you in public, but in a subtle way! He also doesn't want others to hear you moan or see your cute expressions.
He'll wait until he's alone with you to start anything sexual. More generally at home, where he knows he won't be disturbed.
Once he crosses the threshold of your door, he'll lock it and press you against it.
Venti kisses so well, he knows how to handle his tongue perfectly.
But it's not only his tongue that is skillful... his hands also know how to work perfectly on you. He is not a musician for nothing.
You will soon find yourself naked on your lower body and your shirt will be completely open.
While his lips are sucking on your skin, his hand, the one that is not busy titillating your breast, will go down to your folds.
His caresses are precise, he knows perfectly his objective. He will first focus on your clitoris, the source of your pleasure.
When you moan so loudly, Venti feels like he's hearing the most melodious sound he's ever heard.
Finally, once he's satisfied with his work on your skin and the wetness between your thighs caused by his caresses, Venti will squat down in front of you. He will prop one of your legs up on his shoulder while he helps you stand with both hands on your hips. He then plunged his face between your thighs, sucking your bud like a hungry man. His tongue swirled around your nerve, making you cry out in pleasure. His fingers would join the party, immediately plunging two of them inside your folds.
His teasing side often resurfaces during your sexual encounters. He knows he's made you cum several times on his fingers and then on his tongue. He knows by the way your legs shake that you're on edge. But he can't help himself...
"Venti... Venti... I- ahh - Barbatos!"
Your tears of pleasure were so beautiful. Feeling your legs give way, Venti tightened his grip on your hips. He separated from you for a few moments to take you to the living room sofa. His loving gaze could not leave your expressions. Laying on top of you, Venti kissed your jaw, slowly moving up to your lips.
"Pray to Barbatos all you want (y/n), believe me when I tell you he hears all your prayers..."
After this statement, Venti sank back between your thighs, a sly smile on his face.
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clickclackgenshinimpact15 hours ago
some scaramoche fluff headcanons in the modern au pls!
Characters: Scaramouche
-The dates Scaramouche takes you on ranges from taking you to fancy restaurants to picking up fast food to late night grocery shopping.
-He鈥檚 more than okay with taking you out on dates, he loves showing off that he鈥檚 the one who got you.
-However, he also enjoys just staying home with you. He enjoys how domestic it feels, but he鈥檚 not willing to admit that.
-He鈥檒l drive you to work or class, giving you a kiss goodbye before you two head your separate ways.
-He enjoys competitive video games. Whenever you play them with him, he鈥檒l give you some praise, whether you鈥檙e on the same team as him or not. The praise isn鈥檛 much, but it鈥檚 enough to cheer you up when you make a mistake. 鈥淒on鈥檛 worry about it, you did good.鈥 he鈥檒l tell you as your character dies once again.
-It鈥檚 no secret that he enjoys seeing you flustered. He鈥檒l do what he can to embarrass you in a positive way when it鈥檚 just the two of you.
-Scaramouche likes going on walks with you, preferring walks through the woods over walks in the park. He likes how the rough terrain of the woods leads you to holding his hand so he can guide you.
-He has a decent job, but hates his coworkers. He claims to tolerate it so he can take you to nice places. When you try to tell him that he doesn鈥檛 need to take you to nice places, he鈥檒l shut you up with a kiss.
-He鈥檚 unsure about whether he likes PDA or not. He鈥檒l always hold your hand or wrap an arm around your waist, giving you kisses whenever people look your way. But he gets embarrassed when you initiate anything other than hand holding.
-His cheeks flush ever so slightly when you go to give him a hug or a kiss in public as he returns your affection.
-He loves you more than anything else in the world. He might not be the nicest to others, but he does know how to treat you right.
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rozalyein-kruzchka12 hours ago
Genshin impact characters with tallfem s/o (part..5 i think?)
Tumblr media
Deffinetly dont mind, and doesnt have anything to do with it, people just oftenly mistaken you as a boy makes her uncomfortable even though you're not
"Ah! Miss Keqing! Wait...who is that man..!?"
You both having a simple walk around Liyue and talk random things, you guys dont even realize there's somebody that stalk both of you
"Should we go and eat shrimp balls?"
"A great idea, lets go..!"
"Oh my...its a woman..i have mistaken it.."
Thats already the 8 case about you have been mistaken as a man
"Listen, if you guys found this person with me, they're a woman, are you guys judging someone by their height? Its not an admirable thing to do and raised...bla bla bla bla"
Tumblr media
Hu tao
Always manage to do a pranks for you, and with you, but from day to day, she's not into pranks for you, more for annoyed you, dont worry, you guys are on a health relationship
"Jang jang! (First)! Hey hey look at me..! Look at this..! Tadaa!"
No, you're not ignoring her.
You're really really watch her that show you so many things even though she and you know that she has another work to do, but its Hu Tao, nothing you could do about it
"..Phew..! Its really tiring to annoyed you everyday"
She sat on the grass part, making her hat as a fan, you let out laugh and patting her head
"Amazing job today"
She stood up and drag you with her
"Lets go fight a cryo regisvine, dont you think~?"
"Wait what? Its in Mondstadt..?"
"Nah, as long as im with you, and you're praising me with that little trait, no matter how long i go, i'll never get tired of it~!"
Tumblr media
Oh no no no, the person who feel embrassed and BLAME you for that, ask Verr Goldet on how to be taller but every way she told him seems doesnt work to him, he's too old already >:3
"Why you..."
"Why me..what?"
"Tell me your secret, why are you so tall..!?"
He stand upon you, try to reach your face, for what? I dont know, to slap your face? To press your head so that you'll be shorter? Who knows~!
"Eh...natural cause i..guess?"
"You mortals are always speaking nonsense, are you trying to hide something from me..!? Dont you dare.."
"Its a biological thing? Well, both my parents are tall, so i get that gen of my parents, both of them have a dominant gen by having a tall appearances, or maybe because i used to drink milk, the calcium there help you grow your bone"
"So thats why? Well then, i'll try that too, even though i dont know who my 'parents' are, but i'll try to do the second option, how dare you challenging the Adeptus.."
Tumblr media
The person that dont care about your height, he's still taller than you, he didnt even realize, so..yeah
"Zhongli Zhongli! Who's taller? Me or Hu Tao? Quick quick!!"
"Why with that such question? Of course you--"
He didnt even finish his line, you ran to Hu Tao and take the flower crown for yourself
"Im taller! See? Thats what Zhongli said!"
"Eeeh?? Its not fair! But im capable of many things but not height!"
Zhongli let out am expressive-realization face
"I never realized that she's this tall.."
Tumblr media
She realize it, but she dont really care, but she actually often hide in your back in some condition that makes her uncomfortable, and pretty scared if you guys are together, she dont want her horns to stab your chest--
"W-wait (First)--! Dont--!"
You hug her from the front, for this last days, she seems so worried if you hug her because she just realize that her horns might hurt you, but she cant fix that horns of herself either
"Whyy?? Im hugging you from the front position, no need to be so scared like that! I'll be fine..!"
"B-but my horns, makes your shoulder gets injured because you're catching me.."
"Its fine! Its not that hurt tho!"
She let out a simple smile as you hug her tightly
"Thankyou..for never complain any of my appearance..i love you.."
Tumblr media
Oh no prt.2, he's literall Kaeya y'know?
(Let me put a simple conversation here, sorrychilde lovers :">)
Childe : ha! I win today! Im taller than you!
(First) : You Snezhnayan people are always cheating to tall!
Childe : what do you mean?
(First) : *throws an album full of mirror maiden pic and height differences* What kind of food are yall eating!?!
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hahaimnotdeadyet12 hours ago
Thursday visitor
Diluc X Gn!Reader
W: Mention of alcohol
Tumblr media
Regulars are someone good businessman should always remember. So yeah, Diluc definitely remembers to ask Kaeya and Venty to pay before they drink all dandelion wine stocks. And he perfectly memories this very one bottle of a pomegranate wine he serves to the table on the far side of the wall. On the first floor, so you can always hear the bard's gnawing song.
It started so suddenly, yet the begging was so common for red haired man. You - he never saw you before, just another traveller - came to his tavern, luckily this one evening he was in a good mood enough to be a barman himself. Took one bottle of wine and came to the table. It was a professional habit to observe all the time, so Diluc was left discouraged when he realized that this evening no one would join you. You left the bar almost at midnight, with the half of the bottle untouched.
Somehow, he always gets used to new people at his tavern. Doesn't matter how strange they are sometimes.
One new costumer who always appeared on the threshold of his tavern, just after sunset, every two weeks on Thursdays. One bottle of wine, untouched, only for you. As a good businessman himself, after a month and a half he prepared this bottle at the bar, so you will not have to wait for it. This surprise and gratitude that you were remembered that showed on your face the moment he gave you a bottle even before you took out the mora, was definitely worth it.
You always took the same table, and somehow it became some kind of a routine for Diluc. Small piece of stability he learned how to appreciate. He learned that you like pomegranate because it reminds you your home. You need it in the breaks during your mind blowing missions. It's a pure accident, but he saw scars covering your arms and heard your little drunk complains about those people memories of those you preferred to keep left behind. And you wait for this one silly bard's song each evening, because it always touches your heart. Not like you'd like anyone to know abot that. Song is silly, lyrics are too sappy, so you even feel ashamed. Diluc smiles politely when you ask him do not tell anyone. He thinks it's cute. Too cute for - even regular - customer.
He finds himself liking this silly routine even more and more.
Although he is kinda shy around you when he sees you at the city the same days. He is a barmen for you, right? So no messing between work and "friendship".
He mentally breaks when you don't come the next week. And two weeks after that. And even in a month he doesn't see you either. So each Thursday's midnight he spasmodically squeezes the bottle, with dark glass and even darker liquid. Takes it back to the cellar. And prepares in the ice bucket in a week. Maybe you left, maybe something happened during your traveling. There is no chance for him to find out. Or probably he is afraid to check it up and find out the truth.
He walks around the city this quiet evening. No mood to be at the bar, today is too overwhelming already. And he sees you. You rest your elbows on the railing and just enjoy the silence of the evening. The very first thought?
Relief? Yes.
He is nothing more but a barmen for you. But he is happy you are safe and sound.
Diluc dared to come closer to greet you, only to notice familiar bottle in your hands. Only a quarter left. You smile, but not the same as all those weeks before. A little more tired, a little more broken. Maybe he imagines, but a little too warmer towards him. You offer the bottle, but he doesn't take it. Neither asks how your mission went. He knows the answer.
But he smiles. "Welcome back" Not his lips, his eyes. You are here, you are safe. His favourite Thursday visitor.
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adrikazu20 hours ago
scaramouche + 馃拰 pls :'
scaramouche + 馃拰
a midnight walk with scaramouche ,,
Tumblr media
oh so irritated ehe
鈥渨hy are you making me walk in the dark likes this? how stupid.鈥
at first he鈥檚 very talkative and doesn鈥檛 pay much attention to the scenery
mostly rude remarks about going out at this hour of the night
but he does get quiet at some point, and this is the prime moments of this outing
slowly, the silence becomes comfortable
more breathable and you can say anything you want during this
he might sit down at a spot to look at everything and relish in his thoughts
if you stare, you鈥檒l notice an intense and yet silent ray of emotions in his eyes
but if he catches you he鈥檒l say something mean to rile ya up
otherwise stare at the world with him in silence
it would be better not to say anything though, or at least not anything that鈥檒l annoy him
please let him be vulnerable, sometimes it鈥檚 hard for him to do so
if you do these types of walks a lot and you bring him along it鈥檒l become an important part of his routine
when he鈥檚 nice he鈥檒l bring candy and he鈥檒l check his pockets on the walk and be like wow how convenient
purposely doesn鈥檛 share them with you just to spite you
if he鈥檚 in the mood for it he鈥檒l be much more noisy on the walk
bother him during these ones!! although he does get a bit mad it鈥檚 always fun and he doesn鈥檛 regret it in the end because the next day he鈥檒l ask if you鈥檙e going out on a walk again
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cnsrbox8 hours ago
Tumblr media
馃挮A Lost Lumine馃挮
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