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Jean: No off-topic questions.

Jean: Because I don’t want to.

Jean: No they’re, no.

Jean: Permission DENIED.

Jean: That’s an oFf tOpiC question, next…

Jean: You have been STOPPED.

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When you are drawing a poorly drawn Venti and your boyfriend decides to make him drunk.

I love this awful result haha

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“Klee’s Everday Life” Volume 2

Klee’s Everyday Life #5 - “Fischl speaks kind of funny and I don’t really understand her… She’s really nice though, and her bird is super friendly too!”

Klee’s Everyday Life #6 - “Xiangling’s cooking is really yummy, and she’s really nice! She uses some strange ingredients sometimes though. But she always makes extra for Dodoco!”

Klee’s Everyday Life #7 - “I accidentally made a mess… Kaeya got angry with me but Noelle was really nice about it. I had to say sorry to her and help clean up before Jean found out!”

Klee’s Everyday Life #8 - “Amber is so cuddly and warm, and she always gives me a big hug everyime she sees me! I wish I had a Baron Bunny of my own!”  

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Venti: i am a bard.

Paimon: wait a second, are you Ba-

Venti: no no no, I just play music

Paimon: are you sure you’re not the Arc-


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Genshin Impact Ganyu Karakterinin İlk Speed Run'ı Yapıldı

Genshin Impact Ganyu Karakterinin İlk Speed Run'ı Yapıldı

Geçtiğimiz sene eylül ayında hem PC'ye hem mobil platformlara hem de konsollara yayınlanan Genshin Impact oyunu, büyük ses getirmeyi başarmıştı. Büyük bir oyun kitlesi de toplamayı başaran oyun, oyuncuları arasında çeşitli tartışmalara da yol açmıştı.
Bu haberimizin konusu da ücretsiz olarak yayınlanan bu aksiyon rol yapma oyununun speed run'ı oldu. Memorii isimli bir YouTube kullanıcısı,…


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genshin impact shld be lauded for the incredible production achievement that is getting an incredibly talented cast of voice actors and still managing to make every piece of dialogue sound out of place

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liyue is so beautifully made. everything about it radiates a feeling of tranquility. even the busy streets just gives off the impression of preserved history and culture that you can’t help but watch agape. sometimes i would stop randomly to observe my surroundings because it feels surreal and watching the world go around on its self, with little creatures running around or mindless chatter of people, makes me feel at peace. i know it’s not real but sometimes i feel like i’m actually in the place and i can’t help but marvel at how beautiful life appears to be there.

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question: does teyvat only have one language? if so, do they have one language but multiple dialects or just one all in all?

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pairing: childe x f!reader

wc: 1.4k

genre: fluff

a/n: this is literally just my attempt to prove to @myherowritings​ that childe is not stinky. this man is so fine pls– i just KNOW he smells like sweet mint & violetgrass. bennett’s the stinkee one 🙄 (but i love him too💖)

triggers/warnings: childe not being able to use chopsticks, hey girlie - hold still


you closed your eyes, letting the soft, cool breeze caress your face.

you loved nighttime boat rides. evenings were always serene and calm, and the colors of the sky post-sunset were your absolute favorite - something about the misty indigo of the sky blending into the blue of the ocean brought tranquility to your mind.

“hey girlie,” called out a smooth voice, breaking you out of your reverie.

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ganyu with different kind of horns ft. injured aether

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Hello Everyone!

I’m Generic Waffle

I have recently started playing Genshin Impact for the first time. I’d appreciate if you checked this out and let me know what you think. This is my hobby and I hope you enjoy!

Thank you!

And as always,

With love,

Generic Waffle

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Shout out to all the true F2P players out there. You strong af, keep going.

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The fact that these two were the reason I decided to play this game in the first place, were my first two 4 star pulls, and now are my first two to reach c6 just feels so cosmically aligned. Now I’m gonna take this energy and manifest Ganyu next 🙏🏻

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Sucrose my love~



Artist: @himehotaru

Character: Sucrose - Genshin Impact

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