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#genshin albedo
viixbat · a day ago
Genshin Boys being your college roommate
Tumblr media
Summary: How your life would be if you were sharing a college dorm with some of the men of Teyvat.
Who: Diluc, Kaeya, Childe, Xiao, Albedo
Type: Headcannons Genre: SWF, Fluff(?)/General, Modern AU, Warnings: None (?)
What is it like having Diluc as your roommate;
First off, good luck you’re spending most of your time alone in the dorm room. He has morning and night classes along with a part-time job that takes up most of him time.
He puts sticky notes on his food with his name written on it but honestly he will share if you ask or even will make you something if you’re stressing about tests. Diluc cares more about your well-being than his.
Speaking about well-beings, he’s shit at taking care of himself. He’s a natural workaholic, constantly over working himself till he’s sick. He’ll shoot you a message when he’s a work or class telling you he’s not feeling too well as a heads up to stay away from his so you don’t catch anything.
He’s,, so awkward around you. Whenever he’s near you when he gets off of work or has a free day he’s so tense. Honestly he’s trying to get closer to you but he just hates small talk.
Kaeya probably drags him to some parties but only because Diluc is the “designated driver” he jokes.
Really Kaeya just wants to help his brother open up more but it doesn’t seem like it’s working,,
What is it like having Kaeya as your roommate
Constantly trying to drag you and his friends along to parties that none of you were invited to, all because he wants you all to live that “College life” and not stay cooped up studying in your rooms.
This bitch uses all the hot water and your fucking shampoo.
Speaking of showers he has this small portable waterproof speaker that he brings in with him and just blast his fucking music. Good luck studying when he’s sing screaming “Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)”
Man is constantly burning a scented candles, you’d be shocked with how many different smells he has.
Despite him always dragging you out with his friends he’s actually really good at helping with school work. Unless it’s art,, then he’ll call Albedo up for you!
If you really don’t want to go out Kaeya is more than happy to just sit at home with you and watch some shitty movies with cheap wine and popcorn!
What is it like having Childe as your roommate
Okay listen, he’s probably gonna tease you and treat you like a kid. He seems like he gets homesick a lot so he’s missing his siblings a lot and treat you like one for a bit. After a few weeks he’ll probably stop but treating you like one of his siblings but that doesn’t mean he won’t be overprotective and annoying.
You’re NEVER walking anywhere alone, like ever. Especially if it’s dark out. He’s so annoying about it but he has to walk you where you need to go, and if he can’t he’ll get one of his friends to follow behind you. 
He’s the definition of scary dog privileges, always following behind you with smile that feels,, off when other people look at him.
Parties? Hell yeah! Only if he gets to hold your drink and dance with you.
Like he’s annoying with wanting to hold your drink but once you let him he’ll insists on you “paying him back” with a dance.
Despite being a party guy he’s at the top of all his classes and often offers to tutor you.
In your guy’s kitchen he made chart to determine who’s cooking dinner that night but somehow he’s always the one who does most of the cooking. 
Childe enjoys cooking and especially cooking for others. When it’s your turn to cook for the night he’ll scoot in and help from stirring to cutting up some of the ingredients which is fine until he’s shooing you out of the kitchen saying, “Hey don’t worry I got this! You can go back to studying!” with his dumb cheeky smile.
What is it like having Xiao as your roommate;
When you first tell people you’re sharing a dorm they’re usually like “You have a roommate???” which makes sense since it seems like you’re the only one who lives there until they see the back door creek open ever so slowly and a wild Xiao with bed head walks out the bathroom back into his dark one.
He,, can only cook one thing so expect to see a life time supply of tofu and almonds in the fridge. 
Xiao tends to be a picky eater and isn’t one for change but he’ll slowly warm up to your cooking and trying your food. Just ask nicely if he can “taste test” your food. (In reality you’re just trying to get him to eat literally anything else,,)
No he wont go to any parties no matter how much you beg. He has class in the morning and needs to finish his notes. Xiao honestly just would not feel comfortable in a loud room with people he could honestly care less. about.
Will let you tag along with him to go out with Aether and Lumine for brunch if you want.
Sometimes you hear him laughing at a video in his room, like a faint chuckle or even the sound of him typing away at his keyboard.
Xiao seems like the type that once they stand up you hear all the bones in their body just crack and pop. It’s enough to make a normal person cringe.
He is the definition of that one Lilo and Stitch scene where it’s late at night and Stitch is in the fridge and just scares the shit outta Nani.
What is it like having Albedo as your roommate;
Man,, this art student dude,, he’s a great roommate except for his quirks-
Listen,  you love this man but if you wake up one more time and walk out your room to the bathroom and see out the corner of your eye Albedo in the kitchen at 4 am mixing a giant mug of chocolate milk in the pitch black with the only light source being the flashlight on the back of his phone.
Being roommates with him is being roommates with Sucrose and Timaeus since they never,,,fucking,,,leave.
You’re so close to making them pay rent at this point.
They’re here because Albedo is the leader of the science club and they’re his (only) members.
Klee knows and loves you! Albedo is always face timing her since she tends to miss him a lot and one day she saw you in the corner of his camera and let out a loud scream of “HI!” Nearly blowing out Albedo’s eardrums.
Klee now constantly asks Albedo about you, “Where’s Y/N? Are they still there? Can I see them? Did you show them the picture I made them? Are them coming over for winter break? They can stay the night in my room!”
Albedo is another one who doesn’t take care of his well being, but he just simply forget to since he’s so busy.
Please get him food and drop it off at his room, he’ll be very appreciative and will do anything for you in return.
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alatusxiaoo · 23 hours ago
Tumblr media
SEASONS. (a youthful otome game with the genshin boys)
love blossoms in all seasons.
Tumblr media
“an…otome game?”
a snort escapes your lips in disbelief, as you send a perplexed glare over to your chagrined friend. “oh, what are you looking at me for…you wanted a recommendation!”
“yeah. not this cheesy shit.” you cringed at the mere thought of it, begrudgingly inserting the video game’s dvd in the television’s slot. “i was expecting…i don’t know, something more interesting?”
the humdrum remark earns a playful slap on your shoulder from her, as you wince at the impact of her offended smack. “gods, just trust me already! it’s going to be life-changing.” she dreamily muses with a fanciful smile, however you’re not even the least bit convinced by her starry-eyed demeanor.
your eyes carefully scrutinize the displayed monitor, watching the game agonizingly load inside the box. dread crept up and sent chills down your spine as the screen slowly lit up, and your wandering eyes catch the sight of messily stuffed packages poorly concealed behind ajar closet doors. “actually you know what, i do have some unfinished monster hunter quests in the — ow! excuse me? what the hell was that for?!”
“come on y/n! you promised you’d play this time.” she childishly huffs in dismay, crossing her arms as she leans back on the edge of the bed in evident betrayal. “it won’t be that bad, i swear. let’s just finish one chapter today, and then i’ll let you decide after if we play a bit more…or you burn the damn game into smithereens.”
the latter option made quite the tempting offer, though you personally would have favored a third alternative where you could just burn the dvd now. “whatever.” you quietly grumble while snatching the plugged controller from the space on the wooden boards beside you. “fine, lets do it. but i’ll hold you to your word of that second choice.”
Tumblr media
SEASONS is a youthful otome game, where love blossoms in all seasons. Depending on the choices you make, you may encounter different characters, and unlock various special (and even secret) routes within certain chapters. There are a total of four major episodes — each contain storylines that require your decision on the choices you wish to make in pursuit of your love interest.
Tumblr media
chapter one, spring. (when the flowers bloom.)
route/s: ??
Tumblr media
chapter two, summer. (the warmer half of the year.)
route/s: ??
Tumblr media
chapter three, autumn. (when the leaves fall from trees.)
route/s: ??
chapter four, winter. (the colder half of the year.)
route/s: ??
Tumblr media
note: for the upcoming 600 milestone <3 this short series’ lovely concept is heavily inspired by seasons of blossom. if you haven’t read the webtoon, please do because i legitimately swear ;-; genuinely the most beautiful story i’ve read,, not to mention the build-up — the fucking build up!! literally the top-tier kind of writing and talent i aspire to achieve in this lifetime >;(( i laughed, shed tears and blushed a whole lot from the plot :””> so im sincerely hoping my own rendition will do greatly deserved justice to it ٩(˘◡˘)۶
warning: will contain webtoon spoilers, so i’d suggest you avoid reading if you’re interested in seeing the original first!
status: masterlist’s style is a work in progress, and speculated characters may be subject to change.
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ganyusleepyhead · 15 hours ago
Albedo: Why doesn’t Y/N find me sexy when I bite my lip?
Kaeya: What do you look like when you bite your lip?
Albedo: *bites lip*
Kaeya: ...Have you considered biting your bottom lip instead?
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luvmotel · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
love — something so out of the world , it's love.
it's love when you kiss his cheeks and he feels the softness of your lips leaving an imprint , it is love when you run your fingers through the blonde mess of his hair , it's love when you nimble fingers trace patterns on his skin , it's is love when he has you pressed against him , warmth radiating from your bodies as lips meet and long breathes are taken.
albedo finds love peculiar because he finds it someone so surreal.
he is love and he knows but do you , do you know he's in love with you — hopelessly and mindlessly in love with you , so in love that he wants your lips on his , the warmth to be shared between you two , to have your hands on his body — he's blindly in love with you.
“i love you...” it's a whisper , it's mumbled mindlessly , his own mind is hazy as he speaks but he means it and he wants you to know he means it — he means every single word that slips from his mouth when you two are together.
“i love you so much.” this time it fades away as he speaks , your eyes look into those of his love filled ones , his legs tangled with yours , your naked body against his own. “ ...i love you.”
you're in love too , but you're love isn't as meaningful as his — you think.
your fingers trace his cheeks as his eyes become heavy , his throat has words but they are dying down as slumber takes over. your eyes are watery , tears glisten underneath the dim lit lamp in his room , you're also utterly and mindlessly in love with albedo.
but he isn't meant for you , you're two worlds apart.
tears trickle down as you wish he shouldn't have loved you but he did , he loved you with something more than just his heart — he loved you with his soul too.
love — it really is peculiar but you're not the one surreal here , he is. you have fallen for something so surreal , someone who knows no bound to world for he lives beyond the world created for him but you live in the world bound for you.
“i love you too.” you whisper words dying down in your throat , your hands now tracing his naked back he sleeps in slumber , your own eyes lidded with sleep as tears have dried on your cheeks.
it is love — so peculiar and unique and even two souls are two worlds apart , they'd fall in love because they believe it is love.
Tumblr media
© belongs to luvmotel do not plagarize , repost or use as your own. reblogs are appreciated <333
% please do tell if you wish to join the taglist !
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1000feuille · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
so what if albedo was a lab supervisor. and no one in his lab ever followed laboratory safety guidelines
link to other posts in this au: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 …
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ganyuslily · 6 months ago
touching their hair — genshin headcanons
Tumblr media
characters: albedo, diluc, kaeya, scaramouche, xiao
category/extra notes: fluff
a little summary: how would they react if you asked to touch/braid their hair?
a/n: i come bearing scaramouche being soft for his s/o
Tumblr media
“oh, sure”
i think he wouldnt mind!! he wouldnt be really opposed to the idea, especially if he noticed that it relaxes you
you could play with his hair as hes writing down reports — he discovered it helps him focus
when you take care of klee, the both of you often braid his hair and put some colorful clips in! while the two of you are playing around with his hairstyle, albedo would usually be sketching the scenery
he often doesnt take the hair accessories off — he thinks theyre cute and remind him of you&klee. even if hell get weird stares, hell still have them in
“what? its practical. keeps hair out of my face while i work”
i feel like he would be a little bit hesitant to the idea,,
but after seeing you trying to explain why and also noticing your crestfallen expression, he caves in
hes so used to always having his hair into a ponytail that it feels weird when you untie it and let it fall loose
at first hes pretty tense but as you calmly comb your hair through it, he slowly relaxes
in the end, he quite enjoys it! if youll be sitting somewhere together, he would let you play around with it, often closing his eyes
the staff of the winery looks at him with small smiles on their faces
“look, master diluc looks so calm with them”
“of course angel”
you can go wild! bring colorful clips! flower crowns! pretty hair ties! he trusts you absolutely
i think he loves when you braid his hair
he would often let you sit with him as he does his favonius duties and just let you braid it
he adores when you comb your fingers through his hair
you end up doing it more than you thought you will
“do you maybe want to braid my hair?”
“if you really want to”
if it was anyone else he wouldve said no with a look that could kill
but its you, so he complies. and when he sees how happy you get, hes pretty sure he made the right decision
when i tell you he melts when you start to play with it
i mean it
please do it more often, he loves it
he wont exactly ask you to do that, but he will send subtle hints
for example, if he takes off his hat, you can take it as a silent permission to comb through it
one time when you were playing with his hair and telling him about your day, one of his subordinates walked in on you
you immediately wanted to lift your hands, knowing how important his reputation was to him, but as you began to do so, he gently grabbed them and told you to continue
“what do you want and who let you walk in here without permission? are you just stupid or do you have a death wish?”
“i suppose”
i think that he would view it as quite a intimate thing?
not in a sexual way, but just as a trust thing
he didnt let anyone come so close to him, so he is a little bit tense when you initially do it
it takes him a little bit to get warmed up to the idea and loosen up, but after he does, he quite enjoys it
he likes when you two are sitting on the balcony in wangshu inn and you just play with his hair
he might want to return the favor too!
in the end, hes glad he gave it a go
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golden-wingseos · 6 months ago
when you don't say "i love you" back
featuring —
✧ albedo, xiao, venti, diluc (separate) x gn!reader
warnings ―
✧ not proofread, diluc story spoilers
notes ―
✧ i've been hanging around the haikyuu side of tumblr recently and............................. Yes, here's the post this is inspired by: "haikyuu boys when you don't say i love you back"
Tumblr media
he was heading back up to dragonspine
you know, the usual. and usually, you'd say "i love you!!" to him before he left.
because that's what lovers do.
"See you, [Name]. I love you," Albedo spoke softly, voice hushing once it got to the 'I love you.'
"See you!" You smiled, giving the alchemist a light peck on the cheek as you saw him off at the gates of Mondstadt.
But he did not budge.
"I love you," He said once more.
"See you!"
" . . . "
literally glares at you
albedo may not be the... best when it comes to love. but even he has enough social skills and awareness to say "i love you" back!
he will sit there. and stare at you. until you say "i love you" back.
"Albedo?" You pinched the blonde's cheeks, watching his teal eyes narrow, arms crossed as his gaze pierced your heart like cupid's arrow.
"... I love you."
he doesn't say anything back. he just walks off after that
yea. u better love him!
he turns around to get a lil peek tho. like a little "bye"
Tumblr media
xiao doesn't say "i love you" a lot. he rather have his actions speak louder
but this was a little harmless prank, right?
"I love you," Xiao whispered, as if he were saying it to himself. Atop the world, on this mountain by your side, he could only focus on the race of his heart and the warmth of his ears and cheeks.
Yet even if it was barely above the sound of the wind, the adeptus knew you heard him.
But you did not respond.
It makes sense, Xiao thinks. You wouldn't be focused on him anyway.
So he says it again, louder, loud like the beat of his heart and the rush of his blood.
"I love you."
Your [e/c] irises darted towards him before looking away.
he stares at you like albedo. trying to process whether you heard him or not
he thinks you did... right? i mean, you looked at him!
and then, xiao starts to doubt himself. was he not loud enough? did you hear him but no longer love him?
so many questions start piling on top of him, like anvils smashing against his chest as he struggled to think properly
noticing his sudden change, you quickly catch his gloved hands in yours, muttering a small "i love you too."
and then he relaxes
you loved him. the him who was rude, the him who he closed off from the world
what an honor.
Tumblr media
literally just repeats it over and over again until you answer
you know when a child asks you a question? and then you ignore them? but they keep asking it over and over again? yeah, like that
"[Name]! I love you!" Venti called, rushing up to you from his spot under the tree at Windrise, a goofy smile on his face.
"Venti!" You held your arms out, waiting for the bard's hug as he stopped midway, just out of arm's reach.
"I love you!"
No response.
"I said I looove you!"
He blinks once, then twice, then thrice.
"[Name], I love you!"
"Yes, I heard," You restrained the laugh bubbling inside your stomach, heart melting at the sight of Venti pouting and leaping out at you.
"Say it back!" He wailed, pinching your cheeks as you both toppled down onto the grass, giggles erupting from your lips.
"I love you too!"
"That's more like it!"
venti - 1
[name] - 0
Tumblr media
like xiao, diluc doesn't say "i love you" often
he only says it when he's vulnerable, when it's just the two of you. when his heart is exposed, so are all of his emotions
so him saying "i love you" is most common when you're asleep and he gazes at you. it's most common when he's about to leave for his darknight duties, when he's about to go out and risk his life for mondstadt
it's more of a promise, than anything. it's a vow that he'll come home to you at the end of the day
"Oh, leaving already, Diluc?" You peeked your head out the door of your shared room with the typhoon, the sounds of the clock ticking reigning over both of your ears as the crimson-eyed male nodded.
"I'll be back soon. I love you," He put on his boots, preparing to step out of the door and into the night.
But he didn't.
"I love you," He repeated, ears turning red as he looked up at you from his spot on the first floor.
"Mhm!" You nodded.
". . ."
diluc is very... awkward. he doesn't want to come off as pushy, but he wants to hear you say you love him back!
so he leaves. into the night, to think about whether he did anything wrong. were you perhaps... falling out of love with him?
he comes home earlier that day
"[Name]... do you not..." He shakes his head, staring at you from the doorframe as you peered up at him from the book you were reading.
"Do I not what?"
HE DOESN'T WANT TO ASK... he thinks it's embarrassing
so he just says "nevermind" before getting into bed, eyebrows furrowed in deep thought as he continues to ponder over whether you love him anymore
"i love you too" you smiled, your response delayed by a few hours or so
diluc heaves out a sigh of relief
"i was about to say..."
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witch-hazels-musings · 7 months ago
HELLOO can u * please * write how would xiao, albedo and childe if you sat ln their lap and they get a boner? hehe thank u <33
^ I have this obsession with being Albedo’s research partner - like … let’s love science together you sexy, stoic mystery seeker 
I also really dig commanding Xiao - like, be strict with me while you touch me with so much need it’s unbelievable --- 
Warning -> (18+, mature) NOTSFW* (touching***, a little public display of affection, cussing, and some other stuff)
Character X GN Reader |  Anthology
Includes: Xiao, Albedo, Childe
Closeness like this doesn’t come easy to Xiao. He much prefers when people keep their distance and not try to push their way into his space - though, you never backed down, and while he may have been annoyed on the outside, he was impressed on the inside 
The first time you sat on his lap it was more of an accident than anything else. You were reaching for something and toppled back into him, the force of your collision sending you both into the nearest chair. He didn’t know what to think at first, but he found your presence, comforting? 
He most likely wouldn’t ask for you to sit on his lap - instead, you’d need to claim the space yourself or wait for him to keep particularly touched starved 
It didn’t matter when you showed up to meet Xiao, he was bound to be exactly where you needed him to be. Even as the days slipped by and your tasks kept you busy, you knew he would be there when you finally found time to visit him. 
Walking up the flight of stairs to the tallest balcony of the inn, you found him sitting, gazing out across the dormant topography, his back to you. 
You hadn’t even made it up the final step when he spoke, “You’re late.”
“I know. I kept getting held up.” You crossed the space and came to a stop next to him, but he doesn’t acknowledge you more than his initial statement. The wind blows his hair and your eyes drift down to his neck, your fingers quick to follow. As you stroke the space under his ear you look out over the balcony and breathe in the altitude. It’s fresh and sweet, Smiley must be making something delicious down below. 
Xiao’s hand drifts up to your fingers and he intertwines them for a moment before gently pushing them back to you. “You could have called on me. I’m sure I could have solved your little problem in half the time.” 
You laugh, “Maybe, but I had to deal with problems which required the pen, not the sword.” Your hand drops back to your side and finds its way to your shirt. Xiao huffs at your comment and folds his arms across his chest. “Are you hungry? I can smell something delicious and I can bring something back up.” 
You turn and begin to head down the steps when Xiao’s arms wrap around your waist and pull you backward. A shocked exclamation flies from your mouth as your feet shuffle against the floor and come to a rest near his, your back crashing against his chest. 
“Um?” Your hands hover over the arms gripped tightly around your stomach. This behavior of his was pretty unusual. He only reacted like this when something was bothering him. “Did something happen?” You ask, moving your hands to rest on his arms. 
“No.” His breath is hot on your back and you shift on his lap. 
“Did you miss me?” 
“... no.” You feel his lips against your neck and your fingers grip tightly around his bare skin. He pulls you in closer and you're practically a part of him, your bodies are so close. His nose brushes against your ear and the feeling makes you hum. 
“I’m sorry I’m late.” You whisper and rest your head against his shoulder. His hands are possessive and greedy, and you start to feel something hard press against you. It’s growing fast and it’s such a powerful reminder of how lucky you were to be in his arms. Of how you were the only beings in this life that could break through the wall which surrounded him, and his intensifying desire for you filled your head with pride.
With heavy eyes you turn your head to him, when you see his expression it steals the air from your lungs. His eyes are taunting you, daring you to make a comment about this vulnerable reaction of his, threatening you to speak a word from the mouth he can’t keep his eyes off of. You lean in and leave a soft peck on his lips, pulling away only just so you can survey the green pool of his eyes. 
“Don’t do it again.” He warns, sliding one of his hands down to your crotch and the other to the back of your head, his fingers fanning themselves in your hair and pushing you back in for more. 
The first time you sat in his lap he was pleasantly surprised by how much he enjoyed it. He found your weight to be comforting and the closeness of you rejuvenating
In this way, he could be intimate with you while still being productive. If you sat facing away from him, you could both look over research together, if you sat toward him and rested your head on his shoulder while you took a quick power nap, he could continue working or painting even with you on him 
Most of the time it wasn’t a problem, but today, he was having a hard time keeping himself calm as you jostled on his lap
“Look at this!” You exclaimed, reaching forward for one of the loose sheets of paper scattered across the counter. Offering the paper to Albedo, you leaned so he could see and pressed your upper back against his shoulder. “I knew I recognized these results. Look,” you pointed at the notes which had been written by one of the other alchemists, “we saw the same thing happen yesterday. The conditions were different, but see, they are the same!” You turned your head to look at him and had a huge smile on your face. 
“Hmm, how inquisitive. These two opposing environments still brought the same outcome.”
“Right, I wouldn’t have expected this.” You lean forward and start to take notes in your notebook. You shift and stretch in order to stay positioned on Albedo’s lap and the movement of your ass against him sends pleasant shockwaves to the growing problem between his legs. There is an abnormal push against your thigh and you adjust again in order to alleviate the sensation. When, suddenly, you feel his hands grip around your waist and his head drop against your back, you lean up to see what’s wrong. 
“Y/N, stop moving.” His voice has dropped into a breathy timbre and you freeze. His hips begin to move against you and when you feel the same pressure against your leg you realize what was happening.
You look around and can’t help but get embarrassed, there are still people working and while most of them are hyper-focused on their research it didn’t mean they couldn’t notice. The likelihood of that happening increased by the minutes, because the situation was turning into a bigger problem the longer you sat on him. 
“Uh, let me get up.” You whisper and begin to lift yourself from his lap. When you are inches from him, his hands dig into your waist and he pulls you back, making you fall directly onto him. A small gasp escapes your lips and you grasp onto the edge of the counter. 
“Stay here, I can calm back down.” He’s husky, and even as he says the words his face digs into your shoulder and one of his hands slips over your inner thigh. Your heart is racing and the need, which is tightly constricting in your stomach, is getting harder and harder to ignore. 
“I can get up…” You try again but he tightens his hold on you. 
You feel him pressing, flexing against the eager space between your legs. His hands begin to wander over your body, his hips push against you, and the way he breaths against your back is sinful. 
Shit, shit. You curse in your head and through the haziness of your mind try to come up with a solution. Leaning to your side, you reach one of the easels which have documents and other items plastered to them. This action elicits a moan from Albedo and sets your face on fire. No amount of shielding can protect the two of you, it was hopeless to think that would work. 
“Y/N.” He calls out your name and it sends shivers across your body, like electricity right before a strike of lightning. His hand slips closer to the place begging for his touch. 
In a last ditch, desperate attempt you grab one of the small glass containers in front of you and throw it into an empty corner. It shatters and causes a startled cry from one of the research assistants. 
“Did you see that?” // “What just happened?” // “Something fall?” Their voices combine and begin to congregate in the corner. 
You don’t miss this opportunity. With everyone's eyes diverted, you stand up, grab Albedo’s wrist and rush him through the door. When you are in the safety of his office and the door closes you let out a sigh. 
“I’ll pay the knights back fo…” 
Your words are cut off, the use of your mouth replaced by Albedo’s tongue. 
He loves having you in his lap - he loves having you close to him, to wrap his arms around you, to rest his head against your shoulders - it’s so comforting to him to have something to hold onto 
Even if he doesn’t mean to get excited he can’t help himself - it’s just, the pressure of you on his lap, the way your ass feels ...
If you don’t stop moving, he might have to teach you a lesson about being still 
“Are you trying to turn me on?” His head rested on your shoulder, his chin pulling you back into his broad chest and hands holding onto your arms. 
“I … I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Turning your head away from his face you try to hide the flush which has slowly covered your skin. It’s reached all the way down to your chest and you're sure it’s so bright people might think you got too much sun.
You had been sitting on Childe’s lap for a while now. He pulled you there some time ago and hasn’t let you go since. In fact, he seemed to be having a great time teasing you and forcing you to feel how hard he was, ‘all because of you’ as he had mentioned only a few minutes earlier. He liked to move you himself. Lifting you up slightly on his lap before resting you back onto him again or pushing you forward with his hips just so he could slide you back, over and over. 
You tried to stay calm, taking in deep, slow breaths through your nose and out your mouth. He wasn’t going to win, he wasn’t going to triumph over this interaction he orchestrated all on his own, if you were going to suffer you were determined to take him with you.
Moving one of your hands in between your legs you slipped between the two of your bodies until you found the tip of his dick. You wrapped your fingers around it the best you could and relished in the reaction from the man sitting under you. His hand snaked around your wrist and pulled it away from his throbbing cock and over your shoulder, his lips connecting with the back of your hand. 
“What is this naughty hand doing, hmm?” The sensation of his tongue sliding over your fingers forced a whine from your throat. His mouth engulfed your index finger and the combination of his tongue and teeth sliding over it caused you to shift against him, pressing into him as much as you could in this position. 
It always shocked you how commanding he could be when the two of you were being intimate. There was such a stark difference between his public, friendly demeanor and his private, dominating one. You were never sure just which Childe you would get, but there was something about both of his personalities which set your body on fire and turned your brain to mush. 
“Childe.” You whimper. Your hips, your spine, your legs, your neck all shifting against him in a desperate attempt to alleviate the pent up desire growing in your stomach. 
“Keep calling my name, Y/N.” He released your hand and chuckled at how it stayed there, unmoving and glistening in his spit. He wrapped one of his arms around your chest and dug his nails into your collarbone, his other hand slid down to your thigh and pulled you closer to him. “If you’re good, I’ll give you what you want.”
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strawberrylucv · 5 months ago
Genshin HC's when you tell them "I think I'm in love."
LOL OK; so theres a very popular demand on the "get out of my house." fic and im already working on it!! have some headcanons for awhile!! here yall go :))
Tumblr media
✦ft. Diluc, Zhongli, Childe, Kaeya, Albedo.
✦warnings : mutual pining, fluff!! headcanons under the cut, mild swearing
PART 2 IS OUT! : Confession time
.  * .  .   °  . ● ° ..  * .  .   °  . ● ° ..  *
would lowkey stop what he was doing
by lowkey i mean like, slowly place the wine glass he was wiping just a second ago on the table
"Love? That's a strong word, Y/N."
"I know that."
at the back of his mind, he wishes you would say 'I'm in love with you'
he would listen to you, ranting about what you were feeling
he tried asking what they look like
"What do they even look like?"
"Well, they're pretty good-looking, sometimes too serious, but deep down they're just trying hard to protect everyone."
yea, you were talking about him
but he's kinda dense
so he just stood there, pondering who is this person making you think you were in love
he was absolutely jealous
he begs to the archons that you weren't going to say Kaeya
because if you did, he would be so damn heartbroken
when it was time to go home, he grabbed your wrist
he didn't know why
he just didn't want you to go yet
"Tomorrow afternoon." he says as you look at his hand holding your wrist.
"Meet me here, Tomorrow afternoon."
"But tomorrow's your rest day?"
maybe he had something important to say to you ;)
he almost dropped his tea
he thought you would always stay with him
guess he thought wrong.
he would ask 'why love?'
"Why love? Can't it be just infatuation?
"Because, every time I go home, I want to see them again. They're always on my mind, it's crazy. Then, I could notice all the little things they would do. It's adorable."
he looked down at his tea
'Can't it be me'
"Will you let me meet them?' he smiles as he brings his teacup to his mouth
he would want nothing else but your happiness
he coughed up his tea back
what??? why not??
you grab a napkin to clean the mess on his face
you were so close
he looked at you with endearing eyes
he wasn't ready to see you go
with someone else
that wasn't him
so he stood up from his seat, you were taken aback by this
"I want to tell you something." he offered his hand to help you.
"What?" you say as you took his hand.
"Not here. Follow me."
guess he has to tell you something~~i wonder what--
but he wouldn't show you that
while you were getting giddy and flustered
he was thinking of plans on finding out who you like
like, he was about to order his subordinates for you
he was dead serious
he asked you 'who's the lucky person' with a smile
"To be honest, they're a bit stupid-"
"Then why are you in love with them?" he cuts you off, he looked at you with the most dead stare ever.
"They're also really caring. They just want their family to be safe and I think that's what made me fall for them. They're also very hot."
he accidentally thought out loud 'I'm hot too'
you looked at him
he looked at you
oh fuck, he said that??
well damn.
you laughed so hard
his ears turned red
god that was embarrassing-
he bit his lip and continued to hear your laughter
if only he could stop time,
if only it was him who you were thinking of,
if only he could have you by his side forever.
when you stopped laughing you turned to him
"Tell you what, I'll let you meet them!"
"..hooray!" his heart clenched when you said that.
"Meet me by the pond near Bubu Pharmacy in the evening?"
"...Y/N, I don't think-" he wasn't ready to be broken so easily.
"You'll come right?"
he could never say no to you, especially since you looked so excited
he'll tell you too, that he had feelings for you. even if someone else had your heart, he had to tell you.
"Of course." he smiled at you warmly, he had to be strong, for you.
ohh, how is he gonna tell you doee~
he was all smiles till you said that
he wasn't unhappy but he felt something wrong
oh, it might be the fact that he harbored feelings for you
but he was still questioning if it was just friendship
guess he was too late
wait, he didn't care if he was too late
what he did care was that you were in love
with who though.........
"Y/N, are you in love with me?" he joked around but he was hoping you would say yes, please say yes. This would be a perfect night for you to confess to him
"Oh Kaeya-"
"Say yes."
he caught you by surprise.
oh wait.
he's the one confessing to you now
he didn't even ask how and who the person was
he was getting red by the second since you just stared at him
sheesh, there this tension between you guys
you laugh by how red the flirtatious cavalry caption could get
"What would happen if I say yes?" you try to wipe the tears that were caused by his sudden seriousness.
what would happen?
he just
just wanted you to be with him
ok yea, he didn't want you to be in love with anyone else except him
so he says:
"Want to know?"
ohoho, i wonder~~~
he doesn't really know what love is
but he felt this twinge inside of him
like he was-
was it jealousy?
because he really didn't want you to leave when you made him feel like this
"What, Y/N?" he asked you while he placed his sketchbook on a nearby table
"Love? Well, your chest would feel like its always about to explode-"
was that what he was feeling every time you were going to his camp?
"-When they tell you that they have to go to dangerous places, you wished they wouldn't have to. That they'd stay here with you. Just with you."
oh, is that why he had those thoughts when you went off to do your commissions? where he silently wished you would be safe?
"When they tell you something that only you two would share, it would send you on cloud nine."
he was always feeling something whenever he's with you,
was that cloud nine?
is he in love with you?
is this love?
it is.
then the person making you feel in love-
who the hell? who was it?
there was one thing he needed to do
"Y/N. I think I'm in love."
"W-W-What?" you stutter your words. He was so straightforward with you. He shocked you by his sudden confession.
oh--with who? ;;;)
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lavender-composition · 4 months ago
⭒ kaeya, xiao, diluc, and albedo: argument repercussions hcs ⭒
request for anon: hello!!! was wondering if i could request kaeya, xiao, and any genshin characters who had a huge argument with y/n just before their mission/quest and they say some really hurtful words to y/n—like 'burden' or 'pathetic' (btw the genshin bois didn't come with you to the mission)
then y/n gets attacked and gravely injured during the mission; the guards who accompanied them insist they call [genshin character] for help but y/n says no—still hurt from the argument because they don't wanna be a burden, or be pathetic. y/n tells them to head back home and that they can handle it on their own
the guards left y/n because they were persistent, but reader never came back
[genshin character] is worried that the guards came home without them so after many more hours and they still hadn't come home, they go back to the mission site only to find y/n on the ground, lying in their pool of blood; unconscious and barely has any pulse
[genshin character] asks why they left them be and the guards tell him that the last words they told them was not wanting to be a burden
this breaks [genshin character]'s heart because y/n is on death's door just because of them, and now they feel awfully guilty— regretting ever telling them those hurtful words which could lead to their death, and the thought of y/n thinking they're pathetic and a burden to everyone before dying makes them feel worse—y/n's pained and hurtful expression during their argument tormenting him
oh god it's too much–i'm sorryyy :< i hope it's not too much pressure :'( i've been craving for some hardcore angst and prompts like these are my faves:// you don't have to do it tho! but if you do, thank you so so sooo muchh <33 again, don't feel pressured to do it and feel free to ignore itt
i did slightly alter a few things for some parts, but each hc list follows the same main path! i hope this lives up to what you wanted, i had an absolutely blast writing it :)
NOTE: please no more alternate ending requests! i have both a hurt/comfort follow-up and angst follow-up already, and i’m really satisfied with where this sort of mini series is at. thank you!
⋆ kaeya, xiao, albedo, and diluc: repentance (hurt/comfort ending)
⋆ kazuha: argument repercussions + repentance (original prompt + hurt/comfort ending)
⋆ kaeya, xiao, albedo, diluc, and kazuha: remorse (angst ending)
pairing: kaeya, xiao, diluc, and albedo x reader (separately)
characters: kaeya alberich, xiao, diluc ragnvindr, albedo
genre: angst
word count: 1963
warnings: very brief mentions of injury/blood
⋆ though kaeya rarely means any insults he throws at you, there are times when he’s not thinking and lets something slip—something that stings
⋆ neither of you can really recall what sets off your argument shortly before you leave, but it quickly escalates, and kaeya snaps at you
⋆ “are you so useless that you can’t do anything for yourself?”
⋆ he immediately tries to take it back, but the damage has been done, and you storm off to go prepare yourself to leave. alone.
⋆ your mission starts off fine, but soon goes south
⋆ your first thought when you’re injured is to call for kaeya; but it’s a thought you quickly push down when you remind yourself of what he said before you left
⋆ archons forbid you prove him right. fetching him would only show you really can’t do anything by yourself
⋆ instead, why not prove him wrong? you tell your companions—a handful of low-ranking knights of favonius—to head back, you’re fine on your own.
⋆ they listen, but you haven’t caught up to them by the time they reach headquarters
⋆ of course that’s when kaeya walks in. seeing the group, only missing you, he’s immediately filled with dread.
⋆ he rushes over, and for once he doesn’t bother to fake a smile as he demands to know where you are; he doesn’t even let them finish before he’s rushing out the door to find you. sure, you left upset, but he’s not letting you die because he was an asshole
⋆ although he moves as fast as he can, kaeya doesn’t arrive quite in time. he finds you unconscious, collapsed on the ground covered in so much blood that he can’t tell just how injured you are.
⋆ he drops down beside you, and with trembling hands gingerly pulls you close, checking your pulse. you’re alive, but barely.
⋆ the cavalry captain whirls around when he hears your original team finally arrive. his single eye is cold, his lips twisted into a snarl as he harshly asks why they left you
⋆ they stammer out that you’d claimed you could handle it on your own, and that’s when kaeya feels his heart stop, remembering exactly what he said to you before you left
⋆ his face falls as he holds you closer, carefully rising to his feet
⋆ his expression expertly neutral, he begins the trek back to mondstadt
⋆ he doesn’t show it, but guilt eats away at him from the inside out; he fully blames himself, tearing himself apart as he picks up his pace
⋆ kaeya can’t bring himself to look down at you, your face frighteningly peaceful. he can only pray he can get you to a healer fast enough.
⋆ arguments with xiao are not rare, and neither are his scathing remarks
⋆ they’re less frequently directed at you, but you’re no stranger to them; xiao is still the same headstrong adeptus he’s always been, after all
⋆ though your arguments are typically nothing more than little spats, there are times it gets taken much too far, and someone says something much too harsh
⋆ a couple days before you’re to leave for a mission, one such argument happens, escalating so fast, you don’t have a chance to shut it down
⋆ “gods, you’re so pathetic.”
⋆ you stare at xiao, shocked, and he just glares back. you open your mouth to say something, but he teleports away before you’ve a chance to get anything out
⋆ his words hurt, but you figure he’ll return and mumble out an apology—one that doesn’t sound genuine, but really is—any minute
⋆ the minutes tick by, and then hours, and then days… until you need to leave
⋆ you think about trying to find him before you go, but shake off the thought as his words ring again in your head; you’ll just have to find him when your mission is completed
⋆ your group—you and a few millileth soldiers—sets off, and you place xiao at the back of your mind.
⋆ your mission goes downhill fast. one of the soldiers frantically suggests you call for your “adeptus companion,” but you wave him off, stating you don’t need his help, you’ll handle this alone
⋆ you tell the soldiers they can leave if they’re worried, and they do, leaving you by yourself
⋆ the group—minus you—seeks shelter at the nearby wangshu inn; xiao sees them approaching, his eyes narrowing when he doesn’t spot you
⋆ he confirms this was the group you were supposed to be with, listening in as they tell the innkeeper how you were the only one left out at the mission site
⋆ xiao’s eyes widen, and in a panic, he teleports right to you
⋆ he goes rigid when he finds you in a pool of your own blood; at the weak call of his name, he rushes over
⋆ he grabs you a little more harshly than necessary—another thing you’re used to, and it’s only worse when he’s panicking—but forcibly relaxes his grip when you wince
⋆ you’re barely conscious, struggling to keep your eyes open. his gaze roves over your injured form in an effort to assess the severity of your wounds as he worries his bottom lip between his teeth
⋆ he asks why you didn’t call for him, his voice rough. you simply say you didn’t want him to think you’re pathetic.
⋆ he feels as though he’s been stabbed, and he blurts out an apology, his chest heaving as you further slip into unconsciousness
⋆ xiao pulls you closer, teleporting the both of you back to the inn; he gently lays you down on the bed in his room, and then he’s gone.
⋆ he’s going to fix this, going to get you help. he only hopes he’s not too late.
⋆ your mission is the topic of your argument, actually, and of course it takes place right as you’re trying to leave
⋆ diluc doesn’t like that you’re partnering with the knights of favonius, no matter how temporary it may be. he fully believes them to be incompetent, so incapable of doing their jobs that they need outside help, and he doesn’t trust that they’ll keep you safe
⋆ you argue back that you can take care of yourself just fine, and that’s when diluc rolls his eyes and scoffs
⋆ “then go. you clearly don’t need to be a burden here.”
⋆ you’re taken aback by his words, but he keeps the same neutral expression he delivered the line with. you don’t have time to continue fighting, you have more important things to attend to, so you leave
⋆ you meet up with your group, saying you’re fine when they ask if you’re upset. you just want to get out there and get this done with
⋆ unfortunately, it doesn’t go as you’d planned. your companions suggest you retreat; when you refuse, they instead suggest someone run to get master diluc. they’re shocked when you immediately shut the idea down, huffing that they can run away if they want, you’ll take care of the mission yourself
⋆ you won’t be, you can’t be a burden, so you’ll see this through alone if you have to
⋆ the group does retreat, leaving you—as weary as you are—to continue alone
⋆ several of the knights follow through with their plan, basically bursting into diluc’s manor, hurriedly informing the wine tycoon of the current situation
⋆ diluc practically growls, berating the knights for just leaving you when you were already exhausted and injured. he tells them this is exactly why he hadn’t wanted you to team up with them, and then he realizes exactly why you’d been so adamant to fight alone: because of what he’d said earlier that day.
⋆ with his revelation, he grows ever faster
⋆ the situation he arrives at is all too familiar; you’re not moving, he can’t tell if you’re breathing, and gods there’s so much red everywhere
⋆ he shouts your name, dropping to his knees and shakily scooping you into his arms
⋆ his throat feels tight, and his eyes burn as you weakly splutter and cough in his hold. you’re alive, but barely, and he doesn’t know how long he can keep you like this
⋆ turning to the knights that followed him, he commands them to return to the city for a healer; disobedience is not an option, and the knights scamper away at diluc’s harsh glare
⋆ he follows behind them, moving as fast as he can without disturbing you too much. the last thing he wants is to hurt you more.
⋆ he blames the knights, of course—they’d proven him right, after all—but he blames himself more. if he hadn’t been so mean, so stupid, you wouldn’t be like this
⋆ keeping his gaze up, diluc forces himself to move faster. he can’t do this again, he can’t lose you, too.
⋆ he never means to be mean, but sometimes albedo gets so caught up and focused in his work that he stops thinking about his responses
⋆ sometimes he struggles to split his attention between you and his experiments. both are important to him, of course, but he can’t stand being interrupted while he’s working, even if you’re the one interrupting him
⋆ he grows irritated, his tone blunt and snappy, and he unintentionally sets off an argument
⋆ you’d just wanted to bid him goodbye before you leave for a mission you’d taken up with mondstadt’s adventurer’s guild, but he sighs in frustration when you enter his workspace, setting off a verbal quarrel
⋆ “you do understand you’re being a distraction, yes?”
⋆ your jaw drops, and you snap out a goodbye before pivoting on your heel, leaving him to his precious work
⋆  you intend to focus on your mission, devoting your full attention to your group. you can take your anger out on any opponents
⋆ but they’re stronger than you were prepared for, and you’re not with particularly talented fighters. they decide to retreat, but you can’t all simply turn your backs to your attackers
⋆ so you tell them to go, and you’ll handle things while they get help. your group agrees, one of them shouting that they’ll get albedo for you. they’re gone before you can truly protest, but you have bigger problems to deal with first
⋆ albedo scowls as his lab door bursts open, whirling around to tell you he needs you to leave him alone. he stops, his lips parted, when he sees it’s definitely not you interrupting him again
⋆ he’s on his feet as soon as he takes in the adventurer’s panicked and disheveled state, calmly asking what happened
⋆ it’s hard to understand the adventurer’s frantic rambling, but he understands you didn’t return with the group; you’re still out there, fighting alone, and you’d seemingly disagreed with the decision to get his help
⋆ swallowing back his own panic, albedo quietly asks where you were last seen
⋆ he’s at the mission site as soon as he possibly can be, immediately jumping into action when he spots your unconscious, limp body littered in cuts and bruises, surrounded by what he can only assume is your own blood
⋆ his head pounding, he mentally reprimands himself for leaving without any first aid tools. he does what he can to slow your bleeding before he carefully lifts you from the ground.
⋆ albedo searches his memory for why you possibly wouldn’t want his help, and remembers your brief argument this morning. his heart plummets, and he sets his jaw in determination as he begins the trek back to mondstadt, cradling you in his arms
⋆ it’s terribly quiet as he hurries back; the only thing he can hear—aside from his own labored breathing—is your quiet, shallow breaths
⋆ at one point, he stops to check your pulse. he’s overcome with guilt when he feels how light it is.
⋆ albedo promises he’ll save you; he’ll do it himself if needed. for being perhaps the smartest person in all of teyvat, he thinks he’s been terribly, terribly stupid.
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1000feuille · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
a continuation of lab supervisor albedo’s daily hardships
link to other posts in this au: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 ...
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