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#genshin childe
sohcah-toa · a day ago
The diluc with a lactation kink is so good! Can I request something similar but its childe and zhongli?🥺
thank you! i didn't know whether you wanted it to be a 3some or not (or something else) so I just separated it! srry took me so long, i have exams coming up ✌
cw: NSFW (18+), lactation kink, dom!childe x preggy reader (no penetration), dom daddy zhongli x horny reader (penetration), slight cussing, modern (i guess?), minors dni!
— ✧
Tumblr media
Childe supported your back as you stand up. You were seven and a half months pregnant. Your belly is very heavy but Childe is always there for support. These past few days you've been feeling a little worried.
You and Childe decided that you'll breastfeed the baby for the mother and child bond but it's been months and there's still no sign of you producing any breast milk for the baby.
"Maybe it's coming already" Childe said with a smile "Don't worry, let's get you some rest and find you some of those lactation cookies then listen to some relaxing music"
You and Childe searched for some ways on how you will lactate, so far nothing is working. You sighed, feeling hopeless "I'm sorry.."
"It's not your fault, come on now" Childe was very gentle with you. You're both very family centered so this matter of mother and child bond was so important for the both of you "Don't worry alright? I'll find a way" You nodded and gave him a kiss. He did too.
The next day while you were both having lunch, Childe thought of something. He turned to you with a serious look on his face. "I know how" he muttered and coughed slightly "I'd just have to pump it myself"
"Pump? What?" You were confused because he said this very randomly
"Your — breasts" he said, clearly blushing
You and Childe haven't done anything intimate in months because he was so afraid of touching your body. He thought of you as someone who is very fragile so he's containing his urges and secretly does it in the bathroom by himself.
"Alright, let's do it after eating" You admit to yourself that you're feeling excited. You've been longing for his touch ever since but don't want to pressure him any further.
You were laying down, shirtless, while Childe stands beside you. Childe cleared his throat "J-just tell me if it hurts alright?" you nodded and slowly he cupped your breasts with both his hands.
You clench your teeth. It's been so long since he touched you. He started groping it and you couldn't help but moan slightly.
Childe was sweating, nervous because he's sure once he touches you, it'll all go downhill. He started playing with your breasts, pumping it, his hands aren't even on your nipples but your moaning loudly.
"H-Hon, if you make sounds like that— you know" He chuckled nervously "You know!"
You couldn't answer, all you could do was breathe heavily and feel your silk dampen your underwear. Childe was grunting, it was beginning to feel hard to control himself.
His bulge was obvious since he was standing beside you, he was so turned on just by doing this. He knelt a little then leaned in to your breasts but looked at you first "C-can I?"
With a single nod, he hungrily sucked on your breasts. Licking and sucking on it, it felt so good that you stretched your legs and curled your feet. You touch his hair and push him in deeper, moaning.
He didn't stop, slurping sounds were heard along with his low grunts and your loud moans.
He stopped and breathe heavily "Fuck, I'm sorry but I — just can't take it anymore" he stood up again and started to remove his shorts and underwear.
You breathed heavily "It's alright.. I missed this"
He leaned in a little again and started to do what he was doing earlier, sucking and licking your breasts while touching himself. He felt a little embarrassed doing this in front of you but he had no choice. He stopped abruptly and then looked at you. You see him swallow then smile.
"Ah, success" He said as little droplets of milk fall from his mouth "Now for some husband and wife bond" You smile at him, you feel overjoyed by the fact that you're finally lactating. Because of this, Childe was unable to stop.
"H-Honey!" You call to him, feeling him biting then sucking the milk out of you. There were droplets falling on the side of your breasts but he licked that too leaving nothing behind. You see him touching himself and you decided to help him.
You turn slightly to the side, making it easier for you to hold it and for him to suck your tits.
"Hon.." Childe stopped and looked at you with eyes full of lust "I want to fuck you so bad.."
You breathed hard. He felt your breath on his tip and he grunted and held your face— holding his urges in. You leaned in and put his dick in your mouth. He stood up and moved his hips slightly. He moaned "F-fuck.. God—"
He held your head as you were laying down sideways. He started thrusting, fucking your mouth that feels warm on his cock. You feel the tip of his dick on your throat, his pre cum was all over you. He started going faster.
"H-Hon.." You tried to stop him using your hands "Can't —" you were gagging so bad that you couldn't speak. He doesn't stop though. He continues to go faster and deeper in your mouth while leaning a little bit to pinch your breasts. Milk started coming out, he finally stopped thrusting in your mouth.
"Shit. Sorry" he muttered and removed his dick in your mouth, only to lean in closer and stick it in your breasts. He pinched and let the milk drip on his dick. You took the chance to catch your breath while he moans and rub his own dick only for him to stick it in your mouth again.
"!!!" You were surprised that Childe did this, not hesitating to thrust in deeply. You taste your own milk as he pushes your head so he could go deeper.
"I'm— almost there!" He moaned louder as he kept thrusting deeper. Saliva and milk were all over your face. You eyes were red from his thrusts.
He closed his eyes as he feels his high. He thrusted faster. With one final thrust, he let go of your head and breathed heavily. You swallow his cum but there were drips on your breasts. His cum and the milk made your whole chest wet.
He looked at you and quickly grabbed a towel to clean you up "I'm sorry!!" even he was surprised by his actions
You try catching your breath "I-It's alright" you sit right back up and he helped you "Mission accomplished right?"
He sighed with a heavy breath "That felt so good. I'm sorry I couldn't really— make you feel good" you just smile at him. He sat beside you making you scoot, he cuddled you then leaned in for a whisper "After two months, I'll fuck your brains out"
— ✧
Tumblr media
"Ain't he the cutest?" You stare at your baby as Zhongli walks towards you. The baby was in the cradle.
Zhongli puts his hand on your waist with a smile "Looks just like you"
"Oh please, it's you all over!" You smacked his shoulder playfully then embraced him, giving him a kiss on the shoulder you just smacked "What should we let the baby call us?"
"Hmm.." Zhongli pondered, truth was he already knows what he wants "How about mother and father?"
"You sure?" You looked at him "That seems so formal" you laughed playfully "How about mommy and daddy?"
"No!" You were surprised because he answered so quickly. You just looked at him with a raised eyebrow waiting for him to answer. "It's just—"
He sighed, looking at you with sad eyes thinking it might work but you ask him anyway. "What is it?"
"Fine" he sighed once again "We just kind of use those terms in the bedroom?" he felt so embarrassed saying this, in front of the baby nontheless. You feel your cheeks redden too.
"Now that you've said that, that does make it weird" You answered "Wait, are you touching my butt right now?"
Zhongli chuckled a little "Now that I'm thinking about our topic, well—" he just smiled at you, you know what it means: He's feeling it.
Since the baby is sleeping, you pull him towards the living room and push him on the sofa "So, about the mommy and daddy?" you start stripping in front of him. After you strip, you crawl on top of him and start to remove his clothes.
"My love — you're aggressive today" He says this but pulls your body closer to his as you remove his clothes. You start licking and kissing his abs making him grunt lowly, oh how those grunts turned you on even more, you start grinding on his legz letting him feel the wetness in your pussy.
He pulled you up so he could kiss you, he holds your waist to pull you closer into his body. You feel his dick twitch on your stomach, his pre-cum spreading.
He started touching your breasts, pinching it, knowing full well that milk is going to come out. You feel him play with your nipples as you kiss his neck, grinding on his erect dick.
"My love, I-I" he grunted again which made you do better at grinding, you feel the milk on both of your bodies as you grind with each other. Zhongli lets the milk flow.
You sit on top of him ready to insert his dick in your pussy. You were hungry for him, for his kisses, his dick, his cum all over you.
"I want you so bad" You muttered and held his dick as you position it, he held your waist and pulled you closer to him, making you sit on his stomach instead of his cock.
"Not yet" he muttered holding a finger up. He put both his hands on your breasts and pulled it closer to his mouth. He started sucking on it like a little baby. You start moaning loudly and grinding on his stomach. All your silk and the milk from before were everywhere now, even on the sofa. He sensed your thirst for him so he used his other hand to rub your clit from above his stomach.
"Fuck!" You exclaimed because he immediately put his finger inside of your hole "My love—!" he started going in circles then inserted another finger all the while sucking the milk out of your breasts. You couldn't help but make erotic faces while holding onto his shoulders for support "Please, put it in"
He stopped sucking for a while just to say "You know what to say", he stared at you, waiting for you to say it while he pinch your breasts, still letting the milk flow all over your bodies, creating a tiny puddle in his abs.
"F-fuck me daddy" You moaned, he quickly adjusted you and put his dick in, immediately thrusting in a fast pace. You moaned loudly while he's still playing with your breasts, letting the milk splash all over his mouth.
His thrusts went faster as he grunts. Ypu start moving up and down to match his pace, you feel him deeper inside you eith every sound your bodies make.
"D-daddy, faster!" with that Zhongli sat up, the puddle of milk went into the sofa. He made you kneel on all fours as he positioned himself behind you. He put his dick in your pussy hole and started going faster than before. You moaned loudly.
Zhongli likes it when you call him daddy while he's fucking your brains out. He leaned in closer to your ear while still fucking you "Let's make another baby" he pinched your breasts, making the milk flow again before going back to his usual position.
You screamed because of all the pleasure he's giving you "F-fuck — me daddy"
"Ghg. I-I'm close!" He muttered from under his breath, "S-say it one more time" his grip on your ass tightens with every thrust.
"Cum inside me d-daddy" You moaned, moving your hips as he fucks you deeply.
You hear Zhongli grunt one last time and felt his warm cum inside of you. As he removes his still massive cock, his cum drips on the sofa.
You plop on the bed and he plopped there beside you too, leaving you almost with no space so you hug his naked body.
"You're the only one who can call me that" he said as he cuddles you "The sofa is so wet and messy"
"We'll have to make the baby call us mother and father then" You giggle, you stood up and pulled him. You both stare at the sofa and then at yourselves then laughed.
— END ✧
note: hope u guys like this, im vv busy at the moment but i tried my best to finish this! im pretty satisfied with it hehe
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childe-dni · a day ago
Tartaglia, Get Out of My Office
childe x reader
word count: 1.7k
genre: fluff, is this crack?
warnings: not proof read (are we surprised), brief mentions of injury
you're a private Fatui doctor and there's just one patient who keeps finding his way back to your office
a/n; this is probably not very cohesive at all, for which I apologise. also I'm a teenager and not interested in medicine in the slightest. I am literally talking out of my ass for 100% of the medical thingies. this turned out a lot more dialogue heavy than I would have liked. basically this is Very Bad but i still hope you like this annoying guy.
Tumblr media
“Doctor, it’s-” Ekaterina’s assistant squeaked out to you before you promptly cut them off.
“I know. Bring him in.” You sighed already knowing who was interrupting your peace.
Until a few moments ago, you were sat quietly and relaxed in your small office in the back of Northland Bank. It’s a place that doesn’t meet the public eye, the only people who know of its existence are those in the Fatui. The room itself is fairly well lit, though none of that is due to natural lighting, and you have enough space for your own desk, a seat for one patient and a sickbed.
As a private service specifically reserved for the Fatui (and mostly only really used for emergencies), you never really have much to do – of course you’d have the beat up pyro-slinger here and there but, overall, your time is usually spent revising old files, with your nose in a book or sleeping on the job resting your eyes. Though it does get quite boring at times, you know you wouldn’t trade it (even if you had the authority to) because you’d rather not have a lot to do than have too much on your plate.
Well, that was until recently – and then a certain ginger haired Harbinger started having a lot of business in Liyue and, suddenly, you’ve had more paperwork in just a couple of months than you’d had in all your years gathering experience. Ever since his arrival he’s been in and out of your office nonstop and, although it’s none of your business and you’d be lying if you said you cared an awful lot, you still wanted to know how exactly he ended up in such a poor state so often and how he could laugh about it so easily.
“Hello, Lord Tartaglia.” You didn’t bother looking up at him; you knew he was there because you heard his footsteps as he sauntered into your office. Clearly there was something humorous about how exhausted your voice sounded as you greeted him because he immediately erupted into laughter when you spoke to him, causing you to hold back an eye roll.
“Somebody sounds happy to see me.” Although you weren’t looking at Childe, you could just hear the shit-eating grin on his face.
“I’m overjoyed, my Lord. Now, please take a seat,” you uttered flatly as you wore your gloves and finally left your seat to make your way over to the redhead. With a smirk, he obliged and set himself down on the edge of the bed and watched as you gathered the documents and equipment you needed.
The harbinger was fairly compliant and docile during your check-up procedures – making sure his breathing was steady, checking the stability of his heartbeat, testing his reflexes, the usual – and he seemed perfectly fine. But as soon as you began to focus your attention onto his actual reason for being in your office this time, he began acting out again.
You noted his check-up results down at your desk before eyeing him up and down for a moment. He didn’t seem nearly as beat up as usual, if at all, and his clothes only displayed their original colours rather than presenting that deep crimson he tended to come into your office stained with. Even his hair that’s usually scattered in the shape of a bird’s nest seemed a lot less disheveled and you couldn’t help but wonder if this is how good he looks when he isn’t singlehandedly sending the Liyue hilichurl population to the brink of extinction.
“Like what you see?” he cheekily raised an eyebrow and you forced yourself to remember who out of the two of you was more disposable before making your next move.
“So, where is the injury this time, my Lord?” You decided it would be best if you ignored his comment altogether because you couldn’t trust that anything good would come out of any reaction you were capable of giving.
“Haven’t I told you to just call me Tartaglia? It’s weird that a close friend of mine like you would still use such honorifics when referring to me”, the redhead teased.
“I’m not sure if what we have can be classed as a close friendship, my Lord”, you replied, trying to remain as stoic as possible.
“Why not? Unless…” From the way he dramatically trailed off, you had a feeling his next words would be moronic.
“Don’t tell me you see us as more than that?” Yeah, you were right. His voiced carried a faux tone of surprise as he put a hand to his chest in shock and you just couldn’t restrain the groan that tore past your lips.
“Lord Tartaglia, please show me where you are hurt so that I may treat you appropriately.” Frustration and desperation was starting to bubble over in your voice and demeanour and you almost felt embarrassed at how audibly and visibly exasperated you were with the man and his childish taunts.
Feeling satisfied with just how much he had managed to irritate you in such a short time, Childe finally gave up his teasing and pointed to his abdomen. You wanted to be wary of the mischievous glint in his eyes but dismissed it because you couldn’t say that such a look on him was a rare occurrence.
“That’s where your wound is?” He nodded innocently. “Okay, then I’ll need you to lift up your shirt so I can take a look, or you can just take it off if that’s more comfortable than holding it up the whole time.”
You dismissed him saying that he ‘likes where this is going’ while removing his layers but when you laid your eyes and softly pressed your fingers on his abs you noticed something – apart from his old scars and muscles that looked like they were carved by an archon themselves there wasn’t anything there. You could feel your face heating up as you stared for a few moments longer because, although you were simply just examining the area he pointed out to you, you could tell that some kind of taunting was on the way if you stared for much longer.
“Is the injury here internal, my Lord? Perhaps poison?” you spoke after clearing your throat.
“No, what makes you say that?”
“Well, there’s no fresh external wound for me to treat, neither is there any swelling or bruising that would be displayed had you received this from combat so-” A loud scoff interrupted you.
“What are you saying? Of course there’s a fresh wound”, Childe said like it was the most obvious thing in the world. His fingers wandered around his stomach and faded scars for a while before settling in one place. “See, right there!”
Eyes narrowed, you leaned forward to inspect the place where his fingers pointed to and, lo and behold, there was a wound. However, the reason you hadn’t noticed it before was that it was quite literally smaller than a paper cut.
“My Lord,” you began slowly, failing to mask your bewilderment. “Is that the wound you’re here for?”
“Sure is”, Childe spoke with a grin.
You blinked in complete confusion for a moment, the ridiculousness of this situation rendering you speechless. So, he interrupted your quiet time, wound you up like a jack-in-the-box and potentially hindered somebody who actually needs medical assistance from receiving it all for a cut that his mother could have kissed better? Is that what just happened?
“And… what exactly would you like me to do about this?” you asked, still trying to process the situation.
“Come on, I want you to fix me up, doc!” he playfully jabbed you with his elbow and it took all the self control you could gather in that moment not smack his arm away.
Eyes closed, you inhaled deeply and held your breath for a few seconds before exhaling and relaxing your shoulders. Childe had officially become the most annoying person you knew. You shuffled back to your desk where you found band aids along with small wipes which you doused in alcohol before awkwardly dragging your feet back to where the harbinger sat merrily swinging his legs back and forth.
“I’m about to, uhm, clean your wound,” you started, still irritated at the fact that he felt this was an appropriate reason to waste your time. “This may- sting- a little bit.” The lines that you’ve become used to reciting felt redundant but you had to say them nonetheless. Your words were broken up and your voice was robotic, the utter stupidity of Childe’s behaviour making you feel as though your brain had been overloaded.
Gently, you pressed the disinfectant wipe onto his cut and felt your eye twitch in annoyance when you heard the man dramatically suck in air as he pretended to be in pain. As you wiped away the invisible blood surrounding his booboo, you could feel his gaze on you the entire time. Even as you went to grab the band aid, you could see him smirking from the corner of your eye and before you could think, your mouth started moving on its own.
“What are you smiling at?” you huffed without thinking, and then restrained yourself from smacking your hands over your mouth from using such a disrespectful tone on a harbinger.
Suddenly, you were frozen in place, your brain turned to juice, your face grew warmer and your mouth stopped working – perhaps you were now the one in need of medical attention. You tried to quickly gather yourself after your brain short circuited by clearing your throat and shaking your head whilst clumsily slapping the band aid onto his cut. Unfortunately, you weren’t quick enough as Childe burst out laughing at you for what felt like the thousandth time, an endeared glimmer in his eyes.
“Did you just come here today to inconvenience me and laugh at me for fifteen minutes?” you sighed in defeat.
The redhead winked as he replied, “Hmm, I guess you could put it that way. After all, seeing you is enough to brighten my day… but inconveniencing you is definitely part of the fun.”
“Get out of my office.”
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hellooo, could i request the genshin boys having done something for you but not having the nerve to give it to you, like knitting a scarf or something. albedo and kaeya specifically, thank you!
characters ;; albedo, childe, kaeya, thoma, razor, xiao and zhongli
foreword ;; goodness this request is so cute, my apologies for taking so long to get to it, math class leaves me with 100 less braincells every morning >:( but somehow i managed to push this out after rubbing my last two braincells. enjoy!
Tumblr media
Although Albedo was usually more organized, had things labeled and placed them in orderly fashion, his lab told a different story. Where many experiments were conducted, and many choices of materials and equipment laid scattered around the room, things were bound to get buried under other stuff.
It wasn't until two months after you came home from studying in a different nation, that you found handwritten letters from Albedo dating back to when you were studying abroad at Sumeru Academy. One for every day, and yet he'd never sent them, you wondered why.
That day, you sat in silence reading through all of them, when Albedo caught you in the act, you held the letters close to your heart, "Wait! Don't take them away yet, I'm not done reading!"
Finding an archived note about his feelings for you, it was about a year old or so, back when you were only friends.
"Hey, where's the grocery list you made?" you turned facing your ginger boyfriend, he mindlessly tossed you his phone. "Somewhere in my notes."
You hummed clicking his phone open, a picture of you smiling while Childe placed a kiss on your cheek burned brightly into your eyes. Having known how keen the male was about your smile, it hadn't surprised you the least bit. However, the last thing you'd thought to see on his phone appeared right before your eyes.
A note reading his feelings about you, and as you scrolled even further you could see even more confessions pop up, each dated and around a paragraph long.
Childe looked up to you, tapping his foot impatiently against the floor of your shared apartment. "What's wrong, forget my password?" he voiced, coming up from behind you, a hand snagging your waist. And as his gaze fell upon the note you were reading, he quickly snatched his phone, cheeks burning a small blush.
"Have anything to tell me, love?"
Thank the Archons for making Kaeya a stupidly messy person. Digging through his office to find a certain document for him, you stumbled upon a familiar sight.
Your favorite flower, Cecilia, pressed into a book he had borrowed from you. It was something you had been looking for years, and beside it, there was a small note describing his feelings for you.
Inwardly smiling, you turned to flaunt the book in front of him, to which he only chuckled, shrugging, "Caught me red-handed."
A messy card with three words scrawled out on it. And a drawing of someone placed beside a small series of hearts.
"Hey, hey, Razor. What's this?" you hummed, holding up the scrap paper. His eyebrow gave a upward quirk as he examined it. Hands trailing over the messy drawing of your face. "Card?" he spoke, unsure of the word used to describe his creation.
"What about those words? And who's that person?" he pursed his lips before briefly pointing at you. "I love you."
Thoma as the housekeeper of the Kamisato clan had many talents. (One of which was being the best malewife there is.) And anything related to kitchen work was nothing beyond his reach.
He had a few notebooks where he jotted down his best recipes, so when he asked you to pass him one of them, you went scavenging through all of them, searching for the one he wanted.
To which you found one with recipes of foods he had made that you loved. And cute little notes about how your expression was when eating them. Some pages even had a photo he'd secretly snagged of you, as you ate the aforementioned dish.
"This one?" you held up and his cheeks burned a furious blush. You fought the urge to smile, tackle him onto the couch because of how cute he looked currently.
Xiao's school yearbook had everyone's signature, but one place was empty.
"Oh, Xiao, look! I found our high school yearbook." you beamed with visually excitement practically shining from your features. The tortoise-haired male hummed, settling onto the couch beside you, head resting against you shoulder. Amber eyes watching over you as you went on a small tangent about the people from your school while flipping through the book.
But you stopped mid-way, fingers tracing over a page. And Xiao turned his attention from your face to the page. Beside every picture there were signatures beside each of them, but one spot was empty. It wasn't where Xiao was personally, no, it was where a younger picture of yourself smiled back at you two.
In high school, the infamous [Name] was known for refusing all confessions, as people tried to guess whom you did it for. And of all people from the school, the real reason behind your denial was Xiao.
"Did I not give you my signature?" you asked in disbelief. Back then, you were practically head-over-heels for him, despite his rather aloof behaviour. "I don't remember." Xiao ignored the question. And you squinted at the place beside your photo, a small heart. Oh, maybe you were in the middle of signing it and got dragged off or something, as you remember putting hearts beside your signature as a teen.
Skipping through the book, there were no signatures of yours beside any of your pictures, just small hearts. And then it dawned on you, you drew your hearts as <3, not proper ones. "Xiao, were you too shy to ask me?"
Handpicked, self-dried tea leaves wrapped up in a velvet sash with a name tag that read [Name] in calligraphy.
Normally, on days that Zhongli came home extra tired, you would make him a nice cup of tea, as you sat beside him, just talking your heart out, or listening to his stories. Snuggling up together by the fireplace as either of you fell asleep. And today was no different.
"What about this one today?" you asked from behind the counter, dangling the little sachet in front of you, before catching onto your name. A smile creeping your lips as he turned to see which tea you were referring to. "Eh, why is my name here?" the brunette caught onto the cheekiness of your tone, sighing.
"It's just that the scent of those leaves remind me of you, lavender and maple honey." he hummed, and you slipped onto the empty seat beside him. His face held on a expression that read, no tea?
Lips quirking into a smile, his cue to place a light, feathery kiss against your skin.
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bumbleklee · 14 hours ago
you're insecure about your body after having the baby
masterlist | 1k prompt masterlist | baby series
pairings: diluc, kaeya, childe and zhongli x female!reader (separate)
warnings: babies, negative body image
Tumblr media
On a nice day in the fall, Diluc suggested taking the twins into town for the day to have lunch at the Good Hunter. The only problem? You couldn’t find anything to wear.
You haven’t dressed up in a nice outfit since the beginning of your pregnancy, so most of your clothes didn’t fit the same way anymore. You were struggling to lose the baby weight, still sporting a pocket of fat on your stomach and stretch marks all around your hips. You just didn’t have the same body you did before the twins.
“Almost ready?” Diluc asked, knocking his knuckle against the open door to your bedroom. Clara was in his free arm, trying to pull off her socks. You looked up at Diluc for a moment before looking back at your reflection and frowned.
You had on an ankle length blue dress that you used to adore. Now, it just made you feel gross. Your hands smoothed down the fabric against your stomach and you frowned even more, if possible.
“You look nice,” Diluc said simply, stepping inside the bedroom to lay Clara down onto the bed to fix her socks, which she had promptly ripped off. When you didn't say anything, Diluc looked up at you. “What’s the matter?”
“I look hideous,” You finally said, “Look at me.”
Diluc made his way over to you and instantly placed his hands on your hips, “Hideous? Not in the slightest.”
You tried to pull away from Diluc but his grip on your waist was firm, “Don’t lie to me.”
“I’m not lying to you. You look beautiful - you always have.” Your own hands pressed against your stomach and Diluc caught on, “This is just proof you carried two amazing children.”
You made a sound of displeasure but Diluc only pressed you closer, kissing your forehead and squeezing your hips. He hated seeing you like this, insecure and hating your body, when you were the most beautiful thing in the world to him. Diluc would do anything to show you how loved you really were.
“Ready?” He finally asked.
You hesitated before nodding your head. You picked up Clara and followed Diluc downstairs to take Isaac from Adeline, ready to spend the day out with your family.
After lying Calla down for the night, you grabbed a towel out of the hall closet. “I’m jumping in the shower,” You told Kaeya, who was busy at his desk.
Your husband looked up, “Can I hop in with you?”
Kaeya looked baffled for a moment. Before having Calla, you and Kaeya showered together all the time. Now, it was like you never wanted him to even touch you. Kaeya stood up and frowned, “Why not?”
“I just don’t want to.” You turned on your heel and headed towards the bathroom but Kaeya followed you. By your tone, he could tell something else was going on and was determined to find out. You stepped inside the bathroom and tried to shut the door but Kaeya held it open. You frowned at him, “We’re not showering together.”
“Why not?” Kaeya asked again.
This time, you gave in.
You turned away from Kaeya and held your arms over your chest. “I’m so fat and ugly,” You started, your words catching in your throat, “I look in the mirror and I just see a mess.” Your insecurities were getting worse day by day and now they were flooding out of your mouth.
You heard Kaeya move closer to you until his arms wrapped around your shoulders. He wiped away the tears that were forming and waited for a while until you were relaxed again. One of his hands lifted to brush a lock of hair behind your ear, his wedding band brushing your earlobe.
“When I look at you, I see the most beautiful woman in the world. I see someone who is inspiring and strong and tough. Your body doesn’t define you - you just had a baby months ago. I’ve never seen you look more radiating than you do now.”
Kaeya’s words were wispy and soft but made you feel safe. You leaned into his embrace and soaked up his encouragement.
You sighed eventually, “You need to grab a second towel from the hall.”
Marriage had been something you and Childe talked about often but never pursued. It was too difficult to plan a wedding with Nikolai still so young, plus Childe hadn’t proposed yet. But when you were dress shopping for your close friend’s wedding, you couldn't help but be mesmerized by the field of white gowns in the store.
Your fingers trailed the hemlines of each gown, admiring the sparkles and beading of each one. While your friend was busy picking out dresses of her own, you noticed an associate glaring at you from the side of your eye.
You tried to ignore her but when she called over another associate, you froze. “We don’t have anything to fit that woman,” She said to her, snickering. “She should try the fabric store. Maybe they can make a sheet to hide her stomach.”
Their words cut you deep and you instantly stopped looking at the dresses and waited for your friend to be done. Afterwards, you headed home dejected and upset. How were you ever supposed to get married if there wasn’t a wedding dress anywhere in Liyue Harbor that fit you?
It wasn’t your fault, you thought. You needed to eat extra during your pregnancy to make sure Nikolai stayed healthy. No one told you that it would be difficult to lose all the baby weight.
When you arrived home, Childe was busy playing with Nikolai on the ground but when he noticed your solemn expression, he laid the baby down in his crib and took your hands in his. “What happened?”
“I’ll never fit into a wedding dress like this.”
The room filled with silence and you tried to pull yourself away from Childe but he only held onto you tighter. “What are you talking about?”
You explained what happened in the dress store, ending in tears, and Childe felt his blood boil. How dare someone make you feel that way? But going after anyone while you were in this state wasn’t right.
Your boyfriend sat you down on the couch and pressed his forehead against yours, “When we get married, you’re going to wear the most beautiful and expensive dress we can find, okay? And you’re going to look amazing in it no matter what.”
You opened your mouth to speak but Childe cut you off with a kiss.
“No matter what.”
With Ganyu taking Jia for a stroll around Liyue for the day, Zhongli decided to pamper you. You had been stressed with the baby and work and whatever else lately and Zhongli wanted to do whatever he could to make you feel better. Before you returned home that day, Zhongli lit candles around the bedroom and wasted no time in pressing you into the mattress.
“What’s all this about?” You asked between kisses, pushing Zhongli’s falling bangs away. Zhongli only hummed in response, his hands finding their way underneath the bottom hem of your shirt. You visibly tense up, “Hold on.”
Zhongli pulled away, “What’s wrong?”
You sighed, “You don’t want to see that now. It’ll ruin the mood.”
Your husband raised an eyebrow at you, “See what? Your stomach? Nonsense.”
His hands continued and you didn’t protest when he gently lifted your shirt over your head, leaving you in just your bra. But your eyes were filled with uncertainty and Zhongli noticed. He had known about your insecurities for a while but wasn’t sure how to approach them. After all, it was your body.
Zhongli found your shaky hands and brought them to his lips, kissing each fingertip and then each knuckle until his lips moved to your wrists.
“Don’t you find me gross?” You muttered.
“How could I?” Zhongli asked quickly. His body moves downwards with his lips, gentle kisses being pressed to your jaw, then neck, then shoulders. He kisses your hips and your ribcage before landing at the spot that fills you with such turmoil. “You carried our daughter - how could I find you anything less than stunning?”
Zhongli kisses your stomach with love and stops when he hears a sniffle. Your hand races him to wipe away the tears rolling down your cheeks but he’s quicker. Zhongli holds your face, kissing away your tears and whispering sweet nothings.
“Don’t cry, my love,” He says gently, “You’re much too pretty to cry.”
You sniffle again and wrap your arms around Zhongli’s neck, pulling him closer to you so you can kiss him properly. Falling back in love with yourself was going to be a difficult task but at least Zhongli made it easier.
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I am loving the merman au!! If you’re still accepting requests would you be able to write some about the reader swimming with him? (Perhaps there’s even a point where the reader falls into the water and he saves them)
Tumblr media
Read Parts One and Two!!
~ * ~ Sea Monster AU HCs (Part Three)
Warning for beaches, allusions to drowning and freezing, jellyfish, seaweed, and swimming
~ * ~
-A few months have passed since you first met Childe -The hunt for the “sea monster” has died down ever since he spent some time with you on land, thank goodness -The beach is back to hosting an ordinary amount of people, which is not very many due to the cold season rapidly approaching and bringing temperature drops and frigid days -It’s one of these days that you make your way down to the shore, avoiding tide pools and wrapping your coat around you -The breeze is quite adamant about nipping at your skin but you’re stubborn and climb the rock you usually meet Childe at anyways -You sit down and tuck your legs close to keep them warm, careful not to slip on the algae growing nearby as you watch a dark shape approach you -The water ripples and Childe surfaces, chasing thoughts about the cold away from your mind as you smile at his happy trills -He hoists himself onto the rock and plops his head into your lap, and you resist the urge to jump at the feeling of water splashing on your skin -Luckily it quickly warms and you get to work scritching around Childe’s horns and fins as he purrs in delight. -You ruffle his fluff and laugh gently when he presses his face into your hands, his tail flicking back and forth under the waves -After a few minutes you get up to stretch your legs, arching your back and pulling your arms high above your head -Suddenly your foot catches on some slick algae and you stumble, thrown off-balance, before slipping and falling into the ocean -You’re immediately hit with a cold shock, the water freezing and numbing your limbs -You can swim fine, but in the SUMMER in proper SWIMWEAR, not in autumn fully dressed!! -It’s scary when you feel your lung burn and blood too cold to flow properly -Vaguely you register a pair of clawed hands grab your shoulder and pull you close to someone’s chest, and a sudden burst of air around you -Head now above water, you inhale desperately to get oxygen into your lungs, goosebumps standing on your slicked skin -Someone, who you now realize is Childe, hastily swims you to shore and sets you onto the sound, crying out worriedly -A breeze passes by and you shiver uncontrollably, the chill of the water seeping into your bones -Childe whimpers and crawls onto shore, curling around you and lifting your head onto his fluff- it’s damp but radiates warmth, and you turn to bury your icy fingers into it -He hums and rumbles, breath warm and comforting, and you slowly feel your hands and face thawing -Wrapping his arms and tail around you, he gently licks your face, fins twitching in concern as he massages your arms and legs to get the blood flowing again -You laugh, slightly dazed, as you reach up to hold his face between your hands and bring his forehead down to touch yours -He trills sadly- you could’ve died!! You could’ve frozen before he had a chance to actually swim with you, when the sun is shining and the water is warm! He was looking forward to showing you cool things underwater, but now he’s not sure if you’ll want to… -You kiss his cheek gently- of course you still want to swim with him! Just not now, in near-winter. You’ll have to wait ‘till spring at the earliest unfortunately -You hear a huff as he puts his head on your shoulder, and you promise that you’ll swim with him in the summer as you bid him goodbye and hurry home to take a hot shower -When the clouds part and summer arrives, you keep to your promise and head down to a more remote side of the beach where you told him to meet you- there’s a lot of tourists down at the city shore! -You spot him in the water, tail swishing back and forth and throwing water droplets into the air in his excitement -He leads you into the water, letting you take your time to submerge your head and get used to the temperature -You dive under, feeling a nudge encouraging you to open your eyes, and Childe floats in front of you, fluff and hair even silkier in the water and scales shining from the sunbeams cast on the seafloor -He offers a hand, tucking you close to his side before swimming deeper into the
sea. It’s a leisurely swim as he points out shells and coral that you never even dreamed of seeing -You come across a jellyfish, and while it’s beautiful, he flings an arm in front of you and growls at the bloopy, bubbly creature -You notice he keeps away from certain areas, dark little corners filled with seaweed long enough to drag you down and drown you -Of course he comes to the surface to let you breathe, wrapping his tail around your legs so you don’t even have to tread water -When the sun begins to go down you notice patches of his scales starting to glow, and the darker it gets the brighter they become -He notices your staring and chips in delight, sounding like a tuneful melody as he lets you run your fingers over his bioluminescence -The moon rises and he brings you back to shore, glowing in the dark as you squeeze the seawater out of your clothes -He tugs on your sleeve, opening his claws to reveal an iridescent shell that he shyly sets in your hands with a questioning purr -You close your fingers around it and he visibly glows brighter, happy that you accepted his gift -Before he leaves he surges forward and gathers you up in his arms, nudging your head with his own. Will you come back tomorrow? There’s so much more to see! -You laugh and nod, patting his head, and tomorrow can’t come fast enough
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rulaien · a day ago
Listen now
Tumblr media
TW; dom!dark!travelerXsub!childe, non-con, kidnapping, breeding, belly bulge, gags, ropes, ooc!childe, possession, yandere-semi, etc
Characters; Childe/Tartaglia/Ajax
Gender; male
Author Notes; The traveler isn't Lumine or Aether it's you, I hate using the word Y/N sometimes so I use traveler for this. Also, this is my first time writing dark fics so please TO THE MINORS OR ADULT UP WHO CAN'T HANDLE DARK FIC THIS ISN'T FOR YOU
"What?!" He can't believe this! "I'm sorry Master childe but the evidence is showing that some treasure holders steal rather large amounts of mora." Childe can't believe he scoffs when some random holders and easily a lot of mora especially this bank!
But he knows better than this, he should calm down after all he is the 11th of the fatui harbinger.
"I'm sorry Ekaterina, I'm just shocked that they manage to get that much money." He let out a sigh, he may be reckless come fighting but he very seriously when it involves some... Fatui business.
"Right, do you want your man's to-" she was cut off by childe "no need Ekaterina, I can handle this." He smirks and walks off leaving ekaterina in the bank with the other people.
"I somehow have an uneasy feeling..."
Tumblr media
"It nighttime?" Childe realized as he walks to find the treasure holders. "To think there is a random treasure holder can steal a large amount of more... That can't be right—" somehow he felt an uneasy feeling too but nonetheless continue walking.
"I mean yeah there is a possible way out there must be an intelligent person but the way Ekaterina explains how they look like... They wear black hoodies, no doubt that their face got shown—"
Then he stops and hears some noise from the tree, "it probably squirrels-"
He then felt a cloth covering his nose and mouth and feeling drowsy, having no time to look at his kidnapper.
"Mmmph!—" he muffed out from his gag as he tied up in blue ropes while his hand at the back while his leg is spread but his ankles shackles up.
"Oh come on now childe, it isn't that bad— I guess." You merely snicker at him, he was indeed looking submissive under the ropes and chains.
Though you are bored seeing him muffled through the gag, you can't even hear his beautiful sound! "Behave while I ungag you alright?" You cupped your cheeks at his.
You ungag him due it a gag ball but it's nice, "what the fuck traveler?!—" not that kind of expression you were hoping at all.
You cupped at his cheeks, smiling at him while he squirm underneath you. "You sometimes cute honestly childe but now... You shouldn't go out now though cause I will be keeping you safe here." You smirk.
"No!— no mORE!—" he moaned out feeling too full, "please—no more!- AHH!—" He can't, please anybody there-
"See here." You touch his bulge to know that your cum is really inside of him and breeding him so well, "N-no...—" he cried out begging to stop for you to stop!
"God— NO!-" he sobbed out feeling another orgasm once again, "p-please... No more—"
"No, and listen to me."
Tumblr media
A/n: I'm tired of writing the NSFW part so yeah. Don't go sending threats to me, I already put the TW- it basically your fault.
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echoingtales · 2 days ago
Tides of Water: Prologue
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Pairing: Childe x fem!Reader
Summary: The young pair was inseparable since little days, always seen tied together. But with the beginning of high school, the two went their own ways and forgot about their childhood’s fairytale. Or so Name thought. Born into the ones of the richest families in Teyvat, Name and Childe were bound to happen one way or another, and once the marriage between them came knocking on the door, they were brought back together. However, neither of the two were the same people they used to be, and both learnt that since the very beginning of their shared life.
Word Count: 1568
Tags and Warnings: Fluff at the beginning, angst at the end, friends to strangers, modern AU kids/teenagers POV, usage of Childe’s real name, mentions of strict childhood
Notes: I am so sorry this took so long to post. I had a shitshow of the last week, plus my graphics card died again. But we’re here! Hope it’s a good enough intro into the whole story and thank you @genshinfanboy​​ for beta reading! Reblogs and feedbacks are appriciated. 
Tumblr media
  “Have you ever thought of what your future would look like?” You winced at the sudden break of the soothing silence between you both. The strains of his ginger hair tickled your nose as you turned to him, only to see him staring at the flickering stars above you. His ocean eyes were focused on the sight, blinking too many times while you questioned where he pulled the question from. You were too young to have such conversations, merely tackling into the beginnings of middle school, yet he never failed to amuse you with unexpected topics.
But that was Childe for you; never afraid to speak his mind.
“Not really,” you mumbled, averting your gaze back to the night sky. “Papa probably has things planned for me, so there is nothing for me to think about, I guess.” Some part of you knew that was the case. Ever since you were able to talk, he has had a strict approach to raising you. Learning at least two languages, excelling in chess and mathematics, making sure you read a few books a week. The list went on as you grew older, making you a female copy of your father. You didn’t have many toys to play with or friends to hang out with, although your mother took it upon herself to cheat the system every once in a while. Was it to brush your hair after a bath, read you fairy tales before bed, or sneak a plush or two without your father noticing, she made sure you knew what it felt like being taken care of outside the stern routine you had.
After all, she was the one who introduced you to your best friend and his family, and that was something you always silently thanked her for.
Childe was the complete opposite of you; his parents let him shape himself in the way he wanted to. Being the youngest at the time gave him the freedom of getting extra spoiled, almost carefree, yet he ended up as someone every parent would like their child to be.
He was someone you wanted to be but knew you couldn't.
The only reason your father allowed your friendship to bloom was Childe’s father himself. Being best friends since their high school days, the two were inseparable. Although two polar opposites, they seemed more like brothers than anything else. For sure, your mother encouraged you to spend time with Childe in the first place, but your father never said a word after seeing you together.
“That’s so lame, Name.” His teasing voice made you frown. “You should have a secret hobby. Don’t be the boring one.” Even though you knew there was no ill intention behind his words, you still pinched his side, drawing a dramatic squeak from his mouth. Rolling your eyes, you puffed the air you held out and pouted at him. His eyes never left the scenery above, but you noticed a tiny smirk forming at the corner of his right lip.
Ajax ‘Childe’ Tartaglia was a menace who you were proud to call your best friend.
“You know how they are, stupid. ‘Can't do much about it.” You loved your parents equally for everything they were doing for you. So, it was only natural to accept what they planned for you without any second thoughts.
“Well,” he exclaimed, abruptly turning around to face you. Childe’s tiny head was too close to you, his hair tickling your nose, with a big smile plastered on his cute face. “At least you’ll have me in your future! Promise I’m not going anywhere.”
His eyes closed, the smile only growing wider. Your heart fluttered at the scene. It skipped a few beats hearing his words. He would always be by your side. He would be the ray of sunshine in your pre-planned life. He would always be your Ajax.
As you returned the smile to him, he ruffled through your loose hair, lying back down on the shared blanket. Emitting the warmth in the already warm sunroom, he pressed himself closer to your tiny body, fingers searching for yours. You quickly glanced at your small hands, letting him intertwine them together. There was that soothing silence between you once again. Shortly lived as Childe quickly started rambling about his own plans and wishes, never once forgetting to mention where were you in that story. You were happy.
He made you happy.
Little that you knew back then your life would turn around 180 sooner than you thought.
Tumblr media
It hurt to face him. It hurt to let those words out of your throat. It hurt to hurt him.
You knew about your departure overseas before the middle school graduation, but you couldn’t bring yourself to say anything to him earlier. It pained you enough already, and you knew how much it would do the same to him. But you had to; you just decided to wait until the very last moment.
Childe grew out to be a teasing gentleman. He could have spun everything around his finger without blinking once, yet showed major respect when needed. You were proud of him, more than you were of yourself. There was still shape that had to be done about him, he was only 15, but you knew he would be a sly charmer.
Without you by his side.
Both of you quietly stood at the frozen fountain inside your garden, your favorite place to chase each other since little days. His already tall figure loomed over you, but his eyes avoided meeting yours, no usual shine inside them. You knew you had broken him, how could you not? His best friend, his better half, was leaving him for however how long. The moment you shared with him right there and then was the last one, but you couldn’t even make him smile, make it easier for him.
“Why didn't you say something earlier?” Childe’s voice was detached; no one would understand how hard he was trying not to let it crack. None but you. With each lip bite, another blade pierced your heart with sorrow. It felt like the air had thinned out, making it impossible to breathe. You wished he looked at you, and saw the guilt hoarded inside your irises. But there was nothing instead. Only the sound of him breathing incoherently and clenched jaw.
“I…” Your voice gave up on you, yet you had to find it in yourself to end the already one-sided conversation. “I was scared.” Was that really enough? Deep inside, you knew it's not, it wasn't a good reason. As honest as it was, it couldn’t give him the fair closure he deserved.
Maybe you should have said something earlier. Maybe it would have hurt both of you less if he knew sooner. But it was too late already. It was too late even if it was sooner.
You were leaving and it couldn’t be stopped. Childe knew that, cursing everything and everyone that kept it hidden away from him. But he never said it out loud. Shoving it deep inside his brain, he didn’t say a word. He didn’t blame you. He couldn’t blame you. After all, your life was decided before you knew it. The only wish he had was more time. More time to hold you in his arms. More time to tell you how he really felt.
More time to confess his love to you.
Instead, he leaned down his forehead onto yours, his cold skin absorbing the warmth out of you. And he just breathed, eyes closed, mouth sealed in a straight line. You hitched at his movement, pleading your heart to stop racing so fast and loud, but touched his nose with yours as your eyes stayed glued to his stoic face.
“Don't forget me,” he whispered, wishing it more to himself than anything else. Your heart broke in half as he finally opened his eyes, the oceans turning into a midnight sky from the sadness that consumed them. Tears finally escaped and rolled down your face uncontrollably as you pulled him into a tight hug. Wrinkling your coat, he tugged you closer, just to feel you next to him one last time. Until you meet again.
“Never.” You thought that was a promise you would never break. It was easy, you couldn’t forget about him. He promised he would stay by your side forever, no matter what happens.
Yet, some twisted part of your fate had different plans for you, and Childe became nothing but a faded memory after 10 years of you leaving him alone in that garden.
With each passing year, he roamed your mind less and less, until you found yourself never thinking of him again. Memories you two made together were nothing more than a smudge you couldn't restore. Nor did you try to in the end. You focused on yourself and your career, making sure your parents had a reason to boast about their daughter being the next successor to numerous hotels around the country. It was the only way for you; to listen and obey what was expected of you.
You owed them that much. You owed them your whole life for being where you were, satisfied with the lush life you lived.
And you had to agree with anything they still had in preparation for you once you step through their doors again.
Tumblr media
Taglist: @ariesreii​, @mitskisaveme​​, @tiny-uwuu, @genshincopium Send me an ask if you wish to be added! Striked mentions can’t be tagged.
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viixbat · 8 hours ago
Genshin Boys being your college roommate
Tumblr media
Summary: How your life would be if you were sharing a college dorm with some of the men of Teyvat.
Who: Diluc, Kaeya, Childe, Xiao, Albedo
Type: Headcannons Genre: SWF, Fluff(?)/General, Modern AU, Warnings: None (?)
What is it like having Diluc as your roommate;
First off, good luck you’re spending most of your time alone in the dorm room. He has morning and night classes along with a part-time job that takes up most of him time.
He puts sticky notes on his food with his name written on it but honestly he will share if you ask or even will make you something if you’re stressing about tests. Diluc cares more about your well-being than his.
Speaking about well-beings, he’s shit at taking care of himself. He’s a natural workaholic, constantly over working himself till he’s sick. He’ll shoot you a message when he’s a work or class telling you he’s not feeling too well as a heads up to stay away from his so you don’t catch anything.
He’s,, so awkward around you. Whenever he’s near you when he gets off of work or has a free day he’s so tense. Honestly he’s trying to get closer to you but he just hates small talk.
Kaeya probably drags him to some parties but only because Diluc is the “designated driver” he jokes.
Really Kaeya just wants to help his brother open up more butt it doesn’t seem like it’s working,,
What is it like having Kaeya as your roommate
Constantly trying to drag you and his friends along to parties that none of you were invited to, all because he wants you all to live that “College life” and not stay cooped up studying in your rooms.
This bitch uses all the hot water and your fucking shampoo.
Speaking of showers he has this small portable waterproof speaker that he brings in with him and just blast his fucking music. Good luck studying when he’s sing screaming “Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)”
Man is constantly burning a scented candles, you’d be shocked with how many different smells he has.
Despite him always dragging you out with his friends he’s actually really good at helping with school work. Unless it’s art,, then he’ll call Albedo up for you!
If you really don’t want to go out Kaeya is more than happy to just sit at home with you and watch some shitty movies with cheap wine and popcorn!
What is it like having Childe as your roommate
Okay listen, he’s probably gonna tease you and treat you like a kid. He seems like he gets homesick a lot so he’s missing his siblings a lot and treat you like one for a bit. After a few weeks he’ll probably stop but treating you like one of his siblings but that doesn’t mean he won’t be overprotective and annoying.
You’re NEVER walking anywhere alone, like ever. Especially if it’s dark out. He’s so annoying about it but he has to walk you where you need to go, and if he can’t he’ll get one of his friends to follow behind you. 
He’s the definition of scary dog privileges, always following behind you with smile that feels,, off when other people look at him.
Parties? Hell yeah! Only if he gets to hold your drink and dance with you.
Like he’s annoying with wanting to hold your drink but once you let him he’ll insists on you “paying him back” with a dance.
Despite being a party guy he’s at the top of all his classes and often offers to tutor you.
In your guy’s kitchen he made chart to determine who’s cooking dinner that night but somehow he’s always the one who does most of the cooking. 
Childe enjoys cooking and especially cooking for others. When it’s your turn to cook for the night he’ll scoot in and help from stirring to cutting up some of the ingredients which is fine until he’s shooing you out of the kitchen saying, “Hey don’t worry I got this! You can go back to studying!” with his dumb cheeky smile.
What is it like having Xiao as your roommate;
When you first tell people you’re sharing a dorm they’re usually like “You have a roommate???” which makes sense since it seems like you’re the only one who lives there until they see the back door creek open ever so slowly and a wild Xiao with bed head walks out the bathroom back into his dark one.
He,, can only cook one thing so expect to see a life time supply of tofu and almonds in the fridge. 
Xiao tends to be a picky eater and isn’t one for change but he’ll slowly warm up to your cooking and trying your food. Just ask nicely if he can “taste test” your food. (In reality you’re just trying to get him to eat literally anything else,,)
No he wont go to any parties no matter how much you beg. He has class in the morning and needs to finish his notes. Xiao honestly just would not feel comfortable in a loud room with people he could honestly care less. about.
Will let you tag along with him to go out with Aether and Lumine for brunch if you want.
Sometimes you hear him laughing at a video in his room, like a faint chuckle or even the sound of him typing away at his keyboard.
Xiao seems like the type that once they stand up you hear all the bones in their body just crack and pop. It’s enough to make a normal person cringe.
He is the definition of that one Lilo and Stitch scene where it’s late at night and Stitch is in the fridge and just scares the shit outta Nani.
What is it like having Albedo as your roommate;
Man,, this art student dude,, he’s a great roommate except for his quirks-
Listen,  you love this man but if you wake up one more time and walk out your room to the bathroom and see out the corner of your eye Albedo in the kitchen at 4 am mixing a giant mug of chocolate milk in the pitch black with the only light source being the flashlight on the back of his phone.
Being roommates with him is being roommates with Sucrose and Timaeus since they never,,,fucking,,,leave.
You’re so close to making them pay rent at this point.
They’re here because Albedo is the leader of the science club and they’re his (only) members.
Klee knows and loves you! Albedo is always face timing her since she tends to miss him a lot and one day she saw you in the corner of his camera and let out a loud scream of “HI!” Nearly blowing out Albedo’s eardrums.
Klee now constantly asks Albedo about you, “Where’s Y/N? Are they still there? Can I see them? Did you show them the picture I made them? Are them coming over for winter break? They can stay the night in my room!”
Albedo is another one who doesn’t take care of his well being, but he just simply forget to since he’s so busy.
Please get him food and drop it off at his room, he’ll be very appreciative and will do anything for you in return.
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polygon-draws · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Taru and the grapes 🦊🍇
i got the idea from this one screenshot. after taking it, i suddenly remember about the fable The Fox and the Grapes. a classic! gotta doodle over the screenshot too, lol. 
Tumblr media
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burquillos · a day ago
Tumblr media
I’ve only had Shiki Taishou for a day and a half but-
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rarity1577 · a day ago
Tumblr media
Genshin Impact Imagine
Ajax x Yan!fem reader
Yes this is inspired by Itzy’s song Loco.
Warnings: yandere themes, dark content, explicit violence, dumbification, fem dom male sub dynamic
Tumblr media
It started subtle. It started small, a mere flicker of interest in the snezhnayan man.
Liyue, the city of stone and contracts was no stranger to foreigners. As the central hub of many large scale business tycoons, meeting people from all walks of life was common, especially for someone like you.
As a mercenary, you’d never discriminated between clients. If a reasonable offer was made, there was no reason to turn them down, and because of your flexibility with your sponsor, you were well renowned. Not a village or town that didn’t know of your name. But Liyue was your home, no matter how long your missions took, or how far away you had to drag yourself for the mora, you always- always, made it back home. Regardless of the dangers of the majority of your commissions. For the right amount of mora, your blade was available to cut down anyone, and anything.
And because of this reputation you’d so effortlessly garnered, the ginger had an immediate interest in you as well.
It started off as casual flirting, him challenging you to a fight every single time. Although he was serious about fighting, and you knew, you simply laughed it off every time, with a roll of your eyes or a playful smack on his shoulder. However, deep inside, you wanted nothing more than to indulge his request. The glimmer of hope and mild adrenaline that caused his eyes to dilate, his muscles to subtly stiffen. It sparked something hot deep inside, setting your blood on fire, mind buzzing to all sorts of thoughts.
It takes effort, and a commendable amount to keep your hands from wandering each time your hands brush. The slightest touch from him setting your skin on fire. A whiff of his scent tossing you into a lust filled daze. His voice, playful and filled with mirth tingling your ears each time he called your name, making you wonder how he’d sound if he cried it out in the heat of battle or the throes of passion.
Each day you spent in his presence had your patience thinning, especially when the more, desperate lot of women practically threw themselves at his feet.
The monstrous jealousy that coiled around your lungs like thorny vines made blood rush to your head, fanning the smoky haze of murderous intent blooming inside you.
As you so heartlessly turned down the countless men and women who sought out your attention specifically, you expected him to do the same, after all- the two of you had a rather hot, blazing connection between you. And yet, here you were, sitting on the roof of the inn he was at, snarling at the distant night sky, listening to his pleasured soft moans along with another woman’s. To say you were mad was an understatement. You were livid, but sit quietly, waiting for his midnight festivities to end. When they do and he leaves the inn, you easily climb inside the room. Catching the woman by surprise. Startled by a menacing presence behind her, she stumbles over her robes and falls unceremoniously on her behind.
You place your polearm on your shoulders, arms hanging over the metal pole as you stare down the meek, fragile little creature before you. Head tilting to the side, the full moon’s light shimmers in your dull eyes, even as they narrow into threatening slits.
The woman sputters left and right, babbling incoherently, favoring to irk you further. Your eye twitches and you click your tongue, lifting your polearm, expertly twirling it between your fingers and using the tip of the blade to lift her chin. Mimicking her fear-struck state, you softly shake your head no. A sadistic smile gracing your lips as you start nodding, yes.
Your conscience is clear, she sinned but so did your beloved. As the blame lies with both of them, you took mercy and at the very least made it quick. As in, if she had family, they might be able to recognize her and she took her last breath moments before the sun could kiss her skin.
That’s a merciful death in your books.
However, when you meet said darling hours later, he has that same smile that makes your heart skip a beat, the same fresh aura but- there’s a bruise on his neck, and the subtle scent of another still lingers around him. Both of which not belonging to you. Suddenly you regret being merciful. Your eyes are narrow threateningly, the hostility not lost on him. He stiffens almost immediately, unsure how he’d offended you. And for the first time since he’d met you, he sensed danger.
Your chin is downward pointing, eyes sharp and piercing and he feels your deathly stare tearing him apart from the inside. Your blood lust was much more intense and suffocating than he’d thought. And something tells him this isn’t the worst of it.
The image was permanently burned into his head, but he saw an opportunity to instigate an actual, physical fight between you, so he casually tosses the idea of ‘sparring the frustration out’ with him.
Taking his offer into consideration, later that day you decide to let your mind wander. Sitting at the edge of the harbor, one leg dangling, swinging carelessly back and forth, one perched on the wooden surface with your arm wrapped around it. Your polearm nestled snuggly in between as your free hand was placed behind you, holding you up. You wondered what kind of fight it would be, against number eleven of the fatui, a young man renowned for his skill with basically any weapon and his greatest ally, his blood lust.
You lick your lips, throwing your head back, eyes fluttering shut as an image forms in your head.
He’s on his knees, blood splattered all over him. Whether its his or yours, you don’t care. But that look of inexplicable, unadulterated fear- of horror in his eyes, his jaw slack and body stiff as if paralyzed. His bright orange hair messier than usual, with specks and droplets of blood trickling down the edges. He looks up at you so helplessly, so defeated-
You shiver, goosebumps rising all over your skin. Licking your lips once more you opt to lay back, pondering this burn in your system to see him defeated. 
As you explore the countless ways to worship the fear in his eyes and the tremble in his hands as you reach out to him, your thoughts suddenly take an unexpected turn. How would he look tied up? With chains around his wrists and ankles, a collar around his neck with your name on it.
Yes, your name on him, your mark on him.
A delighted sigh escapes your lips, body heating up with the thought of the great Tartaglia reduced to a sobbing, pleading, desperate mess. Aching for you to mark him, touch him, please him, shower him in your affection.
You sit up abruptly, a strange thirst clouding your mind, spiraling you into a depraved state of extreme hunger for adrenaline. You seek him out, and decide to take him up on his offer. He was ecstatic, a wide smile gracing his handsome features immediately. You swear you’ve never seen anything more precious.
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Little Deal [Childe x gn!reader]
I wrote something under a Childe Playlist and it's pretty good, for myself. Please enjoy this while Im busying myself searching for inspiration and school test! 🌹🌌
Your name stands and admired from the citizens of Liyue as a loyal fighter against crime in the harbor. Working under the Qixing doesn't bury you down but actually lifts you up as an infamous fighter among others.
"No,I wont accept your offer even with such benefits for myself,Harbinger." you stated with a slight frown that against such charming smile for the male in front of you. He just offered promised safety for your escort for tomorrow but you wont accept any help especially from a Harbinger himself. Not even because of his good-looking or business connection with the Consultant,Mr.Zhongli because in your eyes, he still a Fatui and his hands already painted from blood of his enemies.
"Come on, it's a good offer, captain. Your escort get guarantee safety back to Monstadt and I get to do my works with you by my side," he stated with a step closer to you while you crossing your arms on your chest and leaning on the front of your table that filled with reports from the Milelith. Your cold glare doesn't stop him from walking closer to you with a smile but his eyes still holding mischievous glint like it's ready to drown you into the ocean blue eyes anytime soon.
"Still no? How about I offer more just to convince you,hmm?" he whispered when his hands suddenly placed on your sides, sandwiching your body between his taller one and the table. You tried to be as far as you can but you knew you already stucked, physically closed to this man. "I wont accept it even if you adding thousand of Mora into it," you voiced out using a stern voice to signal him, not to mess with you. "I'm sure Mora cannot make you fall," he stated when his face inching closer to your face before moved to your left ear to let a relief sigh , sent shivers down your spine. His gloved right hand placed onto your back and pushed your body to touch his chest. "How about we bond little relationship to make this easier, yes?" he whispered with a seductive voice tone into your ear as his hand moving to the back of your head before gripping your hair back.
You gasped and tried to free yourself but your heart stopped when a pair of sweet and warm lips locking into yours.The room felt silent and you didnt hear the busy street of Liyue Harbor no more. Only the heartbeats in your ears and Childe stealing your breath. He moved against you with closed eyes still gripping your hair. You can't helped but feeling your breath been taken away from such a loving kiss from Childe. He pushed you into the table knocked over some of the papers as your hands started to grip his uniform, signalling to let you go.
After a while, he let you go with heavy breathing and a victory smirk on his red lips. Both of your cheeks dusted with pinkish from the kiss. You averted your gaze away from him, ignoring how your heart now be around beating in your chest trying to burst out. Butterflies also suddenly appeared in your stomach when his other arm being around your waist pulling you close to him. His chin placed onto your shoulder and you cant moved due his strong grip on you.
"Push me away but I will still come back.. I just cant get enough of you.." he whispered into your ear and you can hear smile in his voice.
Tumblr media
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♡ i hate you, i love you
Tumblr media
♡ 𝐩𝐚𝐢𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬: childe x gn!reader
♡ 𝐰𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬: angst <3 MCD
♡ 𝐚/𝐧: bye this was long and sad >< but i hope you all like this! <3 | like/rb if you liked this!
Tumblr media
There were too many emotions running through your heart.
You were planning to propose to your boyfriend soon, but it was definitely taking a toll on your relationship. You hated how secretive you had to be towards him, planning the perfect day, for the rest of your life that you wanted to spend with him. After all, the true nature of your relationship was you and him being fairly open with one another.
This change... it felt strange, but it had to be a trade, didn’t it? You hated keeping secrets from Childe, but if you wanted your plan to go right… some courses of action had to be done. You had to turn down dates and plans, you had to refuse his company. But you wanted the proposal to be perfect, right?
Everything would be okay after he said yes. Everything would be back to normal after both of you tied the knot, a significant promise that you would keep for the rest of your life. The two of you would live together, start a family, maybe even have children – adopted or biological. It was blissful to dream about.
“Hey, (Y/N)! Shall we go out today? The weather is nice, I think it would be a good day for a-”
“Sorry, my love. Not today… I have some things going on. Another time, okay? I promise.” You smiled at him, guilt panging in your heart.
“No problem! It’s okay, we can go another time.” Childe leaned down to kiss your cheek. It was going to be okay, right?
...No, it was not okay.
“Hey, should we go out today?”
“Sorry, dear. Not today.”
“Are you free? Want to go out with me?”
“I’m not free today, love. I’m sorry.”
“It’s been a while since we last went out together! Come on, let’s go somewhere!”
“No, Childe. Sorry. Give me a while.”
Day after day, night after night, you turned his desperate pleas down. Childe was… understandably upset. It had been almost a month since you had time to spend with him!
Worries filled his mind and... longings took root in the watchtower of fears, and doubt could be unkind as it sowed its seeds in each person. He doubted your relationship. He doubted your love. He doubted the kind words, the smiles, the hugs. Was it all fake? Why didn’t you love him anymore? Did you love him? Did you still love him? His mind- racing- he couldn’t take it- stop.
Fine. If you didn’t want to spend time with him, he didn’t want to spend time with you either. Two could play in this game.
Back to you. Finally, the rings that you had ordered had come. Now to propose...
“Childe, shall we go out? It’s been a long time since we spent time with each other.” You asked, hugging his waist.
Childe couldn't take it anymore. He snapped.
“...Now you want to go out? After a month? (Y/N), I’ve asked you so many times whether or not you wanted to spend time with me. Now you’re asking? Am I just some plaything for you? Disposable? I’m just here for your entertainment, right? You put me away when you don’t want me, take me out when you do. Is that all I am?” Childe was sick and tired of it all. Now you wanted to go out with him? Really?
“Can you please just stop?! I’m sick of your incessant whining! What if I have things to do?”
“You can’t be busy every day, right? Then tell me, why don’t you want to spend time with me?” Childe glared, folding his arms across his chest.
“It’s not that I don’t want to spend time with you!”
“Then explain, (Y/N)! Everything you’ve done in the past month has led up to that. Do… Do you not like me anymore?” A flash of pain and hurt showed in the reflection of his eyes, but was quickly replaced with a hard look.
“It’s not that-”
“...Am I not enough?”
“Am I not enough for you?” Tears of pain streamed down his face. How could he assume that? You were busy, that’s all. It wasn’t as if you did an asshole thing-
“Childe, stop it.”
"Stop it? (Y/N), stop changing the subject... you know what? Fine. I'll stop it. The door is right there. Just.. just leave. Maybe it's better for the both of us. We don't make each other happy anymore, do we?" He whispered brokenly.
His harsh words forced you to stop and think.
Did you make each other happy?
When was the last time you smiled around one another?
When was the last time you didn't have to fake a laugh around him?
Oh, goodness... he was right. What happened to the both of you? Your heart hurt, everything screamed at you to leave. Just leave. It'd be better for the both of us.
"Fine. I'll leave. But I want you to know why I was busy all month. I'll be the asshole of your story, Childe. I'll leave. Have.. have a good life." You stormed out of the room, slamming the meaningless ring box onto the table and grabbing your bag.
Get me out. Get me out of there.
You ran and ran, down the street, past the grocer's, past the bakery, anywhere but your now ex-lover's place. Anywhere but there, you blinked through your tear-filled eyes.
"(Y/N)! Wait! I'm sorry, please, come back!" You could hear the ginger's voice as he ran towards you. You picked up the pace, preparing to cross the street.
"Stop, just stop. I'm sorry, I shouldn't have done it, I was just-" You sobbed, hurrying across the road.
You didn't see the car speeding. Childe did.
"(Y/N), WAIT!" He screamed. Time seemed to slow down as the your body slammed into the speeding car, your body crumpling like a frail flower.
Childe ran over to your limp body, checking for any sort of pulse... then crumpling over himself, tears leaking and his own body trembling when he found none. You were gone. Truly gone.
I'm sorry, (Y/N).
Your dreams of a perfect life, a perfect family, a perfect husband – shattered. Gone... irreplaceable.
bye this was 1k but the only k i hope yall are is o(k) | like and reblog if you liked this!!!
taglist: @bookuya, @mikachuchu, @starglitterz, @cherubbic, @noirkkat, @the-gayest-sky-kid, @ajaxeology, @icecappa, @almondoufu, @gnyuvile, @yeetmeoffjueyunkarst. @simplyxsinned, @heaven-dissolution, @xiaoyksa, @yua1106, @gnyuvrse, @mayple, @rim0na, @kamitoge, @abyssheart, @hushyouu, @thaliastea, @chichikoichilde
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how & where they would kiss you (male edition); xiao, zhongli, thoma, diluc, kaeya, kazuha, venti, childe. [more to be added?]
Tumblr media
XIAO: xiao would kiss your hand(s). he'll do it whenever, when you're holding hands, if you're laying in bed, or if you're just talking. he absolutely loves holding your hand and his favorite place to kiss would be your knuckles. xiao would randomly come up to you just to kiss your knuckles before leaving. he also just loves looking at your hands, comparing hand sizes, tracing the lines on your palm, ect.
ZHONGLI: zhongli's favorite spot to kiss would be the top of your head and your forehead. he loves to hug you and give gentle kisses to the top of your head. whenever you part ways, he will always plant soft and sweet kisses on your forehead before leaving. honestly, if your talking to another person that he doesn't like, zhongli will come and kiss the top of your head before making an excuse to pull you away.
THOMA: he would 100% love kissing your lips. he is very big on pda, and will definitely show you off to people. although if you're not comfortable with that all you have to do is say the word and he'll tone it down. his kisses are always caring and passionate- even if they're quick, they show just how much he loves you. thoma will always be kissing you, his favorite time is when you're alone or in bed and he gets to kiss you all he wants.
DILUC: diluc's favorite is your neck/shoulders. he loves giving you hugs from behind and having his head in the crook of your neck, littering it with kisses. he doesn't like pda so he'll only kiss you in public when there's not many people around. but when you two are alone, he's a lot more comfortable and will spoil you with kisses. diluc would use the pet name love/my love.
KAEYA: he kisses your face, but his favorite part is your temple. expect a kiss on your temple everytime you see him. he'll do that then ruffle your hair before returning to his task. after a long day, kaeya will definitely cuddle you when you go to bed, he would plant quick kisses around your face before kissing your lips, then he'd say goodnight.
KAZUHA: this lovely man adores you, he does not have a spot he likes more than the rest. kazuha will kiss you wherever, but he doesn't like pda so the most he'd do in public is a quick forehead kiss. (you convince him to hold your hand most of the time anyways) when your alone, his kisses are purely loving- it's obvious how much kazuha loves you.
VENTI: venti will most often kiss your wrists. when you offer to hold hands with him, venti will kiss your wrist before interlocking your fingers. you often visit the tree in windrise together, it's actually where you had your first kiss! you'd sit next to each other and venti would sing to you. everytime he finished a song you'd give him a kiss on the cheek. he'd return the favour by giving a short and sweet kiss on your wrist.
CHILDE: childe would kiss your jaw. peppering your jawline in kisses then a soft and passionate kiss on your lips. he uses the pet names babe and sweetheart. he will often come running up to you just to get a kiss before running off again. when you go to bed, he will cuddle you and kiss your face every so often.
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