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#genshin aether
unboxingaparadox · a day ago
Do ya guys ever think about the fact that most people use Genshin as a coping mechanism? Cuz 99% of us are like mentally ill so in a way, Genshin comforts us right? I mean, why wouldn't it.
But for the cult au, imagine a darling that gets isekai'd but they don't want to leave. Like that's a good thing for the cult but Zhongli realizes something else has to be at play here. The cult readied themselves for almost any scenario; yet the darling is more than happy to stay in the game. Why deal with stress from school, drama and friends when you can pet cats with Diona? Or dance with Eula? Why work a shitty job when Diluc, Ningguang & Childe are more than happy to pay for whatever you want? No friends? No problem; Bennett's Adventure Team and the kids in Liyue are more than happy to spend any amount of time with you?
Those are all assuming you're like a teenager / young adult, ya know? But now like, imagine an isekai'd darling that gets too lost in the little fantasy world of Genshin Impact that they forget how weak they truly are without Zhongli's shield, Barbara's healing and Bennett's buffs. Without Childe to slash his way through enemies or Venti to blow them away. There won't be a Baal to shock problems out of existence or Noelle for comfort. Like they get so wrapped up in it all they forget that at the end of the day, none of it is real.
Being inside Genshin can have new problems rise and be solved but one day it will all end. Like with most games, Genshin will get boring to someone like you. Someone who was loved as a God. World domination is only so entertaining when they keep offering to do it for you. And whaddya do when that happens? Ya leave. Either w/ the twins and Paimon or just simply force yourself into new games for a constant rush of adrenaline and joy w/ no note or explanation. Or worse: you get forced back to the real world by unknown forces and you have to live again as a completely normal person. Suddenly being thrown of a pedastal snaps the Darling back into a reality where hardly anyone cares who they are; few treat them w/ kindess. And absolutely no one listens to their frantic orders; why should they?
I had this thought while doin' the damn dishes and this conveys most of what I wanna say so-
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alyxsss · a day ago
"When you gave them a handmade sweater"
Characters: Albedo, Childe/Tartaglia, Scaramaouche, Aether × gn!reader {Separated}
Tumblr media
He already expected that you would gave him a gift, considering that you've been staying up all night lately
Nonetheless he's still surprised when you gave him a sweater
YOUR handmade sweater
"Thank you, dear. I will cherish this gift"
He looks so calm but he's actually screaming on the inside
Would 100% wear it when he goes to dragonspine
He wears the sweater 24/7 even at hot days because it reminds him of you
Probably will ask you to teach him (SO HE COULD MAKE ONE FOR YOU)
Tumblr media
This man didn't know anything about this, considering that he's really busy.
Soo when you gave him your handmade sweater, he was surprised, happy and excited at the same time.
"YOU MADE THIS BY YOURSELF?! Your the best S/O I've ever have. Thank you so much, dove~"
Will kiss you on the forehead after that.
Brags about it infront of the other harbingers and probably zhongli.
Wears your sweater when he's at Sheneznaya.
His brother, Teucer begs you to make you another one for him.
So he could match with his brother.
Would buy you lots of gifts and takes you out on a expensive dinner date as a thank you.
Tumblr media
Let me tell you something, I'm a simp for this man but sadly he's rude asf.
Don't worry tho, he have a soft spot just for you :)
We all know that he's number 6th of the eleven fatui harbinger, so he's probably more busy than childe.
(I mean like damn, he have gone for like 6 months?-)
Y'all only get to meet twice a week, (Yes he did not know that you make him a sweater)
So when you gave it to him, he was surprised but after that he will scoff at you.
"Why do you even waste your time on making something like this? I've could just bought from a store you know."
He did said that but he's actually grateful on the inside (Man doesn't even want to admit it 💀)
When he wear it, he was even more surprised. It fit him well and looks good on him.
He secretly admires your work.
"Thank you, (Y/N). B-but don't expect to wear it all the time."
Note: He actually wear it and brags about it infront of the other harbingers (especially to La Signora and Childe)
Tries to spend more time with you as a thank you (keyword: tries)
Tumblr media
He goes on an adventure often so I don't think he knows that you make this for him?
You heard from Sucrose that he's going to Dragonspine later on, so you decide to make something for him.
Before he could go there, you stopped him and gave your handmade sweater.
He was so shock and touched at the same time (bby almost in the verge of tears)
"I didn't know that you could make something like this. I'm grateful, dove. Thank you."
Paimon being salty because you didn't make her one.
Will spend time with you more and tell you all about his journey as a thank you.
He will gave you your favorite flower later on aswell.
"Hey, why doesn't Paimon get a cool sweater like Aether!"
"Because I'm (Y/N)'s boyfriend✨"
Tumblr media
[A/N]: Have this idea at 23:21 and remind me that I have school tomorrow. 😔
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2-dsimp · 2 days ago
Ok guys it’s decision time today I’m debating on wether I should draw/write for
Yandere! Heroic new kid! Aether
Yandere! Student Council Club Member! Scaramouche
The choice is yours 🙇‍♀️
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giyokaizine · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
A very big thank you for the overwhelming interest in our zine! Our team is incredibly grateful for everyone's support and we'll most certainly continue to do our best!! 🙇🙇🙇🙇
The results will be out in a few days! Wonder what announcements we have in store~ ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ
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wisteriaisekai · 20 hours ago
Okay beSTIE SO
I logged in on genshin today, y'know to do my commissions and to see y'know Aether my son-
And like they're damage is 1-300 damage tops (I'm a rather new player so-)
Like, which is fine and ty yes
But like at the beginning when I was doing dragonspine I had a ton of trouble :(((
They were only doing like 10-15 bits of damage and im concerned?? Did I do smth wrong??? Was it me saying I love venti?? And I wanna hug him??
Help -
It was also raining alot until like towards the end when I was doing one of my final commissions
And I also tried to do a dungeon yesterday but failed miserably and was upset and logged out after that
Are they mad at me for quitting - TwT
Thanks sm-
Tumblr media
Aether's probably just worried about you. You failing a dungeon out of nowhere was already a sign to Aether that something was off. The endless rain wasn't really a bad sign, it was simply bad weather.
Honestly, the cold and the worry about you got to Aether and he couldn't focus on the battle. Once you reassure him that you're fine by... I'm not sure what you usually do.
No one would be mad at you for quitting, you were probably tired or had your godly duties to finish! Watching over Teyvat is important, but you can come back later!
Saying you love Venti to Aether would be a tiny bit frustrating, why look at that bard when you have him and Lumine! However, he'd be happy you care for your subjects, which include him.
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trm-satoshi · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Miko Aether rkgk
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teapot-thingz · 2 days ago
Aether: “Inazuma really has it all.”
Aether: “Narukami Island, fire nation by electricity.”
Aether: “Kannazuka, military camp/cursed mine.”
Aether: “Yashiori Island, Hell.”
Aether: “Seirai Island, Hell 2 Electric Boogaloo.”
Aether: “Watatsumi Island, Set of a ghibli movie.”
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dear-belov3d · 3 months ago
Any genshin character in their story quest: Hey Random Sus Traveler, help me do this very random task that does not involve you at all. Also, I trust you with everything even if we just met.
Traveler, just passing by: You lazy, beautiful being. I'm in.
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